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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1425 on: February 16, 2019, 01:52:51 PM »
Meanwhile, I have everybody on that list, including a +1 Wyndis, plus a spare, and 3 Dumas (two with fairly optimal IVs), so a Fyrrh would be my best pick due to her suboptimal IVs (+Spd/-Def). Lazura also has suboptimal IVs but nobody cares about her stats.

And yeah, Winter Tharja's one of the 3 Tome armors currently available in the game, and the only Ranged Red Armor to boot, so she would've been a better pick for optimal whale bait, but who cares about that when a 180 BST Dragon Armor Trainee is on the line. Also disappointed that Fall Mia didn't do as well as she could've as she's still the only flying Staffbot to shit over PVE with (but at least she was up against the only Colorless Dragon Armor currently available and he's got AR bullshit behind him). I'm also amused that more people wasted their votes on Pancho Tiki than those who wasted their votes for everyone who fell into the last 94 places combined.

Meanwhile, in Tap Battle, I was amused by Chrom going down like a chump and getting replaced by Marth.

And with this, so ends FEH's 2nd year anniversary special in the only way that it could. Being full of dumb shit.

Feb Edit: So while getting a new character banner in February was a surprise, the units on said banner are not. Time for Beast Rush pt 2, the ones you've been waiting for Edition. All of the Fateswakening Beasts save Yarne will be in (Panne is looking to the the GHeB for this month). Keaton is basically Reinhardt 2018 except without the horse weakness or sword classification and better skills plus baked in Wo Dao some of the time. Velouria gets Pair Up Pulse (-2 to cooldown on turn 1 to her and support partner) and Ward Beast plus that Wo Dao business. Kaden gets Reverse Siglinde's Refine effect where buffs on him are passed around and also the ability to inflict Atk/Def -4 and negates follow-ups instead of the ability to move 3 spaces only some of the time (he and Selkie are classified as Mounted Beasts, which is likely how they're going to separate Cat Laguz from Lions, Tigers and Wolves) and also Goad Beasts for good measure. Selkie likewise gains the ability to fucking wreck any Melee weapon user provided that her Res is better than her opponent's (if her Res is greater, she gains half the difference between her stats and her opponent's stats up to +8, jfc), and she also gains an ability to also inflict -7 Atk ala a massively gimped version of Aversa's Tome just for good measure.

If there's a demote coming out of that, it'll be Velouria. Selkie's right out and both Dads have more desirable skills (Close Def has fallen off significantly since Stances/Breaths and Forth Tier skills have come out).
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Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Reply #1426 on: Today at 04:14:01 AM »
I'm surprised at the level of restraint on this banner. Yeah the weapons are powercreeped as hell, but no alts and 4 skills on 3 of the units? I guess it might just be them wising up to people automatically guessing the demote every time (even though there's still a pretty likely candidate this time around).

Keaton's kinda unique with his Meisterfang, but even with all the other goodies built into his weapon he's not going to be another Reinhardt pretty much due to mobility alone (+1 move from transforming >>> wo tooth). He also doesn't have a 2-range weapon and hits on DEF. IMO Tibarn's still going to be way worse to deal with, a 3-move flier with guaranteed all-breaker provided he's the first to reach your team, which he probably will be. It's too bad Valor marks him for unlikely demote, because Special Spiral on a demote would've been so damn sweet.

Even though Velouria's pretty likely as a demote (on top of the aforementioned Close Def 3 being powercrept, it's also available from Grails via Joshua. Wards are just sorta niche in general aside from armors), her unique weapon guarantees her as someone worth investing in. Funny for them to instantly powercreep the onsen weapons like 2 weeks after they came out, but whatever. Aside from the obvious instant Moonbow shenanigans (she's also infantry so she can get Pulsed), first thing I'm thinking? Galeforce teams. The fact that her weapon also has SPD+3 leads me to think she'll have at moderate SPD. Sure it's a waste of the Wo Dao effect on her fang, but with her support partner you can walk into a match with two Heavy Blade Galeforces ready to charge without taking any counters, which can be very valuable for people who put nothing but mages and whatnot. Downside to that is that she's infantry, so you have to support her with a cavalry, teleport her in with WoM, or Smite her in.

Kaden himself will be a worse Green Tibarn with his follow-up prevention and likely-to-be high SPD. Trades in the guaranteed follow-up and flying over shit for moving 3 spaces all the time and very annoying support capabilities. I'm pretty sure some people will opt to actually keep him around on a horse emblem team untransformed all the time just to give out the extra +6 to everything on everyone (because only whales are going to be running beast emblem so far).

Selkie is of course the obvious whalebait, and Christ not only is that weapon really OP, but it's also going to be a PitA to calculate shit when facing her. For SPD it makes it slightly easier for her to double, but makes it so you need to beat her speed by 10 before you can double her. Since she looks like she's going to be a RES unit Reinhardt probably isn't going to the save the day, and most physical hitters are probably going to trigger +8 DEF on her by default if she has rock bottom DEF so she might be able to tank a Brave Sword or Lance even. Really depends on how her stat line shakes out but that's a pretty insane weapon. Sabotage Attack is okay I guess.