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Date Update
05/31/18 New Little Dragon's Cafe Details Include New Characters, Resource Gathering, World Exploration and More
Your pet dragon can turn into your favorite color by eating.
05/31/18 7'scarlet Launches For PS Vita, Trailers and Media Detailed
An otome title for the ages!
05/31/18 Trails of Cold Steel IV Gets Gameplay Info and More Profiles
Randy, Tio, and battle system info.
05/31/18 Zanki Zero Brings Out the Story and Character Details
Also a Digital Edition, who's excited for that?!
05/31/18 Cultist Simulator Review
Shuffle your deck for a dose of esotericism.
05/31/18 The Time has Come to Hunt Lunastra, the Empress of Flame, in New Monster Hunter: World Update
Another Elder Dragon returns to the New World.
05/31/18 Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Gets Another Major Update
New dungeon types, new missions, a cute 2D pixel version of Midgar, and so much more.
05/31/18 Retro Encounter 138: Darksiders II
Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me
05/30/18 Retro Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Something old, something small.
05/30/18 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Gets Free 'Rum Runners Pack' DLC, Adding A New Companion and Items
I wonder what the theme of this DLC is?
05/30/18 Fallout 76 Announced Ahead of E3
7 hours for a 90 second trailer... Well, I've waited longer for worse.
05/29/18 Code Vein Shows Off New Characters, Bosses, and More
A quick glimpse into the expanding world of Code Vein.
05/29/18 Hylian Shield Edition New Nintendo 2DS XL Announced, Exclusively Available at GameStop This July
You don't even have to go into Kakariko Graveyard this time!
05/29/18 Pokemon: Let's Go! Pikachu and Let's Go! Eevee Officially Announced by Game Freak
The rumors are true: we're going back to Kanto.
05/29/18 Square Enix Details Platform Differences for SaGa: Scarlet Grace
No details on an English release yet.
05/29/18 Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Now Available for Smartphones
Send warriors to Valhalla on the go!
05/29/18 New Final Fantasy VII Remake Image Shown Within Square Enix Recruitment Photo
Zoom in for this one.
05/29/18 Banner Saga 2 Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch
The more portable SRPG's that come to the Switch, the better!
05/29/18 Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative Get Release Dates for PlayStation Vita
Spreading the Vita love.
05/29/18 Random Encounter 145: It's Ladies' Night, and My Materia's Set Right
Join five of RPGFan's fabulous ladies for a special episode of Random Encounter!
05/28/18 Coming This Week, 5/28/18
Onward, to glory!
05/27/18 Twitch Mondays: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Gotta catch 'em... wait, no, the other one.
05/27/18 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Super Mario RPG
Thoughts on Legend of the Seven Stars by four of our own.
05/27/18 Rainbow Skies is Finally Releasing in June
Four years later than planned, but it looks like it's been four years of development well spent.
05/26/18 Week in Review, 5/26/2018
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
05/26/18 Super Neptunia RPG Shows Off New Characters
The three Musketeers of Bombyx Mori. Now I want candy.
05/26/18 Yakuza 3 PS4 Remaster Gets a New Trailer
So… no Kiwami 3?
05/26/18 Trails of Cold Steel 4 Gets Collectors Edition and Even More Profiles
Also, Cold Steel localization… in China and Korea.
05/26/18 Twitch Saturday, Sunday & More: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3 and Ys: The Ark of Napishtim
More Ys and more Final Fantasy. Not a bad weekend lineup.
05/26/18 Enjoy 55 Minutes of Gameplay and Developer Commentary for Vampyr
The night is still young...
05/25/18 RPGFan Music: Ciel nosurge OST ~Reception Records of Sound and the World Sec.1~ Review
Wee yea ra ene foul enrer.
05/25/18 Mistwalker Releases "Basic Battle Controls" Video for Terra Wars
A first look at Mistwalker's latest mobile title.
05/25/18 Meet the Adventurers of Etria in New Etrian Odyssey X Trailer
Plus, some updates on DLC.
05/25/18 Donkey Kong Adventure Coming to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Next Month
But this time, is he in the mood?
05/24/18 Retro Encounter 137: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Part II
05/24/18 Persona Producer teases Future Persona Projects
Persona Q2 needs to come out so I can get Chibi Akechi.
05/24/18 Shining Resonance Refrain Has a Shiny New Trailer
It features dragons. Already A+ in my book.
05/23/18 Detective Pikachu Review
Pikachu uses...objection? It's super effective?!
05/23/18 Meet Squad E in New Valkyria Chronicles: Remastered Trailer
Plus, details on the swanky collector's edition!
