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Re: Trails/Kiseki Thread! Trails of Whateva
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Rean is a mixed bag for me. I like that he's a protagonist who actually acts like a leader. In most JRPGs the protagonist is the group leader because people look at him, recognise that he is the protagonist, and humbly bow before his glory. Rean at least starts taking charge, tries to problem solve, and generally maintains order within the group. His social standing also puts him in a good spot to mediate for everyone. His rise to the central figure of Class VII feels, to me, earned. On the other hand... (CS1 spoilers)

Spoiler: show
He's a super saiyan with a giant robot who constantly has girls (including his own adopted sister) fawning over him, but he's too dense to notice.

I don't dislike Rean at all. Despite all the shonen-boy traits, they do enough with him to make him feel like his own character. Yet I feel I would like him better if they did a little more with (or used a few less of) the generic anime tropes.

Also, call me a hipster, but I actually find the 3D style they went with charming. When I turned the voices off because I didn't enjoy the dub, I discovered that it makes little beep sounds as text scrolls, akin to Dragon Quest. That feature, coupled with the visuals, made me feel very much like I was playing a PS2 game, but rather than find it dated, I found it extremely charming. Even now that I could theoretically grab the Japanese voices, just hearing voiced lines is so wrong to me. Sure the animations are rough (Cold Steel 2 touched them up a bit), but all-in-all I feel the PS2-era visuals have as much a charm to them as the older ones, albeit in a different way.

I loved the dub and this its a lot better than the Japanese voices. It also helped that the VAs had an excellent translation to work with.

Other than the dungeons the graphics and art are excellent.

I imagine its hard to do a 3rd person protag, have some sembelance of player choice and they pulled it off w/ Rean. Maybe he doesn't have much any depth as a character but he's likable, mostly free of angst and/or raeg and comes off as a capable leader and a kid who realistically discovers what he really wants to be in life in his teen years. 

Spoiler: show
And OK its a bit harem-y but the game wants you to choose a gf. so yea you are probably going to have to write the story so that every girl has some feeling for him to make any kind of relationship believable (or do the harvest moon thing, where the girl only likes you if you buy them things) Also at the very least the game doesn't let you stick Rean's tougue down Fie or Millium's throat.

 His bland "leader" speeches before bosses are kind of a self-aware in game joke and it works IMO. If he ever said anything of substance in them I think I might be disapointed.
Spoiler: show

I'm not too keen on bringing gundams into CS's story but they are freaking long games and the Evagelions do vary the gameplay a bit and they are woven into the overall story good enough
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