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Date Update
09/30/15 CD Projekt RED Shuts Down Buy-Out Rumors
Looks like The Witcher 3 won't be EA Access anytime soon.
09/30/15 New Armour, Weapons, More Confirmed For Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
Ludwig isn't happy you've been using his sword.
09/30/15 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Now Playable on iOS, Android in Japan
Harnessing the power of the Cloud.
09/30/15 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Agent Job Class Intro Trailer
Dual pistol wielding hackers are always good in a fight.
09/30/15 The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes New Gameplay Trailer
Purple Link is notably missing from this party.
09/30/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition Announced
The winner of RPGFan Game of the Year 2014 returns.
09/30/15 Watch the Debut Trailer for Seraph of the End
I guess Seraph of the Beginning was missed.
09/29/15 New Details, Sceenshots for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Learn about the game's planets, characters, and more.
09/29/15 Summon Night 6 to Include Special In-Game Treat for Series Fans
Not just another trinket.
09/29/15 Disgaea 5 Character Trailers Introduce Red Magnus and Usalia
He's red and has a fiery personality, we get it.
09/29/15 80 Days Review
A narrative game I loved on my phone comes to PC.
09/28/15 New Trailer Shows Off the Big Bad of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
And a character that challenges you to be as cool as him.
09/28/15 Tales of Zestiria Pre-Order Down to $38 on Steam
Tales games and PC just go well together.
09/28/15 RPGFan Music: If My Heart Had Wings OST Review
...it would soar with the birds above.
09/28/15 Yoru no Nai Kuni Box Art Revealed and DLC Announced
It looks pretty.
09/28/15 Feast Your Eyes on Eight Minutes of Tokyo Xanadu Combat
Basically, if Ys and Persona had a baby, this would be it.
09/27/15 Tales of Zestiria Gameplay Footage for PC is Here
Bring some popcorn, because the footage is over an hour.
09/27/15 Disgaea 5 Delayed Until October 16th in Europe
You get to have a regular life, for another week.
09/27/15 Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Gains Past Final Fantasy Artists For Collaboration
The talent behind this game just keeps on impressing.
09/27/15 Omega Quintet Review
Omega means end, right? I was glad to see this game's omega.
09/26/15 Adachi, Marie, and even Hatsune Miku Coming to Persona 4: Dancing All Night as DLC
More characters! More music!
09/26/15 Here's Stella Glow's Song Magic in Action
And a closer look at the shiny launch edition!
09/26/15 Life is Strange Episode 5 Release Date Announced
This is the end of your role-playing as a teenage girl.
09/25/15 Vic Mignogna Interview
I wonder what Neal had to give up to get this interview?
09/25/15 See Ten Minutes of Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky Gameplay
The JRPG handbook: beautiful world exploration with beautiful people.
09/25/15 First Look at Dragon Quest Heroes II Shows New Monsters
That's one big Balzack.
09/25/15 Terra Battle and Mobius Final Fantasy Crossover Event Announced
Sakaguchi returns to Final Fantasy in a strange way.
09/25/15 Watch Atelier Sophie's Opening Movie
The next Atelier RPG comes out November 19th in Japan.
09/24/15 Check Out the TGS 2015 Trailers for Monster Hunter Stories
Any chance of this one making it over the pond?
09/24/15 Watch a Brief Trailer for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi
Not to be confused with that other Kingdom Hearts news.
09/24/15 Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review
Yeah... it's on the fringe for us, but it's Persona!
09/24/15 Watch 10 Minutes of Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Gameplay
It plays just like an RPG should.
09/24/15 Nomura Explains Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Title Math
It's fine. Seriously. No trouble here.
09/24/15 Cryamore Joins Forces With Altus
The indie gem is still alive and kicking with a Summer 2016 release date.
09/24/15 Final Fantasy Agito is Evolving into Final Fantasy Type-0 Online
You can't push B, it's gonna do it regardless.
