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General Games / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:11:26 AM »

Thanks to the yearly hours long Mtn. Dew and Doritos commercial, we have our next Smash Bro....zzz....

I guess they blew their DLC load early with Piranha Plant.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 03, 2018, 10:48:20 PM »
Wait, the core is 25% crit? Isn't that like....max level aux core crit?

It actually goes beyond to a tier 7 equivalent. Its kinda nuts for a freebie/Smash Bros tie in.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:03:05 AM »
Besides, there's a pretty good image that shows that they don't even need to add something like 6 stars anymore- they're already in the game.

Sure. Be pedantic why don't you....

That said, yeah. Guys like Surtr are essentially Armors BST Level 3 and that's probably where they're likely to go with this (and if that's the case then merges are hella safe; which would surprise the crap outta me, as I expected something wholly more scummy than just raise the BST and leave our woes, and early projects and/or money, behind). Of course, I'd rather have a larger sample pool of tier 3 BSTs (i.e. Surtr and Loki) before I go rushing off to grind units into merges just yet.

Still, what I was going for was more along the lines of providing an avenue to mass access to 4th tier skills beyond the current drip feed via whale bait (even though that describes the Skill situation pretty succinctly thus far; so few skills since launch have made it past 5 star lock, let alone the ones that aren't stranded on Seasonals or other limited run characters) or at least an avenue for dumb shit like Threaten Atk 4 or Defiant Atk 4, or other such effectively discontinued skills (they might even be able to fix some of them to not be completely worthless like they did with the Fortress skills).

At any rate, my biggest hope for Book 3 at this rate is basically availability of Year 1 Seasonals (in a fashion that isn't quite as tight-fisted as Grail War(rior)s) at 3-4 stars that'll finally open up some of the otherwise 5 star locked or Seasonal stranded skills. Besides, Year 1 Fall and Winter Seasonals are still pretty good (although everything prior to Year 1's Dancers are by-and-large crap aside from rare skill access like Bunny Lucina or Bride Lyn).

My biggest problem right now though is the question of what the devs plans for early Book 3 are. Book 2 brought Forges which have been generally decent, Legendaries plus their cumbersome Blessings, and eventually the mass demotion; but what are Book 3's plans? 8 more Legendaries, Beastformers... and Fire Emblem? (oh wait, that one's already in the game, thanks Star Lord). They need something more than just the Grail War(rior)s, especially as they haven't given us a good source of Grails yet (when only the top whales are getting 90 a week from the one available source we have so far (once people start actually reaching Tier 21 in a couple of weeks); which isn't even enough for one of these limited count units at their base cost, nevermind the rapidly escalating costs of subsequent purchases).

Also I haven't gotten a +10 for a while, but that's mostly because the units I'm merging up have not been showing up or have neutral IVs so I've been keeping them at like +6-8. Since Cecilia's been doing so much work in AR though, I thought she was deserving of me dropping my stock of feathers for (also I lost one match where she simply got overwhelmed by too many fucking units, so the extra merges will help):

And yeah, Cecilia still manages to roll over a great deal of the meta, somehow. I should've joined her and Eliwood to the hip instead of her and Camus and Eliwood and Ursula (albeit the latter is still rather humorous given the context of FE7).

Admittedly, I've also been kicking around the idea of slapping her Gronnraven+ tome onto someone else. The only problem is that aside from Boey, Soren or Merric, I can't really see anyone else wanting that niche over their current stuff, and/or are available enough to merge to +10 (hell the only Green Mages that have BST tier 2 so far are Lewyn, Rhajat, Sky Nino, Bride Sanaki and Spring Sharena), and these three aren't what I would consider to be an 'upgrade' (Boey has crap for Spd and an all-over-the-place stat spread otherwise; Merric has garbo Atk and Res that even TA3 couldn't do enough to fix; Soren would rather run his Gronnowl+Chill Atk 3 tome instead; and none of them have the convenience of Horse Emblem buffs).

That said, AR can still bite me, as I'm still sore over one match that brutally stonewalled me. Its pretty fucking ridiculous when a +1 Miccy, or a Cecilia with stats and skills much like you posted + full Horse Emblem boosts, can't even scratch a Blue Armor despite the complete lack of Svalinn's Shield, nevermind the other three Armors, also without Svalinn Shields, and also returning goose eggs for the most part (Miccy did blow up FaMyrrh easily enough). Even Aversa wouldn't have helped due to their massive HP pools. Granted, I still could've won the match had I 12 or so turns to slowly pry the enemy apart (and away from the Defensive Terrain) so that I could chip them to death, but cie la vie.

