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Date Update
03/31/16 Salt and Sanctuary Review
That guy from Burgertime has really changed.
03/31/16 Recap of Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Event
It's all here.
03/30/16 The Walking Dead: Michonne: Episode 2 Review
It hasn't been Bob's favorite so far, but at least it's not Minecraft.
03/30/16 Final Fantasy XV's Release Date Confirmed
It's about time!
03/30/16 First Pokémon Sun and Moon Footage to Be Shown April 3rd
Keeping my fingers crossed for the new starters.
03/30/16 Learn More About FuRyu's Caligula With World Details, Gameplay Footage
This game is sounding more and more Persona-esque by the day.
03/29/16 New Grand Kingdom Trailer Highlights Battle System
Tactical combat from Spike Chunsoft.
03/29/16 Early Look At Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8's Daybreak Town
Daybreak is the worst time of day.
03/29/16 Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live XXVIII Wrap-Up
The new stage of the Anima weapon starts today!
03/29/16 Final Fantasy XV's Main Story Will Take 50 Hours to Complete
And what's this about airships....?
03/28/16 Bravely Second: End Layer Trailer Arrives Ahead of April Release
Luckily, you don't need to watch it 4 times to get the true ending.
03/28/16 Random Encounter - Episode 107
03/26/16 RPGFan Music: Tales of Zestiria OST Review
You'll be "sorey" you didn't check this out!
03/26/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
It's in Japanese, so wish us luck...
03/25/16 New Launch Trailer Celebrates the Japanese Release of Dark Souls III
Yup, looks hard.
03/25/16 New Tails of Berseria Characters Join the Cast
Sexy witch and cat-thing, check.
03/25/16 Star Ocean 5 TV Spots Cover Story and Combat
Oh hey Star Ocean 5 is coming out soon.
03/25/16 The Banner Saga 2 Arrives This April
Better late than never!
03/25/16 Pokemon GO Gameplay Explained
Catch 'em all, right?
03/25/16 Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow 3DS Review
This is my grandson. ...Erm, what is his name again?
03/25/16 ClaDun Sengoku Gets a Full-Length Trailer
A ClaDun RPG with a dash of history
03/23/16 Digimon World: Next Order Gameplay Trailer Highlights Digivolutions
Digimon is back in a big way.
03/23/16 Story of Seasons Sequel Launching June 23rd in Japan
The perfect game for whiling away your summer.
03/23/16 Pre-Order Bravely Second from Best Buy for Gathelatio Costume Set
First dibs on the demo, and now this.
03/23/16 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Out This Summer In The West
We'll return to the stars once again.
03/22/16 King's Quest Episode 3 Arrives in April
03/22/16 Final Fantasy XIV Free Login Campaign Returns
Four free days of fun.
03/21/16 Sorcery! Part 1 & 2 Review
How can I keep my fingers between the pages of a virtual book?
03/20/16 Forums Experiencing Technical Difficulties
You know its Sunday when...
03/19/16 Bar Oasis 2: Aftertaste 01 Receives Early Soundtrack Release
Tunes to listen to while enjoying a nice cup of milk at the bar.
03/19/16 Atelier Sophie's Western Release Date is This June
Unlock the mysteries of the mysterious book.
03/19/16 Star Ocean 5 Videos Cover Battles, Private Actions, and Welch Vineyard
Still in Japanese though.
03/19/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Danganronpa
A high school whodunit we might not survive.
03/18/16 Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- Preview
Hands-on time with a visual novel coming later this spring.
03/18/16 Pokémon Sun and Moon First Details Coming Next Month
I hope we get to see the new starters.
03/18/16 NIS Reveals First Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain Trailer
More dungeon RPGs coming to Vita.
03/18/16 Zero Time Dilemma Gets Release Date, PC Version, and First Trailer
The time for hype is nigh.
03/18/16 Romancing Saga 2 for Vita and Mobile Launching March 24 in Japan
And we have the trailer to celebrate the occasion!
03/17/16 Oxenfree Review
Gotta be a hide and seek reference, right?
