News Archive: May 2016
Date Update
05/31/16 Yuji Horii Wants Dragon Quest XI to Have Passwords
Maybe there's such a thing as too much nostalgia?
05/31/16 Moon Hunters Porting to PS4 this July
Could this be the definitive version?
05/31/16 Romancing SaGa 2 for Vita May Be Coming Westward
The Director speaks up.
05/31/16 Zero Time Dilemma for PC Set for June 30th Launch
Only two days after the handheld launch!
05/31/16 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine DLC 'Final Quest' Trailer
Geralt's last ride begins.
05/31/16 Random Encounter 111: Tanks for the Memories
It's a pun!
05/30/16 Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 3.3 Trailer & New Media
This trailer just gives me the chills.
05/30/16 Fragments of Him Review
A thoughtful game for a thoughtful day.
05/30/16 RPGFan on Twitch: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
A new game for our Monday night playthrough.
05/29/16 Steins;Gate 0 Coming To the West for PlayStation 4 and Vita
El Psy Kongroo, indeed...
05/29/16 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius For the West Of Us
There is nothing final about Final Fantasy.
05/29/16 New Legend of Zelda Will be Playable at NYC Nintendo Store During E3 2016
Who's lining up early?
05/28/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Breath of Fire IV
This week, we go old school.
05/28/16 Changes Coming to Valkyria: Azure Revolution After Fan Feedback
Fans know what they like.
05/28/16 RPGFan Music: Breath of Fire 6 OST -Pulse- Review
Finally, a (dragon) breath of fresh air!
05/27/16 Dragon Quest Builders Headed West in October
Can you believe it's coming to Vita?
05/27/16 Square Enix Discusses 10 Years of Developing Final Fantasy XV
I was 10 years old when it was announced.
05/26/16 Editorial: Celebrating 10 Years of Steambot Chronicles
A Decade of Great Romantic Junk
05/25/16 Retro Encounter Bonus Round: SNES Encounter
Come relive the golden days of Nintendo with us.
05/25/16 Get to Know I am Setsuna in New English Trailer
Who is Setsuna?
05/24/16 Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review
Ooh, a pun in the title! So far, so good.
05/23/16 Sega Seeks Feedback on Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and Future Entries
Time to speak up.
05/23/16 Dragon Quest Heroes II Videos and Details Keep on Coming
Get comfy.
05/23/16 Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.3 Arrives June 7th
Oh no, The Steps of Faith are back.
05/23/16 Retro Encounter 14: The World Ends With You - Final Thoughts
The Retro team wraps it up once again.
05/22/16 Root Double Before Crime*After Days: Xtend Edition Review
Kingdom Hearts titles have just been one-upped.
05/21/16 New Character Details Arrive for Persona 5's Main Cast
Be on the lookout for unidentified flying Necronomicons.
05/21/16 Upcoming Trails of Cold Steel II Trailer May Spoil First Game
You have been warned.
05/21/16 Romancing Saga 2 Makes English Debut This May After 23 Years
About time.
05/21/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
We're moving it 30 minutes early for just this week!
05/21/16 RPGFan Spring 2016 Hiring Drive: Phase Two
Yes, we're still one phase behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we're working on it.
05/20/16 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party: songs of the dead Review
Ain't no party like a Corpse Party.
05/20/16 Next Pokemon Sun and Moon News Drop Coming June 2
A little pre-E3 Pokemon goodness.
05/19/16 Retro Encounter 14-2: The World Ends With You
Everyone hates the Beat when there’s no Rhyme.
05/19/16 A Closer Look at Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.3
The horde (not the Horde) is looking to have its revenge, and we have the images to prove it.
05/19/16 Sorcery! Part 3 Review
Return of the Sorcery!
05/18/16 PS2 Classic Phantom Brave Confirmed for PC
The release date was revealed via Steam listing
05/18/16 Ys VIII New Characters, Details, Video
05/18/16 See the Cobblestone Streets of Valkyria: Azure Revolution
Seems a nice place to visit if it wasn't for the war.
05/18/16 Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Sidequest Video is Confusing, Colorful
So pretty par for the course.
05/18/16 The Banner Saga 2 Review
Return to this gorgeous strategy experience.
05/17/16 Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Showcasing 'High Level Magic and Combat"
By the gods does the combat look smooooooooth....
05/17/16 Updated Version of Stranger of Sword City Coming to Vita in Japan
Didn't we just get the regular Vita version in the US?
05/16/16 New Trailer Shows Us a New Pokemon in Sun and Moon
But it may have been accidental.
05/16/16 Meet the Tales of Berseria Antagonists and More
Que ominous music.
05/16/16 Random Encounter - Episode 110
And now for something completely different!
05/16/16 A Realistic Look at the Near Future of Virtual Reality
Its day may finally be nearing.
05/15/16 The 30 Essential RPGs of 2010-2015: Part Three
The final set of entries in our list!
05/15/16 Reminder: We're Hiring: News, Music, A/V, and Media Editors
Five more days to put in applications!
05/15/16 Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC Out May 19th
A change of scenery for all you Commonwealth wanderers.
05/15/16 Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Broadcast Set for May 26th
Save the date.
