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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:24:55 AM »
The Feh Channel was total bullshit and we should all flood ISIS's inbox with how Feh deserves a makeup cake. Also it was actually pretty disappointingly short on new info.

Anyway I'll take other other Ike over getting an OC character who wasn't even introduced in the story until after the unit was added. Ideally they'd introduce OC characters and then add them as Legendaries or whatever, but they wanted to have their dumb blessing mechanic to catch whales.

I'm expecting a free Hector from the not-CYL, which I think everyone should be a-ok with even if they already have a copy of him because I doubt Distant Counter will ever drop to 4*.

As for pulls, apparently my bad luck is still going because I decided to try for a unit from the Sacred Stones banner before going into the Legendary banner, but it took me about 130 orbs before I got myself a L'Arachel with +HP -ATK. Pretty shitty IV but I guess it's not -SPD at least. I then put the other ~100 orbs I had into the Legendary banner and only came out with one 5*- Summer Robin, with -HP +RES which is...okay, I guess? Free 50 orbs tomorrow though so I can try for more disappointment.

At the very least I got a handful of interesting 4*s though. I got a -HP +SPD Lilina who I might consider leveling up (the only annoying thing is that I kinda want to give her Raourowl, but for whatever reason that tome is 5*-locked), as well as a -HP +SPD Jeorge. I also got new characters in both Athena and Sothe. I kinda wanted Athena's Wo Dao, but she came as +SPD -RES so I might just have to keep her. Sothe came as -ATK +SPD though so I might sacrifice him for his shiny Life and Death.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 27, 2018, 07:28:25 AM »
I myself beat Lyon with an ultimate Voltron team of Fire Emblem Heroes cheese, by which I mean I used Reinhardt, Nino, Leon and a dancer. Only way to improve (worsen?) it is to have a good Bridal Cordelia in there instead of Leon, but alas, the one I have is -ATK. I tried using Nino + 3 Dancers before that (which works for the majority of the game) but there's a decent number of high-RES enemies in this one including Lyon himself, and even with a charged special Nino couldn't do her best on him.

As for Lyon himself, I don't think his DEF being lower than Sophia's is that big a deal because it's still higher than pretty much every other Red mage (well, except Henry but you don't want to be Henry) and standard Raven builds mean you'll give him skills to compensate for that anyway (plus I think it's better for Sophia to run +ATK than +DEF to secure KOs anyway so Lyon is basically just that). It just really sucks they gave him such a terrible base set. Drive RES is okay but not worth eating a copy of him for, and ATK/RES does compliment him but his stat spread screams triangle adept or distant defense- kinda wish they had given him the latter since they gave Close Defense to Joshua and all.

The weapon update is a pleasant surprise, though F to pay respect is necessary for any fans of these characters who fed them all kinds of weapons, particularly people who gave Kitty Paddle to Felicia. My Raven and Hinoka both still use their native Brave weapons since they already work really well with them, but I welcome giving them new life because both of them fall into the "really good, but are just outclassed" slot. In Hinoka's case Cordelia is basically just her with more speed, and Cherche can do most of what you want Raven to except while flying. Weird that Camilla's not included too, but she's doing pretty well in CYL and she already has like 3 seasonal variants so I guess that balances out somewhat.

Looking forward to the Eggs-sax and Falchion upgrades too. Surprised they didn't separate Chrom and Lucina's upgrades if they were going to separate them at all seeing as how they play completely differently. They should get around to doing the Binding Blade, Sieglinde and Askran starter upgrades before people riot though.

Sets an interesting precedent in any case, I've already said that I would like to see personal skills on every unit if possible if only to make sure every unit always has something unique to offer- hope they don't limit themselves to weapons though, since you still want the generic weapons to have a use.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:51:53 AM »
I wouldn't feel bad about losing out on some chump change feather from not maintaining rank 20 all the time. It's only a bit over 1000 feathers or something, so you get an extra 4* promotion every month or whatever. Regardless it's the only real "meta" in the game at the moment, seeing if you can get a high arena rank. I decided against merging a bunch of Sheenas since I don't want the headache of playing melee armor emblem sans Distant counter, but I did gave my Reinhardt 2 more merges so he's at +8 now (Still neutral ATK so if I merge any more of him it'll have to wait for one of those). We'll see if that gives me the edge needed to get over rank 5000 again- I was like rank 5100 this reset so it probably all depends on the score ranges I roll.

Anyway, new banner...Myrrh looks stupidly broken because she has boosted BST on top of trainee bonus, making her BST close to armor levels. Plus Dragon Emblem is going to become even more ridiculous now. Nowi was already one of the biggest threats in Arena because of the variety of builds she can run and with Hone Dragons she can shoot up to like 45 speed or some shit. Good to see L'Arachel in the game but she seems to be just good but not game changing, so she's a prime candidate for demotion. To be honest I would prefer most units added to the game to get about this treatment rather than the insane power creep that started post Genealogy banner, but gacha's gonna gacha.

