News Archive: April 2018
Date Update
04/30/18 First Shining Resonance Refrain Screenshots for Nintendo Switch Released
Are you ready to Switch it up this July?
04/30/18 Theodore to Join Persona 3 and 5 Dancing Games as DLC
You can check out the Velvet Room Attendant in the trailer within.
04/30/18 Director of Dragon Quest IX and X, Jin Fujisawa, Leaves Square Enix
And he is already working on a new project.
04/30/18 Vayne Solidor Now Available in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Always nice to see some Ivalice representation.
04/29/18 Hylian Highlights Part 4: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda
From Ravio to boomerangs of the gods.
04/29/18 RPGFan Hiring Updates
Welcome our new additions!
04/28/18 Week in Review, 4/28/2018
So what is your milestone RPG?
04/28/18 Twitch Sunday: Ys: Memories of Celceta
Join Scott in the Foliage Ocean!
04/27/18 RPGFan Music: Seiken Densetsu 2 Secret of Mana OST Review
How many arrangers are on here?
04/27/18 The Alliance Alive Review
Harking back to the good old days.
04/26/18 The Surge Gets Free New DLC Pack, Available Now
Check out some juicy screenshots.
04/26/18 Retro Encounter 133: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
04/26/18 Persona 3 and 5 Dancing Gets New Costumes and Characters
Long article, you gonna be reading it all night. Get it?
04/26/18 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV gets info on the Hexen Clan
Just assume spoilers until Cold Steel III comes out in English.
04/26/18 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets a New Trailer
The Danganronpa vibes are really coming off now.
04/26/18 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gets its first DLC
Ambush of the Imposters? So, SAO is ambushing .hack?
04/26/18 Here's What's Coming in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight
Eorzea, the land that keeps on giving.
04/26/18 SaGa: Scarlet Grace - Hiiro no Yabou Gets Japanese Release Date, New Information, and More Screenshots
An English version has been confirmed, too!
04/25/18 PSN Golden Week Sale Has Begun
Pick up some awesome RPGs at discount prices!
04/25/18 Neptunia Goes 2D: Say Hello Again to Brave Neptunia!
I bet it's another amnesia plot. Wait, what? I was kidding!
04/25/18 Octopath Traveler Box Art Revealed
And ours matches that of Japan, even.
04/25/18 Reminder - RPGFan 20: Reader Stories Submissions Open
Just under a week left to tell us your story!
04/25/18 20 Years of Milestone RPGs ~ An RPGFan 20th Anniversary Feature
Collecting industry and staff milestones.
04/25/18 Dark Souls: Remastered Now Available for Digital Pre-Order, New Trailer Released.
Also, the original Steam release is preparing to die.
04/25/18 First Look at Etrian Odyssey X Gunner Girl DLC
The manga tells all.
04/25/18 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - The Complete Guide to Survival
There are really dumb ways to die in this game.
04/25/18 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Version 1.4.0 Update, New Blades Included
T-elos is coming! And she will have a higher drop rate than KOS-MOS!
04/24/18 Twitch Schedule Updates, Ahoy!
A new day for Alundra, and new streams on Fridays and Tuesdays.
04/24/18 Enjoy "Cavern of Remembrance" from Project Destati: DARKNESS On Our YouTube Page!
Listen to beautiful music while watching glittering visuals!
04/24/18 Firewatch Developer Campo Santo Acquired by Valve
Onwards and upwards?
04/24/18 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review
Drop your swords because we've got pistols.
04/24/18 Shining Resonance Refrain Dated for July
A solid start to summer RPG gaming.
04/23/18 Apocalyptic Murder Mystery Omensight Coming Soon To PS4 And PC
Only you can prevent the end of the world!
04/23/18 Coming This Week, 04/23/18
South Park, an indie game, and a visual novel walk into a bar.
04/23/18 Twitch Mondays: Super Mario RPG
Your weeks will now have double the 16-bit goodness.
04/22/18 Disgaea 1 Complete to Release for Switch and PS4 This Fall
The original is back and better than ever.
04/22/18 Square Enix Intends to "Surpass the Original" with Final Fantasy VII Remake
A new job posting says that you, too, can bring this reunion to fruition.
04/22/18 Hylian Highlights Part 3: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda
Today we speak of many things, of Koloktos and Koholints, and cabbages and... wait, what?
04/22/18 Week in Review, 4/21/2018
The wait for E3 begins.
04/22/18 Square Enix Unveils Dragon Quest Builders 2 Story Info and Exploration Details
How you'll start your journey to become a master builder.
04/22/18 First Look at Upcoming Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night DLC Characters
Is Akihiko Sanada's new look fleeky or freaky?
04/21/18 Twitch Sunday: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Continues
You would be "wise" not to miss this.
04/21/18 Get Adol's Silver Armor in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana for Nintendo Switch
Talk about a serious throwback!
04/20/18 God of War Will Receive a Photo Mode in Future Update
Time to make a scrapbook of father-son bonding time!
04/20/18 Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Delayed Until June
In the grim darkness of the far future, you will... be able to play a more polished videogame!
