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Re: Book Thread Continued
« Reply #1965 on: Yesterday at 02:47:10 PM »
I can sort of emphasize with Harry since I was fairly troubled as a youth, and while Harry Potter house quizzes mostly put me in Ravenclaw, I'd probably have been right at home in Slytherin since I was delinquent and rebellious at the ages I would have attended Hogwarts.

I also recently finished The Elfstones of Shannara and am (re)watching The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix since I tend to half-watch shows when they originally aid.


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Re: Book Thread Continued
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I think as Harry grows up, readers both love and hate him because he's believable.  My mom had an unpleasant kneejerk reaction to the aforementioned part in book 5 because irascible Harry reminded her of me when I was in middle school; my middle school years were a thoroughly unpleasant period of time to say the least.  And, for her, that was the point in the series when the wistful fantasy was shattered and things stopped being polite and started getting real. 

I'm still re-reading Hexed: Sisters of Witchdown and am around chapter 14.  I'm impressed that the author is keeping fairly thorough tabs on the consistencies between it, Fall of Cthulhu, and the Hexed comic series.  The only inconsistency throughout all of that is that the protagonist's indelible brand/mark/tattoo is on her left shoulder in some mediums and on her right in others.  But it's something I can more or less handwave away. 

I know some negative reviews talk ill of the protagonist occasionally losing her focus during the story and getting dreamy about what life would be like as a normal teenager, but they don't get it.  The protagonist has had to live an extremely abnormal life beyond the fringes of our reality and continues to live an abnormal life beyond that fringe, so her "anthropologist on Mars" fascination (and occasional consternation) with our mundane is endearing.  It's like how Arthur Weasley is fascinated by the muggle world and the stuff we think nothing of he finds marvelous. 
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