News Archive: July 2018
Date Update
07/31/18 Nintendo Releases New Trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Season Pass
A refresher before the expansion pack drops.
07/31/18 New Darksiders III Footage Shows Environmental Puzzles
Also, is that a Watcher I see?
07/31/18 Compile Heart's desert-themed RPG "Arc of Alchemist" Officially Revealed
It's rough, coarse, and gets everywhere. The sand, not the game.
07/31/18 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets a New Japanese Demo
I feel like it might be a little late for this...
07/31/18 Moonlighter Receives Massive "More Stock" Update
The update includes 100 new room patterns!
07/31/18 The Banner Saga 3 Review
A conclusion to remember.
07/30/18 Digimon Survive Coming to the West in 2019
Celebrate 20 years of the Digimon anime with this brand new story-driven game!
07/30/18 Atlus Hints At The Future of Etrian Odyssey with New Teaser Trailer
Short and sweet, the trailer be!
07/30/18 Vampyr Introduces New Difficulty Modes in Future Update
New story mode and hard mode coming later this summer!
07/30/18 Coming This Week, 07/30/18
Eight games, eight adventures to explore
07/29/18 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Wiiiiiishing on a dream that - oh, sorry, that was the first game.
07/29/18 Adventures on the Side: Guidelines for RPG Sidequests
Today in features, we have robots, snow, and... fries?
07/29/18 Stardew Valley Multiplayer Coming to PC, Mac and Linux in August
Also expected to hit consoles at some point.
07/29/18 Twitch Sunday: Persona 3: FES - Choose Your Own Adventure
The Midnight Hour approaches.
07/28/18 Souls-like Sidescroller RPG Salt and Sanctuary Coming To Nintendo Switch in August
Man, the Switch is getting some rad traction with ports nowadays!
07/28/18 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom DLC Detailed
This medley of mesmerizing additions is sure to excite fans of the game.
07/28/18 Week in Review, 7/28/2018
Changes are a-coming!
07/27/18 RPGFan Music: Caligula OST Review
No, not that Caligula.
07/27/18 Retro Encounter 146: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Part II
Jean duels Master Lunn / Her whole world's come undone / From lookin' straight at the sun
07/26/18 Witness a Forbidden Love in New Yakuza Kiwami 2 Trailer
Kiryu and Kaoru, sitting in a tree...
07/26/18 Ys: Memories of Celceta Now Available for PC
Drink in that foliage ocean.
07/26/18 Check Out a New Website and Screenshots for Digimon Survive
The sequel to Metal Gear Survive that everyone wanted.
07/26/18 New Details on S-Crafts and Character Profiles for Trails of Cold Steel IV
I hope you like iron in your bloodstream.
07/25/18 Pre-Order Fallout 76 And Take Part in the B.E.T.A. Test This October
Nuclear missiles detected.
07/25/18 Random Encounter 148: "IDOLA" A Song of Halcyon Days Past
Who are you, and what have you done with Phantasy Star?
07/25/18 Twitch Thursdays: Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories
What's a re:chain? Actually, don't answer that.
07/25/18 Check Out a New Character Trailer for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Meet eight souls stuck in a world brutally ruined and submerged.
07/24/18 Zwei: The Arges Adventure Review
Another hidden gem from Falcom's storied history!
07/24/18 Idola Phantasy Star Saga Announced for Smartphones in Japan
Celebrating 30 years of Phantasy Star!
07/23/18 Developer Media.Vision Hiring for New PS4 RPG
The Wild Arms, Shining Resonance, and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Developer is recruiting.
07/23/18 Spike Chunsoft Unveils Visual Novel 'YU-NO' & A New Trailer For 428: Shibuya Scramble
428 Shibuya Scramble is all kinds of my exact jam in gaming.
07/23/18 Coming This Week, 07/23/18
The banner is waved for the last time.
07/23/18 Retro Encounter Wants Your Input!
Somehow, we made it this far
07/22/18 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is Coming to Nintendo Switch
And Switch owners won't have to wait too long to play it.
07/22/18 Kingdom Hearts Releases a "Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey Mouse" Trailer
90 years of copyright protection and still going strong.
07/22/18 Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV Album Now Available from Scarlet Moon Records
A new take on a classic game's score.
07/21/18 Week in Review, 7/21/2018
You Got More Than You Bargained For!!!
07/21/18 Twitch Sunday: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Don't worry, the stream will run for longer than an hour.
07/21/18 Enjoy The Latest Screenshots and Details for God Eater 3
Ye shall dine on gods.
07/21/18 Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Coming to Nintendo Switch This August
Time to get your post-apocalyptic fill on the go!
07/21/18 'The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep' Heading to PC This September
A long-awaited return for a legacy RPG franchise.
07/21/18 New Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Update Adds Breath of the Wild Items
Born to be wild!
07/20/18 FuRyu Details Five New Characters from Action-RPG 'Crystar'
Okay, that art design for Heraclitus is the absolute bomb.
