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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Romancing SaGa 3 on Vita!
« on: Today at 04:55:26 AM »

Necroing this thread because the ball is finally rolling on this. Sadly, it'll be 2019 before Japan gets it (so we'll be lucky to get it before the end of the decade), but at least its coming to all the systems (and the Vita too, even though its dead Jim (and has been for months)).

Meanwhile, they're apparently working on another mobage SaGa title that I have zero interest in.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« on: September 17, 2018, 04:26:59 PM »
As for Draconian Challenges, I've taken them all up except for the not wearing Armor one

But why??

Because A) I can turn them off later if I'm not liking how things are playing out, B) I like being Fashionaaaabluh in this gorgeous looking game, C) because this isn't my first DQ rodeo and I know I don't want to spend a million hours grinding levels just because I have to slum it without magic/breath/status protection during the end/postgame, and D) this was basically my DQIX playthrough in a nutshell (aside from the lack of a difficulty mode; which I tried to compensate for by not allocating Skill Points onto my MC, but even then DQIX was still really fucking pissweak).

shypox? you masocist lol

I'm sadly not much for social media because there's some quality screen captures involving Shypox.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« on: September 16, 2018, 01:10:49 PM »
Thanks to that recent Nintendo Direct showing off the Switch port of FFXII, I finally had my reason to pick this up for the PS4 over waiting for the Switch version.

Just got Erik and am now screwing around. As for Draconian Challenges, I've taken them all up except for the not wearing Armor one (because I'm not that much of a masochist).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:45:31 PM »
I don't have Sigrud (or any of the other pullable +_+ bonus units other than Lewyn), so I've been making due with Belica (which is fine since she's so SP hungry on top of needing SI to patch her obvious problems) and Niniair so autobattle is hilariously easy provided Belica's frailness doesn't catch up to her.

As for Book 2's conclusion, did they not even to bother shooting Surtr with the goddamn Ice Beam? Because lol if they didn't since they spent 3/4ths of the goddamn book trying to get that fucking thing into the Summoner's hands, and all we have to show for it now is Fjorm going off to look for a tree atop a hill to quietly gaze upon her last sunset under (and/or an Intermission where Laevatein takes the bullet for her). Meanwhile Hrid's continuing sole accomplishment so far continues to be his swooping in to save everyone from Fjorm's and Gunnthra's desperate Ice Beam plan (aside from Fjorm and Gunnthra). And this continues to be more than what Sharena and Anna got to do combined throughout the book. Bruno outta loving nowhere and Helbindi dying as he lived, almost entirely offscreen (well he's getting us a new Axe Infantry which means yet another brick of high HP/Atk/Def). And Laegjarn got deathflagged so fucking hard that it seeped into that comic I posted above twice.

As for the newest banner, I shamefully spent 52 Orbs pursuing Ophelia and got a Flora with perfect IVs (+Res/-Spd) instead. If there's one good thing to say about Flora is that she has powercreeped the Res stat (38 at neutral) from Wrys', Spoopy Henry's and Winter Tharja's 36 neutral Res. So I've got a dual Ployer that can't be beat (without running headlong into Relay Def inflation).

I've so far managed to clear Relay Defecation Rank 5. But it was so wonderfuck of the devs to charge us Stamina to run this shit, alongside a +_+ (and a Forging Bonds later on as well), so I'm not bashing my head against the mode quite as often as I'd like.

Edit: This is just a hunch, but I'm beginning to suspect that the next VG will involve the Dancer Banners. Meanwhile, on this totally not-related-to-the-upcoming-VG-in-anyway banner, I ended up with a free +Atk/-HP Julia. Finally! My very own anti-Nowi/Ninian unit. Since this is going to be one long ass banner, I may go back for one of the two dancer bros I've missed, but I'm not terribly thrilled about having to pull around Axzura.

Mid Edit: After the horrors of Abyssal, Garon Infernal was comparatively a walk in the goddamn park. A quick passing of Atk+3 to Nowitch and team Flier Emblem was easily able to style upon it.