The unit I truly don't like as a precedent is this new Eirika though. I think a comment I read said it pretty well- "I like everything about this Eirika except for the fact that she exists". I like Eirika and the artwork is really nice, but it's kind of annoying that we got an alternate version of a popular character instead of the numerous characters they could've added from Sacred Stones. It creates a pretty bad precedent for people waiting for some C-list character to make it in. Also I feel like they kinda copped out with her stat/skill spread too, ensuring her place in the meta as another annoying unit we'll have to check- she's another horse unit with lopsided offensive spread complete with the perfect skills to go with it (Swift Sparrow/Desperation).

Lyon is Sophia with slightly less DEF but with a legendary Raventome. Decent enough, but Sophia's absurdly easy to merge up. Also sidenote- kinda weird how his art appears to just be normal Lyon rather than possessed Lyon since he's using Naglfar. Marisa gets no PRFs and she's a crappier Joshua, so I guess you can say they were faithful to the original game. She'll probably be a free Wo Dao!

Anyway I'll probably hold off on pulling until we get some details on the Legendary banner. Just gotta control myself for 2 days or whatever.

The episode of Star Trek Discovery this week really blew me away. Only wish it was longer because only when it was over did I realize it only ran about 35 minutes. I suppose it's a good thing that they have episodes only last as long as they need to on streaming services like this.

I had my gripes here and there with the first half of the season and I wasn't too keen on the promises of the second half from the first episode, but I really think the show has hit a stride and I can't wait to see where it goes.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 23, 2018, 10:35:26 AM »
Oh yeah, dunno how I forgot about Tobin/Clive. I mean, I guess there's always the possibility they'd just add certain Tempest units onto banners in the future, it wouldn't really be that different from how they add the seal rewards onto the Forge so they don't have to repeatedly introduce them.

Quests for CC/SA today but they're pretty easy, restricted to the early ones as far as I can tell (and even if it was the later ones, you can "solve" those two modes so if you've beaten it once before it's only a matter of figuring it out again). Kinda funny they're forcing everyone to clear the Lunatic mode for Chapter 1&2 though since that's a lot of peoples' favorite place to grind HM in between events. Personally I just go for the Training Tower since Grand Seals actually have a use now.

Anyway more looking forward to tomorrow's reset because we'll probably get info on the new character banner. Place your bets on who's going to show up.

As for CYL2 Electric Boogaloo, I think I'll be splitting my votes between Gonzales and Merlinus. I guess you can say they're throwaway votes but as far as I recall we haven't had a single new FE6 character since the game started outside of Zephiel, so I'm hoping I can up the chances of quasimodo making it in whenever it happens (Niime would be kinda cool too, how many cool witch grandmas do we have in the series?). Merlinus is probably just a meme vote, but I really wonder what they'd do if someone like him won.

So for any of you who ever even thought of getting to top 1k in TT- don't. This is probably the first and last time I'll actually aim for doing this. By the end I did maintain rank 500 or so but it was pretty annoying to stay there and my score was up to about 170k. My rank was dropping at a non-insignificant pace near the end too. A single stamina potion might make you jump several thousand ranks when you're down at rank 20000 or whatever, but by the time you make it to around the top 5k you climb slower and slower and by the end one potion might take you from rank 1500 or 1300 or something like that (I still have a stockpile of like 300 of the damn things though). More importantly if you want a safe bet at holding onto your rank you pretty much have to play up till the daily reset.

This reset I once again dropped below rank 5k on Arena Assault despite getting perfect wins still. I 5*'d a Sheena and I'm pondering if I should upgrade a bunch of her now to merge up to set my Arena score higher. There's not much else I can do to increase my score without magically pulling multiple copies of some good 5*. The best FTP choice for Arena scoring will probably remain Draug/Wendy or Effie/Sheena for the foreseeable future, and I already have one of that trio at 5*+5. It just that it continues to suck using melee armors without Distant Counter when horses run wild. All the buffs they keep giving to armors won't do shit for FTPs if they constantly wall it behind limited time 5* units or PRF weapons on 5* exclusives.

Also since I merged all my Effies it means my Sheena doesn't have access to Wary Fighter at the moment. Though I could make her eat a Zephiel maybe. Hate killing limited units though.

I caught yet more 80s movies in Dragonslayer and The Last Starfighter. Like a lot of similar movies that came out at this time, Dragonslayer's story and characters are basically disposable but the special effects and the dragon itself are just so damn cool to look at. One thing did happen near the end that was kinda surprising, and I imagine it traumatized any kids that watched it back in the 80s. The Last Starfighter wasn't quite as impressive since it's more of a time capsule looking at early use of CGI, but it did have a charm to it, although I wonder if it had come out today if the ending would've been criticized.

