News Archive: December 2016
Date Update
12/31/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Pokémon Red and Leaf Green
Starting a new year by looking back at a series that got a great new entry in 2016.
12/30/16 RPGFan Music: World of Final Fantasy OST Review
What a time to be alive!
12/30/16 XSEED Gives Fans Localization Update on Trails in the Sky the 3rd
Pretty much done.
12/30/16 NieR: Automata Livestream Footage is Here
12/30/16 Rhythm Encounter 30: Evil Etudes
Taking over the world one song at a time!
12/28/16 Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Wintry Mix
Baby, it's cold outside.
12/28/16 Atlus, Koei Tecmo, NIS and More Tease Unannounced Titles in Famitsu.
Bringing in the new year with teasers.
12/28/16 New Mistwalker Announcement Coming 2017
Could this be the masterpiece that realizes Mistwalker's potential?
12/27/16 Learn More About Dragon Quest XI's Characters and World
It's gonna be a beauty, this one.
12/27/16 NieR: Automata Hands-On Preview
It's NieR-ly here.
12/27/16 New Elsinore and LeGION Trailers for Valkyria Revolution
See if you can spot a Milla look alike.
12/26/16 Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls OST Review
One more to add to this year's musical Danganronpalooza.
12/26/16 Check Out The Latest Screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
White mage, black mage, red mage!!
12/25/16 Valkyria Revolution Enemy Generals Make Their Introduction
I think the developers just picked the most European-sounding names possible.
12/25/16 NieR: Automata Livestream Planned for December 27
What else do you have going on this time of year?
12/24/16 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Releases On June 20th
Red Mage Confirmed!
12/23/16 RPGFan Music: Ar nosurge OST Review
More than meets the ear?
12/23/16 The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki Release Date Revealed
Japanese post-Christmas releases begin.
12/23/16 NieR: Automata and Valkyria Revolution Demos Available on Japanese PSN
Automata demo available now.
12/23/16 First Two Inazuma Eleven Console Game Screenshots and Smartphone Screenshot Revealed
Anime soccer fans rejoice.
12/23/16 Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Scheduled For Next Month
Let the anniversary begin!
12/22/16 The Little Acre Review
Wait, not all acres are the same size?
12/22/16 Dragon Quest XI Jump Festa Footage, and Big Announcement
See if you can spot baby Krillin.
12/22/16 New Gameplay Features for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Detailed
How does one dream a drop distance?
12/22/16 Atlus Teases Announcement of New IP Coming December 23rd
The announcement, not the game.
12/21/16 Retro Encounter 21-2: Diablo III
Stay awhile and listen, again.
12/21/16 Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Out March 7th in North America
March 10th in Europe.
12/21/16 Random Encounter 120: Road Trip!
Do we have enough gas?
12/20/16 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episodes 1 and 2 Review
What do you mean zombies aren't festive?
12/20/16 Pokémon Sun & Moon Review
Gotta Catch 'em All! Part 7.
12/20/16 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Confirmed for PS4, 2017 Release in Japan
Journey with Rean again, a year and a half after Cold Steel II.
12/20/16 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Coming to PS4 in Japan This May
May 25th, to be exact.
12/20/16 New Details on Dragon Quest X for PS4
Odds are we'll never see this game outside of Japan, but you never know...
12/20/16 Gust Teases an Atelier 20th Anniversary Project
The series turns 20 in 2017.
12/20/16 SaGa: Scarlet Grace Gets New Trailer and Web Commercial
The game is out on PS Vita in Japan right now!
12/20/16 Persona 5 Free Costume DLC Launches December 21 in Japan
Deck the thieves with the "Christmas Costume Set."
12/20/16 Gust Titles Coming to Steam
And not just Atelier!
12/20/16 Dissidia Final Fantasy to Be Updated with Final Fantasy XII Rabanastre Stage
One of the liveliest cities in Final Fantasy is coming to arcades.
12/19/16 Danganronpa V3 Promoted Through Demo, Trailer, and Interactive Website
This kills the harmony.