As for my progress, even though I like this Forging Bonds a bit better since it isn't just showing off whatever the newest banner units are, as you said it's still a pretty big Summoner wankfest. When it's all said and done we still really don't learn that much about the characters. But like I said, hopefully they'll shift to doing this format for Forging Bonds more often, it's still an improvement, albeit a small one.

Unfortunately, I can't see Forging Bonds improving much further for a long while to come. They always feel like they're designed around the banner rather than around the units. Kind of the same problem VGs have with their match ups (aside from every other fundamental fuck up VG sports).

Also, this game is like perpetually six months behind in everything it does.

Pretty cool the franchise is doing well enough to have its own expo I suppose, but I'm more on the side of suspecting this means another delay for Three Houses. Either that, or this will take place just before it's released and they'll simultaneously give us some kind of remake announcement.

At least I can understand the radio silence in reEdelgards to Three Horse since the series traditionally has that problem of discussing things that could lead to a case of a game featuring Sir 'Not Appearing in This Picture', due to cuts wrought by system limitations (FE4), overambition (FE5) or things not fitting in well in general (Fates DLC). In that context, I feel that Tea Houses is further along than many are suspecting, and we might start getting a signal by January or thereabouts. Though I wouldn't mind a delay either if it saves us from a repeat of Fates. My alternate guess to what I posted edited above would be FEWarriors 2: Lance Bugaloo (or YHWH help us, Tensei Megami Shin: #Switch Edition ("Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series")).

Either way we'll know more by this time next week (isn't that how it always is).

Edit: At least I'm ending AR on a high-ish note this week. No Casualties, no Aether left behind, and unless I miss my guess, no Lyft loss for today (that or I have yet to attract the whales; depends on what day that Successful Defense fell on). The only thing I could wish for from today was to actually clear the AR Tier 15 hurdle, instead of being -100 Lyft short.

AREdit: I don't know if its the band-aid over the the rest of this mode's ruthless stupidity or just complete bullshit, but getting docked 300 Lyft just because of a session transition is incredibly fucking irritating. You might as well not even try after you secure your highest available rank.

ForgEdit: Oh hey. The Whitewings are finally getting new weapons. Also Ogma, Navarre and the Robins. They might just finally get me to 5 star Navarre (so far, the only GHeB unit I don't have a 5 star of, for obvious reasons). That's 22 of the 80 inheritable/non-Seasonal weapon users introduced within the first six months that have received personal refines (meanwhile every Prf from launch until CYL1 have reforges except; Durandal, Armads, Tyrfing, Naga (although they still have evolutions), both Raijintos, Dark Aura/Excalibur, Gradivus, Siegfried, the Dire Thunders, either Ragnell, or the Cursed Lance). We're finally over the one-quarter mark for Refines.

VGEdit: Its that time of month again, and lol, Muspell has flamed out already. I'm still on Fjorm because I don't want to waste as much of my time on this game as I used to.

TappaEdit: So for the first time in months/since near its inception, Tappa Lab is not active. Also, the lack of anything resembling personalities did not save the older Nifls from burning up. Meanwhile sales figures took a big hit over November (...gee, I wonder why...).

ExpoEdit: As promised, some new info has surfaced about this, and it sounds like just another concert and little else. Nothing that looks to be about anything regarding Edelgard or her Three Houses. It does have some art stuffs on FE5 though, but mostly due to being close to its 20th release anniversary, and not necessarily leading to anything like a Echoes of Thracia announcement or similar nonsense. I guess the up side to all of this is that we might hear something in regards to FE3H sooner than May, especially now that the Year of Smash is finally over (pending those last 4 DLC characters).

