Author Topic: Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon

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Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon
« on: January 06, 2014, 09:30:06 PM »
This years speedrunning marathon for charity event that involves a few speedrunning communities such as speed demo archives has started. Been watching for awhile, the megaman ones were especially interesting. Schedules here at if people wanna see the list of games they're running, most of the megaman games have already happened and it was pretty awesome. Very much look forward to bordrlands 2 being finished in under 3 hours and how they're going to beat Metal Gear Rising in an hour and 40 minutes. It's going to be streaming all the way till the end of the week and it'd be cool if people wanted to watch this and setup an irc chat or something. Enjoy, the stream is at

It seems the official site is down right now so the schedule link might not work, but the stream is still goin.
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