Also I watched Contact. It's one of those films I'd think I would've watched sooner given that I gravitate towards fantasy/scifi so much. Anyway I think I might have a new favorite as far as this kind of scifi movie goes. I certainly enjoyed it more than the more recent Interstellar or Arrival at least, and a large part is because the ending doesn't fall too far into the realm of ridiculous movie science. I suppose some might find the dialogue a bit too on the nose towards the end, but I prefer this sort of ending for a scifi movie over the more emotionally satisfying ones the other two aforementioned movies go for.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:35:16 AM »
I'll be happy to be wrong, but I seriously doubt we'll see any rate adjusting anytime soon, especially not on the anniversary with 3 major banners dropping soon to drain our orbs (New SS probably, legendary, and probably-valentines for February event).

I was planning on saving for the legendary banner but I might once again get baited by new characters. Lyon for free will be nice (red tome I'm guessing, given Raigh's place). I'll agree the tt will probably give more Joshua since its probably a bad idea to set a precedent of more than one potential Tempest reward character per game unless they start running micro TTs or something. Good luck getting extra copies of whoever ends up being Thracia's TT character (bets are on Eyvel so she won't overlap Leif's red slot on the banner when it comes).

Anyway I'm confident we'll be getting L'arachel and Myrrh on the banner. Guessing the third will be Marisa or Cormag.

I somewhat hope the new CYL will remove previous winners myself, although that wouldn't stop us from having a chance at a 15th Event Camilla or whatever. Reinhardt and Bartre are our local memes now but I don't know if that can overcome regular old popularity.

Also I'm going a bit nuts with my Hero Merit grinding this tt since I have a full team of bonus units. I might actually make it into the top 1000 if I keep it up. Totally worth that extra 4* promotion.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:04:01 AM »
I also got my shiny QR seal and immediately upgraded it. Honestly as nice as it is to have it I doubt Subaki will lose much value as QR fodder, too many units benefit from QR for constantly shifting the seal around to be a viable option (even putting aside general laziness and hating needing to micromanage seals all the time). Just amongst the 5*s I have I think like 10 units who would make good use of the skill, and probably at least half of them would make good use of the lower HP threshold on QR3.

For now I'll probably stick it on New Year Corn to make him useful through the Tempest. If I ever bother building him I'll probably make him into a Bonfire/Ignis tank like Leon is intended to be, but since the Leon I have ate a Klein it's not like it'd be redundant for me.

Also interesting new banner. I hope in the future they refine the idea and instead make a banner without 5*s and only 4* focuses, but at a cheaper orb cost. Nevertheless I dropped 15 orbs into it and came out with 4* Frederick, 4* Reinhardt (-ATK of course), 3* Wrys, 3* Subaki, and a surprise 5* Laslow. A random 5* is nice even though he sucks, but I got the few Focus units I didn't really want. Would've liked Roy/Hinata/Abel/Barst/Fae/Klein for their skills, or Oscar because I still haven't pulled him once.

Honestly I don't even know why Laslow and Rebecca are even on this banner. Silver Weapons suck, nobody cares about Axebreaker and Darting Blow is one of those skills you only use if you nothing else but a flood of Florinas.

Oh well, I might drop more orbs on this banner if whatever comes on the anniversary is uninteresting (though I doubt they won't go crazy and give us OP Brave versions of Marth and Hector or something).

Never noticed that. You'd think they'd also make it accessible via the generic setting menu. Anyway there hasn't been a twitch announcement since I changed my settings, but it'll probably do the trick. Thanks.

One downside of Discord is that if you're busy on a day everyone happens to have a good conversation, you can't make that perfect quip you've been saving up hours later like on the boards.

Also minor thing, but is it possible to change the way streams are announced? Even if I mute the channel it will still give me notifications because the function ignores anything that mentions you specifically, and apparently that includes the @Everyone.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:53:00 AM »
I've been playing around with Alfonse with Brashperation ever since I upgraded the seal, and it's nice to have him at least pull his weight as well as Sharena or Anna when he comes up in Arena, instead of just being a score stick. The only annoying thing is like how with so many other seals, there's like 5 other common units who have it as their only viable build and only one of them can use it at once.

And yeah, Corrin is probably the weakest of the New Years units. He's basically just a +DEF Leon with a crappier bow. I might just eat that 4* copy of him for that shiny Spur DEF/RES though, it'd probably fit in nicely on the Mae/Boey tag team I'm thinking of making.

I really don't care about optimum builds that much since I don't whale for that kind of nonsense (or at all for that matter). Besides, the real reason is to have another Dragon to throw at those fucking AA Bowlins because two isn't enough.

