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Date Update
02/28/17 RPGFan Music of The Year 2016: Part Four
And now the final curtain!
02/28/17 Kiritika Online Coming to the West in 2017
Farming mobs has never looked so good.
02/28/17 Final Fantasy VII Remake to Maintain 'Essence' of Original Game
Some comfort for worried fans.
02/27/17 NieR: Automata Import Review
Surprise! (Again!)
02/27/17 RPGFan Music of The Year 2016: Part Three
Our biggest (and best?) Editors' Favorites list yet!
02/27/17 Digital Pre-Orders for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX Land A Bonus PS4 Theme
Stained glass never looked so beautiful.
02/27/17 SINoALICE Character Introduction Trailer
Meet the gang!
02/27/17 Stranger of Sword City Revisited Gets Second English Trailer
Launching on a Vita near you soon.
02/27/17 Gravity Rush 2 To Get NieR: Automata Costume
Finally, an excuse to write about Gravity Rush!
02/27/17 New Media and Trailers for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Meet the lovely ladies and dapper dudes from this trio of towns.
02/27/17 RPGFan Music of The Year 2016: Part Two
I hope you finished yesterday's podcast, because we already have another for ya...
02/26/17 Dragon Quest Heroes II Coming to PC
A PC Port draws near!
02/25/17 Check Out the First Details on Final Fantasy: Explorers-Force
Chibis no more.
02/25/17 RPGFan Music of The Year 2016: Part One
Come celebrate with some of the best of 2016!
02/25/17 Nier: Automata Import Review
02/24/17 Week in Review, 2/24/2017
Guess who's back, back again. Monokuma is back, tell a friend.
02/24/17 Bandai Namco Releases New Trailer and TV Spot for Accel World VS. Sword Art Online
Worlds collide in new action RPG.
02/24/17 Dragon Quest X coming to PS4 This Summer, Switch Release Between Summer and Fall
Sorry guys, no western release.
02/24/17 Meet The Pathfinder Crew of Mass Effect: Andromeda
02/24/17 Retro Encounter 70-71: Shadow Hearts: Covenant ~ Final Thoughts
That is one big... list of final impressions.
02/24/17 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Coming to PS4
Is this one of the good ones?
02/23/17 Return to The Velvet Room in New Persona 5 Trailer
Welcome... to a place between dreams... and reality.
02/23/17 Square Enix Announces "Project Prelude Rune" From Former Tales Producer Hideo Baba
I'll bet you didn't see this one coming.
02/23/17 Japanese Voice Recording for Final Fantasy VII Remake is Nearly Complete
What's that, now?
02/23/17 New Details and Price for Final Fantasy XV's Episode Gladiolus Unveiled
Cor blimey, I hope there's a training montage!
02/23/17 Digimon World: Next Order
Can you dig it?
02/22/17 Next Final Fantasy XIV Patches Detailed
Square Enix has been putting out huge updates lately.
02/22/17 Retro Encounter 71: Shadow Hearts: Covenant Part II
Resurrecting the dead is bad, kids
02/22/17 Legna Tactica Released for Nintendo 3DS
Heroes make history on the grid of destiny.
02/22/17 A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Coming Free in March
Exclusive no more.
02/22/17 Ys VIII For PlayStation 4 Official Gameplay
One minute of shiny Ys goodness.
02/21/17 NieR: Automata Gets An "Arsenal of Elegant Destruction" Trailer
Elegant being the operative word.
02/21/17 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Gets Samurai Job, Extended Opening Movie, Possibly Blitzball
02/21/17 Anima: Gate Of Memories Physical Edition Coming to U.S.
A cavalcade of collectibles!
02/21/17 Fire Emblem Heroes Review
Out of the ashes, and onto your mobiles.
02/20/17 Final Fantasy XV's Patch 1.05 Now Available
NieR collaboration ahead of release.
02/20/17 Nioh's William Joins Musou Stars as the Final Playable Character
Time to get some sweet revenge on all the Yokai!
02/20/17 Nioh's Upcoming DLC and Free Updates Detailed
Boss rush and harder missions.
02/20/17 New Video Details Mass Effect Andromeda's Combat and Skills
If you've ever wanted to wield a Krogan Hammer, this is the best timeline!