07/20/18 Zombies Await in New 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' Teaser Trailer
Clementine has come so far!
07/20/18 Investigative RPG 'Call of Cthulhu' Launches October 30th
A descent into madness is soon coming.
07/20/18 Digimon Survive Announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
Coming to Japan in 2019!
07/20/18 RPGFan Music: Corpse Party: Haunting Melodies Review
Who needs to sleep, right?
07/19/18 Retro Encounter 145: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Part I
Why do I fall in love with every woman I see that shows me the least bit of attention?
07/18/18 Take On the Deadly Rathalos in New Final Fantasy XIV/Monster Hunter: World Crossover Event
It came from the sky!
07/18/18 Victor Vran: Overkill Edition for Switch Gets a 60 Second Summary Trailer
Will you take up the monster killing mantle on Switch?
07/18/18 Shining Resonance Refrain Review
It's been four years, Sega!
07/18/18 Detroit: Become Human Review
Do androids dream of elec-- okay, I'll stop.
07/16/18 Steins;Gate Elite Launching on PS4, Switch and PC in Early 2019
Shall we do the time warp again?
07/16/18 First Yo-kai Watch 4 Screenshots, Setting Details Revealed
Appearing on Nintendo Switch in Japan this fall!
07/16/18 Coming This Week, 07/16/18
Off to Adventure!
07/15/18 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Lunar: The Silver Star
Is an angel watching closely over these three?
07/15/18 Crowdfunded RPG Edge of Eternity Gets New Details and Media
This one's looking rather promising!
07/15/18 Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 'Beast of Winter' DLC Coming August 2nd
The Watcher has been beckoned to sojourn the Archipelago once again.
07/15/18 Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Review
You Gettin' Mad? I'm Gettin' Rich. Watch Out Lil' Witch.
07/15/18 Twitch Sunday: Octopath Traveler
Come on, you knew this was coming, right?
07/14/18 Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World Confirmed for a Western Release
The Atelier series jumps into town building.
07/14/18 Shenmue I & II: Two Shenmue Fans Take A Stroll Through the Real-Life Dobuita Street
Two Shenmue fans get the trip of a lifetime.
07/14/18 Week in Review, 7/14/2018
Octopath Weekend!!!
07/14/18 Check Out The Latest Trailers for Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!
Brock and Misty, reporting for duty.
07/13/18 Etrian Odyssey X Reveals Returning Classes and New Artwork
The collaborative class art looks absolutely fantastic!
07/13/18 Heroes' Return: The Latest Characters from Trails of Cold Steel IV are Revealed
It seems we have a bright future ahead of us.
07/13/18 New Little Dragons Cafe Details Introduce New Characters and More
Blow off some steam with these bizarre robots!
07/13/18 RPGFan Music: Kurt hymneth ~The Songs that Conversed with the Gods~ Ar tonelico hymmnos concert Complete BOX Review
Thus they sang.
07/12/18 Retro Encounter 144: Lunar: The Silver Star Part II
All men have evil in their hearts. Some are merely able to conceal it better than others.
07/12/18 Check Out A New Trailer for Monster Hunter: World's Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Crossover
Sure, you can hunt a Behemoth, but can you make Cup Noodles out of him?
07/12/18 You Can Now Pre-Order The Banner Saga 3 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
What do you know, the terrors of the sea.
07/12/18 Capcom Partners With Pure Imagination Studios to Make 3D Animated Monster Hunter Special
Hold on to your butts.
07/12/18 Hand of Fate 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch
Cards galore dealt again with a Switch in store!
07/12/18 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Receives New Trailer at Anime Expo
An anniversary that will define winter.
07/12/18 CD Projekt Red Confirms The Witcher Franchise Will Have Future Installments
The fourth Witcher installment is a ways off though.
07/12/18 Square Enix Details Octopath Traveler Secret Jobs and More
Not so secret now, are you?
07/11/18 Enjoy Eleven Furious Minutes of Darksiders III Gameplay
Vulgrim's back!
07/11/18 Echoes of the Fey - Episode 2: The Last Sacrament review
The long awaited part two is finally here.
07/11/18 Check Out Our Updated Gallery for The World Ends With You: Final Remix
Plus, find out what's new in the Switch port.
07/11/18 Code Vein's Release Date Pushed Back to 2019
The blood will flow... a little later than expected.
07/11/18 NieR: Automata Official Novelizations are Coming to the West
Become as gods!
07/10/18 Indie Metroidvania Chasm Gets July 31st Release Date
This one's been a long time coming!
07/10/18 Horror-Themed Visual Novel Death Mark Coming to the West
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
07/10/18 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Adds Rinoa Heartilly To Its Roster
Squall's best girl is back in business.
07/10/18 Monster Hunter: World Arriving On Steam August 9th
Slaying monsters at 60 fps!
07/10/18 Star Ocean: Anamnesis is out now, and here are our thoughts!
Star struck.