12/19/16 NieR: Automata Collaboration Info, PS4 Pro Screenshots and 21 Minutes of Gameplay Footage
Collaboration game strong.
12/19/16 RPGFan Music: Tokimeki Memorial MIDI collection 2 Review
You thought I was kidding about wanting more?
12/19/16 Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review
It took the spirit of Christmas to realize that the art of the sword is not a hollow pursuit.
12/19/16 World of Final Fantasy Patch Launches January 12th
Going to be a busy day for Square Enix.
12/19/16 Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Available on Windows 10 Store
It's basically Ancient Greek Diablo.
12/19/16 Valkyria Revolution Gets Japanese Prologue Demo, New "Vanargand" Trailer
Japanese players can give the Revolution another chance.
12/19/16 Dragon Quest XI Gets 2017 Launch in Japan, Along With New Gameplay Footage and More
I need this game. Like, right now.
12/17/16 Star Ocean: Anamnesis Receives Over Two Million Downloads
Free-to-play RPGs continue finding major success.
12/17/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Telltale Batman
Also, we're adding Mondays!
12/17/16 First Final Fantasy XV DLC and Holiday Pack Release Date Announced
Cashing in on the holidays.
12/17/16 Torment: Tides of Numenera Gets Release Date
12/16/16 RPGFan Music: Tokimeki Memorial MIDI collection Review
More Tokimeki Memorial music!
12/15/16 Phantom Brave PC Review
We Meet Again. Literally.
12/15/16 Retro Encounter 21-1: Diablo III
Stay awhile and listen
12/15/16 First Story DLC for Final Fantasy XV Will Feature Classic Villain
Prepare for spoilers.
12/14/16 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Gets Launch Trailer
Clementine's misery continues.
12/14/16 Tales of Berseria Receives New English Trailer, Digital Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed
I'm going to be sinking dozens of hours in gaming this winter.
12/14/16 World of Final Fantasy Sora DLC and Kingdom Hearts Themed PS4 Release Date Revealed
Extra dosage of Kingdom Hearts to start off next year.
12/14/16 Valkyria Revolution Coming Westward for PS4, XB1, and Vita
Time for a revolution.
12/14/16 Dreamfall Chapters Coming to PS4, Xbox One
This isn't a typical port.
12/14/16 Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Gets PlayStation Plus Edition
That's for Japanese users only at the moment!
12/13/16 Meet Haru Okumura and VA Xanthe Huynh in New Persona 5 Videos
"A gilded cage is still a cage."
12/13/16 Games of the Year 2016 Reader's Choice Voting Is Open
Let your voice be heard!
12/12/16 RPGFan Music: Shiori Fujisaki Piano Collection Review
Something sweet and relaxing for your listening pleasure.
12/11/16 Ember Review
Feeling Hot Hot Hot
12/10/16 Boyar Giveaway
Everyone likes free games!
12/10/16 Atelier Firis Coming West Spring 2017
Surprising approximately no one.
12/10/16 The Alliance Alive Launching March 30th for 3DS in Japan
Bring this one to the west soon, please.
12/10/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: The Dwarves
Dwarves, huh? I think I've heard of them.
12/09/16 RPGFan Music: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD OST Review
We're finally graced with an official release of Twilight Princess' Soundtrack!
12/09/16 NieR: Automata Demo Available Worldwide on December 22nd
Excellent news.
12/09/16 Dragon Quest Heroes II Confirmed for Western PS4 Release
More Dragon Quest is always welcome.
12/09/16 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Gets New Trailer
"I'm back!!"
12/09/16 Star Ocean: Anamnesis Showcases Action-Packed Trailer
The game's now available in Japan!
12/09/16 Game Awards 2016: New Indie RPG Dauntless Announced
Co-op action.
12/09/16 Wild Arms and Arc the Lad to Receive Mobile Reboots
The long hiatus for both series is coming to an end!
12/09/16 Tales of Berseria Gets an English Voiceover Trailer and Demo Announcement
Be warned: the trailer contains spoilers.
12/08/16 Burly Men at Sea Review
It's no Snakes on a Plane, but it probably shouldn't be.