SeasonEdit: Welp. Looks like we'll be getting our Fountain upgrade finally. Hopefully it'll cost Dew instead of Stones because if not, those fucking motherfuckers (I spent 300 Stones on a fifth Def Slot; which in all likelihood, will likely increase my overall Lyft more than whatever parsimonious amounts of Stamina the level 3 Fountain will bring in). Not-so-subtle Edit: Rofl, nevermind. Turns out the Lyft bump is coming from the latest version of whale bait units. I can't wait for my sixth fifth Lyn. :V

Book 3dit: Ow. That was some Killing Edge right there. It'd be nice if they played up the whole 'Land of the Dead' aspect and eventually feature characters that canonically died during their game (i.e. Annand, Lorenz, Arran, Frey, Leila, etc), but I highly doubt they'd even bother with alts for already present characters like Sigurd, Quan, Eldigan, etc. That said, we're getting four new seasons that's going to make Aether Raids even more convoluted and whale baity. Summoning Tickets sound nice on paper at least, but its a band-aid at this point (they're either additional free pulls or multiple 15 Orb summon sessions depending on your preference I guess). Beasts are finally in to no-one's surprise, with Tibarn and Nailah leading the charge. Also Anna seems to have fallen off the face of the plot, lol.

UpdateEdit: So Ogma gets a Heavy Blade Prf, the Whitewing Sisters all get flat upgrades as does Navarre and Male Robin, and Female Robin got dragged along. And the Refines see the Robins both gain Spectrum Tactics, Navarre with Quicken Pulse (lol), Ogma gets +4 Atk/Spd if nearby Fliers or Infantry, and the Whitewings all gain a +3 across the board and auto Brash Assault if they're near two other fliers (not necessarily the other sisters). Welp.

Also Dorcas and Aversa are now up for purchase.

Fuck AR Edit:

Its not six star rarity, but its quite possibly worse than that, depending on how hard they push AR. (Also they powercrept the buff.)

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (no not X)
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:58:33 AM »
So apparently, in true Smash Bros fashion, Mythra's Spirit got pretty heavily censored. She now looks like this:

The reason why this is significant is because Monolithsoft are made of cool dudes who have turned around and are implementing this as a free costume for XBC2 players. Of course, its an Aux Core like the other costumes, but this one in particular also comes with a +25% Crit rate increase (to again match SSBU's treatment of the character).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:09:33 AM »
Welp. Just cleaned house on this banner. Hrid (+HP/-Def), Bowcina (+Def/-HP), and even that goddamn F!Grima who had been evading me on every goddamn Leg banner since March (+Atk/-Def). Also picked up a Nina (+Res/-Def), a Summer Cordelia (+Atk/-Def) and a spare Laevatein (+Atk/-Def) for good measure. Not bad on 70 Orbs.

Now to kick back and relax for the next 11+ hours when Book 3 starts. Suppose I should at least try for Surtr for the next VG as its going to be House Nifl vs House Muspell (it might suck since I don't have Laegjarn or Helbindi; but at least I have Ylgr and two Laevateins).

Edit: Book 3 did not start. I am disappoint. We don't even get a calendar for our troubles (nor I, a Surtr).

Meanwhile, Nifl Bonds still manages to spend far too much time jerking off the Summoner.

Editer: In a whoopise-daisy moment, Learn with Sharena let slip the existence of Light and Shadow seasons (who would've thunk that I could actually learn something from that). So if you're worried about Eliwood or Elincia not getting a Legendary alt, there's good news in that regard as there will be roughly 5 more slots to squeeze them in after all (not 8 of course because we're going to need the room for most of Book 3's OCs).

This also makes me hopeful about that 4 star Spoopy Henry they showed earlier in the month.

Edit to my Editer: Dropped 4 orbs on the VG banner for a +Atk/-Spd Laegjarn. She'll lose a few more Spd matchups but is otherwise effectively neutral. That should enable me to cover the spread at least. Addendum: Managed to also cash in on that 4.0 multiplier on the Ylgr and Surtr banner for a Surtr right after clearing Hrid Infernal. Sadly Surtr is +HP/-Def which is a poor trade and the end of my run of passable to good IVs.

Post Script: Might as well mention it here rather than necro up the thread on the SPR board, but IntSys announced an FE Event for Star Wars Day in JP. Kinda significant given how much further this goes over the various Directs, concerts and Cipher (that FE card game; not to be confused with that other FE card game, such as it was) events that the series has held in the past. For one, we're likely to finally get some follow up information in regards to Edgelord's Treehouse (nearly a full goddamn year after the last snippet of pre-release info). For another, the date of May 4th is rather suspiciously close to May 14th which was the release date of FE4, so an Echoes of Jugdral announcement might also be in the cards. But the most likely culprit will be either an Awakening or FEH anime announcement + trailer or something, because that's the kind of thing these Events are typically for in Japan.

