News Archive: October 2015
Date Update
10/31/15 Caitlin's Halloween Streaming Adventures
Interested in Until Dawn? Watch Caitlin stream it this evening!
10/31/15 The Charnel House Trilogy Review
Our second spooky review for Halloween.
10/31/15 Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness Review
First of two spooky game reviews for Halloween.
10/31/15 Nights of Azure Confirmed for Western Release
That's Yoru no Nai Kuni to you, peasant.
10/31/15 Bandai Namco Trademarks 'Tales of the Best'
The Tales train shows no signs of slowing down.
10/31/15 Final Fantasy XV Concept Art Shows Off Enemies and Chocobos
This stuff deserves its own artbook.
10/31/15 Sword Art Online: Lost Song gets New Trailer Focused on Multiplayer
Exploring ALFheim Online with a friend.
10/31/15 Dig In to an Official Final Fantasy XV Burger
10/30/15 Retro Encounter 6: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
The Retro Crew asks, "What is a man?"
10/30/15 Zero Escape 3 Gets an Official Name + First Release Info
Plan your escape next year!
10/30/15 Admit It, You Want More Genei Ibun Roku #FE Media
Kawaii'ng me softly with these pics and vids.
10/30/15 Would You Play Bad End on Steam?
No, it's not one of the Silent Library games.
10/30/15 Star Ocean: Second Evolution Available Now for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan
Be jealous of Japan and watch 40 minutes of gameplay.
10/30/15 RPGFan Has An Extra Life Team!
And what's this about future streaming as well?
10/30/15 Take a First Look at NieR Automata
Action-packed gameplay courtesy of Platinum Games.
10/29/15 Macabre Review
A post-apocalyptic review in time for Halloween!
10/29/15 Random Encounter - Episode 100
We finally made it!
10/29/15 Grandia II Anniversary Edition Review
Remember the Dreamcast? I do!
10/29/15 Check Out Adam Jensen 2.0 in Newest Trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
I think Adam Jensen 3 or 4.0 would be more accurate.
10/29/15 Indiecade2015: Walden, a game Impressions
Why go into the wilderness when you can simulate it in a video game?
10/29/15 Indiecade 2015: Temple of Yog Hands-On Preview
A Rogue-like perfectly suited for the Wii U.
10/29/15 Indiecade 2015: Xing: The Land Beyond Hands-On Preview
It's Myst in virtual reality.
10/29/15 Check Out These New Dissidia Final Fantasy Screens and Artwork
The arcade experience is looking good.
10/28/15 New Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay, Details and Livestream
Also, a bunch of retailer exclusive bonuses.
10/28/15 Yo-kai Watch Gets its First U.S. TV Commercial
Quick, explain a complex part of Japanese culture in 30 seconds!
10/28/15 Yoru no Nai Kuni and Atelier Escha & Logy Plus get European Release Dates
US dates are hopefully inbound. Also, Atelier Sophie gets a special guest!
10/28/15 Yo-Kai Watch Preview
Will the next Pikachu be a ghost?
10/28/15 New NieR Project Now Titled NieR Automata
A tale of machines and a devastated Earth.
10/28/15 First Look at Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Another classic adventure game coming to PS4 and PC.
10/26/15 Indiecade 2015: Oxenfree Impressions
It's a paranormal Monkey Island with the dialogue tree from a Telltale game grafted on top.
10/26/15 Life is Strange: Episode 5 Review
Do you like games that make you think?
10/26/15 Compare Dragon Quest Builders on Two Different Systems
Is excitement a material? Because this game is building my hype.
10/26/15 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Due Out November 10th
As goes patch 3.1, so goes Scott!
10/26/15 Second Official Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Gameplay Trailer Released
The bosses look amazing.
10/26/15 Latest Persona 4: Dancing All Night DLC Adds Hatsune Miku
The Vocaloid looks right at home on the Midnight Stage.
10/26/15 Pillars of Eternity Sells Over 500,000 Copies on Steam
Nostalgia sells!
10/25/15 Final Fantasy XV Director Explains the Main Party's Clothes
Has there ever been a more stylish military?
10/25/15 Get The Facts On Bloodborne: The Old Hunters in a New Q&A
Learn what to expect in your upcoming trip to Yharnam.
