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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
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Death Blow 4 was the absolute worst thing to come out of the announcement and really sours the whole thing, but of course the video downvoting brigade didn't do their thing here because complaining about the wrong waifu getting another alt is a bigger deal. If it was just a personal skill it wouldn't be such a big deal but it's clearly inheritable. The kind-of silver lining is that none of them have boosted BST (or rather, even boosted-er BST, they have what's basically the standard BST now).

Anyway onto the units themselves- art-wise, my favorite is definitely Celica. Really digging the use of her retro design combined with Hidari's artwork. Nice to have a sword-wielding Celica that isn't ax-crazy too. She's probably going to be competitive with Ayra/Mia/Karla given that she can quad with that B skill and her sword speeds her specials, but ultimately she's yet another fast sword and there's not much she can do to stand out.

Ephraim and Hector both continue on the armor power creeping bullshit as well as pull a tome Eirika by screwing more suitable characters out of being the first to wield a weapon. I mean, it's nice that Ephraim and Hector are a different color this time but I really think they should've just made up weapons ala Geirskogul. The design isn't even really consistent because Ephraim is wearing Fado's clothes with Garm (wearing Lyon's clothes would've been a bit closer at least) and Hector is wearing Uther's clothes with...a weapon from the nation one of his potential wives is from? Seriously, why isn't it Rex Hasta...or if they wanted to meme, they could make it Vaida's glitched super spear. Or just make "Fado's Axe"/"Uther's Lance" and be done with it. Skill-wise actually I don't mind Super DC that much because it's a personal skill- not really that far off from Dragonskin anyway. Adding yet another armor Fighter skill on Ephraim is insane, but since most units can't magically double automatically Bold Fighter is probably still better. It does look like a nice alternative for the fast armor units like BK, Draug and Amelia though, especially the latter two because it's a balance of both offensive and defensive and you're probably running Aether on them.

Veronica is...pretty good, but nothing amazing IMO. I mean she's definitely destined to be the top healer of the game with both a pony and 36 speed, but her set actually doesn't stand out to me because it's ultimately the same razzle dazzle combination that's optimal on all healers. Windfire Balm is pretty crazy since it's Hone Everything no matter where your units are on the map, if you inherit Restore from Nanna onto her she can remove Panic while she's at it too.

Unlike last year I don't think any one of them particularly stands out to completely snap the meta in two like Brave Lyn did (the two armors are stupidly powerful but after Bold Fighter there's little they can do to make them even more bullshit), but I'd say Ephraim is probably your best choice for your free draw if you were just looking for the best balance of good standalone unit/potential fodder if you draw duplicates. Celica's probably the least bang for your buck on the free pick, but given that I might just skip this banner to save my orbs I might choose her anyway because I really love her design.

Also as for what I've actually been doing- finished Sothe/Micaiah with Nino Cheese Strats of course (seriously I think I've had maybe 2 maps in the span of the game I couldn't clear with her, bladetome too OP).

Got all the score rewards in +_+ but I'll probably burn some stamina potions for a ranking prize again. Not sure if I'm insane enough to go for top 1k again though, the score for that the last few times was somewhere in the 300k range and reaching that even with autobattling is amazingly tedious. I also promoted Sakura to use on my +_+ team a bit to honor that ultimate Sakura waifuguy. Also she was one of the only healers I had who wasn't capped on HM. Having a Physic+ healer around is actually a nice option though. After she capped HM I promoted Lucius, and he's pretty goddamn amazing actually. His SPD a bit average but his nice ATK and sky-high RES actually makes him really good at fighting other mages (his native Martyr+ works well with that too). If I get around to merging an infantry healer it'll probably be him.

My follow-up for the plan to promote a blue flier of some kind ended with me choosing the Dark Horse option- I promoted Valter and he's supported with F Grima of course. He's still using mostly his base kit though, not entirely sure how to build the guy yet. Decided I'd build a flier team around F Grima instead of a Dragon Team because the latter just seems to be a novelty at this point. Dragon-killing weapons are probably the hardest effective weapon to play around using the respective emblem team because the only way to completely avoid getting an effective hit would be to run Windsweep Corrin F or something.