@Aeolus They did announce that there will be a live stream with the remaster director on the 22/9,  so am looking forward to seeing what they changed and added, because if they removed the game from PC just to port it to the PS4 without any changes except for scaled up graphics, just so they can make people pay for it on the PS4, then this will be the last stroke for me with SE, they were already on thin Ice with me, but if it turns out they pulled such a shitty move just to fuck over fans, then  I'll be done with them for good.

If its anything like the SoM livestream, its going to be a couple of generic questions about the making of the game back when, a discussion on the effort that's being put into Unity for the remake, some musical interludes featuring music from the game in question, and a punchable plushie that "spoiler alert" gets punched.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Discussion 2: Dawn of the New Megathread
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:12:37 AM »

So who ordered the mobage?

Hopefully this isn't the next mainline Tales game or its gonna be a long long while before I find myself round again in this thread.

Chances are it isn't even going to look good.

At best we'll see some 4k textures on some of the principle characters with higher poly count models to match, at worst, the textures will be uprez'd to 4k on some of the principle characters, but will be poorly retextured onto the untouched 3D models of the 360 version. Its gonna be really fucking lazy, no matter the outcome though.

I also fully expect Unreal 3 > 4 physics bugs that'll never get ironed out without a PC release.

Meanwhile, Squeenix also announced a Crystal Chronicles remaster recently as well.

They essentially have one fucking job in regards to this. Watch them lazily fuck it up as well.

Yeah. Fucking hell. I can't wait to see what kind of lazy, phoned in, cavalcade of bugs and spaghetti code this mess will turn out to be......

......Eh. To be fair, most of their remasters have so far been simple up-rez jobs that don't break things nearly as badly as SoM PS4 did (then again, it took 5 additional stabs at doing a decent remaster for Chrono Trigger, and this game doesn't have near the fanbase that it does).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Discussion 2: Dawn of the New Megathread
« on: September 10, 2018, 05:15:19 PM »
January 11th 2019 on PS4, XB1, PC Digital and Switch!

Too bad it's right after x-mas. I would have binged a playthrough on my holiday otherwise.

You didn't post an image of the Repede Steelbook Case. For shame.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 07, 2018, 04:29:51 PM »
Usually when you go try to turn people against each other there's some kind of purpose to it. There didn't seem to be any purpose to it this time because she just turned around and handed you directions to where you're going anyway. I guess you can say she just enjoys it given her name, but it just comes off as lazy writing like usual. Anyway I think it's pretty obvious setup for Angry Axeman and Veronica to join the good guys. I actually don't think Alolan Severa will die, but Camus with boobs tragically will.

I'm fine with most localization changes for Genealogy so far since they're actually pretty cool mythological references (Erinys/Super Iuchar Bros. being the best ones so far), although there does seem to be a lack of consistency for which mythology they draw from, but I guess you could say that's in the spirit of how a lot of JRPGs use Western mythos. Also I don't get why they continue to skip over Girl of the Spirit Forest for BGM selections, that was probably the best song from that game (of course it would've been a much better choice for the first Genealogy banner given the characters they added there).

I put about 80 orbs into the banner and sniped Green before I came out with Lewyn. The -ATK curse continues with me, although for me he also came with +SPD so at least he'll be going sanic fast.

To be fair, FE4 was a hodgepodge of Western (the majority being Nordic/Celtic) mythologies to begin with (continent being a rebranded Yggdrasil; Cuan from Lenster with the Gae Bolg, Ira being Latin for Wrath, Lachesis of the Three Fates (surprised we STILL don't have a Clotho in this series somewhere), you even recruit a General named Hanibal while crossing the mountainous region of Thracia, and so on).

