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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:19:56 AM »
All 3 new seals are absurdly good. Iote's Shield is self-explanatory, and it makes flying mages even worse than they already were. Yet again Arena Assault gets worse because you can't just cheese them with some random Gordin you have sitting around anymore. Tanky fliers like Michalis, Beruka and Subaki will be able to laugh off archers too (Subaki in particular can now play around with Berkut's Lance to patch up his RES if he wants for a mixed tank build).

Sharena could run a triple debuff build, but I've already put Threaten SPD on her C slot so I guess I could instead stick it on Raven, who already has Threaten DEF.

With Heavy Blade as a  Sacred Seal I guess I could just make all my Ikes eat each other now, though I dunno if I should leave one of them sitting around in case some weird build calls for it.

Anyway I promoted one of my 3* Fredericks to 4*. Apparently I had a -HP +ATK one just sitting around. I fed him a variety of skills, most notably Brave Axe, Reposition and Drag Back, so he's doing pretty nicely with a cheapo build.

This TT is pretty awful though, especially since I'm forced to use an armor (preferably 2 so Armor March goes off). With Masked Lucina as my healer it means I'm not running any 2-range units, and this wastes a lot of turns on the final map as well as the one where the enemies start in a fort.

Honestly though, more copies of Masked Marth isn't so bad, I think I prefer her over Tobin, who's still mediocre, or Clive, who's an okay physical tank but is completely outclassed by Camus and now Berkut. More copies of BK or Joshua would be nice but I doubt we'll get them anytime soon.

And we have out second Legendary Hero coming, and it's Fjorm's oneechan as expected, although it bothers the hell out of my OCD that she's a princess of an Ice Kingdom wielding an Ice tome and special but is considered our Wind hero (Yeah I know Blizzard has been a Wind tome before, but still). That B-slot skill on her is just absurd, there's no HP or positional requirements at all and it's likely your lowest-DEF unit will be your high-RES counter for Reinhardt, and we all know we're just going to be seeing a team of her alongside Reinhardt and Lyn everywhere (especially if we get one of her for free...but the trailer seems to indicate otherwise).

The rest of the banner is...actually kinda underwhelming. 8% is nice, but we have lots of good units but not any "great" ones IMO. I'll probably still dump my orbs though, if only for a chance at some seasonal units I don't own (or maybe even a better Spring Chrom).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:05:59 AM »
Since ISIS decided to be dicks about the bonus units, I put about 50 orbs into the Christmas banner before I came out with a 5* Christmas Robin with -HP +DEF. Might've preferred Tharja for that broken ass B skill she has, but finally having an Armor Marcher is nice too, despite already having a +6 Effie to fill the blue armor slot. Didn't get much in fodder, most notably I got another Reinhardt, Tailtiu and Caeda, but they were all +HP.

Afterwards I took my free pull of the Weapons banner which gave me 3* Draug, and my free pull of the Tempest Banner which gave me...5* Ike. Feels like a waste of luck for me personally. Ike's a great unit and all, but sword is a ridiculously crowded unit type and I barely use the Ike I have. I still haven't done anything with that extra Ike I got from the Legendary banner so now I just have 3 Ikes sitting around. It'd be fun to play around and give Heavy Blade to a high ATK unit like Lilina or something, but I just know the instant I do that they'll release some other Heavy Blade unit who will get demoted to 4*.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 18, 2017, 06:01:55 AM »
I'm really not a fan of the massive BSTs these new units have on top of their ridiculous power creeped skills, coming right off the weapon refining update which you'd think was intended to balance out some of the power creep that had been going on. At this rate they're going to have to introduce some way to boost the BSTs of the older units (I still doubt a 6* rank is coming, so the simplest way I can think of is allowing older units to be merged beyond +10).

Also I hear the next TT is going to have these limited units as the bonus units, which would be pretty shitty, but I won't put it past them, so I'll save my free roll until we hear a bit more.

In concept, I actually think all the prequels had some good ideas on the table. But I'd also say that about Star Trek V. Or Batman v Superman.

If there's one thing that lets me know not to take someone's opinion on the movie seriously, it's if they claim the prequels were in any way better. They completely dwarf the sequel trilogy in terms of annoying flaws and just plain failure at basic storytelling and character conception.

I liked the main plot thread with the Force users well enough. It had some neat subversions but one in particular I'm still not sure of.