09/24/15 Meet More New Heroes and Villains of Project X Zone 2
This game is just getting better and better and weirder and SEGATA SANSHIRO?!
09/24/15 Tales of Zestiria Combat Showcased in New Video
Plus new screenshots!
09/23/15 Start the Reconstruction with Dragon Quest Builder's Opening Movie
That darn Dragonlord, always destroying worlds.
09/23/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Free DLC Characters and Mechs
In the west. 'Murica!
09/23/15 Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Will Use the Tech From Kingdom Hearts III
It's like a demo with extra story content!
09/23/15 Danganronpa V3 Announced at TGS
Is it really a Mono-kuma if there's more than one of them?
09/22/15 Fallout 4 Voice Recording is Complete
The script is longer than Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined...wow...
09/22/15 Dragon Quest VII for Smartphones is Out in Japan
Complete with launch trailer!
09/22/15 Random Encounter - Episode 99.8
Great, now the Kingdom Hearts naming conventions have rubbed off on the podcast...
09/22/15 Meet the Phantom Thieves of Hearts from Persona 5
I don't want to know anymore before the game comes out!
09/22/15 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Shows off "God-Hand" Job Class
There is no relation to the Capcom PS2 game of the same name.
09/22/15 New SaGa Game Will Stick With 5-Character Battles
We also get a literal "first look" at the game.
09/21/15 Come Watch 20 Minutes of Dark Souls III Action
How many times can you die in 20 minutes?
09/20/15 Brand New Gameplay Footage for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Also, check out that sweet Ultimate Box.
09/20/15 Final Fantasy XIV New Patch 3.1 Details
It is not soon enough!
09/19/15 Check the New Full Trailer for Ace Attorney 6
Your Honor, may I...I've done too many of these.
09/19/15 Final Fantasy XV Chocobo, Fishing Footage and Details on Luna, King Regis
And who is Gentiana?
09/19/15 Watch the Extended TGS Trailer for Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna
For now, I'll just call it Setsuna.
09/19/15 Shadowrun: Hong Kong Review
Taking on the shadows in a new country.
09/19/15 New Final Fantasy Adventure Coming to Vita, Mobile
Square Enix casts revive!
09/19/15 Grand Kingdom Trailer Introduces Characters
Build an army to battle others in this tactical RPG.
09/18/15 Retro Encounter 5-1: Terranigma
Somebody should have told me this was an action RPG!
09/18/15 Star Ocean: Second Evolution Port Coming to PS4, Vita 'Not Far Off'
I wonder how many light years that is?
09/18/15 Square Enix Gives Us Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay
And we have the full details for you.
09/18/15 New Form Revealed For Legendary Pokémon Zygarde
Pokemon Z confirmed? Time will tell.
09/18/15 Yoru no Nai Kuni is Heading West
Fantasy Dynasty Magic Warrior Girls from Tecmo Koei and Gust.
09/18/15 Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Gets Two New TGS Trailers
Is it weird if I like that Cornelius dude?
09/18/15 New Sword Art Online Game in Development
Bandai Namco is really busy lately.
09/18/15 Please Review the Video Evidence of Ace Attorney 6
All names and places were left in Japanese, to protect the innocent.
09/18/15 Production has Ceased for Final Fantasy Agito+ on PS Vita
Straight Outta Phoenix Downs.
09/17/15 Next Danganronpa Game Announced for PS4 and PS Vita
So many kuma!
09/17/15 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Hype Train Keeps Rolling with Extended Trailer
Upcoming games: Kingdom Hearts 2.85, KH 2.9, KH 2.98, and then finally KH 3.
09/17/15 Technobabylon Review
I loved that movie! Vin Diesel is... oh, wait, that's a different thing.
09/17/15 New Persona 5 Trailer Announces Delay, but Website Promises Info 'Coming Soon'
It's an emotional roller coaster.
09/17/15 New Vanillaware Game 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Announced
Do you need more Mechs in your life?
