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Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Rook on Today at 07:29:39 PM »

 littered with crap like the original .//Hack quadlogy,

Over on the .hack PS4 MBs a ton of people who never played the original .hack are clamoring for it and saying its the one that should been remastered. "ITS THE ORIGINAL STORY, IT MUST BE BETTER! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US BANCO?!" Oh honey no, I try to tell them. You'll have more enjoyment just imagining that somewhere there is this mythical masterpiece of videogaming out there that you can't afford, instead of actually you know playing the game. The original .hack is dated out of existance and no "HD remaster" is saving it. Its actually a pretty terrible game(s), and this is coming from someone who liked the original .hack.

I am Sestuna just seemed like every bad RPG story ever, so yea I see what you are getting at.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Klyde Chroma on Today at 06:17:53 PM »

I had a 1st gen that worked for years... Although sometimes it would randomly stop spinning, and thus my game would freeze at the next load.

Cripes I remember my Sega CD doing the SAME thing!!!! I also remember having terrible connectivity issues with my 32x upon release and driving my parents crazy to try and fix it so I could play Doom.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Must be the week for me to beat games cause this one is fin-ee-to. In and of itself that is silly-weird considering how slow I play through titles.

Hard to find much to complain about. Game was brilliant aside from the terribly awkward facial features. I can't believe people bitched about Mass Effect Andromeda faces and let this one slide. Seriously not one attractive looking human being throughout it's entirety. I'm gonna chalk it up to everyone gets ass-ugly post doomsday thanks to getting dealt a lousy hand in the new gene pool.

Bonus points for incorporating 1 token gay NPC and 1 lesbian for good measure.

However the title loses points for having 3 or 4 cut-scenes where outfits change to suit the FMV that could have easily been "in game" sequences like the other 98% of everything. Stupid gripe but that is seriously immersion breaking for me and could have been avoided here.

Great combat, great world, excitingly original concept, an MC that is tough to not really feel for and fantastic pacing seal the deal for me. I think what truly propelled the title into being a cut-above though was the fact that it respected my time and didn't over-stay it's welcome which is a scarcity in the realm of sandbox titles. Games like this intimidate me more often than coax me into wanting to explore every corner of the map.
Brush and Quill / Re: Book Thread Continued
« Last post by Rucks on Today at 03:28:46 PM »
Reading a pretty decent biography on Trotsky.  I need to check out some primary sources to be sure (I'm terrible at reading primary sources), but he seems a lot more reprehensible than I had originally believed.
Brush and Quill / Re: Book Thread Continued
« Last post by Tooker on Today at 12:56:15 PM »
I've been continuing the Abhorsen trilogy. I'm on the last book now, and it's still good stuff. If you like books with good female protagonists, you should check them out.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Frostillicus on Today at 10:53:22 AM »
I almost bought Tekken 7 during Steam's Christmas sale, but I opted for Tales of Berseria instead. Ended up being a tough decision. Didn't want to spend the money on both....

Unfortunately, I was 7 when it came out and I had to throw a shitfit to even get my parents to buy me a SNES.  Then by the time I was old enough to afford a Sega CD it was already too expensive.

I'm sure my experience is not unique.

My Sega CD broke in 9 months. Which is I think about the median life of the 1st gen Sega CDs.

I had a 1st gen that worked for years... Although sometimes it would randomly stop spinning, and thus my game would freeze at the next load. Happened almost every time I fought Ghaleon the first time at the end of Lunar (because the battle song was like 10 seconds long). Sometimes opening and closing it again before the next load would help.
...Yeah, it wasn't very well made.
*EDIT: I was wrong. Turns out I had the 2nd model, which I guess explains how long it lasted.

As for my own journaling, I've been re-playing through Red Faction: Guerilla (just liberated the Badlands, starting in Oasis area), as part of the games I've been playing after resurrecting my 360 for Vesperia. ...I'm gonna sell the ol 'Box and all of the games after I'm done with this one... It's time someone else enjoys them.
Anyway, RF:G is a decent open world game, but being "open world", it suffers from too much sameness. However, battling enemies and destroying things (the main selling point of the game) is fun as heck, though.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Mickeymac92 on Today at 10:45:59 AM »
@Mickeymac92 -- All I gotta say is Tekken 7 is awesome. Although I am not gonna defend the bowling. I mean, I can't even bowl as my mondo-awesome klyde-lee kustimization.. What the hell is that about? Oh and I wish I didn't suck so bad at fighting games.... there is that too.

I actually haven't gotten any of the DLC for Tekken 7 yet. I might, if only because it's currently sounding more worthwhile than paying $30 for a "season 3 pass" in Street Fighter V, since at least I get a unique game mode from that Bowling DLC...and I'm a sucker for SNK, so of course I'm excited about Geese Howard's inclusion.

But I'm in no rush with it. The game seems pretty meaty as-is. Still floors me how much I used to take this level of content in a fighting game for granted...
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Arvis on Today at 10:13:56 AM »
Resonance of Fate - managed to fight well without using the action point-draining run-and-gun mechanic.

What?  I didn't even know that was possible.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPG Fan Decides My Next Game
« Last post by Arvis on Today at 10:10:21 AM »
I'm not at all surprised that some of my selections to add to this poll aren't exactly universally loved.  But they're games I am really interested in experiencing for myself.

For Bravely, that Job System will get me to forgive a LOT.  And for SO, I'm just interested in getting to play around with another SO battle system after so many years.  If I am not enjoying a game, I will just stop playing it.  I have no qualms about leaving a bad game unfinished, so length doesn't matter much to me.
Also minor thing, but is it possible to change the way streams are announced? Even if I mute the channel it will still give me notifications because the function ignores anything that mentions you specifically, and apparently that includes the @Everyone.
Right-click on RPGFan server icon -> click "Notification Settings"
Turn on "Suppress @everyone and @here".

Does this do what you want?
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Tomara on Today at 07:18:20 AM »
Got my 5 star NYCorrin and he wants all of Leons skills and he wants them badly. Seriously, it's as if he was designed to clear out a Leon or two from your barracks. Dunno if I want to go that far. I like Leon better than Corrin.

Edit: just got my QR seal. I'm way ahead of schedule. I love this t_t so much. Also, I realised NYTakumi is great counter for boss Takumi. That is... sort of depressing? I mean, imagine there's this other you and he's more awesome than you who spend countless hours perfecting your skills, because he throws food at people really well. That's just... wrong.
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