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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by DHKany on May 09, 2018, 08:50:40 AM »
Ishtar at base with neutral IVs can initiate with 46 speed which is almost on par with a +10 Ayra with speed boon lmao. With infantry pulse support she can easily get off double moonbow/glimmer in 1 round of combat which easily makes her first round DPS possibly higher than emblem buffed bladetomes. That's pretty crazy.

Also I think Clair's refine is pretty good regardless of blue lance fliers being a very competitive spot. She finally has her own niche now, and she can deal with the likes of Effie/Hardin and Zelgius much better than Caeda which I think is pretty fair. Different colors for different jobs.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Tomara on May 09, 2018, 06:40:16 AM »
Normally I'd be all over a Thracia banner, but I think I'm going to skip this one. I already have characters in the same or atleast very similar niches (including a fully built +spd Linde), and while these may be slightly better, my current ones are doing a good job as they are.

As for refines, they didn't really mention it anywhere as far as I know, but Sealed Falchion is now available to the other Awakening Falchion wielders. My suicidal +spd Lucina likes her new sword very much.

(man remember when Tomara was desperately struggling to pull him and took literal months? those were the days).

My sister took less time to concieve and give birth to a child than it took me to pull a gacha character...

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on May 09, 2018, 05:11:53 AM »
20k feathers to get Close Counter is still a pretty good deal. Right now I'm leaning towards giving it to Boey, I do use him once in a while alongside Mae. Merric's just a shittier version of him, if I ever pull Christmas Tharja she comes with CC anyway, and I doubt I'll ever build Henry.

Don't know how I forgot about that first FE7 banner. Guess it doesn't help that basically all of them are outclassed at this point- hell, most of them were outclassed when they were first released. Jaffar's the only one who has a fun gimmick to screw around with and even with that you could produce a similar effect with any Pain Staffbot (who will double as a healer).

It's funny that Ishtar is basically Linde, but better, but now I have even more reason to justify to myself not to drop Dew (or 20k feathers on an Odin) giving my Linde a better weapon and keeping her as this weird attacking healer hybrid. Julius's art is great and it captures the original character perfectly IMO, glad we're getting the guy for free. The Loptous tome is pretty crazy too, although Julius is slow so that kinda cancels out any tankiness he has, at least as far as physical attacks go.

As far the OCs go, I like the more refreshing design Helbendi has but it slightly irks me that often only male characters are "allowed" to have less immediately appealing designs (although I guess people who like bara might like Helbendi). Was hoping Nifl would get a male character too. Guess that might come later, though.

Clair gets to be Blue Caeda, but I'm guessing she won't be nearly as popular because she occupies a highly competitive slot, whereas Caeda's only competition is Palla and a 5* exclusive. Armor emblem also has a lot of power concentrated in Green, plus bonus points to Caeda having lots of RES to tank hits from Grima. Camilla forge is pretty solid, but kinda disappointed they're still going for making her yet another speedy attacker instead of expanding on the role she was doing before (mixed defenses). Corrin's reforge isn't really worth it IMO, he was already suffering from Jack of all Stats syndrome and the new sword doesn't help with that, and while it has notable supportive power, you'd probably be better off investing your Dew into Marth whose effect is so much more flexible.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Aeolus on May 09, 2018, 03:27:20 AM »
RS2. Dealt with Cucumberland and got the good end. Trying to find the Mole Village without setting off the Queen Ant or Amazon quests though (since I thought it was a good idea at the time to run the Mermaid quest with my third Emperor, whoops). Looking it up, I'm pretty much going to have to bite the bullet on the Ant quest.

Edit: And the Ant Queen is beaten, but now I can't finish the Mermaid quest without triggering a time skip. Kinda don't want to give up my progress since I sparked a boatload of skills in the Ant Farm (I had to keep dumping skills on my Vagabond and Mercenary because they sparked like mad), so I'm probably going to have to just unlock the Nerid and move on (now if I can run a Male Vagabond Emperor, then I should be okay provided that the timeskip doesn't trigger an autofail state).
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on May 09, 2018, 03:17:38 AM »
Welp. They certainly changed the download screens to show the CYL 1 winners and round 1 Legendaries (plus Female Grima) instead of the characters offered with the very first two banners. The Askr siblings are still here though no Anna anymore.

Also, Camilla's forge is actually really good since it gives her a sudo Goad Flier/Cavalry on top of giving herself a Goad Flier effect when near other Fliers or Cavalry. Clair's meanwhile is literally Wing Spear, down to the forge effect. And M!Corrin's chainsaw sword gains +2 to everything, but also grants +4 to everything to whomever he's supporting before Support buffs (so in effect he could give +6 to everything).

Also also, your free Close Counter is totally free for the low low price of 20k Feathers (I might just promote and merge him anyways for a Taco me that doesn't suck; man remember when Tomara was desperately struggling to pull him and took literal months? those were the days).

