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12/31/15 The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition "Metallia" Trailer
Check out the soon to be playable Swamp Witch in action.
12/31/15 Final Fantasy XV Summer 2016 Release a Possibility, Next ATR in January
Along with tons of footage from Comic Fiesta.
12/31/15 Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC and Mobile Devices
That squeeing sound you just heard was probably Stephen.
12/30/15 Rhythm Encounter 25 - Terminus Est
And then shawarma after.
12/30/15 The Currently Playable Lands of Dragon Quest Builders
The anticipation just keeps building.
12/30/15 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 4 Review
We're so close to the end now...
12/30/15 Project X Zone 2 Demo Landing in January
Wait for me, Kazuma Kiryu!
12/30/15 The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening is Getting a Full English Release
Now we just need an English version of the card game.
12/29/15 Learn About Party Members and More in Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna
And, see the latest trailer from Jump Festa 2016.
12/29/15 The Staff of Final Fantasy VII Remake Have Some Interesting Things to Say
The Honey Bee Inn IS mentioned, if just barely.
12/28/15 Final Fantasy XIV's Letter From The Producer Live Part XXVI Breakdown
The Warring Triad, Round 2!
12/27/15 Tales of Berseria Heading West on PS4, PC
Plus get the latest details from Famitsu.
12/26/15 YS VIII Begins Washed Ashore On a Cursed Island
The game will also feature city building elements
12/26/15 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Coming West in 2016
And you can check out 8 minutes of gameplay!
12/26/15 YU-NO Remake Delayed Until Spring 2016 in Japan
They need more time for quality enhance...enhance...enhancements
12/26/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: The Witcher 3
Let's do some witching!
12/25/15 Retro Encounter 8-2: Parasite Eve
A T-Rex belongs in every game.
12/24/15 Koei Tecmo Asks Their Fans if They Want Nights of Azure for PS Vita
So do you? DO YOU!?
12/23/15 ICY Review
I promise, it's a white Christmas some places!
12/23/15 Telltale Announces Batman as its Next Episodic Adventure
It's always wonderful when the things you love come together.
12/23/15 Here's Why Square Enix is Only Using Luminous Engine for Final Fantasy XV
Better safe than sorry.
12/23/15 Romancing SaGa 2 Coming Out for PS Vita and Smartphones
Relive the Super Famicom classic in Japan this winter.
12/23/15 Super Mario RPG Coming to European Virtual Console
Plus, Final Fantasy VI Advance is on its way in Japan!
12/23/15 Nintendo of Europe Releases Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Overview Trailer
Those crazy brothers are at it again.
12/23/15 Johnathan and Walter Get Their Own Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final Videos
Law and Chaos return with a vengeance. Spoilers for the first game to follow!
12/23/15 World of Final Fantasy Gets New Jump Fiesta Trailer
Plus twenty minutes of new gameplay!
12/23/15 Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Gets New Jump Fiesta Trailer
The life of a monster master must be awfully exciting.
12/22/15 New Star Ocean 5 Trailer Debuted at Jump Fiesta 2015
Featuring the theme song "Astra Nova" by Androp
12/22/15 Dragon Quest Builders Shows Off Free Build Mode
And a whole new continent.
12/22/15 Tales of Zestiria: Alisha's Story DLC Review
Early adopters got this free, but is it worth paying for?
12/21/15 Nintendo Releases Japanese Mother 3 Trailer for Virtual Console
Grit your teeth and hope that it comes to the West.
12/21/15 The Banner Saga Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One in January
Modern consoles need more viking games.
12/20/15 Celebrate the Music of Xenoblade Chronicles X with Composer Commentary
Two videos full of music and insight.
12/20/15 New Final Fantasy Explorers Gameplay Trailer
Somebody got Monster Hunter in my Final Fantasy!
12/20/15 Check Out The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel's Battle Trailer
Watch our heroes battle it out with swords, guns, bows, and... violins?
12/20/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Van Helsing
There are some monsters that need slaying!
12/20/15 Details on Final Fantasy VII Remake Emerge From the Lifestream
By which I mean the internet.
