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Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: March 04, 2016, 01:09:13 PM »
I personally would have liked SO3 much better if there wasn't so much damn backtracking and repetitiveness. The excellent battle system helped me to see it through.

Probably would have made my top 10 JRPG list if it wasn't for the awful ending.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:42:18 PM »
Gundam 21
I don't think I've ever seen so many death flags in one single episode.
Hmm I'm a week behind since I am watching on Crunchyroll, but I have a few suspicions on who might have death flags set...or it might be more accurate to say I have a few suspicions on who doesn't have death flags set since this season finale is feeling like it is going to be a massacre. Top of my casualty list is the Hammerhead and Brother...not completely sure how that is going to happen though since the main battle will presumably be taking place on Earth. >.>

I'm starting to sour on the show a bit. Granted its still good but it could have been great. I know that you have to expect that almost every conflict will be settled with the Gundam swooping in to save that day, because the show is called well you know Gundam. However watching the early episodes I thought the writers were going to put a twist on this with the AV-system. Like for example when you are jacked in to the AV system too much you'll A: kick unholy amounts of ass B: slowly transform into an uncontrollable insane killing machine and C: that even a nasty piece of work like Gallahorn won't subject their soldiers to it. Which could have made Orga make hard decisions like accomplishing Tekkadan's goals vs. losing the sanity of his best friend. But they are going the complete other direction and making Mika more and more grounded and thoughtful. If that's the case and the only side effect is a nosebleed then hell why isn't everybody using it? After all its old, probably cheap tech and they wouldn't have to even train pilots. 

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: March 03, 2016, 10:39:47 PM »

Following the recommendation of a friend, I watched the first episode of Psycho Pass. I like the potential of the concept but I find the world the show set up to be really unbelievable. That plus the ending of the episode didn't help, I couldn't buy this girl was doing what she was doing considering the kind of world set up and the kind of background she has. I'll probably try a few more episodes to see if the show sticks for me since it wouldn't really be fair to drop so fast- 20 minutes is not a lot of time to set up as much as they did.

Nice animation though.

Try Texhonlyze. Yes its an older anime but it looks like it was made yesterday.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Valkyria: Azure Revolution
« on: March 02, 2016, 08:40:57 PM »
Wild ARMs really wasn't revolutionary. The big thing it had going for it was its Western theme (especially since it actually stuck to it for the first couple of games, unlike another series that wanted to do a different genre but lacked the balls to go through with it that shall remain nameless) and a few other specific features like puzzle solving dungeon items.

That said, a JRPG taking a non-Generic Fantasy Anime theme alone was worth the price of admission in those days, and the games are still fondly remembered because they didn't bail on it. Hell, a lot of classic JRPGs were ones that did away with the Generic Fantasy Anime shtick. Earthbound, Illusion of Gaia/Time, Terranigma, Xenogears, Phantasy Stars 1-4, Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Parasite Eves 1 & 2, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy Tactics (not the Advance games), Chrono Trigger/Cross, Megaman Legends, Suikoden and many more.

Parasite Eve had one amazing OST

Ditto Illusion Gaia

Ah screw it, there are so many good games there I would just end up doing this forever. Anyway, they're still worth the price of admission to be honest, more or less... many people have just never really played them the first time around.

By the way on the "many more" I'd definitely like to include Breath of Fire series because wow, Breath of Fire.

I like Parasite Eve a hell of a lot but it came out a generation too early. HEAR THAT SQUEEEENIX THIS IS THE GAME YOU SHOULD REMAKE.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:38:40 PM »
I really gotta watch Shingeki no Bahamut.  Watched the first ep, loved it and didn't keep on.

Sort of side stepping that, but i never saw this pretty cool/convincing theory about the EVA rebuild series.  Apparently they're not a remake, but a continuation.  I definitely didn't catch on...

IMO GiggUK's EvAbridged is better than any of the Eva movies. The voice acting and writing is just incredible.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: TV shows axed too soon
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:28:58 PM »
"X-Files is coming back, but unfortunately only as a six-episode mini-series."
*proceeds to end the series in the middle of an episode*

Not even a proper cliffhanger, just... gets to the climax of the episode and ends.

supposedly there was always a plan to have multiple seasons with 2 of the episodes being story/canon and the other 4 being monster of the week

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:00:28 PM »
Alright everyone, I'm done screwing around with this game.  Time for me to focus on Affinity and Story.  80 hours is too much to only be halfway to the end of the game.

I'm at 115 hours and only finished Chapter 7. All my characters finally have 2-2.5 affinity hearts. I don't think this game actually ends.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X
« on: February 25, 2016, 12:30:04 AM »

Slightly OT but this is another one of superamazing Kajiura

This site sells some of her soundtracks, and a bunch of VG stuff for around $6 (licenced cds). I picked up all 5 discs of Tsubasa for about $35.

Kajiura is more famous now for Madoka, Fate et al but her work from 2000-08 is just insane.
.hack Kite series
Pandora Hearts
El Crazador
My Hime

check out this concert if you like her stuff

Single-Player RPGs / Re: New 3DS Fire Emblem Fates
« on: February 24, 2016, 04:09:29 PM »
^ Most intriguing.