Oh yeah, I hear you on that. Lucky enough to have one BIke here and I'm not going to sacrifice him. The annoying thing is that so many of the tanky builds people come up with basically require Steady Breath to work properly. But apparently Adult Tiki's statline is basically right on that line to make her a perfect Ballin' counter if that's all you want her to do. If you go -HP +ATK all you'll need is DEF+ Lightning Breath, DEF+3 from Stahl and QR1 to make her survive and kill basically any Lyn. I plugged in the numbers and apparently it still works on a Honed +10 BLyn as long as she's not +ATK, and that's assuming Tiki's getting no buffs of her own. Guess I should upgrade her and Fae and make my own Dragon Emblem.

EDIT: Also apparently Quick Riposte stacks with itself, meaning Hector can run Wary Fighter with the seal and have essentially everything-breaker if you try to attack him. That'll be fun.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:41:20 AM »
The madmen actually gave us a QR seal. I bet Armads will get some kind of upgrade next time they add more reforges since everyone can run his signature combo now. I've so far avoided promoting any Subakis to 5* so it's nice to have my misering rewarded. Now they just need to add Distant Counter, Steady Breath and Fury seals (the final one just so people can run a Triple-Fury Eldigan who takes 18 damage after battle). It's just that as always, it sucks to have to constantly shift seals around so you can only ever have one guy carrying the QR seal.

Promoting Adult Tiki would certainly go well with the QR seal, but personally I've had a -SPD +DEF one (Personally I think if you have the option you should just dump SPD on her since its unsalvageable anyway) at 4* for a while, and while she does her designated role really well, I've never felt the need to promote her because people just don't run axes that much, mostly one of Hector, Amelia or BIke, and you don't need such a dedicated unit like Tiki to take them out. Her weakness to Nino's brute force and Naga kinda limits her ability as a team Red too. That and her optimum build really wants you to stick Steady Breath on her so she can spam Aether or some other long charge move.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:50:38 AM »
Yeah, the GHB was pretty easy. The trenches actually made things easier for me because it meant the enemy cavalry unit jammed up the intersection which allowed me to either funnel enemies and kill them one by one, or just bait them across the wall.

As for Seth, like I said I think Ruby Sword is a terrible fit for him, as is Fortress Defense. I think TA is best used on either units with decent mixed defenses to ensure they can solidly counter their WTA, or on support units to buoy up their otherwise unremarkable combat (ie almost all dancers). Seth has balanced stats all around except RES, so I think he probably works best with a Slaying Edge or Wo Dao. Of course that would require that I waste 20k feathers promoting a Fir or something, plus it feels weird to have Seth holding one of those. If I wanted pure aesthetics I'd give him a Silver Sword to go with that title of his, but Silver weapons are crappy in this game. I guess until they add some more suitable weapon to the game he can help kill Hectors in Arena Assault or something.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 13, 2018, 09:10:33 AM »
In a first, the reward unit from the t_t is one of the 40%s. They should just do this every time! I also have a ton of the other bonus units so I'll probably have a fun time stomping all over it. I'd promote one of my Sakuras if I didn't have laughable IVs on both the ones I have.

My roll on the Radiant Dawn banner gave me 1 Red and 4 Greens because fuck me I guess. The universe balanced out that crap by giving me a 5* Seth as my free pull. Already had him at 4* and he's going to get lost in the sea of much better sword units I have, but I like Seth so I guess it's nice to have him around. Just sucks that he comes with a non-reforgable weapon that doesn't synergize with him at all (and he looks dorky holding it).

Followed that up with a pull from the Tempest banner giving me no blues to pull for HInoka, so I pulled a red and got a 3* Selena. Reposition is always nice.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:53:41 PM »
Yeah, staves are actually really good now, at least at 5* (they're easily the biggest performance difference between 4* and 5* in the game), and Lucius is one of the best since he has a really good stat spread from dumping DEF to specialize. Lachesis just sucks though, yeah.

In pure stat terms I'd say Oliver is actually a lot better than Micaiah though. He has 3 less ATK and 1 less RES in exchange for 7 HP and 5 DEF. He also has 8 less SPD but Micaiah's in that awkward SPD range where she can't even really invest in it to avoid doubles from the fast units (Unlike Julia/Deirdre Micaiah doesn't negate horsebuffs either, so she can't screw them over there).

I'd argue Oliver's the best new infantry Raven user, because he doesn't die to magic like Robin does and can actually do damage unlike Odin. Bonus points for there not being an blue tome armor to completely outclass him like how Tharja screwed over Sophia and Henry screwed over...well actually there wasn't really a good balanced defenses Gronnraven user anyway. The problem of course, is that Oliver's base set is awful. Attack Ploy is okay, but Silver-type weapons are basically all useless and Mirror Strike would be niche even if Oliver wasn't built for enemy phase.

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