Foot Note (not in APA because screw it, I ain't in college anymore):

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:52:17 PM »
I wouldn't worry about accumulating Aether too much at this point, given how rapidly Aether costs are escalating versus our piddly +50 Aether daily restore. Soon, we're going to be seeing situations where, unless you have some kind of bullshit defense, it'll take two, three or even four days to gain 100 Lyft over where you started the week on (and that's if you make no fuck ups on your end).

Meanwhile, it seems that the popular thing to do nowadays is to rematch the player that cost you your 80 Lyft of the day, so that you can hopefully cost them their 80 Lyft back.

At any rate, I would hold off on upgrading your roster size until we hear back from our glorious mode leaders on whether or not you get whatever the Blue variant of Mountain Dew was called back from the upgrade or not, and if it fucks with Lyft gains/losses.

But for all the awfulness of Aether Raids, at least it hasn't turned into +10 Surtrs and Aversa bombs on top of the usual endless wave after wave of bullshit +10 Armors and +10 Dragons that Grand Conquest has. I'm not playing for rank this time (partly because of the above, but mostly because Aether Raids damn near got me to snap my phone in half, so I'm doing the sane thing and scaling my activities way the hell back, including Arena Assaults beyond once a week because 100 Feathers isn't worth having to put up with that mode anymore), and I really wish they'd roll back the mode to only have 20 Tiers instead of 25, because the less I have to play GCN, the better.

Edit: Prepare to be shocked and wait. I meant the opposite of that. Its just Hrid and his best friends in the whole wide banner, Lyoma, Bowcina, Green Mage Hrid and Female "Will Never Leave These Goddamn Banners Until I Fucking Pull Her". Summers Cody, Innes and Noire are our seasonals of the banner (of which I already have 2), and the rest being rounded out by Brave Hector, Laevatien, F!Kana and Nina.

The Legendaries are meh, but the rest are solid pulls.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Discussion 2: Dawn of the New Megathread
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:48:58 AM »
I suppose if they really wanted to, they could go the Pokemon/Spyro/Crash route and remake the old 2D games in 3D with the latest engine and stuff. They wouldn't have to write any new scripts for a while. XD

They can start with Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Definitive Edition H3D.

On top of Babble-on Five, I've been watching Space:1999 as of late.

I might actually like this show if apparently somebody hadn't etched "Kick Me" on the back of Moon Base Alpha because every fucking episode is the crew happening upon one huckster, space gangster, psychic atomic eating mutant, brain eating shapeshifter, ruthless botanic dictatorship, homicidal space ship, et all; after another.

At least its a far cry better than any version of Lost in Space or Star Trek Voyager in this regard.

Also occasionally popping in on Buck Rogers of the 25th Century.

Apparently, in the future, nobody reads, the fashion apocalypse has occurred, and all problems can be solved by a mildly chauvinistic middle aged white 20th century guy, his pet Porky Pig-bot, and good friend Professor Simon Speak & Spell.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 23, 2018, 11:49:29 AM »
Not that you ever *need* a light blade beyond Mythra. Really people just wanted KOS-MOS because she was a returning character. The fact that she is one of the ten or so strongest blades is just a bonus.

A similar statement could be made about half of the game's systems.

Pouch Items were both one of the few ways to cut cooldown times (so that you were faster throwing out Arts), and almost completely forgettable (the 'almost' stemmed from Blade Growth Trees' having the stuff as a fairly common unlocking requirement; once you guessed the correct item; as well as eventual Affinity farming for when you just didn't have enough time/game left to farm the stuff). Aux Cores were a second layer of Accessories/Gems &| Mods from XBC/X, but hideously cumbersome and only even worth using at Rank V due to a lack of sorting, limited capacity shenanigans and required material farming. And likewise, Accessories had a host of effects that were mostly academic because, until one of the later updates, characters were limited to only two, which often meant choosing between the Accessories that jacked up your Attack Power, or your Luck. And who here ever noticed or recalls how all Blades have Role modifiers that provide percentage based multipliers to certain stats when having that Blade active? And then there was Poppi's Tiger Tiger rigmarole (which most couldn't even be assed to bother with and effectively had a worthless party member until the NG+ Shops became a thing) or certain individual Blade sidequests like Vess's Riceballs Hamburgers Dumplings, Pyra's Cooking or the hell that was that one Blade's Mercenary Dispatch sidequest (never pulled her, never had to deal with it).

And so on...