I only just unlocked My Castle this morning.  I didn't want to let this game prematurely suck me away from Xenoblade, but.... alas, that does appear to be happening.

I'm having the same problem

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: February 22, 2016, 08:38:16 PM »

6. The Twelve Kingdoms - the best of the 1990-early 00s high school girl whisked to another world series. Great story and setting. Similar to Kingdom but better.

Found an AMV that was pretty fun for that one.

Edit: Oh and hi anime thread, not sure if I'm necessarily posting in here a bunch but I guess it's too late to stop the first one now.

That one is pretty good.

Binged Devil is a Part-timer this weekend. Turned out to be similar to Noragami, only with better characters and more emphasis on comedy. I wasn't expecting to like it but I enjoyed it a hell of a lot.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Final General Fantasy Discussion Thread
« on: February 22, 2016, 07:35:35 PM »
So random story, I was thinking about how honestly don't even own FF7. The first FF I played was I guess 6, and then 4 right after that, and I got 8 and 9 and was like wow these are quite fun. For 7, between basically slowly progressing though it at friend's house over a long period of time when they didn't want to play it and stuff like that I basically played the entire game, but that was enough..

I mean and it's not anti-FF7, it's fine and all, but... yeah, between FF: Tactics, or other mainline FFs, or whatever.. just never actually got a personal copy :P

Speaking of topics where commentary and experience collide, I did see Spirits Within and while mostly disappointed was also kind of entertained at the same time. I realize it wasn't really "Final Fantasy," but it was still kinda fun overall, certainly didn't not work, just.. kinda worked.

I noticed it was an easter egg kind of thing in Life is Strange which was kinda nice. ^_^

The animation for the FF movie was great for the time. It was OK but also instantly forgetable. They just messed up big time trying to make a FF movie as its popularity was way off its peak by the time it came out (wouldn't have even done well in 1997 either). If they did say Terminator 3 as their 1st movie and maybe stuck to doing sci-fi movie sequals they'd still be around today and probably doing Dreamworks/Marvel contract stuff.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Valkyria: Azure Revolution
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:45:34 AM »
Finally watched a gameplay trailer and uh wish I didn't. Kind of reminds me of the time people were clamoring for a new Shining Force for years and then Sega fed us Shining Force: Neo.

My only hope is that the graphics look good and you could probably build an actual VC game out of its engine.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:56:50 AM »
I am very surprised that someone's favorite game ever is Xenosaga 1.  0___0

Xenosaga is a pretty amazing series to be honest.

3 was a little bit off though. I'm not one of those fans that knows all the details but I read somewhere that there was some kind of development thing (like it wasn't really made by the same Xeno people or something)

I'd give XS2 around a 6/10. It was OK, mainly becasue of the Kajiura tracks and that Jr was my fav character. Also the story wasn't completely butchered by the end of the game. I hated the changes to the VAs (Valley girl Shion!) plus the dungeon/not-Kajura tracks made my ears bleed.

With the exception of this song XS3 was an abomination.

I have no idea what the hell T-elos was for. Every antagonist's motivation became "I want to kiil you to prove I exist" and Shion X Allen at the end? Really?

Ouch! But yeah Xenosaga 3 I mean it just had a lot of weird things like you are stranded on Miltia for legitimately like half the game just kind of ferrying back and forth at one point. I mean I'm glad they provided closure but yikes in general.

Although as far as the OST goes while Godsibb is super amazing there were others that were pretty cool such as

X2 by comparison really kept like the soul of Xenosaga going forward. I remember reading fan disappointment at the time so I can understand your 6/10 but honestly like I was thinking about it recently and in many ways Xenosaga 2 probably improved on some elements of 1. I wouldn't say Xenosaga 1 was easy but X2 was oftentimes a sturdy challenge.

As far as the OST goes, I think it's like.. but yeah like totally the non-Yuki tracks were sort of like whoa! I was like where did Mitsuda go??

What I realized recently though is that the Yuki Kajiura tracks from X2 are some of the BEST Kajiura music like anywhere, which is already a super lofty standard, like this song.

So like the super extreme highs of X2 crossed out some super lows and made it pretty solid. I can't help but think it was the most experimental game in the entire Xeno series at this point.

There were some great songs on X2. The image/trailer theme. My god I must have watched trailer 500 times.

Also Jr's theme

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:36:55 AM »
XS3 is on my List, since I got a copy (and a PS2!) gifted to me.  I'm wondering what kind of experience I can expect from it...

Play 1-2 first. I think they are pretty cheap. Or if you have no means to do that just watch the story on the youtubes. A lot of people like XS3, they did correct some of the mistakes of 2 (the VAs from 1 came back, the gameplay was a bit better). The story was just an absolute mess.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: New 3DS Fire Emblem Fates
« on: February 19, 2016, 02:26:32 PM »
Never understood why sub/dub is such a big deal.

For anime about 90% of the time the sub is better and sometimes a bad dub can ruin a series. However for video games I perfer the dub. Dubs in VGs have much bigger budgets compared to anime (I think) and are a lot more professional. Still having a sub would be a nice perk. Maybe releasing it as a DLC for a couple bucks/free with say a pre-order would be a nice option (licence fees for Japanese VAs aren't cheap).

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