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« on: July 09, 2011, 11:35:20 AM »
For anyone who is into mystery/supernatural stuff I just started watching Gosick and let me tell you........ it is freakin' awesome!!

I am not going to bother going into great depth about the specifics of the series, lots of reviews and whatnot cover that stuff extensively, but rather just touch upon why I am recomending this.... The pacing of the plot and storytelling hooks you from the door with this one, with a carefully reserved sprinkle of well placed comic relief to keep you entertained as well as intrigued. The main cast to which I have been introduced so far are all very "watchable" with no terrible "annoyance factors" to contend with. And its one of those series that maintains a playful nature while retaining a mature theme without your a-typical-cheapo-mature-rating-stuff (hardcore blood and guts, pantyshots, et cetera.....) Best of all it is intellectually cool while remaining very easy to follow.

If death note tickled your fancy, you appreciate "solving mystery/Sherlock Holmes" stuff or just want an aesthetic anime without the blood, guts and robots, this is totally worth checking out.

I will update my impression after finishing the series.
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