(Ultra Mega Spoilers below, read at your own risk)

Spoiler: show
Snoke being out of the game so early in the plot is somewhat shocking (Though they made it a bit too predictable 5 seconds prior with Rey's lightsaber rotating- I get that it was to preserve continuity in the scene but I feel it kinda ruined what was meant to be a big plot twist. If they didn't have that shot it wouldn't be that hard to figure out what happened. Or, hell, a more subtle lightsaber rotating in a wide shot of Snoke instead of that close-up would've worked too) but it seems like something of a mistake. I really liked Kylo Ren as the enforcer villain and I found him compelling, but I don't feel he'll work as the main villain at all. Part of the reason he worked for me was precisely that he was not the main villain, because Snoke filling the role of being the real menace freed up Kylo Ren to be a more pitiful character.

I guess I'll see what they do with it though.

Didn't really like the Finn/Rose side plot.

Spoiler: show
I kinda get what they were trying to do with how it ended up, but I thought it really dragged the movie down. It somewhat ended up like a "had to give them something to do" plot. Wouldn't be a problem if it was interesting on its own, but I didn't find the casino planet interesting at all. I also didn't really get a good feel of Rose's character. Personality-wise she felt kinda bland, I don't feel her presence helped develop Finn, and her actions at the end of the movie just made her seem really short-sighted and dumb.

The romance angle felt really tacked-on too. I didn't really feel like they bonded during the scenes on the planet at all, Rose just dumped some backstory on Finn.

Also I really, really, dislike the Disney-Marvel style of comic relief here. Some of it did work okay when it felt like it was something the character might otherwise say, but other times it just deflated all the drama. Comic relief was in all the films too, but in the good ones they felt like they flowed naturally from the dialogue and the characters instead of obvious jokes that completely ruin the tone.

Can't do worse than Jar Jar Binks I suppose, though the mid-section of the movie did have the headscratching inclusion of some CGI abominations that were oddly reminiscent of some special edition changes/the prequels.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 16, 2017, 08:33:31 AM »
Well, do keep in mind that if you average everything out you get like 1 focus unit per 120 orbs or something similar, so if luck's not on your side you could dump everything and have nothing to show for it.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:51:08 PM »
There's supposedly a banner with a Legendary Hero coming at the end of the month (might just be Fjorm again though), so I might save for that, though hopefully news of that will come before the Christmas banner ends. The flood of armor units is one thing, but I'm not crazy about those insanely broken B slot skills. I guess armor units did need a boost of some kind but that's probably too much, especially with the options that weapon refining opened. That and these units being limited.

A really popular build on lance units now is a refined Berkut's Lance which makes Effie really bulky (to say nothing of Wendy- the build works really well on Oboro and Donnel too, since most of them get +4 on a RES boon). The prize pull here is Tharja I'd say, because with that B slot, DC, Berkut's Lance and probably an Aether special it functions very similar to Brave Ike except able to get both the special charge acceleration and distant counter in the same build.

Also my free pull from Tana/Amelia BHB was 3* Nino.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Pokemon
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:25:39 AM »
Double post, but it's been a month so why not, and I assume anybody who was going to get the game probably already has it.

Even though I wasn't terribly interested in it, I got Ultra Moon basically for free after my brother bought a two-pack. I'm a big enough cheapo to appreciate a free game, that's for sure.

Played the game a bit over the last few weeks it's been out, and I finished the game's main story. This time I decided to go with a Frankenstein's monster of a team which is different from my usual OCD method of only using Pokemon new to the gen. Endgame team was Ninetales-A, Dhelmise, Volcarona, Mantine, Magnezone and Tyrantrum. Volcarona ended up being way more overleveled than the other team members because I wanted it to evolve before I finished the game, which it did literally at the doorsteps of the Pokemon League. Wasn't sure what they were thinking when they made it evolve at level 59 until it started killing everything.

MVP of the playthrough was the Magnemite line though, it was available early and was just consistently useful. Disappointment of the playthrough was once again the Ice type. I even went and bred Snow Warning, Freeze-Dry and Moonblast on the thing but it was mainly useful for looking really pretty, which it does quite well. It did eat a couple Dragon/Flying/Dark types at the end though so it did something at least.

Some general thoughts on the game:

The Good
-Expanded Pokedex and Move Tutors are per usual third version content gating tactics
-They fixed some of the annoying things about using Poke-Pelago
-Mina's trial was a nice prelude to the Pokemon League
-They didn't need to do it, but Victory Road is actually a dungeon this time
-The new minigames are actually kinda fun, but they do get old pretty quick

The Bad
-When they marketed the game as having "twice the story", what they really meant was that they added a couple lines and made a few pretty hallway areas (I'd probably enjoy a whole game set in Ultra Megalopolis to be honest). The story changes even derail Lusamine's character somewhat. The story's like 90% the same really.
-No new Alolan Forms
-Personally I'm kinda disappointed they only remixed the normal battle and normal trainer of the battle themes

The Irritating
-Roto-Loto is just a crappier and less wieldy version of O-Powers
-Rotomdex never shuts up while having text scroll annoyingly slowly (this is probably the most worst thing in the whole game, let me use the minimap already)

Also I changed the title of the thread. A new Pokemon comes out almost every year so might as well just have a dedicated thread to it I figure.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:05:52 AM »
Annoying to miss out on every single victory feather, but more annoying to see Tharja win again.