Because seriously, most of these fell away in usefulness anyways once Mythra unlocks her ability to instantly recharge Arts through Art Cancels and Rex can suddenly instantly charge up his Arts and Blade Combos and then flip the switch to his other stupidly overpowered Blade to detonate all the goddamn Orbs for massive Finishing Strikes (I love how, prior to the DLC, Rex was the only character to have a very specific multi-Blade combo between two of his plot Blades, unlocked after the above and is completely redundant beyond Rule of Cool).

But I mention all this not because I don't like XBC2, but because the Torna expansion fixes most of these issues and shows us what we could've gotten had BotW not cannibalized Monolithsoft's workforce during XBC2's development.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 22, 2018, 08:03:10 PM »
The gacha mechanic is frustrating if you if are a collect em all kind of person.

Especially if you're gunning for KOS-MOS. Have fun trying to nail 0.02% odds with no way to improve them.

At least the rest of the Gacha is nowhere near as heavily stacked against you, nor is it particularly necessary to suffer through it since the game gives you enough free Blades through sidequests and the plot to get by fairly well on.

I got KOS-MOS in chapter 5. Never knew she was powerful and didn't really start using her until about Chapter 8 (she's also very similar to Ayami who I got early and her quest is easy). They probably should have released the DLC w/ 15 legendary cores a few months earlier. If you start it now you should have about 10-15 blades by Chapter 5 now.

When the game first launched, KOS-MOS was the only non-Mythra Rare Blade to be of the Light Element. Your other Light Blade options were generics or Poppi with a Light Element Mod equipped (and the only way to obtain one of those was to win it from a rare drop from Level 5 of Tiger Tiger).

Although its more of a statement about just how absurdly stacked Rex was in options compared to everyone else.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 21, 2018, 10:56:20 PM »
The gacha mechanic is frustrating if you if are a collect em all kind of person.

Especially if you're gunning for KOS-MOS. Have fun trying to nail 0.02% odds with no way to improve them.

At least the rest of the Gacha is nowhere near as heavily stacked against you, nor is it particularly necessary to suffer through it since the game gives you enough free Blades through sidequests and the plot to get by fairly well on.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« on: November 21, 2018, 06:28:00 PM »
Its not too bad on its own (and there's even a couple of items that you can get for free rather than having to pay for them like you would normally), but when paired with More Difficult Enemies, you're going to feel the need to farm and steal as you can't buy materials for the Forge (especially Perfectionist Pearls, since you only generate them from the Forge or through the occasional Chest).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« on: November 21, 2018, 04:41:38 PM »
I'm close to finishing up the post game as well (all that remains are the last two Trial Isle fights, the last Wheel of Harma and the final final dungeon + boss).

Granted, I've got like 240 hours clocked on the game, but most of that time was me either walking away for awhile, hunting for those stupid targets, gathering mats for forges by hand instead of from shops (due to the No Shops Draconian Quest), or chatting as many people up as I could (granted Shypox could've easily added a couple of hours to my playtime on its own thanks to strings of Shypox messages every other odd time I tried to talk to NPCs).

I'm very tempted to go through it a second time with just the No Armor Dracoian Quest active since that's legit the only challenge left to me other than gambling (and I want to have a run where I have a use for money beyond stuffing it in a bank or the occasional respeccing).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: November 20, 2018, 12:38:58 AM »
screw that i'm still kinda salty we got 2 mainline games and not OG3

You mean one mainline game and one piece of shit mobage (I mean sure, its a better stab at it than XO ever was or will be, but its still worthless to me).

At any rate, I'm hoping it'll be available out here on the Switch without jumping through too many hoops, since I can live with the increasingly improved Singlish and it'd be a great piece of software to have on the go.

Yeah, Escaflowne would've been pretty nice to go alongside Rayearth (plus like 5 people owned a Wonderswan so nobody played the one it was in). That being said, they're really continuing their trend of adding some rather odd choices to SRW. I guess once they decided Yamato was in it made sense to start putting in other series only containing ships but no actual robots. Though Saber Marionette J being on that fake list probably should've been a red flag regardless, human-sized units are even rarer in the series (though with this game I suppose we might get to use Cyborg Guy again).

Also it looks like this game will be another one recycling a ton of animations- to be fair after a certain point there's really no point in trying to one-up your Fin Funnel and Breast Fire animations anymore, but it does make me wonder if they're going to start another serialized SRW soon, time seems to be about right for that.

