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General Discussions / Re: Completion List 2017
« Last post by Frostillicus on Today at 12:02:13 AM »
1) Lego Marvel Super Heroes
2) Tales o Graces f
3) Tales o' Xillia

4) Infamous 2 - Played the shit out of this. Needed it after playing 2 Tales games in a row.
Went out the good guy way and made the sacrifice. Overall, not a bad game.  As I said before, it's pretty much Infamous 1.5, but that's not a bad thing if you enjoyed the first one, which I did. Kinda short and easy, though. More enemy types would have been better.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Ranadiel on Yesterday at 10:22:30 PM »
Restarted Trails of Cold Steel. I initally stopped 5 hours in over a year ago because XCX came out. I haven't played Trails in the Sky for years so I had forgotten just how good the writing and VA is in these games. Just started Ch. 3 which i hear is a long boring slog but I'm really enjoying this.
If Chapter 3 is the chapter I think it is (been a while since my last replay), it isn't so much boring....just the field study area is stupidly large compared to every other area in the game so that drags things on especially if you get lost in the vast area.
General Discussions / Re: What's your Favourite Garbage Food?
« Last post by Dincrest on Yesterday at 09:00:23 PM »
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is 100% guilty pleasure cereal.  The best part is drinking the milk that's gotten sludgy from all the extra sweeteners you added to it via the cereal. 

These days, though, one spoonful and I'm done.  My body seems to reject garbage food, though it accepts jalepeno poppers and tater tots as cheat meal treats. 
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Dincrest on Yesterday at 08:54:56 PM »
And how do we define the term "games?"  Is it just video games?  Or does it include board games, card/dice games, and tabletop RPGs as well?  And what about sports, since we refer to Olympics as the games or, say, a football match as a game, like "hey, did you catch the game last night?  Whoo that was a barnburner!"  And what about gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy?

It's like choosing between a taco and a burrito, and I want to combine the two.  Soft tortilla around the hard shell and filled with all those good things to eat.  Vegetarian for me, naturally.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Suikoden 5
« Last post by Mickeymac92 on Yesterday at 08:51:30 PM »
...I still don't even know what you guys are talking about. Nothing about the later Suikodens gave the impression that they jumped ship...making more of the same, but less polished tends to be the norm for most franchises with more than 3 entries, at least until they try to reinvent itself with fresh ideas. As far as I can tell, though, Suikoden's reinventing did not go smoothly...

I made this mistake when I first played the game, but for a long time I just plain didn't upgrade my weapons or buy new stuff and kept going along in the game. At some point I ended up at a boss where it took me like half an hour to beat it because I kept doing like low double digit damage to the thing. I did end up winning, but yeah, if you don't upgrade your stuff the game becomes painfully annoying. Then later the game throws a bunch of gamebreaker characters at you.

I did the same in Final Fantasy X. I always wondered why people said it was easy, turns out I was ignoring a large chunk of the game. ^_^;
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Suikoden 5
« Last post by Agent D. on Yesterday at 07:38:51 PM »
Suikoden 3 was so well received I dunno why Konami murdered it.
This is the same company who now giving us Metal Gear're surprised they ruined something great?
General Discussions / Re: Video Game Club?
« Last post by Agent D. on Yesterday at 07:36:21 PM »
Please don't feed the trolls. No matter how harmless they may seem.

Says the guy who already brought the paddle. :P
"Hello, kettle? It's pot...just calling to tell you you're black. Hang on, skillet's calling on the other line, I'll conference him in..."
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Agent D. on Yesterday at 07:32:44 PM »
Arti, that's kind of a loaded question. By having games you would still have the other media. Rpgs are basically books you advance the story in while having fun in the side, visual novels are interactive tv shows, sports games are televised sporting events, anime and comics are all over the games we can play... I mean to abolish one you have to abolish the other. It's feasibly impossible to have only least in my opinion. I probably van be disproven but I CHALLENGE ALL YOU MEAGER PEASANTS TO TRY, BWAHAHA.

Btw I pick games cuz i like vidja gaemun.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Artimicia's JRPG battle
« Last post by Agent D. on Yesterday at 07:28:06 PM »
Fuck you sir...fuck you. I actually have to think about this one hard...

I'm giving it to Ys solely on the grounds that I've played almost all of them and have generally sought them out as they're released (at least the newest ones anyway) whereas LoH titles usually take a backseat to whatever else is out. However I like the story elements in LoH titles better (at least TitS and Cold Steel) as well as the characters aside from Adol who is just the fucking best, but the combat in Ys games knocks LoH out of the playing field...

Goddamn I hate this battle. Take your idea and shove it up your ass ya bastard!

(Obviously I'm being humorous and I still like you Rucks)
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