12/19/15 Feeling Uneasy About Final Fantasy XV
Do you ever yearn for the days of SquareSoft?
12/19/15 New Jump Fiesta Kingdom Hearts II.8 and Kingdom Hearts III Trailers
Sora and the gang are back.
12/18/15 Pigeon Dating is Home for the Holidays with Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star
A new holiday gaming tradition?
12/18/15 Xenoblade Chronicles X Review
Stuck on a whole different plaaaanet.
12/17/15 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Officially Announced for PS4 and PS Vita
Just where will Adol end up this time?
12/17/15 Watch Over 20 Minutes of Star Ocean 5 Livestream Footage
Technically it isn't live anymore, but you get the idea.
12/17/15 Atelier Shallie Plus Expands to PS Vita
Thus ending the Dusk Trilogy.
12/17/15 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Gets Huge Update + Special Events
And even offers a trio of real-life prizes to be won!
12/16/15 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Announced
Also the original Trails of Cold Steel gets a European release date.
12/16/15 New Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Videos Compare Classic and Refined Modes
You may just need to play the game twice.
12/16/15 The Last Remnant Now Streaming on Mobile Phones in Japan
Hey guys, remember The Last Remnant?
12/16/15 Ni No Kuni Available on PlayStation Now in Japan
Just give the people what they want!
12/16/15 Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates the Holidays With a New Trailer
Keep your eyes peeled for the Agent of Inquiry.
12/15/15 Watch the Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final "Tokyo Collapse" Animation
Okay, that is awesome.
12/15/15 Genei Ibun Roku #FE To Have Livestream December 17th
Get ready for more Shin Performa Emblem.
12/15/15 Tales of Berseria Gets A New Trailer, Plus A Bevy of Tales News
One of these days I'll actually play the games.
12/15/15 Take A Look at Nioh, An Epic Action-RPG From Koei Tecmo
Onimusha Souls?
12/15/15 After 16 Years, System Shock 3 Is Coming
You didn't really think SHODAN was gone, did you?
12/15/15 Random Encounter - Episode 102
If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times!
12/15/15 2015 GotY Reader's Choice Voting Is Open
It's time to tell us which games you liked best this year!
12/15/15 RPGFan Music: The Legend of Legacy OST Review
I don't have a witty subtitle, I'm too busy waiting for Cloud DLC...
12/14/15 New Legendary Pokemon, Volcanion, Officially Announced
A Fire/Water type? Now we've seen everything.
12/14/15 Two New Exist Archive Character Trailers Fall From the Sky
The other side of the sky.
12/13/15 Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Review
Am I a few decades too late for a "what's your sign" joke?
12/12/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Final Fantasy VII
We couldn't resist!
12/12/15 Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.15 Releases on December 16th
Bust out those relic weapons, the grind is back!
12/12/15 Final Fantasy VII Remake's Gameplay Trailer Looks Even Better in HD
12/12/15 Retro Encounter 8-1: Parasite Eve
Note to self: operas end with people spontaneously combusting.
12/12/15 Lunar and Grandia Pop Up on Steam Database
Lunar never dies!
12/12/15 Feast Your Nostalgic Eyes on the Teaser Trailer for Disgaea PC
PlayStation 2 is back in a big way.
12/11/15 RPGFan Music: Fire Emblem Awakening OST Review
A week before the force awakens, the emblem awakens (?)
12/11/15 12 Mighty Eidolons Await You in Final Fantasy Explorers
The cast includes many familiar faces.
12/11/15 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 3 Review
Bob, we really do appreciate you.
12/11/15 Persona 5 Developers Talk Cast and Themes
Also, is Morgana male or female? Nobody knows! Except Atlus.
12/11/15 Yo-Kai Watch Series Sold Over 10 Million Units
Who would've guessed people like monster collecting games?
12/11/15 Bravely Second: End Layer Releasing February in Europe
And now, where is the US date?
12/10/15 EarthBound Beginnings Review
We were Bound to review this...
12/10/15 Retro Encounter 7: Deus Ex: Human Revolution ~ Final Thoughts
We actually did ask for this.
