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Looking for Group
« on: July 15, 2015, 02:33:38 PM »
So I am not sure where to put this, but since I have decided for this to be more than me just looking for players General seemed a good spot.

First-I am looking for players for an online game of D&D, Pathfinder, or some form of D20 good times. I want to use because it seems to be the most versatile, yet easiest interface to use. If you are interested PM me and we can discuss stuff.

Second-I want to hear about peoples experiences doing tabletop gaming. Whether it's good, bad or ugly, I want to hear your stories.

I used to play a lot of D&D. I played with my brother, who I do not get along with all that well at the time, and a few of his friends, who through the game have become my friends at least moderately. One of these friends, Jon, is DMing. I am playing a halfling rogue that likes to play pranks on people. One day I ended up playing a practical joke on the fighter, paladin, and wizard where I tied their legs together with a spider silk rope while they slept. I managed a nat 20 on the stealth check so they had no idea I did it. They all did terribly on the perception check and didn't even realize it...until the paladin tried to get up and ended up falling, pulling the wizard from his bed, and breaking the fighters ankle when it got yanked and smashed against the bedpost (rolling a 1 sucks for him). The fighter was my brother and he got all sorts of pissed outside of the game and punched me. The DM was annoyed by his meta reaction but continued to play.

A week goes by and my brother just will not let it go. In game or out. He is being a real ass. So the DM had a fiery mountain fall and crush my brothers fighter. He was no longer pissed at me and it took a long while for him to play in another game.
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Re: Looking for Group
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 12:53:03 AM »
I am in three games of D&D right now and (obviously) enjoy it quite a bit.  I play one game with my wife and my housemate and two other friends that has been going on for a year following the conclusion of our almost 2 year Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. This is a D&D 3.5 campaign and is the most story heavy.  I play an Orc (statwise a half orc, but in a world where orcs are more druid-y and not really dumb and savage) duskblade, currently at level 20.

I'm also playing a game with my wife and her friends that started in 4th edition and has since moved to 5th where I am playing a level 5 human Storm Sorcerer.  This is the most dungeon-crawly campaign, and story wise it's modern and post-apocalyptic and I am really enjoying that setting along with the 5th edition rules.  I personally do not like 4th edition and was probably the driving force behind the switch to 5th, but so far it seems to have gone very smoothly and everyone seems to be enjoying the new mechanics.

The last game I'm in is a straight from-the-books adventure in 5th edition: Tyranny of Dragons, that I'm in with friends from college.  I am playing a level 4 Rogue that is going to multiclass into a Warlock, and he is basically a con artist.  This is definitely the silliest game I'm in, and I'm pretty sure none of the party members are good (mostly neutral, one evil) so we get into sometimes hilarious shenanigans.

I've never played any long campaigns online, though, as all of these are done in-person, which I think I'd definitely prefer.  The downside is that it is pretty time intensive being in three campaigns (two of which are bi-weekly and one which is weekly) as it means I usually have to reserve two evenings a week for roleplaying.  I still think it's worth it, though, and it lets me stay current with a bunch of different friends that I otherwise wouldn't see as often.


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Re: Looking for Group
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2015, 02:59:59 AM »
The downside is that it is pretty time intensive being in three campaigns (two of which are bi-weekly and one which is weekly) as it means I usually have to reserve two evenings a week for roleplaying.

Yeah, I was wondering, since I have a hard enough time staying committed to one and an half!

I've been playing with the same group largely for four years now, and we've done most of one campaign, that I joined midway. We've had some stops and starts since then with trying to nail down a new core group and having odd scenarios preventing things from moving forward. We've started a new 3.5 game from the Sunless Citadel collection of books, and it's going all right so far. We'll see where it goes. This group is very invested in role-playing, which I've always enjoyed. My DM is a great storyteller, and is very committed to immersing his players as much as possible, which has kept me with the group for so long. Everyone else's commitment to that immersion has helped, too. I'm rocking a Lv. 4 whisper gnome wizard. I've never done the wizard-thing, so it's a fun new task. In the past, I've tended towards rangers, but I mixed it up with this group. In the last campaign, I had an human bard, and he was pretty rockin'. Both literally and figuratively. I miss being a charismatic wonder *sigh*

As far as online play goes, I've not done it yet. I'm intrigued by it, but I know I'd have a hard time committing to it at this point in my life. My focus is demanded too much elsewhere, really. I've had a hard time just playing tabletop games and such with friends that I used to see on a weekly basis a year ago! It's crazy! I want my Twilight Imperium time back, dangit!

At any rate, I like D&D a lot. I've also recently had the pleasure of trying out the new FATE: Core system and I really want to play more with that. The new Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG system has a very FATE feel to it's mechanics as well, and I'm jonesing to run an adventure in that sweet, sweet galaxy far, far away. Another RPG I've done, that's purely storytelling, is Fiasco, and it's a riot if you're quick with a bit of improvising and fleshing out ridiculous characters/stories. Check it out for a night of storytelling. Since playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Shadowrun Returns, I really want to try an adventure in Shadowrun as well. I'm curious if anyone here has! I'd like to hear about it!
Just Greg, thanks.