News Archive: February 2018
Date Update
02/28/18 20 Years, 20(ish) Still-Wanted Localizations ~ An RPGFan 20th Anniversary Feature
From Legend of Heroes to Mother to... UFO: A Day in the Life?
02/28/18 The Alliance is Alive With a New The Alliance Alive Demo
Nope, no effort was put into this article's title.
02/28/18 Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition To Receive The Sims 4 DLC Content
Are we done? Can this be it? Please?
02/28/18 Twitch Thursdays: MS Saga: A New Dawn
Adding to the lineup, and an adjustment for Secret of Mana.
02/27/18 King's Knight Now Hosting Special Final Fantasy XV Crossover Event
Hey, you got your Shoot 'Em Up in my RPG!
02/27/18 Shenmue III Gets New Screenshots at Magic 2018
Four new pics for the third installment.
02/27/18 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Now Available for Pre-Order
Don't drag your feet, make a moo-ve on this pre-order!
02/27/18 The Eden of Grisaia Review
Maybe we find out what a "Grisaia" is in this chapter!
02/27/18 Secret of Mana Remake Patch 1.2 Released
Fixing bugs, giving hugs!
02/27/18 Oh Hey, Chrono Trigger is on Steam Now
Travel back in time (again!), starting today.
02/26/18 One Hour of English Shining Resonance: Refrain Gameplay Showcased
So many RPGs this year, yet so little time.
02/26/18 Spike Chunsoft Showing Off its Stuff at GDC; Four New Titles Coming Out
They are all going to be visual novels, aren't they?
02/26/18 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Soundtrack Coming in May
Which edition interests you?
02/26/18 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Demo Out Now in Japan
To mark the occasion, check out 18 minutes of footage!
02/26/18 RPGFan Music: NieR Gestalt & Replicant: Jazz Arrange Version Vol. 2 Review
These beats are fresh.
02/25/18 God Wars: The Complete Legend Announced for Nintendo Switch
Another RPG for the Switch's rapidly growing library.
02/25/18 Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms 'Corruption' Trailer and Suitor Screenshots Released
Four bachelor profiles available for your pleasure.
02/25/18 Compile Heart Gets Busy with Five New RPGs in Development, plus Death end re;Quest Gameplay
They are also making mobile apps, but we will never see those in English...
02/25/18 Lost Sphear Review
Sphear today, gone tomorrow.
02/24/18 Atelier Lydie & Suelle Strive to Become the Best Alchemists With Updated Synthesis System
Also, new screenshots with cool new characters and features.
02/24/18 Week in Review, 2/24/2018
Rise and shine, Mr. Caelum.
02/24/18 Twitch Sunday & More: Tales of Xillia
The series continues tomorrow!
02/24/18 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Shoots its Way to PS4, XB1, and PC
Third-person shooter RPG with a dating simulator? What can go wrong?
02/24/18 Link Start! Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Comes to Steam
Fatal Bullet pre-orderers get it for free too. You guys are so lucky.
02/23/18 New Detective Pikachu Trailer is On the Scene
A new look at the great electric mouse detective.
02/23/18 Enjoy New Screenshots and Details for Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night
Everything looks groovy... except for those "sexy" costumes.
02/23/18 Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Gets Demo and Gordon Freeman Costume on February 26th
Say it with me, now... Half-Life 3 confirmed!
02/23/18 Full Throttle Remastered Review
Rev up your engines, boys! And girls! And porgs!
02/23/18 New Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Footage Features Party Member Roland Delving Into Dungeons
Gosh, what a beautiful game!
02/23/18 The Lost Child Finds Its Way to Nintendo Switch
Angels and demons are fighting, and it's time to pick a side. Seems legit.
02/23/18 Kickstarter Funded Action-RPG 'Faeland' Channels Zelda II with Modern Twists
Side-scrolling action and adventure awaits!
02/22/18 Retro Encounter 123: Year of the Dog
Hold it right there, Fido!
02/22/18 Super Guitar Bros. Release Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Acoustic Album
It's guitar... rific? Ugh, just come inside and listen.
02/22/18 Dotemu Announces Company Refocus, and Xbox One Release of Ys Origin
You got some Ys in my Xbox.
02/22/18 RPGFan Discord Server Now Live!
Yes, it kind of already was, but now everyone knows.
02/21/18 Actor Ren Osugi, from Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, Passes Away At 66
Rest in peace.