12/10/15 Final Fantasy XV's Cross-Link System Has Been Overhauled in Final Version
Good, because those things were really tricky to pull off in the demo! Or, maybe I just suck.
12/10/15 Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Project Presentation Scheduled for January 13
What Dragon Quest news awaits us in the new year?
12/10/15 Mother 3 is Headed to the Wii U Virtual Console Soon in Japan
Mother... tell your children to come play this gaaaaame...
12/10/15 Livestream to Celebrate 20 Years of Tales Series
Special guests, events, and news about Tales.
12/10/15 Final Fantasy VI Blasts Its Way to Steam on December 16th
Time to dust off that magitek armor.
12/09/15 See the First Screens for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
My, Toussaint, aren't you looking spiffy.
12/09/15 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Review
Every heart has its thorn.
12/09/15 The Witcher 2 Is Coming To Xbox One
Oh, CD Projekt Red, we still love you.
12/09/15 Second Star Ocean 5 Livestream Beams Down Dec. 11
The space puns have only just begun.
12/09/15 Level 5: Ni No Kuni II Will Be 'Huge Improvement' Over First
That trailer gets a 7/10: not enough Drippy!
12/09/15 Demon Gaze II Will Arrive in 2016
Fans, get your ideas ready.
12/09/15 Dive Into New World with Two New Trailers
Have your new trailer hype immediately sated with an introduction movie.
12/09/15 Retro Encounter 7-3: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Seems like all the endings are canon? But that would be cheating!
12/08/15 Check Out the Plethora of New Exist Archive Trailers
Don't think these will be the last ones either.
12/07/15 Steam Database Lists Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Danganronpa, Phantom Brave, and More
Could these classics and others be making their way to PC?
12/07/15 Dark Souls III Officially Launches April 12th
There are 5 different special editions, and a new trailer to boot.
12/07/15 Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana Review
Find yourself awash in a sea of soothing tunes.
12/07/15 Final Fantasy VII Remake to be Told in Multiple Parts
Did anybody see this coming?
12/06/15 Stella Glow Launches on March 11 in Europe
And will be released by NIS America....which is different
12/06/15 New Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay Video Explores Oblivia
These UK promotional videos are showing off the goods
12/06/15 Hidden: On the Trail of the Ancients Review
Cliffhangers are spooky, right?
12/05/15 Final Fantasy XV Now Playable From Start to Finish
I'll believe it when I see it!
12/05/15 Check Out Genei Ibun Roku #FE's Introduction and Yashiro Trailers
Even with an introduction trailer, this game still confuses me.
12/05/15 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Bloodborne DLC
Join the hunt!
12/05/15 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Announced for PS4
A boy and his kingdom.
12/05/15 Witness Final Fantasy VII Remake's Debut Gameplay Trailer
The PC port is also available now on PS4!
12/04/15 Yo-Kai Watch Review
[Insert terrible white guy attempt at hip hop here.]
12/04/15 The Witcher 3 Wins 'Game of the Year' at the Game Awards
It surely has my vote.
12/04/15 Trails of Cold Steel Out December 22 in North America
The Legend of Heroes will go on before the year is out.
12/03/15 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review
Directive three: Dance!
12/03/15 Exist Archive Character Trailers Introduce Trio of Protagonists
Including the girl who seems to wear only ribbons and a nighty.
12/03/15 Star Ocean 5 Details and Screens Emerge Along with Delay
More coming soon.
12/02/15 New Screenshots for Digimon World: Next Order
Protagonists and Digimon alike are featured.
12/02/15 Watch 15 Minutes of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final
Check out some in-game footage of the upcoming 3DS game.
12/02/15 Jade Empire is On The House
No, not ON your house. It's free. Just get in here.
12/02/15 More Screens for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
New pics, a release date, and a curious similarity.
12/02/15 Death Under the Labyrinth Shows Off Lead Characters
Say hello to the whole crew!
12/02/15 Retro Encounter 7-2: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The only thing that matters is Faridah.
12/01/15 Japan Receives Dragon Quest Builders Themed PlayStation 4
They're just rubbing it in at this point.
12/01/15 Latest Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide Video Shows GamePad Features
Better study up!

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