05/14/16 Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Released on Steam
And another one!
05/14/16 The 30 Essential RPGs of 2010-2015: Part Two
But wait — there's more!
05/14/16 See Caligula's Imaginary Chain Battle Mechanic in Action
It's off the chain.
05/14/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Grim Fandango Remastered
One of the all-time greats is back for a second round.
05/13/16 The 30 Essential RPGs of 2010-2015: Part One
Clear your backlog, because these are games you should really find time for.
05/13/16 Wild Arms 3 Hits the PS4 on May 17th
Come out Virginia, don't let'em wait!
05/13/16 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit Of Justice Releases This September
There are way to many good games coming out this September.
05/13/16 The Banner Saga 2 Arrives on PS4 and XB1 July 24th
The Norse journey continues on consoles this summer.
05/12/16 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review
That's how it could have happened...
05/12/16 The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Release Date and Details
Geralt's last ride.
05/12/16 Valkyrie Anatomia Has Been Downloaded Over One Million Times
The Norse gods are pleased with this smartphone RPG.
05/11/16 Retro Encounter 14-1: The World Ends With You
Makes sense to me: eat food to wear nicer clothes.
05/10/16 Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Date, Starters, and Debut Trailer Revealed
I'm calling it right now. The fire type will be most popular. Again.
05/10/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Review
At least they're remastering good games.
05/10/16 Ys VIII Castaways Lend Their Skills to Adol's Party
A three hour tour...
05/10/16 Valkyria: Azure Revolution's 5 Great Sinners, Friends or Foes?
Depends on who you ask I guess.
05/10/16 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Coming to Steam May 12th
Featuring a bevy of enhanced features, as well as language options!
05/10/16 Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Heading West
Mobile Final Fantasy game now open for pre-registration.
05/09/16 RPGFan Music: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Special Sound Track Review
Something to hold you over until Persona 5.
05/08/16 Grim Dawn Review
It's always grimmest before the dawn.
05/08/16 The Future is Now in the New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer
Story time with Adam Jensen
05/08/16 Relax with 32 Minutes of ClaDun Sengoku Gameplay Footage
Those are some interesting looking sprites.
05/08/16 Summon Knight 6 Voice Actress Promotes Game in Latest Video
Her name is Mariko Honda.
05/08/16 Watch the Latest Persona 5 Trailer with English Subtitles
Fansubs save the day again!
05/08/16 Dead Island: Definitive Collection gets 'Dead Facts' Trailer
Return to a prettier paradise filled with zombies on May 31st
05/07/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Final Fantasy IX PC
Ooh - shiny.
05/07/16 Now Hiring for: News, Music, Audio/Video, and Media Editors
RPGFan is looking for passionate people to add to our party. Are you seeking EXP?
05/06/16 New Pokemon Sun and Moon Info Coming May 10th
Likely precursor to the final game: Pokemon Cerulean Heaven and Magenta Hell.
05/06/16 Danganronpa's Monokuma has a New Japanese Voice Actor
Tarako Isono takes over for Nobuyo Oyama
05/05/16 Black Materia Release on Limited Edition Vinyl Set
Some of the freshest beats on vinyl.
05/05/16 Get A Zygarde, Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal Throughout May
Shiny Yveltal looks like a piece of bacon.
05/05/16 Kathy Rain Review
The world needs more adventure games with motorcycles.
05/05/16 Persona 5 Gets Japanese Release Date, New Trailer
Looks like we'll find out more at E3.
05/05/16 Ray Gigant Now Available for PS Vita
What if you played this in an actual dungeon? Incep-geon.
05/04/16 Random Encounter - Episode 109
We're gonna miss you, buddy.
05/04/16 Atelier Studio Developing New IP
Gust is brewing up something new
05/04/16 Watch 10 Minutes of Pokémon GO Beta Gameplay
See character creation, gym battles and more.
05/04/16 Fire Emblem Fates Map Pack 2 DLC Launching May 5th
In case you need more of a game that has three campaigns…
05/04/16 Text Skipping Mechanic Changed in Zero Time Dilemma
I wonder what this means for the speed runners?
05/04/16 Check Out An Hour of Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Footage
Does it look like a mobile game?
05/04/16 New English Trailer and Details for Romancing SaGa 2
Something something RIP Vita.
05/03/16 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Hands-On Preview
Now this one... this one's definitely Valkyria.
05/03/16 Kingdom Hearts Concert Series Announced for Japan, World Tour in 2017
Words cannot contain my enthusiasm.
05/03/16 Tales of Berseria Coming Westward in Early 2017
We're not getting a Tales game every year? Perish the thought.
05/03/16 Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Launch Edition Comes With Special Metal Emblem Set
Step one: Preorder. Step two: ??? Step three: Profit.
05/03/16 Final Fantasy XV "Monster Books" Revealed by Square Enix
Who knew being a chocobo keeper would be so rewarding?
05/02/16 Grand Kingdom Beta Hands-On Preview
It's like Valkyrie... er... Valkyria...
05/01/16 Rhythm Encounter 26 - Bends of Time
Gonna party like it's AD 1999!
05/01/16 First Images of FFXI Remake Arrive from Nexon Korea
Not North Korea, don't worry.

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