02/21/18 Random Encounter 139: Killing Monsters
Gotta hunt!
02/21/18 The Labyrinth of Grisaia Review
In which Dom tackles the always-contentious middle chapter.
02/21/18 Shining Resonance: Refrain Headed West [UPDATED: This Summer!]
With newly-placed punctuation, it would seem.
02/20/18 Memoria Encore: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest & Final Fantasy Tactics
And now the final curtain!
02/20/18 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review
Kinda sounds like you're talking about a Final Fantasy metropolis in a Brooklyn accent.
02/20/18 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's March Update To Add Orbonne Monastery Stage
Good to see Final Fantasy Tactics getting some love.
02/20/18 New Code Vein Assets Show Off Cooperative Multiplayer Mode
As well as introduce us to Karen and Cruz.
02/20/18 Persona Series Official Support App to Launch in Japan This Spring
Pre-registration for Persona O.A. is available now!
02/20/18 New Biomutant Gameplay Teaser Released
Check out some of the awesome within!
02/20/18 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Releases on Steam February 27
It will release globally on that fateful day.
02/20/18 North American Limited Edition for Code: Realize Announced For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita
Steampunk romance awaits!
02/20/18 Machine Knight Arrives On The Nintendo 3DS
A new RPG arrives on the 3DS!
02/19/18 RPGFan Music: NieR Music Concert Blu-ray The Memories of Puppets Review
Round 2!
02/18/18 Square Enix Previews Latest Update for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades with New Video
Why, hello there, Ifrit.
02/18/18 New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Trailer Introduces the Imperial Forces
Your first look at these formidable foes!
02/18/18 Week in Review, 2/18/2018
A secret for everyone!
02/17/18 Twitch Sunday: Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster
There'll be more Tidus than Wannabe Tidus, don't worry.
02/17/18 Ann Takamaki and Junpei Iori Bust a Move in Persona 5: Dancing Star Night & Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Trailers
Moving and grooving, all night long!
02/17/18 Retro Encounter 122: Valkyrie Profile Part I
Einherjar? I hardly know 'er!
02/17/18 System Shock Remastered Has Been Put on Hiatus
Nightdive Studios has an unfortunate update for its Kickstarter backers.
02/17/18 Explore Hydropolis in Latest Ni no Kuni II Trailer
Where the Eye of the Queen watches over all.
02/16/18 Monster Hunter: World Review
You've heard about the hype, but is it worth it?
02/15/18 Path of Exile: Bestiary Preview
Gotta catch 'em all?
02/15/18 Secret of Mana on Twitch Starts Today!
Darkness sweeps the troubled land... today at 3!
02/15/18 Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is Available Now
Take time travel into your own hands, no flux capacitor required!
02/15/18 Secret of Mana Remake Available Today
Now you can continually miss while fighting Tomato Men all over again.
02/14/18 New Video Shows Off Music from Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Another soaring score from genius composer Joe Hisaishi!
02/14/18 Toxyo Xanadu eX+ Launches Free Japanese Language Update
Available now on Steam!
02/14/18 Kentucky Route Zero Interlude Available Now For PC
A broadcasting station, a small town, and magical realism lie within. What's not to love?
02/14/18 Full Metal Furies Review
Super Furious...Animals?
02/13/18 The Longest Five Minutes Review
If you had five minutes to tell a story...
02/12/18 Enjoy A Mountain of Kingdom Hearts III Media from D23 Expo Japan
A closer look at Riku's new design, Sora and company's monstrous new appearances, and more.
02/12/18 RPGFan Music: NieR: Automata Arranged & Unreleased Tracks Review
More NieR music, please!
02/12/18 The Lost Child Is Ascending to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Summer 2018
You can catch Cthulhu? Sign me the heck up!
02/12/18 NISA To Bring Fantasy RPG Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory to Nintendo Switch Later This Year
2D artwork always looks so sublime!
02/12/18 Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Hands-On
Dungeon crawling, NIS-style.
02/12/18 NISA Bringing Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded to NA and EU
Coming to PS4 and Switch in both territories.
02/11/18 Hands-On With The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2
Evil pumpkins, witches, and all the swords one can... eat?
02/11/18 Song of Memories Coming to PS4 and Switch Soon
Heading to NA and EU this year.
02/10/18 Adventure Awaits With New Trailer and Screenshots for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana on Nintendo Switch
Fresh from NISA's press event.
02/10/18 Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive Announce The Surge 2
More robot battles coming soon.
