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Date Update
11/30/15 Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana Now Available
Rehear the story of Secret of Mana once again!
11/30/15 Final Fantasy VII PS4 Trophies Discovered
We may be seeing this PC port reeeeeeal soon.
11/30/15 Check Out Genei Ibun Roku #FE's "Maiko" Trailer
Atlus is here to make sure the fans get serviced.
11/29/15 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Review
I'll show you where the stars are.
11/28/15 Sega Ramps Up Valkyria Media Blitz
Sega's PR Team prepares for battle.
11/28/15 Duo of Atelier Sophie Gameplay Videos Hit the Net
I already feel relaxed.
11/28/15 Spike Chunsoft Broadcasting Danganronpa Presentation on Dec. 2
Get the latest info on Danganronpa 3 and more.
11/28/15 Project X Zone 2 Opening Movie Highlights the All Star Cast
My favorites are Felicia and Segata Sanshiro.
11/28/15 Atlus Unveils Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Storybook Edition
Fancy! Plus, a new character trailer.
11/28/15 Original Disgaea Making Its Way to PC
Conquering the Netherworld will never be enough for Laharl.
11/28/15 Yoko Taro Spills the Beans on NieR: Automata
Even more info is promised in the Spring.
11/28/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Undertale
It's time to get friendly!
11/28/15 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 2 Review
Oh, Telltale. You're so sneaky.
11/28/15 Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final Will Have More Save Slots
Now with 5 save slots instead of 2!
11/27/15 Telltale Confirms Game of Thrones Season Two is a Go
Time to get invested in some characters that are almost certainly going to die.
11/27/15 PSA: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper One-Day-Only Mythril Freebie + Lucky Relic Draw
That headline probably makes no sense if you don't play FFRK...
11/27/15 Link is Looking Pretty Good in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
Can it be March now?
11/27/15 Have A Few More Xenoblade Chronicles X Screens to Tease You Until December
Don't worry, the wait is almost over!
11/27/15 First English Screens for Megadimension Neptunia­ VII
Get your Nep on in the series' first PS4 installment.
11/26/15 Nights of Azure's Leading Characters Detailed
Lets get to know Arnice and Lilysse
11/26/15 Black Friday Sales
Lets give thanks for great deals.
11/25/15 GOG is Serving a Delicious Feast of Deals
Witcher 3 is 50% off for the first time.
11/25/15 Cowboy Just Might Replace Tomahawk in Bravely Second in the West
Is Square Enix Being Overly Sensitive?
11/25/15 Watch Each Dissidia Final Fantasy Character Trailer
Grab some popcorn.
11/25/15 New Genei Ibun Roku #FE Trailer Highlights Tiki and Bloom Palace
Tiki is a Vocaloid?
11/25/15 Check Out the First Teaser Trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution
What do you think of the new graphical style?
11/25/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Off New 'Survival' Trailer
Do you like giant robots and space monsters? Yeah, I thought so.
11/25/15 Dragon Quest Builders Box Art Revealed
And a new livestream is scheduled for the end of the month.
11/25/15 Dark Souls III Will Mark the End of the Series
Get all the details from a recent interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki
11/23/15 Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review
Has From Software learned from their earlier DLC's mistakes?
11/22/15 Exist Archive Gets an Introduction Trailer
Six minutes of footage from the new side-view RPG
11/22/15 Clannad in English Coming to Steam on November 23rd
Another localization success by Kickstarter.
11/22/15 Final Fantasy XV's Development Team Answers the Burning Questions
Monster-riding, battle gambits, oh my!
11/21/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Dragon Quest Heroes
This week at noon Eastern — be there!
11/20/15 Lightning Returns Finally Gets PC Release Date
Lightning strikes in December.
11/19/15 Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Blizzard Encounter
A small chat about all things BlizzCon 2015.
11/19/15 Dragon Quest Heroes Adventuring Towards PC
Pre-order bonuses and a 10% discount.
11/19/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Receives Two New Trailers Before Western Launch
And don't forget to pre-load the data-packs.