05/23/18 Embrace Death with Dark Souls: Remastered Launch Trailer
Lordran awaits.
05/23/18 Sega Bringing Remastered Versions of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 to PlayStation 4 Beginning This Year in Japan
Experience the complete story of Kazuma Kiryu!
05/23/18 Shadows of Adam Coming to the Nintendo Switch
The hit PC title finds a new home on the Switch!
05/23/18 Yasumi Matsuno Shows Off Scrapped Final Fantasy Tactics 2
Oh, what could have been.
05/22/18 Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Review
Return to Eos.
05/22/18 Check Out Some Adorable New Artwork for Little Dragons Café
Including a couple of a not-so-little dragon.
05/21/18 Square Enix Asks Fans to "Wait a Little Longer" for Star Ocean 6
Another venture into the ocean of stars may be a long time coming.
05/21/18 New DLC Characters Revealed for Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night
Set the stage for Goro Akechi and Shinjiro Aragaki!
05/21/18 Coming This Week, 5/21/18
The only article where you farm, die, and create a robot uprising in the same week.
05/20/18 The Swords of Ditto Review
A procedural Zelda homage that looks like a cartoon? Where do I sign up?
05/20/18 This is Your Story: RPGFan Reader Tales ~ An RPGFan 20th Anniversary Feature
From you, to us, and back to you.
05/19/18 Week in Review, 5/19/2018
E3 needs to get here sooner!
05/19/18 Trails of Cold Steel IV gets Even More Screenshots and Profiles
Fie and Zephyr. What else can I say?
05/19/18 The Lost Child Gets A Stylish Gameplay Trailer
Old-school in its camera perspectives!
05/19/18 Divinity Original Sin II Definitive Edition Available Now on Xbox Game Preview
The first three hours? For free? Sign me up!
05/19/18 RPGFan Music: NieR: Automata Piano Collections Review
Two piano album reviews in the same week!
05/19/18 Twitch Sunday & More: Ys: Memories of Celceta and a Surprise!
It promises to be a good time!
05/18/18 Retro Encounter 136: Confessions Part II
I'm so throwed and I don't know what to do / But to give you part two of my confessions
05/18/18 Full Details from Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event
Like, I have as much as I could get. I didn't even go, either.
05/18/18 To the Moon To Be Adapted Into Animated Feature Film
Be brought to tears by the story in a whole new medium.
05/17/18 Stardew Valley Sprouts on PlayStation Vita on May 22nd
Play on the go or at home thanks to cross-buy on PlayStation 4!
05/17/18 Chrono Trigger for PC gets Second Update
Let's give Square Enix credit, their post-release plans are pretty good.
05/17/18 Tread the Paths of Ritual and Research in New Octopath Traveler Trailer
The last of the core cast has been revealed.
05/17/18 Brave Neptunia Comes to the West as Super Neptunia RPG!
They couldn't just call it Brave Neptunia, could they?
05/16/18 Join the RPGFan Steam Group!
What's "superliminal?"
05/16/18 Random Encounter 144: Like Poutine, But Saltier
The Canadian Uprising is not without its cheesy casualties.
05/15/18 Dragon's Crown Pro Available Now for PlayStation 4
Here, there be Dragons... and Wizards... and all manner of things!
05/15/18 Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Available Now for Nintendo 3DS
SMT meets John Carpenter in this remake.
05/15/18 Final Fantasy VI's Locke Cole joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Wasn't he a thi… treasure hunter?
05/15/18 RPGFan Music: Shenmue Piano Collection Review
A nice addition to Shenmue's small pool of music!
05/15/18 Kingdom Hearts III is Getting a Special Premiere Event
Invitation only. No golden ticket, no entry. Wait, that's not Disney...
05/15/18 Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gets Two New Trailers for Nintendo Switch Release
And that release date is fast approaching friends.
05/15/18 The Council Episode 2 Review
No need to hide from this one.
05/15/18 RPG Limit Break 2018 Is Happening Now
Charity RPG Speedruns for NAMI!
05/15/18 Composer Nobuo Uematsu Is Confirmed For Final Fantasy VII Remake's Production
Well, my jaw just dropped.
05/15/18 Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition Details Released
Who doesn’t want an adorable dragon of their own?
05/14/18 Coming This Week, 05/14/18
So many games, not enough time.
05/14/18 Omensight Review
Groundhog Day, but you're an animal.
05/13/18 Square Enix Shares Dragon Quest Builders 2 Save Import Bonuses
Some rewards for those who played the original.
05/13/18 Labrys and Sho Minazuki Coming to Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night as DLC
From the Mayonaka Arena to the dancefloor!