Also also also lol, the Arena and AA are still closed despite all the updates, while Julius' has been datamined and his Red Loptous Tome granting him Dragon Weakness but also Close & Distant Defense to everyone that doesn't have Dragon Effective damage, and also has Atk Ploy and Guard just for shits and giggles, plus the
Spoiler: show
two new OCs are the Atreus BOY! to Surtr's Kratos and Nifl Silmeria.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by DHKany on May 09, 2018, 12:07:45 AM »
Instead of putting linde on a banner again, they repackaged her into Ishtar with a much stronger DPS tome.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Der Jermeister on May 08, 2018, 08:59:30 PM »
Beat Etrian Odyssey V a few days back. Definitely had a good time, and the final boss was manageable with skills such as that increasing HP and items such as that which cancels enemy buffs.

Dicking around in Breath of the Wild, searching for shrines before I go to Karikiro Village or whatever it's called, and I've activated a few towers along the way.

The arena's still kicking my ass in Resonance of Fate, so I'm working on other sidequests, think I'm in Chapter 9.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on May 08, 2018, 12:22:59 PM »
FE7 got one of the very first game specific non-seasonal banners though (albeit dominated by Colorless Hell thanks to having Jaffar, Rebecca, Lucius and Priscilla on it; at least it also gave us Ninian, and Karel I guess). At this point we still haven't gotten a specifically FE1 banner (Shadow Dragon could work as well with Norne, Nagi, Horace, Frey, Etzel and/or Ymir), a BSFE banner (which would consist entirely of Dice and Malice and maybe Nyna and/or Camu' Sable Riders), an FE6 specific banner (we still don't have Etruian Generals Percival or Douglas, nevermind other stars like Echidna, Sin, Rutger, Old Marcus, Melady or Guinavere), a proper Awakening banner (other than Exalt Chrom and the Morgans but that's basically a single child character and two Alts), and a Fates Gen 1 banner (although they've gotten so many fucking Event alts, that it feels like they've gotten several already).

That being said, according to my notes, right now the game with the lowest percentage of representation is Radiant Dawn followed by Thracia 776 (the former is almost entirely due to the fact that the only current RD character that wasn't in PoR is Mickey; although she was occasionally referenced; the latter due to only having that poor halfassed Banner (on that note, what are the odds that instead of Ares, Lene and Ishtar, we get Ares, Lene and Alts of Seliph and Julia with Ishtar being the +_+ or next GCN reward?)). Inversely, the games with the best representation right now are Awakening, Fates and Shadow Dragon (I thought that Gaiden/Echoes was closer to the 50% mark than SD, but then I checked the CYL2 list and lol at all the boss and NPC inclusions; seriously, why the fuck is Brigand Boss a ranking character on the CYL2 list?).

At any rate, people can hopefully stop bitching about Lyn's four alts now that Xander has caught up again. Have to lol at the developer's love for Nohrian Scum as Ryoma continues to not have a single goddamn Alt in spite of this being a perfect opportunity for one (I guess they're waiting for the 2020 banner with Larcei and Patty). :v
General Discussions / Re: Most anticipated JRPG of 2018?
« Last post by Arvis on May 08, 2018, 10:16:04 AM »
I think I know the exact spoiler you're talking about.

And thank you!  I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.  I'm catching up to you!  (no I'm not)
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on May 08, 2018, 08:32:52 AM »
I autobattled more than half my lances on the highest difficulty and I reached Rank 25 with some leeway myself (usually all that happens is that I keep the forts I start with). I think them reducing the amount you gain for being on a dominating team is a decent enough change. The difference between owning 1 area and 20+ areas is only 2000 feathers so it's not that big a deal IMO. Plus once they remove the idiotic mechanic where enemies can teleport in and kamikaze all their units in one turn, it'll be pretty easy to take the enemy forts and scoring high shouldn't be too big a problem.

Meanwhile since I stopped pulling I've already saved up 90 orbs that past few days since they've been pretty generous during Golden Week. Getting a second Genealogy banner is a surprise to me, at least having it before any kind of non-seasonal Elibe banner (We got Klein and Dorcas along the way but there still hasn't been a proper FE6 or 7 banner yet). I'm a bit tempted to pull on this new banner but I think I'm going to be saving my orbs from now on to one end- getting lots of Hectors. I still haven't gotten a single Hector and I'm getting into a lot of Arena matchups where I'm really feeling the handicap from playing my shitty DC-less armors. The fact that I put double Rallys on them instead of Swap to up my score makes it even worse. There's a lot of other units I've built that really want DC as well, like Eliwood.

Now I just have to wait for a Hector banner to come along. At worst when CYL comes along they'll probably run a banner with vanilla Hector on it if they follow the same thing they did last year. Or maybe Hector will get DC again-again on his CYL version. Vanilla Hector also comes with Goad Armor though, so he's a nice two-fer if I want him for inheritance purposes.
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