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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1125 on: February 15, 2018, 02:41:34 AM »
Haven't had much time to play lately, but I did manage to finally pull a vanilla Lucina (+Def/-HP). I'd yell at her for being a pity rate breaker, but I was at 3.00%. I'm just one Lancina away from completing the set now.

Also, whoops. Sounds like somebody forgot to implement the BGM for the Shadow Dragon maps.

That's one phone down Edit: Welp. Just had to replace my old phone due to bad Wi-Fi connectivity. On the plus side, its bigger, better and stronger too, and I didn't miss out on much this these last couple of days (other than those AA quests). But its back to the catchup grind zone for me since all my leeway was spent in the process (time to burn me some pots).

Double Edit: Man, these T_T maps suck this time around. Too many split paths to get your Auto-battle AI chasing their tails while the enemy AI has no qualms at doubling back just to try to exploit triangle advantage. Also, it sucks that there weren't any Red bonus units this time around because the last map has a high chance for Greens, so you're pretty likely going to be forced to lose at least one team on that bullshit.

Jeepers. Creepers. What about those Peepers? Edit: Lol, our next new banner features "The good guys have turned evil. Most uncool." units from the series. That means Emperor Hardin, Possessed Celica, Male Grima (also a Muspell General who's bringing Red Dracofliers onto the scene) and likely Zombie Takumi as the next GHeB (or Darkness Sword Mareeta, maybe she'll be a T_T or t_t reward).
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