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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on Today at 07:14:37 AM »
Meanwhile, only Soleil got demoted to Uncommon, which is fine with me since I pulled a Shiro from the previous banner.

But it is really shitty that the next t_t (its assumed to be a t_t due to no other new units getting added with the update) 40%ers are seasonal units (I never would've sprung for that Prince Pineapple if I had known; glad I didn't bother gunning for Rhajat, who's handling is now pretty poor), especially compared to the previous t_t which had 40%ers that players might have had, including one from the Common pool.

Further meanwhile, my free pull was a 3 star Nino with a bunch of SI fodder to follow suit, so I'm back to paying for my earlier stupidity regarding the Gheb BHeB banner.
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Ranadiel on Today at 06:31:47 AM »
This is probably why I liked Bleach. Ichigo may be impulsive, but he's not an idiot. It was just nice to see that he actually made an effort to do well in school. Sadly, his type isn't too common. Aside from the occassional detective, shonen heroes tend to be not very smart. In fact, many are as dumb as bricks. I wonder if that's meant to make them more relatable? I know the Japanese school system can be very demanding, so maybe characters that don't do well when it comes to intellectual stuff are more relatable?
If you want a smart shonen protagonist, you should try Dr. Stone when its first volume comes out. Being smart is really that MC's primary defining feature.

Honestly the first couple of story arcs in Bleach were fine.  Pretty good, even.  It's just that after it got really popular the author started dragging everything out waaaay too long and not really going anywhere with it.
Part of the reason it got dragged down is because he made each faction way too fucking big and then refused to trim the fat in later appearances.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on Today at 06:01:55 AM »
I'm really not a fan of the massive BSTs these new units have on top of their ridiculous power creeped skills, coming right off the weapon refining update which you'd think was intended to balance out some of the power creep that had been going on. At this rate they're going to have to introduce some way to boost the BSTs of the older units (I still doubt a 6* rank is coming, so the simplest way I can think of is allowing older units to be merged beyond +10).

Also I hear the next TT is going to have these limited units as the bonus units, which would be pretty shitty, but I won't put it past them, so I'll save my free roll until we hear a bit more.
In concept, I actually think all the prequels had some good ideas on the table. But I'd also say that about Star Trek V. Or Batman v Superman.
With the Star Wars prequels, I blame the directing more than the acting since Natalie Portman, Ewan MacGregor, and company are all skilled actors.  Hayden Christiansen too.  He was very good in Shattered Glass and in the Star Wars prequels, he was at his best when he wasn't talking.  When he was acting purely through facial expressions and not saying a word of insipid dialogue, he was chilling in Ep. 3. 

I will be seeing Last Jedi next week.
If there's one thing that lets me know not to take someone's opinion on the movie seriously, it's if they claim the prequels were in any way better. They completely dwarf the sequel trilogy in terms of annoying flaws and just plain failure at basic storytelling and character conception.

^This. There's nothing more impotent than Episode 1's hour and a half adventure just to meet up with a prepubescent kid and turn him into a Jedi. The start of Episode 2 should've been the start of Episode 1 where its Obi-wan and Anakin, roaming Croissant, busting crime before they get sucked into the Clone Wars. The only things that Episode 1 gave us were Jedis Liam Neison and Samuel Jackson, Darth Maul, and that weird as fuck ending sequence that Squeenix basically lifted wholesale for an early game FFXII cutscene (which was itself lifted from Episode IV's ending sequence in spirit).

The rest of the Prequel Trilogy biggest failings were overly long sequences (hi Episode 3 Obi-wan versus Anakin duel), bad acting (caused largely by turning Episode Two into one long greenscreen sequence), the fact that they basically skipped the Clone Wars almost altogether (to eventually turn it into a TV series), and the fact that they had to be shoehorned into two movies with Episode 1's awful plot arcs leading the way.
General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Twitch Channel
« Last post by MonCapitan2002 on Yesterday at 11:09:25 PM »
So I was watching today's Phantasy Star II stream that sparked a realization that nearly broke my heart.  The game is unplayable by modern standards, which just hurts to admit.  I've attempted to play and beat this game as a child and multiple times as an adult and never succeeded. 

What I found so bothersome is that the very way the game is built is now intolerable to me.  The limited inventory, random battles and even random enemies the party members attack would infuriate me.  Moreover, Maxx spent three hours grinding just to be able to become strong enough to complete one of the beginning dungeons.

Such a punishing experience is simply something I'm not willing to put up with anymore.  Having my nostalgia tinted glasses so violently ripped away was jarring.  On the plus side, it won't stop me from watching Maxx muddle through the game, though.
I went back and watched the Phantom Menace to get the taste of Episode 8 out of my mouth.

Won't be watching Episode 9.

lol, what?

that's like drinking paint thinner to get the taste of asphalt out of your mouth...
I'm not a star wars aficionado by any means so maybe I'm not the best person to be commenting on this but like

Spoiler: show

1. I don't really like what they did with Poe. He went from static-but-likable character to this... really mansplainy jerk that, when you get down to it, was basically responsible for getting most of the resistance killed because he was dumb?

2. Why didn't Purple-haired Admiral just tell everyone she was trying to fly everyone to a secret base up front and avoid the entire (pointless) sideplot with breaking into the ship to turn off the tracking device?

3. What was with all the really close up face shots? And super-claustrophobic camera angles in general?

I liked the force awakens a lot but I really don't know how I feel about this one :I
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Kevadu on Yesterday at 02:05:54 PM »
Honestly the first couple of story arcs in Bleach were fine.  Pretty good, even.  It's just that after it got really popular the author started dragging everything out waaaay too long and not really going anywhere with it.
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