One of the neat things about the earlier FE games was just how themed certain Continents were (Archanea had a mostly Greco-Roman thing going on, Jugdral being of the aforementioned Nordic/Celtic bent, Ebile having an Arthurian/Charlemagne era France vibe to it; and then Magvel onward moves away from all of that for less specific flavors, until we hit the nadir of Fates and its "Maybe they're supposed to be Germanic, but who cares when they're up against Glorious Nihon").

As for plot predictions, I suspect that all of our Book 2 OCs will die by the end of this (Loki aside because she still doesn't quite count). I still think Ylgr will end up getting Sacrificed, but Veronica will be saved, which leads to Laevatien getting thrown into the vat to take her place, but Hrid will sacrifice himself to fuck something up to prevent the ritual from completing, and with Surtr's cheat codes off, he'll finally get doused. Helbindi will go on a rampage as will Laegjam once her immouto immolates herself and both will likely need to get put down during the mid-chapters. Finally once everyone else is toast or on ice, Fjorm's *COUGH* will evolve again and she'll drop dead at the very end.

Then we all wait for Book 3 in the Adventures of Alfonse and The Summoner where Sharena will be played by a sock puppet and Anna's cameos will completely cease with her name removed from the credits due to contract negotiations falling through (and nobody will notice the difference).

(As for superior FE4 tracks, I consider Part 1 Map Melody to be the best of Geneology's tracks, but given what it plays for, I'll accept Girl of the Spirit Forest as the best available BGM for FEH. Although a strong case could also be made for Doors of Destiny.)

Edit: Welp. Now that I'm officially out of characters to support, its finally time to join team Veronica. I don't know what that 'please pay attention to after this VG' is for, but I suspect it'll either be an accessory or a reason to finally pick someone from my CYL2 freebie.

As for Relay Defense, if Tier 4 skills weren't indication enough of an upcoming 6 star rarity hike when 3.0 hits, this would be. Because man alive did they walk back Rival Domains to a point where its now straight up worse for everybody (to the point of being worse garbage than Garbage Club and Vote Gaming combined; even the Whales are complaining). Now we have a biweekly mode that:
- Now requires Stamina to run
- Offers actually worse rewards (I mean the difference is just 50 Great Badges versus 500 Universal Shards, but thanks to Combat Manuals, Shards/Crystals just got devalued to almost worthless; although Badges/Great Badges haven't been as much of a problem as when the Seal Forge was introduced; then again, the sheer amount of effort needed from the higher difficulty stages alone massively devalues everything past stage 4)
- Has TWO Abyssal difficulty levels on top of three Infernals (with said difficulty coming in the form of increasingly inflated stats with RD 8 clocking in at +50 HP & +12 Atk/Spd/Def/Res for fucking everybody)
- Features smaller maps (and at stage 3 and above, all enemies that don't specifically have a healing support ability now have Pivot, just for shits and giggles)
- Is 5 v 12 compared to 8 v 8
- Has an added gimmick of forcing you to swap teams every two turns (so don't think you can just choke a point with some kind of Great Wall or something, because they'll be whisked away in two turns)
- No longer offers HM (of course)

Meanwhile we still don't have a new calendar yet (and chances are we won't be until Late September/October to hide the fact that we won't be seeing any new Seasonal banners until October since the next one is the Halloween themed one).

Edit Too: Nevermind. It was just a few days late (probably on account of the earthquake). Kinda interesting on how we have two new character banners coming in the next month (and its gonna be the better part of a month before the Halloween banner which means that the next Legendary banner is where I go to dump my Orbs). I guess the devs took our complaints about early 2018's altpocalypse seriously. That being said, speculation is suggesting that the next banner is likely a Fates related one.

Edit Returns: The lesson from this VG is to never not merc for feathers. Ever. I hope whatever Ephraim gets is worth it because it cost me 2100 Feathers.

Edit Again:

The only way this would've been funnier is if they had someone else on the drums (Hardin belongs on the mike axe, doing his best Freddy Mercury impression). Aggrezura when AltSys?

