News Archive: January 2019
Date Update
01/31/19 New Five Minute Gameplay Footage Super Robot Wars T Released
Rock 'em Sock 'em Anime Bots.
01/31/19 Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Will Arrive in the West this Summer
Pick up the Showtime Premium Edition to bring home a very good boy.
01/31/19 Kingdom Hearts III's Secret Movie is Now Live
Download update 1.03 and collect Lucky Emblems to view it.
01/31/19 Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Kingdom Hearts
This week is all about Kingdom Hearts, for some reason!
01/30/19 Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gets New "Cultivation Island" In Latest Update
There are lots of new screenshots to look at.
01/30/19 The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 3 Review
The series lives on.
01/29/19 Evoland: Legendary Edition Coming to Consoles in February
Enjoy a nostalgic trip through gaming history.
01/29/19 Langrisser Mobile Review
Langrisser? In 2019?
01/29/19 Special Feature: Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~
In lieu of a review (details inside), revisit the series' history again!
01/28/19 Snow Villiers is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's Next Season Pass Fighter
And it's his awesome Lightning Returns design, too!
01/28/19 Coming This Week, 1/28/19
Light, darkness, hearts, and friendship! By our powers combined...
01/28/19 Bandai Namco Releases New God Eater 3 Trailer
Battling Aragami has never looked more exciting.
01/28/19 Yo-kai Watch 4 World Hobby Fair Winter 2019 Demo Footage Released
Check out direct-feed footage of the latest demo version of the game!
01/28/19 Dragon Ball Game - Project Z Officially Announced, Releases in 2019
The plot follows the Z series.
01/28/19 RPGFan's 60 Most Anticipated Games of 2019: Part Three
Town building, drinking with the devil, a long-awaited series revival, and more await within.
01/27/19 RPGFan's 60 Most Anticipated Games of 2019: Part Two
Steel, rice, judgment, destinies, SaGas and more await within.
01/27/19 London Detective Mysteria Review
Guilty of love in the first degree!
01/27/19 RPGFan's 60 Most Anticipated Games of 2019: Part One
It begins.
01/26/19 Twitch Sunday: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5
You want more Ivalice on Twitch, you say? Good news!
01/25/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 5 - 1/25/2019
And suddenly, we're back to five titles this week!
01/25/19 RPGFan Music: Face My Fears / Hikaru Utada Review
We're almost there!
01/24/19 Retro Encounter 172: Kingdom Hearts Part II
And I need you now tonight / And I need you more than ever / And if you only hold me tight / We'll be holding on forever
01/24/19 New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer Released, Secret Ending Unlock Requirements Detailed
It is time!
01/24/19 Yakuza Kiwami Receives Release Date for PC
Be sure to pay a visit to the lovely Goromi!
01/24/19 Elsweyr Expansion Announced for The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO has expansions, if you have coin.
01/24/19 Salt and Sanctuary Receives Xbox One Release Date
The hit game finds a new home!
01/24/19 Wargroove Takes To The Battlefield This February
Release the puppers!
01/24/19 CrossCode Announced For the Nintendo Switch
It seems like Hedgehags finally learned how to fly!
01/24/19 Steins;Gate Elite Receives World Wide Release
This ain't your parents' time traveling story!
01/23/19 Chasm Xbox One Review
Once more into the bre... chasm.
01/23/19 Unavowed Review
There's no time for any of you avowed types in here, y'hear?
01/22/19 The World Is Square Chillout Album Announced
Spend your Valentine's Day enjoying some chill music!
01/22/19 Record of Agarest War Mariage Brings its Family to Steam in February
You will also be able to purchase bonus content through the Deluxe Pack.
01/22/19 Meet the Cast of Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space
A robot and a frog knight? This sounds very familiar...
01/22/19 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Art Book Delayed
There were just way too many pre-orders!
01/22/19 Special Feature: Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~
Get up to speed on the whole series before next week!
01/21/19 Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Gets Rating in Australia
A sign of an impending localization?
01/21/19 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Review
Now's your time to catch up on this series!
01/21/19 Coming This Week, 1/21/19
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
01/21/19 Bask In the Latest Screenshots for Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland
Returning characters and more.
01/20/19 Win a Digital Copy of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition!
Yeah, that one.
01/19/19 Twitch Sunday: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts... is math!
01/19/19 Retro Encounter 171: This Episode Is Not About RPGs
Robots and raccoons and karts, oh my!
01/19/19 Learn More About Bioware's Anthem in New Gameplay Series Video
A closer look at this new world.
01/19/19 English Localization Staff for Trails of Cold Steel I & II Working on Cold Steel III
This is great news for Trails fans!
01/18/19 RPGFan Music: Prescription for Sleep: Fight for Your Dreams Review
Fight on!
01/18/19 Kingdom Hearts III Opening Song "Face My Fears" Now Available, Plus New Screenshots and World Logos
Let me face, let me face, let me face a bunch of new media.
01/17/19 Kingdom Hearts III Receives Special TV Spot in Japan
Take a look at this special tribute to the hotly anticipated title.
01/17/19 New Catherine: Full Body Details Outline Safety Mode, DLC, and More
Players new and old will flock to this puzzling action game!
01/17/19 Yo-kai Watch 4 Mixes Its Battle System Up With New Screens and Information
A spooky mix expanding its bag of tricks!
01/17/19 Sink Your Teeth into God Eater 3's Multiplayer Trailer
Team up with up to 12 players!
01/17/19 NIS America Bringing The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III to PS4 This Fall
At last, we will be able to return to Erebonia.
01/16/19 Toriyama's Toil: Exploring Three Decades of Art with Dragon Quest Illustrations
A look inside this hardcover collection from the legendary artist.
