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Date Update
12/31/17 RPGFan Turns 20
That's like, 100 in internet years, right?
12/31/17 Assassin's Creed: Origins Review
Our last review of the year!
12/30/17 Week in Review, 12/30/2017
Happy New Years!
12/30/17 Diablo III's "Darkening of Tristram" Event Returns Next Month
Stay a while...
12/30/17 Composer Takeharu Ishimoto Departs Square Enix
Wishing him the best!
12/29/17 Memoria: Final Fantasy XI & XII
Don't believe Ondore's... oh, wait, different Ivalice here.
12/29/17 There's Something About Maduin: The Underappreciated Summons of Final Fantasy
The Magun... has moved.
12/28/17 Retro Encounter 115: 2017 Year in Review
2017 is dead. Long live 2017.
12/27/17 Universal Studios Japan Showcases 'Final Fantasy' Themed Ride In A Brief But Bombastic Teaser
Midgar looks absolutely spectacular!
12/27/17 Check Out Two Teaser Videos for Atlus' Project Re Fantasy
One of them stirs emotions. The other just makes me hungry.
12/27/17 Misao: Definitive Edition Review
The school-girl ghosts of Christmas Yet-to-Come.
12/26/17 Get A Closer Look at Kingdom Mode from Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Hey, the kingdom isn't going to build itself, you know.
12/26/17 I Love You, Man: Exploring Platonic Love in Final Fantasy XV
Bros on the road.
12/24/17 Games of the Year 2017: Reader's Choice Voting Opens!
Make yourself heard!
12/24/17 Catherine: Full Body Debut Trailer Released, Western Version Confirmed
A love triangle becomes more complex.
12/24/17 Doki Doki Literature Club Review
In America they call it Super Book Pals 2
12/23/17 Week in Review, 12/23/2017
Happy Holidays Everyone!
12/23/17 RPGFan Holidays on Twitch: Parasite Eve
The worst foe lies within the elf.
12/22/17 New Chocobo Mount Available in Assassin's Creed: Origins
You guys want to see what my nightmares look like?
12/22/17 Feast Your Eyes On New Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Screenshots!
Such beautiful artwork and conceptual design!
12/22/17 New Alliance Alive Character Trailer Released
Introducing three more members of humanity's resistance.
12/22/17 The Cids Are Alright: The Cids of Final Fantasy
Sit down with some tea, and enjoy.
12/21/17 Retro Encounter 114: Breath of Fire IV part I
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
12/21/17 Brief Yourself on the Digiverse with A New Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory Trailer
Dense, boppy and layered are the words I'd use to describe this trailer.
12/21/17 Titan Quest Coming to All Current Generation Consoles in 2018.
The PC classic finally makes it's way to your favorite console.
12/21/17 8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume 1 Review
3 NES games in one? Don't mind if I do.
12/21/17 Bandai Namco Releases "Behind the Scenes" Video for Ni no Kuni II
The first of many!
12/20/17 Random Encounter 137: The Rise of the Xenoblade Chronicles X-2 Revelations
Oh Rob, the title isn't that bad!
12/20/17 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~ Revealed
It's kind of a big deal.
12/19/17 Memoria: Final Fantasy IX & X
Wait, a Final Fantasy game with voice acting?!
12/19/17 Catherine: Full Body Announced for Playstation 4 & Vita
No need to feel sheepish.
12/19/17 Take A Look Behind the Music of Project Octopath Traveler
We are going to get a real title eventually, right? ...right?
12/19/17 The Alliance Alive Gets March 27th Release Date from Atlus
Have a daemonically good time in this 3DS RPG.
12/19/17 Check Out The 25th Ward: The Silver Case's New Gameplay Preview Trailer
Uncover the truth in a world of contrast and danger!
12/19/17 Distant Worlds 30th Anniversary Concert Impressions
Because why stop at covering only one Final Fantasy concert?
12/18/17 RPGFan Music: if ~Hitori Omou~ / Renka Review
So good.
12/17/17 Latest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailer Showcases Story Cutscenes
The prettiest battles will make their console debut soon.
12/17/17 Lydia Review
Lydia oh Lydia, that encyclopydia. You can learn a lot from...Dave Yeager!
12/16/17 Week in Review, 12/16/2017
Happy Star Wars Week!
12/16/17 Coming to Twitch Sunday & Tuesdays: Phantasy Star II
One of the Genesis' finest.
12/16/17 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - Kai Gets Japanese Release Date, New Details
Falcom delivers the ultimate remaster!
12/16/17 New Etrian Odyssey Announcement Coming in Spring 2018
Will stay on 3DS for now.
12/16/17 New Character Trailers Released for Dissidia NT
From V to XI, check out your favorite heroes in high definition!
12/15/17 Monolith Soft Details Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1.1.1 Update, Set To Release on December 22nd.
An Easy Mode for Tiger Tiger? An Easy Mode for Tiger Tiger!
12/15/17 Atlus Reveals Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Opening Movie
Stylish and eye-popping character designs ahoy!
12/15/17 Valkyria Chronicles 4: New Characters and the Brave System
A info dump via Weekly Famitsu.
12/15/17 From Cornelia to Eos: A Final Fantasy Series Retrospective from a First Timer - Part III
zeno... gias...
12/15/17 Memoria: Final Fantasy VII & VIII
Attack while the reset button is up!
12/14/17 Retro Encounter 113: Final Fantasy I
Is this the real life? It's Final Fantasy!