09/17/15 Noctis' Voice Actor Visits Square Enix, Rides Chocobos
In the game of course, not a real life chocobo.
09/16/15 TGS 2015: Dark Souls III, Project X Zone 2 Dated For North America, Europe
Early next year will be good for all sorts of RPG fans.
09/16/15 New Details on Tokyo RPG Factory's Project Setsuna
ATB, praise be!
09/16/15 New TGS Trailer for World of Final Fantasy
Possibly the most "kawaii" FF ever.
09/16/15 Dragon Quest Builders Launching January in Japan
Still no word on a Western release.
09/16/15 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Gets February Release in Japan
Plus, brand new trailer.
09/16/15 Amnesia: Memories Review
Oh yeah, I remember that time I had amnesia.
09/16/15 Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts: 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
...isn't that a bit of a misnomer?
09/16/15 Celebrate 15 Years of Final Fantasy IX With "Worlds Apart"
OverClocked Remix strikes again, with a massive 58 track community arrangement album.
09/15/15 First New SaGa Game in 10 Years Coming to Vita in 2016
Legend of Legacy doesn't count.
09/15/15 Venture Back to Bloodborne with The Old Hunters
Better stock up on blood vials.
09/15/15 Final Fantasy Grandmasters Unveiled for Smartphones
Micro-transactions confirmed...
09/15/15 Dark Souls III Has Some Crazy Particle Effects
Using the Dark Souls of middleware...
09/15/15 Playable Teaser for New NES-Inspired Indie, Untold Story
Yo dawg, I heard you like 8-bit RPGs...
09/14/15 Get Your Estus Flasks Ready: Dark Souls III Coming to Japan March 24
Also, From Software prepares to open a new studio.
09/14/15 Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder Review
It's totally not [insert game you've played here], we promise.
09/14/15 New PlayStation Exclusive Content in Destiny: The Taken King
For those lucky few who prefer Sony over Microsoft.
09/14/15 Tons of Info for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Screenshots, details, scans and a trailer!
09/14/15 7th Dragon III Code: VFD New Trailer for Duelist Class
Please Sega, localize this!
09/14/15 Changes Are Coming to Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
Get ready for some fairy fencing on PS4!
09/14/15 Stranger of Sword City Headed to Xbox One
JRPGs on Xbox!?
09/14/15 New Interviews With Persona 4: Dancing All Night Voice Actors
No, it's not Troy Baker but still very cool!
09/14/15 You'll be Able to Exchange Your GOG Code for The Witcher 3's Expansion
Plus, see a tease for a new track in the expansion.
09/13/15 Criminal Girls 2 Second Trailer Released
Characters, dungeons, and more.
09/13/15 New Video from Fire Emblem Creator's Indie Game, Vestaria Saga
Understandably, it oozes early Fire Emblem.
09/13/15 Regarding Random Encounter Episode 100
We've hit a few snags, but it's coming, we promise.
09/13/15 RPGFan Music: FFVI Piano Collections Arranger Revealed
A 21-year mystery finally reaches its conclusion.
09/13/15 The Arland Atelier Trilogy is Coming to North America
NIS America to invade The States with a triple threat of kawaii alchemists.
09/13/15 Reminder: Altus' Genei Ibun Roku #FE is Still Fabulous
I wish I was as magically fashionable as Senpai.
09/13/15 The Legend of Legacy Demo is Coming to an eShop Near You
Pre-order now for the low price of lost data storage. What a deal!
09/13/15 Here is Sega's Tokyo Game Show 2015 Line Up
It's chock full of surprises, intrigue, and 16 essential vitamins.
09/13/15 Tokyo Xanadu Looks Like a Nice Place to Visit
But I wouldn't want to fight demons there.
09/12/15 Pokémon Go Announced for Mobile Devices
It's like Geocaching, but with Pokémon!
09/12/15 Dragon Quest Heroes' Western Release Gets All DLC On-Disc
New bosses and playable characters, free of additional charge.