10/25/15 Tales of Zestiria's Alisha Story DLC Temporarily Free
Save your gald!
10/25/15 Digimon World: Next Order Will Have Digimon Adventure tri. Linked Content
Two new Digimon and a new character reveal!
10/24/15 The XSEED Trifecta: Xanadu Next, Senran Kagura, and Little King's Story Coming to PC
They've been on a roll recently.
10/23/15 Find Your Inner Book with the Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain Trailer
I can't remember the last time I played a video game as a piece of literature.
10/23/15 Retro Encounter 5: Terranigma ~ Final Thoughts
Quintet's SNES swan song.
10/23/15 New Yo-Kai Watch Trailer Details Gameplay and Battles
Get ready to learn the names of another 200+ monsters.
10/23/15 Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Releasing on PC 'Around December'
And they say lightning can't strike twice...or six times.
10/23/15 Mobile Game Monster Strike Headed to 3DS in Japan
Trust me, this is big in Japan.
10/23/15 Meet the Men of Visual Novel Yoshiwara: Kikura
Boys just want to have fun.
10/23/15 XSEED Games Dates The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC
Uh, it's soon. VERY soon. Next week.
10/22/15 Square Enix President Talks About Their Future
Finding balance between the IPs of old and new.
10/22/15 Take a Good Look at a New Weapon in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
Looks pretty deadly to me.
10/22/15 New Exist Archive Trailer Introduces the Entire Cast
Looks like they have every JRPG archetype needed.
10/22/15 Hands-On With Dark Souls III
What to expect from the next game in the tough-as-nails franchise.
10/22/15 Yo-Kai Watch Busters Gets Large Moon Rabbit Team Update
We don't even have the first game yet!
10/22/15 Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Launches October 22
Woohoo! Another Final Fantasy RPG for mobile in Japan only!
10/22/15 Well I'll Be City of the Damned - A Video Overview of Mordheim
Tis the season to be oppressively dark and ruthless.
10/21/15 Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Fighter Gets Japanese Launch Date
If you're going to game center...
10/21/15 New Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Character Trailers for Velvet and Oswald
Introducing the princess and the shadow knight.
10/21/15 Two Million Users Are Already Enjoying Dragon Quest of the Stars
Now, just imagine that number if it came out West.
10/21/15 RPGFan Music: Drag-On Dragoon OST Review
Don't drag that dragoon on my lawn!
10/21/15 Sega Trademarks Possible New Valkyria Chronicles Project
Get your speculating hats on.
10/21/15 New Tales of Zestiria Trailer Focuses on Sorey
Being the savior of the world is a pretty important job.
10/21/15 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Gets February Release Date in US
Along with some snazzy in-game preorder bonuses.
10/20/15 Review: Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands Comes to a Close
We check out the season finale to see if things are wrapped up in a nice little package, or...
10/19/15 Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Review
Jeepers, creepers - where'd you get those blocks?
10/19/15 Meet More Meticulous Maidens in Genei Ibun Roku #FE
Kiria and Eleonora take center stage.
10/19/15 Fans Summon Concerns About Final Fantasy XV Translation
One of these things is not like the other.
10/19/15 Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Lets You Marry a Witch or Wizard
Love can truly be a magical thing...
10/19/15 PlayStation Exclusive Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai Gets a New Trailer
Featuring a rock song by Nobuo Uematsu!
10/19/15 Look Out Europe: Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition Heading Your Way
The complete edition of this Victorian hit should feel right at home.
10/18/15 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Review
Geralt's adventures continue!
10/17/15 Rhythm Encounter 23 - Those Who Fight
In which we fight to make the world a more musical place.
10/17/15 Sneak a Peak at this Weekend's Closed Dark Souls III Network Beta Test
I hope you put some points in dexterity.
10/17/15 Yo-Kai Watch is Almost Here - Come See New Screens & Artwork
First look at the creature collector from LEVEL-5 and Nintendo.
10/17/15 Two New Trailers for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel
There's now a sixth class, fittingly titled... Class Seven? Must be an Erebonian thing.
10/17/15 Xenoblade Developer Looking to Hire a Lot of People Quickly
It takes a lot of people to make those open-world games.