03/17/16 Watch the First Gameplay Footage of System Shock Remastered
Not to be confused with the recent rerelease.
03/17/16 Square Enix Might Consider Vita Version of I Am Setsuna
Ask and ye may receive.
03/17/16 Unreal 4 Sizzle Reel Teases Footage from FFVII, Kingdom Hearts III, More
Don't blink or you'll miss it.
03/17/16 See the Latest Action with New Dark Souls III Media
Yes, people die.
03/16/16 RPGFan on Twitch: Grandia II Schedule Change
Actually, the broadcast stayed the same. It's US that changed.
03/16/16 Stranger of Sword City Preview
Swords can be strange, when you're a stranger.
03/15/16 Random Encounter - Episode 106
Too. Many. Subtitles.
03/15/16 New Star Ocean 5 Media Introduces Important NPCs and Combat Tactics
03/15/16 Japanese Gamers Can Try Dragon Quest X for Free Through March 31
The first hit is always free.
03/15/16 Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Being Localized as I Am Setsuna
Western release slated for summer 2016, no Vita version.
03/15/16 The Participants of Zero Time Dilemma Have Been Confirmed
Some familiar faces and some new ones. What secrets do they hold?
03/15/16 Bravely Second: End Layer Trailer Highlights 9 New Jobs
Out of a total of 12.
03/15/16 First Trailer and Screenshots for Etrian Odyssey V
There's some sweet dungeon crawling in your future, let me tell you.
03/15/16 Tales of Beseria Third Trailer Goes Live
Maglieux gets some screentime.
03/15/16 Danganropa 2 Launches on Steam April 18th.
Monokuma can't be stopped!
03/15/16 Exist Archive Gets Free Star Ocean 5 DLC Costumes
We are never getting this over in the west, are we?
03/15/16 Bloodstained Shader Feedback Results Have Been Announced
And the winner is "Background 3/ Character 3."
03/14/16 RPGFan Music: The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Sound Selection Review
And a link to musical excellence!
03/14/16 Retro Encounter 12: Juniper's Knot
We find a reason to stay awake a little longer.
03/14/16 Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Review
What kind of Birthright did Awakening leave?
03/13/16 We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties
Oh no!
03/12/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: The Division
Don't forget Tom Clancy!
03/11/16 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Coming Westward in 2017
Oh, XSEED, you spoil us. Also, Cold Steel II has a release window!
03/11/16 Aveyond 4 Review
Aved, Avath, and Aveyond.
03/11/16 Maglieux and Bienphu Revealed for Tales of Berseria
This by way of the magazine Weekly Jump
03/10/16 Watch The Full-Length Trailer For FuRyu's New RPG Caligula
Plus some snazzy bonus illustrations.
03/10/16 Ys VIII Available for PlayStation Vita July 2016, PS4 in 2017
Why the delay? I'm curious, too.
03/10/16 Check Out These New Final Fantasy XIV Developer Videos
Learn about the game's sound, lore, and writing, straight from the devs.
03/10/16 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Preview
Arriving soon in Japan.
03/10/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Comes West this May
With new trailer to raise the excitement.
03/10/16 Tales of the Rays Trailer Introduces New Protagonists
Get your sunscreen.
03/10/16 Steins;Gate Review
Not Steinman, just Stein.
03/09/16 Star Ocean 5 for PS3 Delayed In Japan, New Comparison Video Available
Plus a brand-new villain.
03/08/16 Phantasy Star Online 2 Opening Cinematic is Beautiful, Confusing
A mash up of mechs, sci-fi ninjas, and battleships.
03/08/16 Firewatch Developer Wants Your Help to Translate the Game
Now that's next-level crowdsourcing.
03/08/16 Day of the Tentacle Remastered Launches on March 22nd
And that day will be known as the day of the...
03/08/16 Ace Attorney 6 Hits Japan on June 9th
(insert courtroom pun here).
03/08/16 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review
Digital monsters make the best cyber sleuths!