11/19/15 Ray Gigant and Adventures of Mana Trademarked in Europe
And now we play the localization waiting game...
11/19/15 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has Been Divided Further From Mankind
Eidos Montreal needs six more months for work and polish.
11/19/15 Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge is Out Today
The first episode of the indie RPG is out on PC.
11/19/15 Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Release Date Confirmed for Japan
Now we just need a US date.
11/19/15 World Of Warcraft is Expanding
New expansion, new movie, new playable class.
11/19/15 8-Bit Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir May Be a Real Thing Thanks to Twitter
Going retro.
11/19/15 Little Busters! and Tomoyo After Visual Novels Getting Official English Releases
Based on fan translations at that!
11/18/15 Random Encounter - Episode 101
Yeah, we kinda had to use that title...
11/18/15 Gaze Upon New Dragon Quest VII & VIII 3DS Screenshots
And continue thanking Nintendo for making this a reality.
11/18/15 Final Fantasy Explorers to Include Extra Jobs in the West
Plus: New hi-res looks at the many classes, characters, and more!
11/17/15 Valkyria: Azure Revolution and Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Coming to PS4
Gallians everywhere, rejoice.
11/17/15 Game of Thrones: Episode 6 Review
The game is done, the tale is told.
11/16/15 Retro Encounter 7-1: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Jensen never asked for this, but we did it anyways.
11/16/15 Disgaea Night Talk Event Announced by Nippon Ichi
The fan talk back will take place on February 7.
11/16/15 Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3rd Evolution Announced
And now the whole trilogy has evolved.
11/15/15 Watch 17-Minutes of Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Gameplay
This updated version is looking strong on PlayStation 4.
11/15/15 New Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Trailer Shows Off Cornelius' Skills
Good things come in small packages.
11/15/15 Bravely Second is Getting a Collector's Edition in Europe
Fingers crossed for an American one too!
11/14/15 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Announced for Wii U
And don't worry, Zelda Wii U is still absolutely coming to Wii U.
11/14/15 Finally, Some Updates for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final
Get it? Final? Eh, check out the media.
11/14/15 Little Busters! Import Review
Check this one off of the backlog.
11/14/15 Genei Ibun Roku #FE Keeps Teasing Us
More media and a first look at additional gameplay mechanics.
11/14/15 Nintendo Reveals Release Dates for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Let's hope Paper Mario doesn't crumple under pressure.
11/13/15 A Few New Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots
Straight from D23 Expo Japan 2015
11/13/15 Fire Emblem Fates Comes Westward in February
Along with a special edition.
11/13/15 Stella Glow Review
A streetcar named ImageEpoch.
11/13/15 New Media for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Extensive gameplay video and screenshots of what gamers will see.
11/13/15 Moogles Confirmed for Final Fantasy XV
Kupo Kup Kupopo Kupo Kupo
11/12/15 Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife Coming to Super Smash Bros.
A new Meteor approaches!
11/12/15 Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Coming to 3DS eShop in February
No MissingNo., no buy!
11/12/15 Final Fantasy Explorers Collector's Edition Revealed
That Amano artbook is calling my name.
11/12/15 Dark Souls III 'Prestige' Collector's Edition and Release Date Leaked
Praise the sun to the tune of $500?
11/12/15 Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3DS Coming to the West
Holy crap, it's actually happening.
11/12/15 Satoru Iwata Musical Tribute Prescription for Peace: A Tribute to the Departed
In honor of the late Satoru Iwata and Eiki Oshimi.
11/12/15 Get Introduced to Exist Archive with its Opening Movie
The classic tale of being killed by an evil god and becoming immortal.
11/12/15 Life is Strange 2 May Just Have Been Confirmed
Straight from the "script doctor."
11/11/15 Aksys Games Bringing Newest Langrisser Title to North America
I dig it.
11/11/15 Bloodborne Patch Adds New 'League' Feature with Online Rankings
Also, see a new weapon from The Old Hunters.