Edit Forever: Next banner trailer is up. I was expecting Fates to get the one after this, but nope. So next up are Flora, Silas, Nina and Ophelia. Also Garon for the next GHeB (can't wait to throw him at Surtr). Silas is almost assuredly getting demoted to Repo fodder (and will hopefully make Steady Breath inheritance easier), Ophelia is going to be fast friends with Special Spiral Tome users, Bow Valor Nina exists, and Flora is hella busted and basically shits on DC units (assuming her Dagger doesn't just buff Def by 20 since Lightning Breath will just hit Res instead). Can we get a Camus/Xander/Ryoma forge sometime game? Also there was apparently a ReBHeB here, but apparently I've already cleared it.

Edit's Revenge: Lol. I think we've reached the end of Book 2 guys. Totally called it (we'll see if Hrid and Ylgr make it because everyone else is fucking boned). Also, we're getting a Garon who's loving this shit.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:07:29 PM »
Yeah, I probably should've done more on the fact checking side. I don't know why I keep thinking Ares has Brazen Atk/Spd. He's a goddamn mount for crying out loud. They never get as much Spd as everyone else does because the Devs still hate horses from their initial gamebreaking status (and hell, Ares was right there for a better example of a Prf bearing demotee to boot).

I feel that Veronica's popularity mostly stems from just how overexposed everyone else is (and just how busted she is). Everyone else has at least two other alts currently, and with exception of Celica and Roy, one of those alts is also a Legendary for another level of busted. It probably also helps that she was from the better written part of the game. :V

Its also kinda amusing since Roy is currently the second least celebrated of these CYL units (he only makes the 3 versions because one is that shitty Bow Knight Valentine Seasonal) and is in the dumpster match between him and Ephraim. Kinda emphasizes just how much love FE6 has been getting in FEH so far.

Edit: Congrats on your 500 feathers in your Hat-hen. Hope you don't mind me joining you for round 2 as we get run down together by Veronica. Meanwhile, on the other end of the VG, is a Greg Chun off (incidentally, I hope that Befraim wins; I tend to find Ike fans far more insufferable than anyone else in FE right now).

On a completely unrelated note Special Spirals 1 & 2 give '-1 to cooldown count before or during combat you initiate' and '-1 to cooldown count before or during combat' respectfully. Freebie pull was a Barst Reposition fodder, first orb spending pull was a crappy Lewyn (+Def/-Atk; unless he's enough of a proto-Wind God that the dimished Atk and extra sturdiness somehow turns out to be a long term benefit, this is the next to worst timeline). Didn't even manage to get a non-worthless Clair outta the rest of the blue fodder. The silver lining is that I now have someone to take with me into the upcoming +_+ other than Jamke (and more Reposition).

As for the silly plot update: Localized Noba/Nova/non-shit Eda Alt's name is now Njörun. Meanwhile Ethlyn has Fear/Fear+, Physic/Physic+ and will either have Spd/Def Bond or Live to Serve as her skill(s?). Also what a nice way to use waste Verdane's BGM on these Muspell tilesets. And oh look,
Spoiler: show
we're finally at the payoff to that Chekov's Gun that fucking everybody saw get mounted months ago. Alas, poor Helbindi. We hardly knew ye sister.
Will our FE heroes save Veronica and Laevatein? (Spoilers: yes and no respectfully.)

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:58:34 PM »
Quan's interesting as he's the first character to come with both an Assist and a Special. But he could still be demoted to Uncommon since he doesn't have all three Letter Skills, is female or is a Refresher. Prfs have traditionally had little to do with a unit remaining 5 star exclusive, just ask Merric, Jeorge, Chrom or Male Corrin.

Also I lol'd at how much younger they made Silvia look compared to Lene, despite having 'those'.

And Lewyn's basically the sole owner of that Brash Assault Seal now. Sorry Lyn. Fuckin' welp!