04/20/18 RPGFan Music: Seiken Densetsu 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert CD Review
When are we finally getting Seiken Densetsu 3?
04/20/18 Spike Chunsoft and DeNA Announce Rogue-like Seikimatsu Days: Our Era's End for Mobile Devices
Nifty title, that!
04/20/18 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review
Delivered today, for you.
04/20/18 Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition Heading to Nintendo Switch
The more for the Switch, the better!
04/19/18 Retro Encounter 132: What Is Zelda?
Baby don't hurt me / Don't hurt me / No more
04/18/18 Octopath Traveler Getting 4-Disc Soundtrack Album in July
If the demo was anything to go by, this OST will be sublime.
04/18/18 Prepare for Monster Hunter: World's 'Kulve Taroth Siege' Quest, Launching April 19th
The hunt resumes.
04/18/18 Healer's Quest Review
It's a healer problem...but not anymore!
04/18/18 Konami Announces Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls for iOS
Please look forward to it.
04/18/18 Meet Two New Protagonists in the Latest Octopath Traveler Overview Trailer
So a thief and a hunter walk into a tavern...
04/18/18 Dark Souls: Remastered Delayed to "Later This Summer" on Nintendo Switch
Unfortunately, that means the Solaire amiibo has also been delayed.
04/18/18 Cosmic Star Heroine Coming to PlayStation Vita on April 24th
In North America: the European release date has yet to be finalized.
04/18/18 Costume DLC Revealed For Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night And Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
Looking cool, Kiryu!
04/17/18 Cody Carpenter and Mark Day's Shadow Spirits Vol. 1 Available For Pre-Order
Delicious electronic/chiptune goodness
04/17/18 Gone Fireflies Review
Short, sweet, and meaningful.
04/17/18 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Now Available For PC
Some time sensitive DLC to boot too!
04/17/18 Arc System Works Reveals New RPG: Wizard's Symphony
New RPG from the fighting game kings.
04/16/18 New Dragon Quest Builders 2 Info Released
Introducing our new antagonists, the Hargon Order!
04/16/18 Kingdom Hearts III "Classic Kingdom" Trailer Offers Look at Minigames
Twilight Town kids confirmed!
04/16/18 Coming This Week, 04/16/18
The Yakuza Dragon and the Red Adventurer tangle with the God of War.
04/16/18 Bandai Namco Trademarks Also Sprach Zarathustra
But why?
04/16/18 Action RPG Moonlighter gets a Release Date
A shopkeeper moonlighting as a hero? Well, we've seen stranger.
04/16/18 Random Encounter 142: Sittin' Pretty in the Solaris Seats
Come, ye -Lambs-, and partake of the divine orchestra.
04/15/18 Hylian Highlights Part 2: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda
Dive in to some dungeons, and reminisce with catchy tunes.
04/15/18 Valkyria Chronicles 1 & 4 Coming to Switch This Fall
How long before we see 2 and 3?
04/14/18 Week in Review, 4/14/2018
This is your story, not Tidus'!
04/14/18 Classic RPGs are Coming Back to Xbox One
Other games too, but we're focused on the RPGs.
04/14/18 New RPG Alert: Save The World from Invasion in The Protagonist
From veterans of EA and Ubisoft… Too soon to judge.
04/14/18 Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Gains a New Batch of Screenshots
How is this game rated Teen? It’s Neptunia...
04/14/18 Fairune Collection is coming to Switch and PC
No joke here. Enjoy your minor indie RPG.
04/14/18 Twitch Sunday & More: Choose-Your-Own Persona 4 Golden
The wheel returns!
04/14/18 Raise your Flags: Banner Saga 3 Coming This Summer
You could raise your banners too, I guess?
04/14/18 Check Out Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night's Opening Movies
Dancing the night away.
04/13/18 SEGA AGES Will Bring Phantasy Star and 14+ More Games to Switch This Summer
Come on, Phantasy Star IV...
04/13/18 SEGA Announces New Sakura Taisen Game
Well, didn't see that coming.
04/13/18 Shenmue I & II HD Coming to PS4, XB1, and Steam in 2018
A worldwide release of the best forklift simulator ever made.
04/13/18 RPGFan Music: Undertale Piano Collections 2
It has Heartache. Toriel approves.
04/13/18 Metal Max Xeno Coming West Later This Year
WE'RE RIDING TO VALHALLA! Wait, is that the wrong franchise?
04/13/18 NieR Automata Novelizations Coming to Bookshelves Worldwide
A grimoire, you say?
04/13/18 Disgaea 5 Battles Its Way to PC This May
Strategy battlin' goodness to come!
04/13/18 Yo-kai Watch 4 Coming to Nintendo Switch This Year in Japan
Can anyone speculate on the ratio of Yo-kai to potatoes in or around Idaho yet?
04/13/18 A Series of New Live-Action Short Films Bring to Life the Legacy of the Yakuza Series
The Dragon of Dojima prepares to set out for one last adventure.
04/13/18 RPGFan Has Joined the (Instagram) Party!
And with it, a new place for memes. Also inside: a note on some recent site changes.
