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The Tragically Hip -  Wheat Kings.  Damn this is beautiful song.

DS9 was great because it was the perfect door to the whole ST lore. Not locked in to any specific story about a crew of a starship. It had limitless potential. Plus it had the best cast of characters which could all have episodes dedicated to them. The best was the Quark and Odo episode:) I really miss that show:(

I watched the LEGO movie recently and I really didn't have any interest going in. I was really impressed though.  It was a lot of fun. I'm down for a sequel..which im sure will happen.

Menace II  Society.  A very powerful movie from back in the 90's. If u havent seen it, U should.

^Yeah, it was fun.
Grudge Match. Being a fan of Raging Bull and the Rocky movies, it was an enjoyable movIe for sure. Not as intense but still great.

UHF is on tv:)  Haven't seen it in years.  Everyone should have some Weird Al once in awhile.

GoT is over for another year:(.  I'm just going to break down and read the books. I can't wait that long. Just like to add that I wish The Sword of Truth would get the HBO treatment. It would be just as good.

Edge of Tomorrow. It was okay. Pretty much what I expected. People hate Tom Cruise but I have always enjoyed his films. It was better than Oblivion.

Double. ..Warbringer-Severed Reality

Keanu gets shit on so much..  I liked it too. And, as I've said before, 47 Ronin wasn't terrible.

Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, a Thread Reborn
« on: June 11, 2014, 12:34:04 AM »
I want this game to come to Xbone. So I can play on the couch with the PS4 riff-raff.

Watched Donnie Brasco again tonight. Been a while but it's still in my top 10. Great performances from Pacino and Depp.

^Breaking Bad was an epic show. Stick with it till the end.

^ Sounds good to me. I found that True Detective was a slow burn as well but it was fantastic. I will watch Fargo when I get some time.

Seeing as GoT is done for another year soon, any recomendations? I hear Fargo is good. Anyone watching it?

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