02/20/17 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Title Screen Revealed
Das a lot of games...
02/20/17 RPGFan Music: SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed Review
Eyes on this album!
02/20/17 Random Encounter 123: The Dreaded Yokai
Stab, dodge, repeat.
02/19/17 Materia Collective Publishes New European Folk Styled Arranged Album The Travelers
Ironically, makes great relaxing music so you don't have to travel.
02/19/17 Bandai Namco Releases Tales of the Rays Opening Movie
The Tales universe comes together.
02/19/17 Stranger of Sword City Revisited Reveals First English Trailer, Free Trial
Take another flight to Escario.
02/19/17 Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Review
From us, to you!
02/19/17 ~Kyōfu no Sekai~ WORLD OF HORROR Preview
An upcoming horror RPG for Junji Ito fans!
02/19/17 Nilfgaard Faction Now Available in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
Pray tell, what do the cards have in store? Spies, spies and more spies!
02/18/17 NIS America Press Event Reveals New Titles, Release Dates
Ys (yes, you read that right), Danganronpa, and more.
02/18/17 Square Enix Releases Surprise Screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III
Can we have more surprises?
02/18/17 Corpse Party: Blood Drive Gets Released on iOS and Android
Now you can watch your friends die on the go!
02/18/17 Capcom Issues Another Trademark for Deep Down
New filing, new hope?
02/18/17 Square Enix Announces SINoALICE for Mobile
A new game by Yoko Taro.
02/18/17 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: The Blackwell Legacy
I ain't afraid of no ghosts! Well, at least not Joey, he's my friend.
02/18/17 Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death Gets A Second Trailer
Getting ready for a second season.
02/18/17 Noctis' Parody Cup Noodles Hat is Being Made into Final Fantasy XV DLC
Once again comedy has become reality....
02/18/17 NieR: Automata Japanese TV Spot and a Special Pre-Order Video
Yoko Taro is a special blend of awesome.
02/17/17 Week in Review, 2/17/2017
Love is in the air; love for RPGs, to be precise.
02/17/17 Check Out Tons of New Screenshots and Media for Blue Reflection
Gust's latest RPG has a ton of pretty pictures for you to look at.
02/17/17 Pokemon Go Gets a Johto-Sized Update
That's right, Go is still a thing!
02/17/17 Enjoy a Cavalcade of New Trailers for NIS' Exile Election
Zero III and Monokuma, prepare to meet Alice.
02/17/17 Detention Review
Don't you forget about me... but should you forget about this game?
02/16/17 Say Hello to Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds' Bachelors in First English Screen Shots
Valentine's Day may be over, but these fellas still need your love.
02/16/17 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild To Get DLC and Season Pass
Let's face it, this was pretty much inevitable.
02/15/17 New Stage for Dissidia Final Fantasy Revealed
Please announce this for the west soon, Square Enix.
02/15/17 Retro Encounter 70: Shadow Hearts: Covenant Part I
A demon fuser, a German general and a wrestling vampire walk into a bar...
02/14/17 Twitch Streaming Update
A new face, and an updated schedule.
02/14/17 Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Hands-On Preview
A sneak peak at the latest update on this great online RPG!
02/14/17 Final Fantasy XV Profitable at Launch, Majority of Team Working on Developing DLC
Swimming in cash.
02/14/17 Neverwinter: Cloaked Ascendency Releasing on February 21st
More MMO expansions coming.
02/14/17 New Video Highlights Additional Features Coming to Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
So, I heard you like flowcharts?
02/14/17 New Information and Media for Ni no Kuni II Detail Characters, Story, and Mechanics
Pretty sure that Higgledies are contagious.
02/13/17 Nioh Review
At last! A samurai game!
02/13/17 A Final Fantasy XV Survey Wants Your Opinion on Post-Release Content
Square Enix wants you!...to tell them stuff.
02/13/17 Stranger of Sword City Revisited Coming to North America February 28th
Revisit the series on PS Vita!
02/13/17 New Breath of the Wild Screenshots are Breathtaking
I know, bad pun.
02/13/17 Check Out NieR: Automata's Epic 'Glory to Mankind 119450310' Trailer
2B is bringing the heat.
02/13/17 Torment: Tides of Numenera Gets New Cinematic Trailer
Planescape's successor will arrive soon.