10/17/15 Dragon Quest of the Stars Hits 1 Million Downloads on First Day
I guess Japan likes smartphones and Dragon Quest.
10/17/15 Sword Coast Legends Hands-On Preview
The most D&D-like experience yet, in a good way!
10/16/15 Game Art - Concept Art and Interview Book Available Now
Featuring plenty of western and Japanese RPGs.
10/16/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Heading West in March
Can't argue with more JRPGs on PS4.
10/16/15 Yo-Kai Watch Demo Coming to North American 3DS eShop
Time for Americans to meet Jibanyan!
10/16/15 Visual Novel Steins;Gate 0 Delayed to December in Japan
The game was only announced in March so cut them some slack.
10/16/15 Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain Releasing January in Japan
With character art from the Disgaea guy!
10/16/15 Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Ends at Over 2 Million
With mod support, Game Master Mode, and Chris Avellone... oh my!
10/15/15 Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Shines a Light on New Female Character
Did I mention this game is from the writer of Final Fantasy VII?
10/15/15 Armikrog Review and Interview
A double dose of clayful goodness.
10/15/15 Details on The Distribution of New Pokémon Hoopa
If you must catch them all, read on.
10/14/15 Square Enix CEO Wants to Bring More Games West
Could crowd funding for localization be a possibility?
10/14/15 Retro Encounter 5-3: Terranigma
Ark has no time for love as he saves the world!
10/13/15 Read Only Memories Review
The future of the future will still contain the past.
10/13/15 Pair of Infographics Detail Allies and Enemies in Dragon Quest Heroes
They should release these things as a papyrus scroll.
10/13/15 The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Expansion Out Now
See a new side to Geralt?
10/12/15 The Legend of Legacy Review
Hoi, men! We must avoid that lava flow, lest I become becrispened!
10/12/15 Bunker - The Underground Game Review
Do good things really come in small packages?
10/12/15 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Announced for PS4, Vita
We've got all the details and screenshots right here!
10/12/15 Super Robot Wars X-Omega's First Full Trailer Revealed
Mecha combat on your phone (in Japan)!
10/12/15 Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Bundle and Season Pass Available for Pre-Order
Available on Xbox One and PC now.
10/12/15 Sword Art Online and Tales Mobile Crossover Event Announced
The art styles complement each other nicely.
10/12/15 Witness How Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is Evolving
A gameplay evolution about the Human Revolution.
10/12/15 Learn Japanese and Date Girls With Love Language Japanese
I hope senpai understands me...
10/12/15 New Shiny Pokémon Distribution Incoming
Just in time for the new anime series. I dig free stuff!
10/11/15 Meet Fairy and Furry Friends in New Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Trailers
Not that kind of furry, gross.
10/11/15 Japanese PS4s, Vitas to See Star Ocean Second Evolution in October
A port of a port, coming to a port near you.
10/11/15 Revisit Death With Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition
Just in time for Halloween.
10/11/15 First Story and Character Details for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final
Needless to say, there will be spoilers for SMTIV.
10/11/15 Death Under the Labyrinth Gets First Trailer
A girl should never leave home without their mech.
10/11/15 Fallout 4's File Size Is Almost 30 GB
The file size matches the enormity of our excitement for it.
10/10/15 Rhythm Encounter 22.9 - Casual Fundays
It's like Casual Mondays, only fun!
10/10/15 The Legend of Legacy Receives an Official Launch Trailer
You can play as a frog. Sold.
10/10/15 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Demo Available and More Job Trailers
Make all of your friends without a Japanese 3DS jealous.
10/10/15 The Witcher 3 Patch 1.10 Brings Over 600 Fixes in 15GB
All in preparation for Hearts of Stone.
10/10/15 New English Summon Night 5 Gameplay Trailer Released
25 minutes of goodness from the upcoming SRPG.
10/09/15 Get Your Ears in the Game with Four Tracks from Star Ocean 5
Will the music live up to the Star Oceans of yore?
10/09/15 RPGFan Music: Etrian Odyssey Untold, Unseen, Unheard Review
You finally get to hear that band you've never heard of before!
10/09/15 Check Out the Battle System in the Newest Atelier Sophie Trailer
Apparently, books are very effective against dragons.