02/10/18 Final Entry in DONTNOD's Vampyr Web-Series Releases, Puts Storytelling on Display
Plus, a release date. Soon it will walk among us!
02/10/18 Check Out Some Sweet Movies In The Newest Trailers for Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
Yukari Takeba and Ryuji Sakamoto hit the stage!
02/10/18 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Receives First Character Trailer
Honestly, I just want to know more about the dog!
02/10/18 Week in Review, 2/10/2018
Love is in the air!
02/10/18 Twitch Sunday & More: Tales of Berseria
Another marathon begins!
02/10/18 Watch The Longest Five Minutes' Launch Trailer
Oddly enough, it's only a minute and 13 seconds long.
02/10/18 Check Out The New 25th Ward: The Silver Case Character Trailer
Oh, and the game comes out in a month too.
02/10/18 The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gets New Trailer
The refined sequel makes its debut in just over a month.
02/10/18 Kingdom Hearts III Gets New Gameplay and Music Videos, Monsters Inc. World
It sure is nice hearing Utada Hikaru again.
02/09/18 Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Review
Fans of The Banner Saga sit up and take notice.
02/08/18 Check Out New Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Screenshots and Gameplay Features
A look back at Japan's Edo era.
02/08/18 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Release Window Announced
With some extras to make up for the delay.
02/08/18 Atlus Reveals Release Date for Dragon's Crown Pro
Spring is getting more crowded.
02/08/18 Retro Encounter 121: The Practical Cats of RPGs
You're only a whisker away from this episode.
02/07/18 Cloud Strife Has Been Redesigned for Final Fantasy VII Remake
Plus, his personality will be more in line with the original incarnation.
02/07/18 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Goes Portable With An Incoming Switch Port
A deep seafaring CRPG set to eventually be on the go!
02/07/18 Smoke and Sacrifice Announced for PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC
A hand-drawn survival RPG.
02/07/18 Vampyr developer DONTNOD Releases Series of Videos Detailing the Game
The weight of your actions will be measured in blood.
02/07/18 Adopt-A-Hunter Interview: Enriching Monster Hunter: World's Community
Veterans and newbies, unite for great justice. (also hunting)
02/06/18 Mercenary Saga Chronicles Arrives on February 8th for Nintendo Switch
Pre-orders are now live!
02/06/18 Atelier Lydie & Suelle Characters and Enhanced Battle Features Showcased in Trailer
Painting portals galore.
02/06/18 Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Launch Edition Unboxing is Awesome
Thanks to the power of time travel, there are a myriad of outcomes...
02/06/18 Final Fantasy Awakening Available in English in Select Territories
Get some new mobile Final Fantasy in your life.
02/06/18 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Hands-On Preview
Where there's smoke...
02/06/18 Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review
What a way to celebrate a promotion.
02/06/18 Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Now Available for Pre-Order
Square Enix will help with optimization.
02/06/18 Dragon's Crown Pro Gets a New Co-Op Trailer
2D hack and slash awesome with a dash of jolly cooperation.
02/05/18 RPGFan Music: Star Ocean First Departure OST - Piano Solo Music Collection Review
Space: the final piano concert!
02/04/18 Week in Review, 2/4/2018
1998, 2018...same thing, no difference.
02/04/18 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory Review
Can you dig it?
02/03/18 Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night get Limited Edition Trailers
Let's Burn Our Dread!
02/03/18 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age PC Version Available Now
PC gamers can finally explore Ivalice.
02/03/18 Twitch Sunday: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Patch 4.2
Join us for the Rise of a New Sun(day).
02/03/18 Farabel Review
Wait, victory makes you weaker?
02/02/18 Check Out The Latest Trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4
A "world introduction", via the game's prologue.
02/02/18 Feast Your Eyes on New Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Media Showcasing Kingdom Mode And Higgledies Galore!
Only a month and a bit to go!
02/02/18 New Trailer for Pokkén Tournament DX's Latest Fighter, Aegislash, Has Landed
Will it sharpen your excitement, or leave you feeling cut down?
02/02/18 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Clan Creator Trailer Showcases Brotherhood and Brutality In Equal Measure
Hundred person battles await, with a clan of your creation by your side!
02/02/18 Take A Gander At Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's Crafting System
New Kickstarter update provides a look at the game's systems.
02/01/18 Retro Encounter 120: The Thrill of the Hunt
First things first I'll carve your brains / Then I'mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs

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