Meanwhile, the next VG is on and Veronica is crushing it at 5:1. This of course means absolutely nothing due to being a post multiplier VG, and besides I still don't have a copy of her (and I'm not blowing my freebie pull for her yet). I'm going with Celica instead despite being the worst performing member of CYL2, because she's OG design Celica and fuck it, if she loses I can still jump over to Lyn (who'll likely lose to Veronica baring Blue Turtle strats).

Edit: 2.9.0 is now live. Sweet Zombie Jesus. Celica's refine is insane. Brazen Atk/Spd 3 + removing the HP requirements for her tome's effect (though it seems she'll lose 5HP every time she attacks now) effectively grants her Brazen Atk/Spd 5 before skill slots after attacking once (you can feed her an Ares to effectively grant her Brazen Atk/Spd 8 for +19 Atk/Spd after the first hit; or Ardent Sacrifice after merging to +3 or above without an HP bane). Meanwhile Cherche gets Brave Axe++ (11 Mt and then you can further refine it to add +2 Mt, +3 Spd, +4 Def or Panic Ploy), and Odin gets Blue Thunderhead (which can then be further refined for Atk/Spd Link; I still like my idea of a Pain Tome+ better).

The next +_+ has been datamined and the results are Threaten Def (where was this during the those Abyssal challenges), Drive Spd and Blaze Dance (cool, a good alternative to Earth Dance for those who already have Earth Dance). The bonus units are Sigurd, Cuan, Eldigan, Lewyn, Ethlyn, Silvia, Dierdre and Jamke (fuck, I guess I will be 5 starring Jamke after all), while the final map is based upon Chalphy with Sigurd as the boss (even though the banner is named after Chapter 5, not the Prologue).

Stats have also been datamined and the results aren't surprising. Lewyn's your typical min/maxed mage (37 Spd is solid, but Sky Nino has him beat), Cuan is Blue Frederick, Silvia has butt tones of Spd and Res (but remains a Dancer), and Ethlyn is a mounted Staffbot (she does have good Spd, but 34 isn't enough to rate in the Spd creep wars).

But the real star of the update remains Combat Manuals.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:28:29 PM »
Edit: You know, for shits and giggles, I want this next banner to be totally Edain focused. We already have her future husbando Jamke, and likely the lady herself, so lets get her wannabe suitor Midir involved, as well as Dew, the male who actually saved Edain from her terrible captors (I guess Jamke left the door open or something; but he wasn't out there fighting off thugs all on his own for her while waiting for Sigurd and crew to finish their lengthy detour around Genoa Ayra), and her far superior sister/waifu bait Brigid for the fourth. As a bonus, we can totally fit Andrey in as a +_+ reward (and he'll be just as relevant to the banner as he is to Edain in FE4). It'll be a great banner for underrepresented Classes. :V

So, basically, you want an entirely colourless New Heroes banner?

It doesn't have to be....but yes. :p

Too bad, that's not what's happening. Instead we're getting Quan, Lewyn and Silvia (I guess that means no Forging Bonds for awhile) with Ethlyn as the +_+ reward.

Aside from Brigid and Claude that's all of the Gen 1 holy weapon users accounted for (on the player side at least). Still doesn't explain why they gave us Jamke for the GBeH (oh wait, Verdane, nevermind).

I suppose the point of interest is that based upon CYL1, the top five Jugdral characters yet to make into FEH are Larcei at 7th, Ced at 13th, Arthur at 16th, Erinys at 20th and Azelle at 21st. Reinhardt Lene's currently the least popular Jugdral in the game. I guess Edain was too unpopular after all (I mean, she's been the second least popular Gen 1 PC in both polls, behind Claud on both counts). And not that popularity has to do with anything, but I think I might have an idea as to our next FE4 Gen 2 banner participants and respective +_+ reward character will be.

Edit: Lol, Gae Bolg's effect doesn't work on Flying units. Also nobody's demoting this time. Also also, powercreeped Rallies.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 04, 2018, 08:00:51 AM »
My opinion on the changes towards the Gimmie Candy mode have lightened somewhat given how consistently I ended up in the top three Rank in Army (I fell short on round 1 for rank 4 so I'm only walking away with 8500 Feathers from RIA instead of 9k; but I also ended the final goddamn round at Rank 1 ffs), but I still feel that the mode sucks for what its going for.