05/13/18 The Banner Saga for Nintendo Switch Launches on May 17th
Tactical Viking-inspired goodness, anytime, anywhere!
05/13/18 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Arrives in the West This Summer
The series gets another chance to shine on Switch.
05/13/18 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Coming Soon to a Console Near You
A modern take on an 8-bit classic!
05/13/18 Week in Review, 5/12/18
Kept you waiting, huh?
05/12/18 Terra Wars Beta Sign-Ups Now Available for Japanese Android Users
Sign-up period ends on May 24th, so don’t miss out!
05/12/18 Natsume Releases New Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Trailer
Cute in both art and tone!
05/12/18 Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation has new English Gameplay
I need a Persona mobile game now to make a Meta Nav joke.
05/12/18 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Patch 4.3 Drops May 22nd
New trailer and details within.
05/11/18 Zanki Zero Shows Off its Reincarnation and Base Camp Features
It seems what kills you does make you stronger.
05/11/18 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Gets Even More New Screenshots
Laura, Jusis, Gaius, Rufus, and the Septian Church… Have fun.
05/11/18 Disco Elysium Preview
Murder Mystery: The RPG...ish!
05/10/18 Retro Encounter 135: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Part I
When you wish upon a star / Makes no difference who you are
05/09/18 Dragon's Crown Pro Review
Fantasy fisticuffs!
05/08/18 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Now Available on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux
Launch trailer within!
05/08/18 Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Review
I can't read VR any other way again.
05/07/18 Bandai Namco Unveils New Code Vein Information Detailing Enemies, Weapons and More
The partner actions sound absolutely rad.
05/07/18 Check Out the Debut Trailer for Disgaea 1 Complete
05/07/18 Fairune Collection Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on May 17th
A collection of retro-styled adventures at a discount price!
05/07/18 Coming This Week, 05/07/18
Another exciting week of great RPGs and Visual Novels.
05/07/18 Twitch Tuesdays: Star Ocean: First Departure
Reach for the stars!
05/06/18 Steins;Gate 0 Coming to Steam With Discounted Bundle
On May 8th, experience another chapter in the time-traveling saga.
05/06/18 The Council Episode 1 - The Mad Ones Review
We're all mad here.
05/06/18 Brave Neptunia Gets a Nice Website and Story Details
There is a limited edition, too: aren't you excited?
05/06/18 Twitch Sunday: Cat Quest
Or is it Kat's Quest?
05/05/18 Week in Review, 5/5/2018
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
05/05/18 Meet the Hero in New Etrian Odyssey X Trailer
No, not the protagonist (or the sandwich). The character class!
05/05/18 Dragon Quest XI Gets Amazon and Gamestop-Exclusive Pre-order Bonuses
Reap the rewards!
05/04/18 Nintendo Reveals Collaboration with Mobile Developer Cygames, Dragalia Lost
A new trailer and screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure!
05/04/18 Puzzle RPG The Legend of Bum-bo Announced
The Binding of Isaac Spin-off will release on PC in 2018.
05/04/18 Lavenza to Join Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night as Post-Launch DLC
She’s playable in both games!
05/04/18 Without Within 3 Review
Not inside? With outside?
05/04/18 RPGFan Music: Re:Tune Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange Review
Serenade me with your sweet battle arrangements...
05/03/18 Retro Encounter 134: The Airing of Grievances
Use your aggressive feelings, boys. Let the hate flow through you!
05/03/18 EGX Rezzed 2018: Lamplight City on the Horizon
New Bretagne grows brighter by the day.
05/03/18 Check Out a 17 Minute Gameplay Video of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
A quest that seems to be worth taking!
05/02/18 See The Difference Between 4K and HD in New Dragon's Crown Pro Trailer
You know, if that's your bag.
05/02/18 See Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon's Zeraora in Action With Battle Demo
Plasma Fist!
05/02/18 Trails of Cold Steel IV gets New Screenshots Showing Off the Reinfords
Well, and other characters that are here… Spoilers, people.
05/02/18 NISA Releases Disgaea 5 Complete PC Demo (Also, Delays Release)
And, well, we're going to discuss that demo in historical terms now, too.
05/02/18 Unforeseen Incidents Preview
Disease and mystery await!
05/02/18 Bandai Namco Releases Details for Dark Souls: Remastered Network Stress Test
Your journey into Lordran begins shortly.
05/01/18 The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Review
Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
05/01/18 Random Encounter 143: Kratos Protecc, But He Also Attacc
Dad games, cartoon heroes, and...dragons old enough to drink in Europe?
05/01/18 Stardew Valley 1.3 Beta Is Live, with Multiplayer Co-op and More
And now my free time is forfeit.

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