12/14/17 Pokemon Crystal Version Coming to 3DS eShop January 26th
Another classic Pokemon adventure with some modern enhancements!
12/14/17 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Delayed to March 23rd, 2018
As a wise man once said, "a delayed game is eventually good."
12/14/17 Finding Paradise Available Now for PC, Mac, and Linux
Freebird Games' new game is out for your happiness...
12/14/17 Finding Paradise Review
Bob reviews the long-awaited sequel to To The Moon. Was it worth the wait?
12/13/17 .hack//G.U. Last Recode Review
Welcome back to The World
12/13/17 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis and December Update Release Today
Also known as the "character swapping update."
12/12/17 The Emerald Linkshell: A Final Fantasy XIV Roundtable
12/12/17 Now Hiring: Jobs Throughout Final Fantasy History
Sir, your resume states you once "razed a countryside with Flare," is that correct?
12/12/17 Cloud Coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on December 15th
Check out a video of the FFVII protagonist in game.
12/12/17 Guild Wars 2's 'Wintersday' Celebrations Return For 2018
A Tyrian winter wonderland awaits!
12/12/17 Meet the Launch Roster of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in New Trailer
The gang's all here.
12/11/17 Twitch Tonight: Monster Hunter: World Beta
Come watch Caitlin hunt monsters in Capcom's biggest Monster Hunter yet.
12/11/17 RPGFan Music: Valkyrie Anatomia -The Origin- Soundtrack Review
What good tidings!
12/10/17 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis Cooks Up a Battle Command Video
The memes, they're too powerful!
12/10/17 Dragon's Crown Pro Coming Westward Early Next Year
Time for some co-op brawling!
12/10/17 In The Valley of the Gods Revealed At 2017 VGAs
Campo Santo reveals their Firewatch followup.
12/10/17 RPGFan's 2017 Holiday Buying Guide
Not sure what RPG to get for that gamer in your life? Or maybe yourself? We've got you covered.
12/10/17 Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review
A madcap romp about a pair of mismatched exchange students who can't find--oh, you meant *borders*.
12/10/17 Twitch Sunday: Mega Man Legends 2
Sizzling circuits!
12/09/17 Week in Review, 12/9/2017
Why is it snowing already!?
12/08/17 Final Fantasy: A Legacy of Art Impressions
Coverage of a celebration within a celebration makes as much sense as Final Fantasy VIII, at least.
12/08/17 The Lion War: Finding the Voice of Ivalice
Blame yourself or localization.
12/08/17 From Software Teases New Project With "Shadows Die Twice" Trailer at 2018 Video Game Awards
Bloodborne 2? Or something new?
12/08/17 Romancing SaGa 2 Coming To Just About Every Platform Next Week
Yes, even Vita!
12/08/17 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Champions Ballad DLC Now Available
A surprise announcement!
12/07/17 Retro Encounter 112: Memoria Final Fantasy Part II
If we are to make reality endurable, we must all nourish a fantasy or two
12/07/17 Lost Sphear Demo Now Available for Download
A sneak preview of Tokyo RPG Factory's latest.
12/06/17 Secret of Mana Remake Getting Limited Physical Release on PS4
Exclusively through GameStop and EB Games.
12/06/17 Chaos;Child Review
Adventures in science and semicolons.
12/06/17 Spoiler Encounter: Danganronpa V3
We'll cut through your words… with spoilers!!!!
12/05/17 Learn the Ins and Outs of Combat in New Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Trailer
Take control of battle.
12/05/17 XSEED Announces Zwei: The Arges Adventure for Western PC Release
The original Zwei is making itself known.
12/05/17 Memoria: Final Fantasy V & VI
The 16-bit Final Fantasy middle child and swan song.
12/05/17 From Cornelia to Eos: A Final Fantasy Series Retrospective from a First Timer - Part II
This time Keegan looks back on the SNES trio of Final Fantasy IV-VI.
12/05/17 New Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailer Highlights Spiritus and Materia
Two gods locked once again in eternal battle.
12/05/17 Check Out Some New Dragon's Crown Pro 4K Screenshots!
Phwoar, there are some real beauties in here!
12/05/17 Life is Strange Original VA's To Reprise Their Roles for Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bonus Episode
Chloe and Max, together again!
12/05/17 Disgaea 5 Complete Gets an Accolades Trailer
A shout out to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
12/04/17 RPGFan Music: Night in the Woods OST Vol. 3: Demontower
We need to go deeper!
12/03/17 Persona 5 Has Sold 2 Million Copies Worldwide
A most august milestone heading into the Game Awards.
12/03/17 Star Ocean: The Last Hope Now Available on PS4 and Steam, While Series Producer Talks Future
Where will we sail next, on this ocean of stars?
12/03/17 Creeping Terror Review
Put Ya Freakum Dress On!
12/03/17 Twitch Sunday: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Feel the power of the... Pyra?
12/02/17 Week in Review, 12/2/2017
Happy Xenoblade Weekend!
12/01/17 We Met in Eorzea: Dad of Light and Connection in Final Fantasy XIV
You know you've made it when you have a Netflix spin-off show.
12/01/17 Crystal Tools Without A Craftsman: Examining the Development of Final Fantasy XIII
Behind the scenes on the dawn of Lightning's saga.
12/01/17 Here's the Opening Video for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis
It's not Cooking Mama: Eos Edition, but it'll do.

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