For round 1 my team got rolled badly and there was often little to no territory to compete for. Rounds 2 and especially 3 were far more of a clusterfuck due to the insane map layout caused primarily by the changing base locations. Another reason for Rounds 2 and 3 sucking in the other direction was likely due to nobody wanting to play with Infantry or Armor brigades (if Calvary had shown up I probably wouldn't have made top 5 RIA; then again, my Calvary brigade can sorta keep up with Infernal 2's bullshit on a good map). But really, the biggest factor was a more even distribution of whales, considering how often territories would get knocked out within the first half-hour (because 100k difference doesn't mean much to two teams averaging 12k every ten minutes).

But really, none of the above matters since they so badly nerfed the Feather Rewards for Territories Controlled. An army scoring anywhere from 1 to 24 points by the end was getting anywhere from 2000 to 3000 Feathers with the top reward being 4200 Feathers for 36 or more points. Meanwhile the gap between RIA #3 to #4 is worth 500 Feathers while dipping below RIA #11 costs an additional 400 Feathers. This basically led me to stop giving a fuck about the whole fighting for territories thing since those numbers are kinda jack all for the amount of effort needed to score decisive victories at key locations in a timely manner. I'd much rather rank #1 on a team getting bodied for 2050 Feathers for 2 points, than try to swim with the Whales and have nowhere to compete for, costing me Tier and RIA rewards.

My tl;dr is that it kinda defeats the purpose of fighting for a cause when the game doles out better rewards for fighting for oneself. Especially when you can't even pick which cause you're fighting for. #whatamifightingfor

As for Jamke. Sorry dude, you get to sit with Navarre in the corner of 4 star shame. Having a Killer Bow with a non-garbo Hit Rate ain't worth shit when Hit Rates don't exist, everybody's rocking at least four skills, and racing for their own Legendaries/Prfs/Discount Prfs/Alts with someone else's Legendary. You didn't even have the decency to come with a tier 4 skill like Armor/Warding Blow 4 or some kind of Color. And after From the Abyssal (what a waste of $20bux and hours of my life, stupid Procgen ARPG Diablo-alike Crawler that was made on a budget of $20bux; the DS was such a goddamn wasteland; err what was I talking about again...?) there's nothing that Jamke's GHeB can bring to the table other than advancing the Askr Quests (okay, planning around Guidance and Auto-Astra was a bit of a dick, but nothing that Flier Emblem couldn't handle with smart positioning; but I'm still not dropping 20k Feathers to five star his ass; especially if you don't even have the decency of bringing Odd Atk Wave; I don't even know why you keep getting in over better characters in these games).

As for Story Chapters. We're two away from the end of Book 2 and assuming that Hrid and loli-Loki are October and November's Legendaries, then yeah, Friday's banner should be another Story increment.

As for recent pulling efforts. I'm very much unlikely to walk away with a second HoshiDancer, but I'll take getting a +1 to a waifu as a 3.25% pity breaker.

As for my thoughts on Combat Manuals. It'd be a great way to backdoor some Askr merges.

Edit: You know, for shits and giggles, I want this next banner to be totally Edain focused. We already have her future husbando Jamke, and likely the lady herself, so lets get her wannabe suitor Midir involved, as well as Dew, the male who actually saved Edain from her terrible captors (I guess Jamke left the door open or something; but he wasn't out there fighting off thugs all on his own for her while waiting for Sigurd and crew to finish their lengthy detour around Genoa Ayra), and her far superior sister/waifu bait Brigid for the fourth. As a bonus, we can totally fit Andrey in as a +_+ reward (and he'll be just as relevant to the banner as he is to Edain in FE4). It'll be a great banner for underrepresented Classes. :V

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