07/10/18 Random Encounter 147: The Burden of Choice
Opera or Ashton? Jean or Mystere? Kara or Connor? Dogs or cats?!
07/09/18 Darksiders III Gets November 27th Release Date for PS4, XB1, and PC
Read on for details on special editions and Fury's Flame Hollow.
07/09/18 New Fantasy Life Online Trailer Brings a Colorful Fantasy World to Life
Scheduled for release in Japan on iOS and Android devices this summer.
07/09/18 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets a Western Release Window
Also, the Japanese version came out last week. Should mention that too.
07/09/18 Coming This Week, 07/09/18
Two games, eight ways to play.
07/09/18 Origins Game Fair 2018 Special Feature
Our annual look at our favorites in the world of tabletop games.
07/09/18 Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ Comes West in 2019
Bringing wintery steampunk otome stories to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!
07/08/18 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Gets a Demo in the West
Battle of the Dragons.
07/08/18 Week in Review, 7/8/2018
Happy 8th of July!!!
07/08/18 FoxTail Preview
Tales of daring do and good...lox...tales.
07/08/18 Spike Chunsoft Reveals New Visual Adventure 'AI: The Somnium Files' At Anime Expo 2018
Oh, man, this looks quite promising.
07/07/18 Death end re;Quest Announced for Western Release
Compile Heart's bloody RPG makes its way West!
07/07/18 Twitch Sunday: Super Paper Mario
[insert 800 paper puns here]
07/06/18 Scarlet Moon Records Announces Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV
Classical guitar arrangements of delicious Final Fantasy IV Music!
07/06/18 RPGFan Music: Kurt hymneth Apocrypha ~Lost Songs~ & Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concert side Protection Review
Enjoy a double feature music review!
07/05/18 Retro Encounter 143: Lunar: The Silver Star Part I
When the horizon darkens most / We all need to believe there is hope
07/05/18 E3 2018: Masayoshi Soken Interview
A chat with the man behind the music of Final Fantasy XIV.
07/05/18 The Caligula Effect: Overdose Hitting PS4, Switch, and PC Next Year
This Persona-like is getting a second lease on life.
07/05/18 NIS Announces The Princess Guide for PS4 and Switch
Coming in 2019!
07/05/18 RPG Maker MV Coming to PS4, XB1, and Switch
Now you can make games with a sideways battle system, too.
07/05/18 Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Gets New Character Trailer
First impressions are important, after all.
07/05/18 Disgaea 1 Complete Brings Out the Angels of Celestia in a New Trailer
NISA wants us to Flonne-t this trailer.
07/04/18 A Look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's RPG Character Roster
Yes, we're really doing this.
07/04/18 E3 2018 Complete Coverage Is Here!
Five dozen games make for a lot of reading material.
07/04/18 E3 2018: Code Vein Hands-On Impressions
Get ready for an anime Souls this fall!
07/04/18 E3 2018: Yakuza Kiwami 2 Hands-On Preview
More Kiryu, please!
07/03/18 Enjoy Ten Minutes of Rainbow Skies Gameplay Footage
It's been a long time coming, but the game is out now!
07/03/18 Shenmue I & II HD Will Launch on August 21st
Kazuma Kiryu, meet your long-lost relative!
07/03/18 Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Review
And the award for best developer's name goes to...
07/03/18 E3 2018: Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Hands-On Preview
Brave the wasteland to fight bandits and... bartend?
07/03/18 Betrayal of Comrades DLC Now Available for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Including characters from Alternative Gun Gale Online, also known as the best part of SAO.
07/02/18 Code Vein Character Trailer Introduces Mia Karnstein
Likely, more character trailers will be coming soon.
07/02/18 Square Enix Confirms New Action RPG is in Development
From the team behind the Secret of Mana remake.
07/02/18 Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad Will Inspirit Your 3DS This September
Yo-kai Blastin' makes me feel good!
07/02/18 E3 2018: 3 Minutes to Midnight Hands-On Preview
It'll soon be the Dark Hour...
07/02/18 Week in Review, 7/2/2018
Summertime, fun time.
07/02/18 Ys Memories of Celceta and Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity PC Release Dates Announced
Two more JRPGs for PC gamers this summer.
07/02/18 Guild Wars 2 'Long Live the Lich' Story Update Now Available
They sure ain't Joko-ing around!
07/02/18 Coming This Week, 07/02/18
It's too hot to play games.
07/01/18 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Mass Effect
Today's episode: Two girls, a guy, and a Turian walk into a bar...
07/01/18 Enjoy New Screenshots from FuRyu's Crystar in Our Updated Gallery
In other news, FuRyu is teporarilly suspending their videogame business. Read on for details.
07/01/18 Romancing SaGa 3 Announcement Set For TGS
Hopefully some new news on the Vita remaster!
07/01/18 E3 2018: Phantomgate Preview
Norse to meet you (oh no, i'm so sorry)
07/01/18 Twitch Sunday: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Back to the beginning.

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Retro Encounter 184: Ys: The Oath in Felghana Part II

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