02/13/17 Spiders Releases Teaser Trailer for New Title 'GreedFall'
It looks like Bloodborne and Firewatch had a baby.
02/12/17 Tales of Berseria Review
Pirates! Pillaging! Party time!
02/11/17 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Tales of Symphonia
Also inside: Free 3D glasses and not one, but two, bad Symphonia puns.
02/11/17 Tons of Persona 5 Costume DLC Will Be Available in the West
Anyone else up for some Sega themed costumes?
02/11/17 Tales of the Rays Trailer for Smartphones Features Familiar Faces
The future of the series could live in mobile?
02/10/17 Week in Review, 2/10/2017
I can't wait for March and April!
02/10/17 NIS America Press Event To Be Streamed Via Twitch
02/10/17 Ys: Origin for PS4 and Vita Gets New 'Yunica and Hugo' Trailer
Vita version delayed.
02/10/17 New Details, Screenshots, and Video for Dark Souls III's 'The Ringed City' Expansion
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark! I have a constant fear that something's always near!
02/09/17 Learn How to Play Zelda: Breath of the Wild Like a Pro
No, you won't get paid for playing it.
02/09/17 Alone With You Review
It's lonely out there in space.
02/08/17 Retro Encounter 69: Love, Sex, and Videogames
If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.
02/08/17 Akihiro Hino Teases "Important New System" in Ni no Kuni II
Is the plot twist that it's secretly Dark Cloud 3?
02/08/17 Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure Now Available on Steam
Can you feel the Gust blowing through the storefront?
02/07/17 RPGFan Music: Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth OST Review
So good.
02/07/17 Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Events to Continue All Year
Hoping you got some great things in store Square Enix.
02/07/17 Distant Worlds Vocalist Susan Calloway Working on New Music For Final Fantasy XIV
Confirmed through Instagram.
02/07/17 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force PC Release Date Revealed
It won't be long.
02/07/17 Stardew Valley Getting PS4 and Xbox One Retail Release in Early 2017
Courtesy of 505 Games.
02/07/17 Dissidia Final Fantasy's Console Version Will Have Story Mode, Other Enhancements
So, this is still a thing after all.
02/06/17 Pokemon Sun & Moon Jazz Album Alola That Jazz Album Out Now
Get ready for Insaneintherainmusic's remix album!
02/06/17 RPGFan's 40 Most Anticipated Games of 2017
Part two, even!
02/05/17 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Releasing on March 24th
PS Vita version delayed indefinitely in Europe.
02/05/17 Preview Final Fantasy XV's Upcoming Piano Collection in New Trailer
That's a gorgeous rendition of Noctis' theme
02/05/17 NieR: Automata Has Gone Gold, PS4 Model and Soundtrack Release Detailed
2B's mission will soon be complete.
02/05/17 RPGFan's 40 Most Anticipated Games of 2017
Hopefully most of these actually release in 2017, too!
02/05/17 Atlus Asking Fans What Persona Games You Would Like to See
More Persona main series games would be nice.
02/04/17 Fallout Shelter Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10
Retain progress between both versions.
02/04/17 Square Enix e-Store Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Purchases to Include 15th Anniversary Box
More anniversary goods.
02/04/17 Sephiroth to Appear in Mobius Final Fantasy
Probably could have guessed that would come.
02/04/17 RPGFan Sunday Streaming: Swords and Serpents
You aren't ready for this one.
02/03/17 Week in Review, 2/3/2017
Lots of Final Fantasy news this week, but they didn't get a clean sweep!
02/02/17 Yoshinori Kitase Gives Status Update on Final Fantasy VII Remake
We may see more of it yet.
02/02/17 Final Fantasy XV Updates Inbound, New Details on DLC and More
Expect a PS4 Pro patch by the end of the month.
02/02/17 Retro Encounter 68: The Binding of Isaac
When life gives you lemons, re-roll
02/01/17 World of Final Fantasy Getting 'Champion Summon: Balthier' Free DLC
A Final Fantasy XII challenger approaches...
02/01/17 Cross Digivolve With the Digimon World: Next Order Launch Trailer
I don't know, I'm rusty on my Digimon lore.
02/01/17 Square Enix Celebrates Final Fantasy VII's 20th Anniversary with Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot
Yep, just this.

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