12/08/16 Xanadu Next Review
If there are no roller skates, I don't want in.
12/08/16 Persona 5 Trailers Introduce Thieves and Supporting Cast
The girl with no pants.
12/08/16 Dragon Quest VIII Gets Pouch as Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus
This is one of the good times when pre-order tactics are slime-y.
12/08/16 Square Enix Outlines New Free Updates for Final Fantasy XV
Including new cutscenes and content.
12/08/16 Wild Arms and Arc the Lad to Receive Mobile Reboots
The long hiatus for both series is coming to an end!
12/07/16 Retro Encounter Bonus Round: December Exhibitions
Recap of The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience
12/06/16 Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Review
A couple of those are actual words!
12/06/16 Final Fantasy XV Cup Noodles Gets TV Commercial
The XV cross-promo train continues.
12/06/16 Final Fantasy XV Review
It's...it's here!
12/05/16 Game Awards 2016: Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Gets Teaser Trailer
Ooga chaka!
12/05/16 Persona 5 Gets New Story Trailer and Digital Preorder Bonuses
Kind of really want that theme.
12/05/16 NieR: Automata Gets New Trailer and Release Date at PlayStation Experience
Plus some sweet reversible cover art.
12/05/16 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Coming West in 2017
The killing game returns!
12/05/16 Romancing SaGa 2 PS Vita English Version Needs a Few More Months
The series creator asks for patience during this trying time.
12/05/16 Ys Origins Releasing on PS4 and Vita in February
How Original!
12/05/16 Square Enix to Showcase Numerous RPGs at 2016 Jump Festa
I stopped playing FFXV just long enough to tell you this.
12/05/16 Ni no Kuni II Confirmed for Launch in 2017, New Trailer Released
Dive back into a playable anime film.
12/05/16 Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki Receives Third Trailer
Triple 3.
12/05/16 RPGFan Music: 7TH Dragon III code:VFD Original Soundtrack & Songs Review
We can never have enough Yuzo Koshiro.
12/05/16 RPGFan on Twitch: Lineup Changes
New games on Tuesday and Thursday, and adding Wednesday!
12/05/16 Random Encounter 119: Wait, Final Fantasy XV is actually out?!
12/05/16 Game Awards 2016: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine Wins Best RPG Award
Yes, an expansion pack really took the top prize.
12/04/16 Root Letter Review
For those who like their novels to come with a controller.
12/04/16 Pokémon Sun & Moon Hands-On Preview
Moon Over My Hammy?
12/03/16 Tyranny Review
The Empire did nothing wrong.
12/03/16 Best Buy Leaks Apparent Dragon Quest Heroes II Localization
I am so down for this.
12/03/16 Final Fantasy XV Prequel Novella Released, Future DLC Plans Outlined
Ha, you didn't really think the XV news train would end, did you?
12/03/16 Dragon Quest Builders Gets A Licensing Deal With Langers Juice
Yes, you read that correctly.
12/03/16 Danganronpa 1&2 Reload Gets Western Release Dates
Mind-bending twists are migrating to the PS4!
12/03/16 Game Awards 2016: The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier Revealed
Season 3 coming very soon.
12/03/16 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Final Fantasy XV
Giving away a figure and a copy of the game!
12/02/16 RPGFan Music: The 30th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda Game Music Collection Review
Five years later and a new music collection. Wonderful!
12/02/16 Game Awards 2016: Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets First Gameplay Trailer
The final frontier has never looked so appealing.
12/02/16 Nier: Automata Forest Zone Gallery Update
More pretty pictures.
12/02/16 Game Awards 2016: New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Videos
Double down.
12/02/16 Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Releases Story Trailer
You can feel the game's grand scope just from the trailer.
12/01/16 Stardew Valley Coming to PS4 and XBox One This December
Wii U version cancelled, coming to Switch instead.
12/01/16 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Appear at 2016 Game Awards
Oh yeah, the Game Awards are today.
12/01/16 Final Fantasy XV Hands-On Preview
We've been playing this game... probably too much. (Also, Twitch giveaways!)

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