09/12/15 Final Fantasy V Flying Onto Steam
The legendary journey of Butz... er, Bartz, to slay a giant tree.
09/12/15 Take a Gander at New Digimon World: Next Order Screenshots
Plus some more information about our next journey to the Digital World.
09/12/15 New Persona 5 Poster Emerges Before TGS
What do you know about The Phantom Thief Party?
09/12/15 Loaded with New Content, Dragon Quest VIII Now Out in Japan
There are familiar faces too.
09/12/15 Fallout 4 Getting Season Pass, Trailer Explains New Special System
In other news, water is still wet.
09/10/15 No Objections Here—Ace Attorney 6 is Coming to the 3DS
Take That News! As well as images and other obvious Phoenix Wright references.
09/09/15 Retro Encounter 4 ~ Final Thoughts
Another month, another "The End" screen.
09/09/15 Witcher 3 Expansion, Hearts of Stone Release Date Announced
It's getting a limited physical release!
09/09/15 Dark Souls III is Getting an MP Bar
And spells are getting tweaked as well!
09/09/15 Persona Special Stage Coming to Tokyo Game Show 2015
I can has release date, please? See, it's funny, because there's a cat in the game...
09/09/15 PAX Prime 2015: Stories: The Path of Destinies Hands-On Preview
Fairy tales seem to be hot property these days.
09/09/15 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Limited Edition Announced
Even a novice Bracer can afford an extra ten Mira, right?
09/09/15 Check Out The New Special Movie for Utawarerumono: False Mask
Just don't call it a trailer.
09/09/15 Square Enix Teases "Secret" Event at Tokyo Game Show
Ooooh, secrets.
09/09/15 Kingdom Hearts 2.9 Leaks and Pixar in Kingdom Hearts 3
All this according to a LinkedIn profile.
09/08/15 PAX Prime 2015: Battle Chef Brigade Hands-On Preview
We're not 100% sure about it either.
09/08/15 PAX Prime 2015: Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Hands-On Preview
JRPG... WRPG... the line isn't always so clear.
09/08/15 Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV OST Review
I wasn't kidding a few weeks ago. There really is always more FF XIV!
09/08/15 World of Warcraft at Lowest Subscriber Count Since 2006
Maybe it's finally time to think about Warcraft 4?
09/08/15 Final Fantasy Agito Smartphone Game Ending Service in November
A nice vacation for Class Zero.
09/08/15 More Romance Options Coming to the Witcher 3 in Next Patch
Will we finally get to romance a Water Hag?!
09/08/15 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Scans Show Off Mega Abilities
Plus news about some new items.
09/07/15 Defend Gallia in Valkyria Chronicles Mod for Civ V
Creativity on the internet never ceases to amaze.
09/07/15 Yu Suzuki Hired a Fan He Met to Work On Shenmue 3
Moral of the story: eat thai food.
09/07/15 Death Under the Labyrinth Delayed Until December in Japan
Compile Heart released the opening movie as a tease.
09/07/15 Dark Souls II and Heavensward in Labor Day Sale
Best Buy Offering Great Deals for Gamers
09/07/15 Girl Friend Beta Tantalizes in Introduction Trailer
Do these girls own clothes that aren't bikinis?
09/07/15 Get Ready for Megadimension Neptunia VII Coming to the West in 2016
Complete with a brand new name!
09/07/15 PAX Prime 2015: Blade: Sword of Elysion Hands-On
Wesley Snipes not included.
09/07/15 Retro Encounter 4-3: The Last Story
I swear, it's the same plot as Final Fantasy Tactics.
09/06/15 Belladonna Review
OK, that picture is kind of creepy.
09/05/15 First Details on Monster Hunter Stories
Become a Monster Rider, which is totally different from a Monster Hunter, we promise.
09/05/15 Atelier Sophie Updates: Gameplay, Characters, and Vouchers, Oh My
Feast your eyes!