04/12/18 Retro Encounter 131: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
To sleep, perchance to Dream
04/12/18 Materia Collective Opens Presales for Ballads of Hyrule and For The King Original Soundtrack
Who doesn’t need more game music in their life?
04/11/18 Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Review
Come friends, join me by the campfire.
04/11/18 Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Getting Physical Release on Switch This Summer
Some SRPG goodness on the go.
04/11/18 Hand Of Fate 2 Introduces Endless Mode
Who will end up number one?
04/11/18 Ys VIII Gets a PC Release Date
And it's right around the corner, just in time for my birthday.
04/11/18 First Patch for Chrono Trigger on PC Available Now
Square Enix is taking steps to improve this tarnished port.
04/11/18 Wild Arms: Million Memories is Coming to Smartphones in 2018
And check out the theme song that goes with the newly-named game!
04/10/18 Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Review
The 'Mysterious' trilogy comes to an end!
04/10/18 Atelier Series Music Now Available on iTunes
Atelier Music BONANZA!
04/10/18 Atlus Announces Etrian Odyssey X for Nintendo 3DS
The 3DS has some life left in it yet.
04/09/18 This is Your Story: Share Your Tale!
Have you been with RPGFan since 1998? 2018? Tell us what RPGFan means to you for fame and fortune! (or more accurately, appreciation)
04/09/18 Coming This Week, 04/09/18
Xbox getting some JRPGs? Who would have thought?
04/09/18 A Closer Look at a Definitely-Not-Evil Malroth in Dragon Quest Builders 2
Evil or not, if he wants to help me fight and gather, he's on the team.
04/09/18 Hylian Highlights: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda - Part 1
A month-long celebration of the adventures of Link, which sometimes even includes The Adventure of Link.
04/08/18 Nintendo Unveils New Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora, in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
A new Electric-type Pokemon will be available soon!
04/08/18 Omensight Seeks To Rewrite and Rewind the Apocalypse for PlayStation 4 and PC
Vibrant visuals, companions, and a snazzy logo to boot!
04/08/18 God Eater 3 Landing on PlayStation 4 and PC, New Trailer and Gameplay Features Unveiled
New Aragami, new environs, new God Arcs!
04/08/18 New Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Trailers Bring the Velvet Room to the Dance Floor
Sadly, Igor still needs more time to brush up on his nae nae.
04/08/18 Switch Version of Dragon Quest XI Delayed due to Unreal Engine 4
Westerners will have to wait a while for a handheld experience.
04/08/18 Week in Review, 4/8/2018
PAX East Weekend!
04/08/18 Twitch Sunday & More: NieR: Automata, Earthbound
Two very different tastes that go great together.
04/07/18 Paladin's Quest Writer and Director Hidenori Shibao Has Passed Away
Rest in peace, Shibao-san.
04/07/18 Switch Version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana to Bundle DLC
The included costumes compliment the summer release.
04/07/18 Firewatch Burns Its Way to Nintendo Switch This Spring
Turt Reynolds for Smash please.
04/07/18 Square Enix Announces Four More Final Fantasy XV Episodes, Plus Comrades and Mod Updates
Episodes Ardyn, Luna, Aranea, and... Noctis?
04/06/18 RPGFan Music: Game Symphony Japan 21st Concert ATLUS Special ~Persona 20th Anniversary~ Review
Every day's great at your Junes!
04/06/18 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Dated for August
Oh yes, don't worry: there's a nice Collector's Edition again.
04/06/18 Divinity: Original Sin 2 Comes To Consoles This Summer
A second (and third) home for the critically-acclaimed RPG.
04/05/18 Retro Encounter 130: Favorite Legend of Zelda
Navigating a timeline so convoluted, Franz Kafka consulted on it
04/05/18 Check Out Our Updated Screenshot Gallery for Code Vein
Anime Souls intensifies.
04/05/18 Chrono Trigger on PC to Receive Updates, New Graphic Options
This will begin to make things right.
04/05/18 The Lost Child Hits Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Vita on June 19th
Digital only on Vita. RIP.
04/05/18 Chasm to Launch on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita This Summer
Nearly six years in the making!
04/04/18 Batman: The Enemy Within Review
A complete review of the whole second season!
04/03/18 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Planescape: Torment
You'll be tormenting yourself if you miss this.
04/03/18 Random Encounter 141: My Little Deviljho Can't Be This Ferocious!
Beware the murder pickle.
04/03/18 Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details Revealed
Thank you Weekly Jump!
04/03/18 The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV Gets New Screenshots
More like end of… Yeah, I got nothing.
04/03/18 Prepare To Save Your Team In The Upcoming RPG Healer's Quest
A healer's life is never easy
04/03/18 Robotics;Notes May Be Heading West
As may other Mages titles.
04/03/18 Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Available Now, Launch Trailer Within
Que the cries of "Kyaaaah! B-baka!"
04/02/18 Coming This Week, 04/02/18
Dragons, monsters, and skeleton horses. Sounds like a typical week for a gamer.
04/01/18 Retro Encounter 129: Top Ten SNES RPGs
Retro Encounter presents their signature list of the ten greatest Super Nintendo RPGs.

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