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From Hollywood, I saw Ant Man and the Wasp and Mission: Impossible Fallout. The former was another McDonald's Hamburger from Marvel, and the latter was probably the best action movie I've seen since Fury Road.

Though I'm more interested in talking about two East Asian movies I saw recently- the two Along with the Gods movies from Korea, one released in 2017 and one was released a few days ago. Apparently there are two more sequels are planned and I would not mind watching more of them, because these are easily the best East Asian movies I've watched in many years. At least as far as ones released recently, anyway. Admittedly I don't watch that many (though probably more than most around here :P), but I put this miles above the crappy blockbusters coming out of Mainland China nowadays (Some notable ones I've seen are Red Cliff, Legend of the Demon Cat, The Mermaid and Wolf Warrior).

Basic premise is: Guy dies and has to be judged for his life's deeds in the underworld before he can qualify for reincarnation. I have read that some believe the story gets a bit melodramatic, and I would agree to some degree but I think the movie earns it. I recommend it.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« Last post by Aeolus on Today at 01:36:30 AM »
Honestly, I'd rather have Ar Tonelico's artist over Tensei x Tensei's hack.

Seriously, remember this (NWS):

I'd rather not have pedobait foisted upon us again.

As for the difficulty issues. There were a couple of maps in certain games where you had to do some pretty unintuitive things to access certain stages (no idea if they'll be able to keep the Cho Aniki stage) or clear certain objectives. Maybe that and making it easier to manage your rank and file/equipment are the casualizations they mentioned (that or Kadokawa feels the need to really softball it for non-SRPG players; which wouldn't surprise me after God Wars/Natural Doctrine).
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grandia 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch
« Last post by Hathen on Today at 01:23:47 AM »
Both games feature...stellar voice acting

I laughed.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« Last post by Hathen on Today at 01:22:28 AM »
Funny this announcement comes as I'm replaying the series. Sound cool, but I don't get what needs to be "casualized" here. If there's one thing the Langrisser series always lacked it was difficulty. You could only really force it on yourself by specifically not doing what the game tells you to (ie attack enemies when you're supposed to be escaping). Even then, it's not like FE where mistakes lose you a unit permanently (well, unless you game over I guess).

Also while the Ar Tonelico guy's art is pretty good too, I still think throwing out Urushihara's art is blasphemy. It was bad enough they didn't get the guy for Reincarnation: Reincarnation, but I don't get why you'd want to replace the guy's old art, it still looks great today. I demand that they reproduce the "shiny skin-tight swimsuits with pauldrons" look.

Also "fully voiced" is nice, but the Dramatic Edition is nearly fully voiced already so I assume they mean they'll re-record all of it since the sound quality on those versions is...about as good as they could've been on SS/PSX.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« Last post by Aeolus on Today at 01:04:49 AM »
Looks like I don't have to worry about trying to hunt down Warsong anymore (assuming they bother to localize these; the other question being 'will they also include Der Langrisser?').

But wait! Does this mean that SRPGs are finally making a comeback!?
Single-Player RPGs / Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« Last post by Lard on Yesterday at 11:49:25 PM »
I checked the front page first :P

Kadokawa games making them

The games are being fully remade, from graphics to systems, and optimized to be easier to play for newcomers. Character designs are completely new, the scenario is fully voiced, and the UI is being optimized. Battles also have cut-ins, and new elements not included in the original games will be added.

Full reveal on the 29th
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Frostillicus on Yesterday at 09:40:34 PM »
DA: I - 65+ hours in, level 17-ish. Feels like this game goes on forever, if you keep exploring. That's pretty cool in itself, but I'm honestly starting to feel a bit worn out on it. Haven't decided whether I want to beeline for the end, or take a break and come back to it...

Tales of Berseria - Just got through the opening sequence. I've assumed command of sexy "Life is Pain" Velvet, and am bustin' out the slammer. The game lives up to the hype of being pretty dark for a Tales game, but Velvet's edgy persona feels a bit ...hammy, for lack of a better word. Still, I'm digging the story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
 I think I like the battle system. It's already better than Xillia, but I seem to fuckin up the timing of Combos often, or I don't quite understand how the blue diamond energy system works yet... In time I'm sure.
Brush and Quill / Re: Book Thread Continued
« Last post by Dincrest on Yesterday at 08:19:59 PM »
I recently finished Songs of Insurrection (Book 1 of J.C. Kang's The Dragon Songs Saga) and I absolutely loved it!  It was like Game of Thrones style political maneuvering meets a wuxia piece (e.g. films like House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; books like Jin Yong's Condor series.)  Before I begin the second book, Orchestra of Treacheries (which seems like it will go deeper into people doing political power plays), I've started reading the prequel short story Prelude to Insurrection.  So far, I'm enjoying it since it's fleshing out one of the more interesting characters. 
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Things you can't bear in a JRPG
« Last post by Arvis on Yesterday at 04:14:51 PM »
Too bad, I'll be talking about it with you whether you like it or not!!
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Things you can't bear in a JRPG
« Last post by Agent D. on Yesterday at 03:41:35 PM »
Except I'll actually be playing those games...
Man I hate it when someone plays the same jrpg as me and we can talk shop about it.

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