Patch Live Edit: I decided I'd try to get one Brave Hero from the banner before picking my free one. 120 Orbs later, I have walked away with a 5* Soleil (-ATK +SPD), 5* Katarina (+ATK -HP) and 5* L'Arachel (+DEF -ATK). On the one hand, that's a pretty amazing 5* pull rate for the amount of Orbs I put in. On the other hand, all 3 of them were goddamn pity breakers and 2 of them aren't 5* exclusives (also I already have them at 5*, but I guess a free Firesweep Sword+ is cool). Gonna cut my losses here probably. At least I got the original waifu of Maeda Era FE and she even came with good IVs.

I was also pretty lucky with the fodder this time and that softens the blow. Among them were 3 Barsts, 2 Oscars, 1 Shigure and Peri. Good Red fodder continues to elude me though, that pool is just way too bloated.

Also, Genealogy hype. Didn't expect to get another FE4 banner before a Binding Blade one but I'm looking forward to failing at orb saving yet again when Quan and Lewyn show up on the banner.
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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
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I was more down on the banner earlier, but then I pulled Brave Celica (+Spd/-Def) and Bector (+Atk/-Spd) in 55 Orbs. My biorhythm continues to oscillate. I'm not sure if I want yet another Axe Armor or currently the best Staff Mount for my freebie.

Brave Lyn was ridiculous entirely due to the fact that the game hadn't begun to powercreep to that extent until CYL1. Not only did she become our first Bow Knight back during the height of Horse Meta, but that the banner also debuted boosted BST, proficients with built in +3 stats, on top of an ability and character exclusive skills. This time the debut is only in regards to tier 4 skills despite some of the more overpowered prfs getting passed around. Granted tier 4 skills both suck and blow (watch Brave Celica fall off the desire meter in short order when other, less expensive options, start becoming available) as it continues to widen the gulf between budget options and the latest whale bait (while also diminishing older whale bait, albeit not nearly as bad). Also, DB4 costs 300 SP to learn from a base kit so 450 from inheritance, so 240 SP skills are going to climb up to 360 for base kit and 520 for inheritance (boy I hope you made good use of that SP glitch when it was available).

Anyways, Veronica's biggest issue isn't that she's amazing for a staff bot, but that she's amazing for a staffbot because Staffbots have been the most neglected weapon type in the game. Hell, there wasn't even a Prf staff prior to Loki and she's still unavailable, and prior to Maribelle and Nanna, the last Staffbot added was Genny who brought Wrathful Staff just to help begin to get staff users out of their launch hole (and the 5 star skills didn't even show up until months after the fact). Nevermind that we still haven't gotten a new Infantry Staffbot since her.

Sadly, Brave Celica went for another gimmicky Quad-build and doesn't have the stats to run it for the long term (see also: Olwen mk I) which sucks because she's the clear winner of the CYL2 redesign (and I'm so fucking glad she didn't get stuffed into Conrad's outfit). It also really blows that she doesn't have a good way to leverage her ludicrous Spd unlike Karla or Ayra (unless she can double up on Flashing Blade).

I want to see Ephraim's Special Fighter skill in action before I start throwing shade at it since it seems more like Quicken Pulse, et all where it only activates on the first turn of a given battle (so the HP conditional only becomes a concern in +_+s and CCs). Either way, he ended up as the Brave Roy of CYL redesigns this year.

Yes, they gave Hector Maltet instead of one of those other chump Lances. But considering how highly they consider Sol Katti over Murglis, I can see why they took this option. Legendary weapons. Accept no substitutes! The problem with Bector is the fact that we just got Lector on top of Vector a few months earlier so we're suffering from some serious Hector fatigue (which continues to call into question just why they felt the need to make Legendary versions of Ephraim and Hector considering the guaranteed Braves).

As for FE4 picks, I feel that Edain should be one (to go with Jamke, because otherwise why the hell use him for a GHeB instead of Brigid?) and then maybe Azelle, Erinys and Lewyn for color diversity (especially if they do a third Forging Bonds for that banner).
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