Whatever the case it doesn't seem like there's going to be a lot going on until the end of the month. A few maps here and there which are just elaborate ways to give us free orbs pretty much. Well, so far the ones today seem decently challenging at least. After I do these I'll have pretty much nothing to spend stamina on at this point. I promoted another Nino to 5* so I could have another unit to level up. This one's +SPD -DEF as opposed to the -HP one I already had, and I'll probably keep the new one because those 3 points of HP will probably allow her to just barely survive Reinhardt.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:48:36 AM »
More games for consoles I don't own! Nadia is indeed the surprise pick (while simultaneously being kind of a "huh, you'd think it would've been in sooner" like Yamato was).

It's been building for a while but I realize that since I don't watch a lot of mecha anime anymore I basically don't have a clue what the new entries are at this point. For Z I had either never watched or never heard of Orguss, Aquarion, Daiguard, or Dancougar Nova (though to be fair on that last one I've never watched the original Dancougar either).

Well, this time G in Reconguista I know, but dropped after like 4 episodes (still on the backburner), Wataru is just the obligatory new 80s entry (feels like they'll never run out of those), I've never watched Cross Ange after hearing about some of the stupid scenes in the show, and I've never even heard of Buddy Complex.

All the new Mazingers are basically manga-only since as far as I know, Mazinger Z: The Impact did really poorly (A shame since I always like the modern take on 80s designs). Last animated Getter Robo was nearly 15 years ago too.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:16:34 PM »
I spent something like 8 hours last night putting mods on (and then debugging) Morrowind.  I don't even really like the Elder Scrolls but I got the crazy eyes to see what all I could improve about it and then all of the sudden it was 5 am.

The truest Elder Scrolls experience is spending 10 hours researching all the best mods, 2 hours installing them, 100 hours debugging and figuring out the load order, then playing 5 minutes and getting bored.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:52:58 AM »
Sucks to not have gotten any victory feathers yet, but it's nice to be out of Faye's team since aside from her being an awful character, she's also a god awful unit and I had a hard time winning matches using both her and some trash unit sent to me . Had to completely rely on the friends list characters pretty much.

Anyway I'm on Team Sigurd for the last stretch. I have his HM maxed already but I think I'll actually support a character I like for once over feather mercing.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Etrian Odyssey V
« on: December 08, 2017, 09:45:00 AM »
I got the game and I'll probably start playing it after I finish Pokemon Ultra Moon. I did get started in the Demo and made a team of Dragoon, Harbinger, Warlock, Masurao and Shaman. It's the first time I'm running without the designated healing class (Botanist in this case). Shaman kinda heals but at least as far as I've gotten, it's not that great at it being that it's a mixed class.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:53:49 AM »
I switched to Faye myself for more feathers and HM. I have plenty of feathers but I'm always interested in building random 4*s I've pulled, assuming I ever pull a halfway decent IV on one. For now I've dumped a bunch of them to merge my Reinhardt up to +6.

Also my free pull of the new weapons banner was a 4* Odin.

EDIT: I have a bad habit of hoarding limited resources in RPGs, but seeing Aeolus spend his helps convice me to start spending some of my own coins and pebbles.

For seals I got myself Close Defense 3 and Brash Assault 3. Still have over 400 left over, and I'm eyeing the Savage Blow seal a little bit but I don't have all the resources to put it to use yet (I want to put it on a +SPD Clarine).

Pebbles went to Ninian, Mae, and Priscilla, the former two getting +SPD of course. Ninian now sits at base 36 speed, and that's without a SPD boon or any A slot skill. Mae only has 33 SPD now, even with Fury, but mine has a speed bane, so if I draw a better Mae sometime I can instantly bump her up to like 40 SPD. These 3 weapons gave me enough of the Divine Jugdral Shota to set Eliwood's sword on fire. Now I just have to pull an Eliwood with a good IV set (mine's Neutral, and not sure if I want +ATK to capitalize on the heavy blade effect or +SPD to patch up his mediocre speed).

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