10/09/15 Dragon Quest of the Stars Japanese Release Date for iOS, Android
Looks like Dragon Quest IX HD to me.
10/09/15 Spike Chunsoft Talks Danganronpa V3 and Porting Games to Steam
The next Mystery Dungeon game could be on NX.
10/09/15 New Town, Enemy, Character Details for Dragon Quest Builders
I'm hoping for cameos from other DQ games.
10/09/15 SaGa: Scarlet Grace Receives Trademark in Europe
The first SaGa game in 10 years may make the journey West.
10/09/15 Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Premiering in November?
After six months of silence, an update arises.
10/08/15 Learn the Backstory of Yoru no Nai Kuni in Free DLC
Yes, free.
10/08/15 See Behind the Scenes of Final Fantasy XV Development
In the future, we'll all drive mo-cap cars.
10/08/15 Steins;Gate 0 Opening Movie Revealed
Building the hype before the November release.
10/08/15 Project X Zone 2 Adds Estelle, Ryo Hazuki, Metal Face and More
New 15 minute gameplay video, plus Brett told you so!
10/08/15 New Videos for Genei Ibun Roku #FE
It's more J-Pop vs the Forces of Darkness than you can handle.
10/08/15 Listen to the Theme of The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone
Let the music take you away.
10/07/15 Check Out Persona 5's New Character and Persona Details
Do we really have to wait till next summer?
10/07/15 Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review
His character level... it's over 9000!
10/07/15 Edge of Eternity's Protagonist Undergoes a Weapon Change
New combat, new sword, new website, and a publisher.
10/07/15 Teaser Site Opened for NIS' Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain
Oh look, a dungeon crawler from Nippon Ichi.
10/07/15 New Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Trailer Introduces Gwendolyn
Bow down before the Princess of Ragnanival.
10/06/15 Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Review
A retro review that has both our curiosity and our attention.
10/06/15 Atlus Announces Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final for Nintendo 3DS
A brand-new game in the SMTIV Universe!
10/06/15 Digimon Double Feature: New Cyber Sleuth Trailer and Next Order Info
Everything's better in pairs, am I right?
10/04/15 Two New English Character Trailers Fill Out Disgaea 5's Cast
The nerd and the brat, checking in.
10/04/15 New Tri-Force Heroes Trailer Explains the Power of Co-op
And introduces a new princess.
10/04/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X's 2nd Survival Guide Covers Combat UI
Forget the instruction booklet, you need an instruction TV series for this game.
10/04/15 World of Final Fantasy Summons and a Cactuar Conductor
New screenshots revealed!
10/04/15 Final Fantasy XV Adds Real-Time Weapon Switching in Combat
Now we just need a real-time release date.
10/04/15 Official Japanese Box Art for Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky
Typical Japan, keeping it clean and simple.
10/04/15 More Concrete Information about Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay
Trust me, the puns don't ruin the foundation of this story.
10/03/15 Mass Effect's Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn Returns to BioWare
But what project is he working on?
10/03/15 Upcoming The Witcher 3 Patch Includes Many Fixes and Improvements
Including PlayStation 4 performance!
10/03/15 Undertale Review: 2015's Indie Darling?
Hearing about Undertale everywhere you go? There's a reason for that.
10/03/15 Dive Deeper Into Star Ocean 5 with an Extended Trailer
Get it? Because you're diving into an ocean of stars? ...I'll see myself out.
10/03/15 Meet New Characters and Mirages from Genei Ibun Roku #FE
I don't even know what to make of this game anymore.
10/02/15 See Some Combat in New Xenoblade Chronicles X Demo
Coming as a surprise to no one, fighting in a robot looks awesome.
10/02/15 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Evolution Release Date for Japan
Take to the skies soon!
10/02/15 RPG Maker MV is Available For Pre-Order
Much Variance? Making Visuals? Mechanical Violence?
10/02/15 Retro Encounter 5-2: Terranigma
Who put an escort mission in my RPG?
10/01/15 Meet the Cast of Dragon Quest Heroes in this New Trailer
I have to say, I have a soft spot for Yangus.
10/01/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition English Trophies Appear
So how long until we get an official announcement?

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