03/08/16 Fable Legends Cancelled, Lionhead Studios Up For Possible Closure
Our hearts go out to everyone whose livelihood has been affected by these changes.
03/08/16 Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Trademarked in Europe
The game will likely be coming west soon!
03/07/16 Deck13's The Surge Coming in 2017
A new action RPG from the people behind Lords of the Fallen.
03/07/16 First Look at DONTNOD's Vampyr
Hunt? Heal? It's your choice.
03/07/16 Retro Encounter 11: To The Moon
Remember, going to space will solve all your problems.
03/07/16 Upcoming Action-RPG Shiness Trailer Looks Shiney
Shine on.
03/07/16 Check Out The First English Trailer For Star Ocean 5
Hopefully, not as bad as Star Ocean 4's dub.
03/07/16 IBM Japan Announced Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Project
This can only end well.
03/07/16 Square Enix Details Great Rider Cup in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
Ride on, for glory!
03/07/16 Field Test Sign-Ups Now Open For Pokémon Go
This is as close as you may get to being a true-blue Pokémon Master.
03/06/16 Lucien Dodge Interview
No doge jokes here.
03/06/16 Firewatch Review
Hey babe... Take a walk on the wild side.
03/06/16 Temporary Forum Outage - Resolved!
We're back!
03/05/16 A Closer Look at Nights of Azure's Demon Helpers and Transformations
Because calling your helpers "Servans" is one letter short of being demeaning. Demon-ing? Dem... never mind.
03/05/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Diablo II
Can you believe it's almost 16 years old?
03/05/16 Meet Fegor, Ashmedia, and Mammon of Trillion: God of Destruction
I'm not saying you shouldn't read this one at work, buuuuuut....
03/05/16 Blizzard Now Hiring For New Diablo Title
Could this be Diablo 4? A new expansion pack? A spinoff?
03/05/16 See the Latest on Tales of Berseria's World, Characters, Combat
Velvet won't be alone on her journey.
03/05/16 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.1 Review
Heavensward's first major update is thankfully more light than darkness.
03/04/16 Our 20 Year Journey to be Pokemon Masters
20 years? I need a drink... Oh, maybe next year...
03/04/16 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Hitting Western Shores on June 24th
Ahh, TMS is SMT backwards. Clever.
03/04/16 Super Nintendo RPGs Coming to New 3DS Virtual Console
For the purposes of this story, Zelda games are RPGs.
03/03/16 North American Release of Dragon Quest VII Coming 'Later' in 2016
First we had 'summer,' now we have 'later.'
03/03/16 Star Ocean 5 Receives its Final, Story-Driven, Trailer in 5th Livestream
It looks to hit all the right notes.
03/03/16 Bravely Second Demo Coming to North America on March 10th
Yes, yes, yes, finally!
03/03/16 Paper Mario: Color Splash Unveiled for Wii U
Looks like Paper Mario is a big fan of Splatoon.
03/03/16 More Censorship Discovered in Western Release of Bravely Second
Guys, does this really matter?
03/02/16 RPGFan Interviews: Kira Buckland
The actress shares advice about the gaming industry, her own career, and even her daily coffee obsession.
03/01/16 Enjoy the Debut Trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II
Hope the first one did well enough that we get this Stateside.
03/01/16 Etrian Odyssey V Officially Announced for 3DS
About time!
03/01/16 Find 50 Minutes of Digimon World: Next Order Footage Here
Quite a change from being a Cyber Sleuth.
03/01/16 Even More Hands-On With Dark Souls III
One more pre-release look at the latest entry in the series.
03/01/16 Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale Review
Cows, chickens, and a whole lotta fairydust.
03/01/16 Grand Kingdom New English Trailer and Media
It's war for fun and profit!
03/01/16 Shenmue III is Still Alive and Gets A New Work-in-Progress Video
Why do I always feel like this game will never be released?
03/01/16 Shenmue III is Still Alive and Gets A New Work-in-Progress Video
Why do I always feel like this game will never be released?
03/01/16 Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade To Add Alexandria Stage This March
Now they just need to add Vivi, and everything will be perfect.

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