01/16/19 New Dragon Ball Z ARPG In Development at Bandai Namco
01/16/19 Atlus Showcases Etrian Odyssey Nexus' 'Challenges' in New Trailer
The loop continues!
01/16/19 Smartphone RPG Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space Gets A Tutorial Trailer
Learn the basics!
01/16/19 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Receives an Official Artbook in February
Unfortunately, this appears to be Japanese-only for now.
01/16/19 Chaos;Child Heads to Steam on January 22nd
Snag the game at 10% off and a limited edition soundtrack within the first week of launch!
01/16/19 YIIK: A Postmodern RPG Review
It's only the end of the world if you let it be.
01/15/19 Our World is Ended Gets March Release Date, New Trailer
An exciting visual novel from PQube and Red Entertainment!
01/15/19 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Review
Yes, it really is that one.
01/15/19 Witness the Garmoniyan Invasion in New Left Alive Trailer
Our scouts have brought back a batch of screenshots from the front lines.
01/14/19 Coming This Week, 1/14/19
A fan-favorite series rises from the dead.
01/14/19 Random Encounter 157: Games of the Year 2018
As one door closes, another door opens.
01/14/19 Death end re;Quest Available for Preorder via PSN Beginning January 15th
Preorder and nab some exclusive goodies!
01/13/19 RPGFan Games of the Year 2018: Category Awards
This year's Game of the Year winner will SHOCK you! (Okay, it won't, but there's some great 2018 games worth celebrating.)
01/12/19 Check Out The Latest Screenshots from Destiny Connect
Customize your time-traveling robot for optimal performance!
01/12/19 Bungie and Activision Have Split Up
Bungie is now the sole owner of the Destiny IP.
01/12/19 Kingdom Hearts III to Receive Epilogue, Secret Video via Post-Launch Patch
You can't leak what isn't there.
01/12/19 RPGFan Games of the Year 2018: Editors' Awards
Our biggest Editors' Awards in seven years covers a lot of ground.
01/12/19 Catherine Classic Lands on PC, Catherine: Fully Body Only Coming to PS4 in the West
Love is far from over!
01/12/19 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Launch Trailer Released
This epic tale is finally here!
01/11/19 Crowdfunding Chronicles Volume 4 - 1/11/2019
It's a good week for pixel art!
01/11/19 RPGFan Music: CHAOS;HEAD Audio Series Complete Box Review
There's my favorite word again!
01/10/19 Retro Encounter 170: Kingdom Hearts Part I
Never think of never / Let this spell last forever
01/10/19 Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue Teaser Released
Take a glimpse into Ardyn's mysterious past.
01/10/19 Final Fantasy X/X-2 And Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Ports Receive New Release Dates
The wait is almost over for Switch and Xbox One gamers!
01/10/19 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Releases on Switch January 17th
A 20% discount will be available for the first two weeks following the game's launch!
01/10/19 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Prologue Trailer Revealed
Meet the 13 high school mech pilots.
01/09/19 Square Enix Releases New Artwork of Kingdom Hearts III's Keyblades
As impractical-yet-awesome as ever
01/09/19 Romantic Visual Novel Song of Memories Gets Western Release Date, Switch Version Cancelled
The PS4 version is on track for a February release.
01/09/19 Go Back to School in New Trailer for The Princess Guide
Prepare for battle!
01/09/19 Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Digital Card Game for PC and Smartphones
Bring pixelated versions of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and summons to life in card-based battles!
01/08/19 Sanctus Mortem Review
Spaceships? In my RPGs?!
01/08/19 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Trekking Onto Nintendo Switch in April
Set forth into Gransys once again.
01/08/19 Hajime Tabata Confirms February Launch For New Studio JP Games
No project confirmations as of yet.
01/08/19 Skybound Games Showcases The Walking Dead: Final Season Episode 3 In New Teaser
Marching ever forward.
01/08/19 Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space Announced for January Release in the West
This mobile RPG is written by Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger fame.
01/08/19 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Prologue Demo Announced for March
No news on an English localization of the demo yet.
01/07/19 Check Out The Latest Trailer and Media for Guild Wars 2's "All or Nothing" Update
The final battle with the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik begins January 8th.
01/07/19 Coming This Week, 1/7/19
Happy new year!
01/07/19 EA Releases New Anthem Trailer At Consumer Electronics Show 2019
New environments and Javelins shine in 4K.
01/06/19 Twitch Sunday: Disgaea PC
Get ready doods!
01/06/19 Catherine Receives ESRB Rating for PC
A PC port may be in the works.
01/05/19 New Anthem Gameplay Video Showcases 'Lost Arcanist' Mission
Take an extended look at Anthem's explosive combat and soaring flight.
01/04/19 RPG Maker MV's Western Release Has Been Delayed
Now due out sometime in 2019.
01/04/19 Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds Releases on January 24th for Switch
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow eventually.
01/04/19 RPGFan Music: Secret of Mana Collector's Edition Arrange Tracks Review
All you need is a dream in your heart.
01/03/19 Retro Encounter 169: Dragon Quest XI Spoilercast
A podcast draws near! Fight / Magic / Item / Run?
01/03/19 Shironeko New Project Details Floating Island & More in Latest Artwork
Do we have a whale of a story for you!
01/02/19 New Trailer for CGI Film Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Released
A CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie is coming out later this year.
01/02/19 Vast: The Crystal Caverns Board Game Review
Where you can play as a cave!
01/02/19 Two New Dungeon RPGs from Developer Experience Coming in 2019
Quite beautiful visuals.
01/01/19 The Council Episode 5 Review
Get your chessboard ready.

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