11/10/15 PlayStation Exclusive Atelier Sophie Gets a New Trailer
Featuring Elise, Tess, and Horst
11/10/15 NieR: Automata Leads Talk Protagonists, Gender, and More
They also talked about skirt destruction....cause reasons.
11/10/15 Stranger of Sword City Coming to North America and Europe
NIS is bringing this dungeon crawler to the West.
11/10/15 Take a Look at the First Trailer for Moco Moco Friends
Another Pokemon challenger suddenly appears!
11/10/15 Golem Will Test Your Skills as the First Boss of Dragon Quest Builders
Plus a bunch of new details from Jump Magazine.
11/10/15 Square Enix Announces Star Ocean 5 Pre-Order Bonuses for Japan
One of them is simply 'lunch plate.'
11/10/15 European Release Dates Revealed for Trails in the Sky Second Chapter
The Legend of Heroes will be told again on your PSP.
11/10/15 Sword Coast Legends Will Level Up
N-Space continues working to make a better experience.
11/09/15 Fallout 4 Review
Tomorrow's the big day. How excited are you?
11/08/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming and Extra Life Results
We did it! And we're going to keep doing it!
11/08/15 Nobuo Uematsu Will Not Work on Final Fantasy VII Remake's Soundtrack
This is rather disappointing news.
11/07/15 Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Review
Koei Tecmo and Omega Force take on the Dragon Quest franchise.
11/07/15 Extra Life Is Go!
Tune in, watch games, donate. It's never felt so good to sit back and lazily watch others play games.
11/06/15 Retro Encounter 6: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ~ Final Thoughts
They mostly come at night. Mostly
11/06/15 PS Vita Game Stranger of Sword City Listed on Amazon Germany
Could another JRPG be heading west?
11/05/15 Famitsu Talks New Characters and Combat Roles in Star Ocean 5
Show me the aliens already!
11/05/15 Trio of Genei Ibun Roku #FE Trailers Show Character, Dungeons, and Overworld
Time for a Youtube break.
11/05/15 Fallout 4 Launch Trailer Emerges on the Surface
To brave the bleak release landscape of early November.
11/05/15 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Review
It's expansion time.
11/05/15 The Legend of Legacy Coming to Europe on Feb. 5
Arriving in physical and digital formats.
11/04/15 Rhythm Encounter 24 - Those Who Fight Further
I'm not your boss. I'm THE boss.
11/04/15 Stoic Studio Sheds Light on Banner Saga 2's Mysterious Horseborn
The mythos of the Banner Saga grows.
11/04/15 Five Nights at Freddy's World the RPG?
Mystery, rumors, speculation, and conflicting media.
11/04/15 More Translations for Project X Zone 2: Brave New World
Less removal of content for oversea releases.
11/04/15 Fans Want Classic Breath of Fire Games on PSN
Taking it to the digital streets.
11/04/15 Square Enix Introduces 'Naga' and 'Numb Blade' Enemies In FFXV
These new designs have a distinct Japanese aesthetic.
11/04/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Reportedly Censored In the West
Honestly this one is probably a good idea.
11/04/15 Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final Official Website Opens
It comes with some awesome new screenshots as well.
11/02/15 Yo-Kai Watch Launch Event Being Held at Nintendo World Store
Sure, Akihiro Hino will be there, but so will Jibanyan!
11/02/15 A Look at Exist Archive's Character Designs
The neon is strong with these ones.
11/02/15 Tales of Zestiria Review
Mmmmm.... Zestiria.
11/02/15 Time to Meet the Charming Protagonist of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
And check out his fashionable, yet practical attire.
11/02/15 Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Gets a Gwendolyn Actions Trailer
This Princess of Ragnanival has some serious skills
11/02/15 Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Limited Physical Edition Announced
Never expect less from NIS America!
11/02/15 Check Out 45 Minutes of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Gameplay
See the new 'Saw-mill' weapon in action.
11/02/15 Watch Over an Hour of Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay
And, learn about towns, experience and more.
11/01/15 Uncanny Valley Review
We've had one, yes, but what about second Halloween?

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