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Re: A Game Journal Reborn
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I finished Bravely Second over the weekend. Here are my final thoughts: The story is good, and less repetitive than the first game's, but at the same time I'm not sure it was as strong as Bravely Default's. I did like how they incorporated the player more this time. The first game was pretty subtle about it, but this one was very overt. The battle system is still just as fun as the first game, but the job system has been downgraded somewhat. It's still fun, and you can develop some pretty powerful characters, but not as good as the first game. The change from 14 job levels to 11 also nerfed some of the old jobs slightly, which was disappointing. In the first game I had a dual-wielding, Dark Knight Tiz, who, with sword magic, could deal around 15,000 damage with a regular attack. I wasn't quite able to do that this time around, but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. The new jobs were mostly disappointing, or simply rehashes of older jobs. I liked Guardian and Exorcist. Hawkeye was okay. Yokai was really just a higher-powered Black Mage because of the -ja spells, and Kaiser, while kind of cool, was very much a double-edged sword.

All in all, I give it an 8 out of 10.

Final jobs:

Yew was Yokai with Time Magic. I'm glad I went that route because Reraise was essential for the last boss fight.

Edea was a Valkyrie with Shamanism. This turned out okay, but the last boss had a dispel skill that kind of made it less useful. Jump is still great and Edea went mostly untouched damage-wise because of it. If I did it again I would probably swap Shamanism for Martial Arts to amp up her attack power somewhat.

Magnolia was a Guardian with Shamanism. Worked out well, but same problem as above with the dispel. I would swap Shamanism with the Dark Arts if I were to play it again because Guardian has high HP and the final boss is weak to dark attacks.

Finally, Tiz was a White Mage with Astral Magic. If I would have known about the dispel though I probably would have gone White Mage with Catmancy to increase his attack options, or possibly Exorcism because of the Tongues command.
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