09/05/15 NIS Welcomes You to the Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain
Warning, this game may contain witches.
09/05/15 Stand On the Shoulders of Heroes in Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes
No seriously, you stand on their shoulders. It's part of the game. Just get in here.
09/05/15 Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition Review
John Tucker reviews the PS4 version of last year's roguelike
09/05/15 PAX Prime 2015: The Repopulation Hands-On Preview
It's not that kind of game, get your mind out of the gutter.
09/05/15 Grandia II Anniversary Edition Gets an Update
60 FPS plus Grandia II! Sign me up!
09/05/15 Check Out Grand Kingdom's 4th Trailer
Still bummed that the game has been delayed.
09/05/15 New 7th Dragon III Trailers Introduce Us to the New Jobs
The Vanisher sounds more like a superhero then an RPG class to be honest.
09/05/15 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remastered Gets Patch for PS4
This may be the first time I am actually happy to get more RNG in a game!
09/04/15 New Staff Members at RPGFan!
Also, some changes among the old-timers.
09/04/15 PAX Prime 2015: Dragon Fin Soup Hands-On Preview
Ever imagine Little Red Riding Hood as a busty alcoholic? Well now you don't have to.
09/04/15 Dragon Quest VIII Post-Ending Story Teased in Screenshots
What secrets lie beyond that door....?
09/04/15 Double Bummer: Grand Kingdom and Exist Archive Delayed in Japan
Delay in Japan = Delay everywhere else.
09/03/15 Check Out the Sword Coast Legends Launch Trailer
And a bunch of screens too!
09/03/15 Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Review
Can an updated translation save this port?
09/02/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Due Out February 23rd, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed
Augment your pre-order before you augment your-self.
09/02/15 Come Take A Look at NieR New Project Concept Art
It's only one picture, but it's definitely worth 1,000 words.
09/02/15 Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi is Coming to a Mobile Device Near You
The legendary Keyblade War ... in the palm of your hands.
09/02/15 Broken Age: Act II Review
Yep, it's really got an Act II now.
09/02/15 RPGFan Music: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies OST Review
I have no OBJECTION to this. We'll HOLD IT so you can read it.
09/01/15 PAX Prime 2015: Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Hands-On Preview
In Seattle, the elemental evil is rain.
09/01/15 PAX Prime 2015: ChronoBlade Hands-On Preview
No, it's not the third Chrono game.
09/01/15 Guild Wars 2 Core Game Goes Free to Play, End Game Raids To Be Added
Time for some hard end game content.
09/01/15 Dragon Age: Inquisition Enters Its Final Chapter with Trespasser
The leaked trailer and release date are now official.
09/01/15 Dragon Quest VII Coming to Smartphones
But still no 3DS release...
09/01/15 New Sword Art Online: Lost Song PS4 Footage from Bandai Namco
More footage from Bandai Namco's hands-on event.
09/01/15 Take A First Look at Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth in English
Still can't believe we're getting this one.
09/01/15 New English Tales of Zestiria Gameplay Arises
Not one, not two, but three brand-new videos!
09/01/15 Final Fantasy XV Confirmed For 2016 Release
Plus new gameplay footage from PAX.
09/01/15 Fable Legends PC Not Steam-Bound
But at least there will be a PC version, right?
09/01/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Revealed for North America
No, it doesn't include a Skell model kit.
09/01/15 PAX Prime 2015: New Dragon Quest Heroes Gameplay
The new characters are pretty buff!
09/01/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Demo Available for PS4
If you have a Japanese PSN account...
09/01/15 Dragon Quest V for Mobile Is On Sale
Use what is left over to get you that Bronze Helm!
09/01/15 Diablo III Launches New Content in Patch 2.3.0
It's the return of the Cube!
09/01/15 Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir's Optional Treasure
Collectibles available with the remake.
09/01/15 Fallout 4 Contending for RPG Throne
Bethesda looking to further horizons beyond that of Skyrim.

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