Cyborg Guy!? You mean Cyborg Gai?

But yeah, Saber Marionette J and Sakura Taisen are this particular "leaker's" MO as they have found their way onto the last several pre-stream 'leaks' without fail (I guess I could see the latter happening these days due to the rumors of Sakura Wars VI possibly being in the works, but both of them together is a dead giveaway). As for footies, hell, we got fucking Rayearth, which is 90% on foot action (its pretty much a Shoujo JRPG Adventure until the 'suddenly, giant robots' at the end), nevermind Spike Spegal's Bruce Lee style kung fu or his occasional arsenal for dealing with Vicious, or SUPER ASIA!.

And while it'll be unfortunate to have so many recycled animations, I'm hoping that they'll at least redo GGG and Gun X Sword as neither have seen the series since W and K respectfully.

Hopefully, regardless as to the visual quality, we could at least have a setting that isn't just "Oops! All multiverse." again. I want to see Judau and the Crossbone folks actually deal with the Jovians, STMU/Buster Machine 3, and possibly some of the GGG villains (since we aren't getting GaoGaiGar Final) among other shenanigans.


Have a Singlish trailer. "Its Show time, Chum!"

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:03:27 PM »
That's hilarious because as it happens, after a particularly awful run in Aether Raids, I've decided to wash my hands of the mode once and for all. Since other players are simply going to walk over my dead body, I've set my Defensive Team up to only consist of 2 star Level 1 Gunter (lowest ranked with the highest mobility) and no other buildings beyond the ones required, tucked away so that Gunter will hopefully suicide on the enemy before they can break even one jar.

As for the rest of FEH, at this point I'm in it purely for the spectacle. I'll play for Orbs, but little else (and definitely not Grand Conquests because fuck that mode). What I want to see now is the 'plot' of Book 3, who they mass demote for the next mass demotion, the advent of 6 star rarity (of which, I am no longer under any illusion of reaching) and maybe a few more waifus (sucks that I have to wait until at least January for the next shot at Lucia).

I do know that we're in the final stretch for Book 2 as the latest banner is just Surtr and Ylgr (with Hrid as the incredibly likely candidate for our next Legendary). On that note, given how he's our next Legendary unit, and that January and March are going to be RD and Roy months, that means that we're down to two slots for possible Legendaries left between Caeda, Alm, Celica, Conrad, Sigurd, Seliph, Leif, Lilina, Eliwood, Elincia, Micaiah, Sanaki, Chrom, both Corrins, Azura, Xander, Alfonse, Bruno and Zacharias.

Edit: Just by looking at Surtr's skills, it seem like my decision is already paying off. Goddamn I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that kind of crap anymore.

Edit Book 2: And the next GHeB goes to Gharnef? Sure, why not. He's been MIA for far too long anyways (although his timing could've been better given where we are right now, at least he wins the prize for being the game's 100th Red unit; and also it has been forever since Archanea got a non-alt unit with E. Hardin way back in February). Also, all those Alts from Alt banner will stay in my dreams as none were demoted (at least they're in the pool, just good luck pulling them). At least Ylgr came home on 32 Orbs (with +Atk/-Def no less; she really wants a LaD or Desperation Seal to really get in).

Edit Book 3: I am a goddamn liar and hopelessly addicted, as I stupidly continue to waste my time and energy on Aether Raids and Grand Conquests. Btw, I've noticed that the devs are a bunch of scummy bastards who went ahead and actually adjusted enemy AI for Air Raids to acknowledge Dancers/Singers (in stuff like the Arena or Grand Conquests, the AI will typically move units first by their maximum range, followed by having Dancers/Singers either take to the offense themselves or refresh whichever unit remains within their reach; in Air Raids however, the AI will specifically check for a Refresher first, then check which unit is within an effective attack radius, and then specifically have the hard counter move up just enough to get refreshed and go to town on the bait unit). And they continue to be scummy bastards with overdesigned GHeBs that ruthlessly hate F2Pers with the full monty of bullshit (massively cramped starting area, reinforcement bumrush, Abyssal level Whale Bait skills on everybody, and all for yet another Red Tome Infantry with another otherwise useless gimmick Prf designed solely around being a dick in their respective GHeB; all they're missing are the massively overinflated stats to truly be Abyssal level bullshit). I mean, its manageable, but still scummy. At least Gharnef has some dece inheritance fodder with Chill Atk and Mirror Stance.

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