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Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Der Jermeister on Yesterday at 06:38:25 PM »
I played through Let's Go Pikachu! and blazed through the endgame battles since I saved all my power-up items for the end. I definitely enjoyed it more than other mainline games in the series, and actually liked it more than Breath of the Wild. Not quite the Fire Emblem: Awakening of the series, but it sort of comes close.

I'm also working on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and IMO it mostly does open-world gameplay right.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on Yesterday at 11:38:49 AM »
We're FINALLY out of that content gulch that is the Book transition period.

To celebrate, I dropped about 140 Orbs on this Winter banner and got myself a staffbot armor (albeit +HP/-Res), 3 green units (one of which was the wrong Fae; the other two were also trash), some decce fodder (an Abel, a Camilla, a Kaze, a Silvia, a pair of Silases and a few extra regular Eirikas, Luciuses, and a Reinhardt for merging), a mountain of colorless and red trash, and Leo (+Res/-HP; at least I now have a copy of every mounted Tome user). Thankfully, I came into this +_+ with two winter armors from last year.

At least we got a nice Christmas Arcadia map for +_+ Fae to frolic in. Also, lol at Fjorm returning to her home planet. Hopefully nothing unfortunate will happen to her on the way (*COUGH!*). Also also, the remaining +_+ seal is Atk/Spd 1, which is actually also really good for quaders. Also also also, Arena bonus units this week are UUUUUUGGHH!!! At least Eirika or Cecilia will save me from having to use Clarisse or Alfonse.

As for statlines and such, Fae now bumps Res up to 41 for a base cap. Now every primary stat currently caps out at 41 except for HP (at 60, hi Arden) and Spd (at 39 because Spd's the hardest to simply jack up). Other than that, the only thing of note is that Eirika and Cecilia have almost exactly the same stat spread (the only difference is two points either spread in HP/Atk or stacked in Res), and that all but Fae has the exact same Spd stat of 23 (Fae has 26, likely due to her Armored Dragon Trainee BST needing to dump the extra points somewhere) with Def starting at 30 (Fae again gets 33 due to ADTB dumping, and Eph gets 36 because he melees). In other words, this banner's lazy as hell.

For skills, Ephraim continues to run conflicting skill sets, this time being built to run as a loner in a movement type that isn't a horse, Cecilia is the epitome of 'Free ranged armor, whoo!', Fae would rather have Lightning Breath rather than that subpar seasonal weapon, and Eirika fills the last Staff mobility gap (and can do amusing things with Bladeblade on the team).
General Games / Re: Games so good you got sad when it was over
« Last post by Arvis on December 17, 2018, 02:50:46 PM »
Ha ha!  Goosey even edited the bots post.  Love it.  Good job bringing that to our attention, Rucksy.
General Games / Re: Games so good you got sad when it was over
« Last post by Rucks on December 17, 2018, 01:36:35 PM »
I suck.

you got that right, little buddy
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Arvis on December 17, 2018, 10:08:15 AM »
Octopath Traveler

About halfway through the Chapter 2 portion of the game.  Just finished up Olberic's, which had some really good bits.  Nice "honorable warrior" tropes, which are fun, with even a little bit of cuteness from Cecily, who I liked right away (but didn't necessarily trust at first, after Alfyn's run-in with a "new friend" in his chapter 2).
I will say, though, that tanking with Incite and defense buffs made Olberic's ch2 almost comically easy.  However, the couple one-on-one duels they make you do still have the potential for a lot of difficulty if you haven't customized Olberic for them.  I had, fortunately. :P

Therion's story continues to be underwhelming, but still good.  I like the portions with him and the Lady Ravus, of course, since she contrasts so well with the rest of Therion's world.

And, of course, Ophilia continues to be adorable, so much so that I kinda feel like she's the frontrunner for Favorite Character at this point.  She had yet another absolutely precious encounter with Alfyn.  I love that, at least in the English localization, you don't get the sense at all that she is "accidentally" flirting, but legitimately is interested in getting to know Alfyn better as a person and as a man.  This gives her character much more richness, as I believe it compliments her modesty and spirituality well, as well as offering a nice contrast to her central characteristic of selflessness.  It's nice to see that she can be interested in pursuing things for herself, as well as constantly working for the benefit of others.  This is crystalized further when Therion teases her playfully and she picked right up on it: she's savvy when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex and can handle herself, even if her default is still to be the Blushing Maiden.
I loved her Ch2.  It was a nice surprise to see that fulfilling her central objective was basically instantaneous and had no cliché roadblocks, so she just spent the rest of her Ch2 helping people just to help them, without any obligation on her part.

Up next, Tressa!
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« Last post by Arvis on December 17, 2018, 09:54:41 AM »
^ I look forward to screens of your Nude Rab mod.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on December 17, 2018, 02:50:09 AM »
Update: I spent another 100 orbs or so on the Hero Fest before I got any 5* at all. So in total I spent like 140 Orbs for that which I'm pretty sure is less than 1/2 the rate you're supposed to be getting 5*s from these. Hero Fests don't seem to like me.

At least I did get Eir as the one 5*, but she was fucking -SPD +DEF of course. On the upside we are getting a free Light Blessing this AR season though, so that means I can get like +60 on my score next season if I play it right (of course, I'd have to bless a bonus unit which isn't likely to be terribly helpful).
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Rook on December 16, 2018, 07:24:39 PM »
The best news I got this season was that Chihayafuru 3 is coming in the spring. Now just give me Grimgar S2 plz!!

Run w/ the Wind has been very good.

I might have to start watching Slime Iseaki.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on December 16, 2018, 10:52:52 AM »
I'm wondering if Free Cecilia is even going to be an Armor (since that would mean everyone would be getting a free ranged Armor). Meanwhile, Fae completes the Armored Dragon Trainee 180 BST trifecta (at least she keeps the antlers on when she transforms), while Ephraim's skills kinda preclude him from benefiting from Armor March or similar buffs. At least I can finally form Eirika Emblem (when they get around to repeating Leg Eirika), even if an Armored Healbot doesn't exactly jive with a Sord Lord and two Red Horses.

But really, its the Fierce Stance and Drive Res seals that are the big news of the upcoming T_T (only 2 seals? gdi).

As for AR, I've adopted the Reddit Defense Meta for my base, not because I'm a scummy rat bastard who's too full of spite for the mode and those who seek to profit at my expense to play fairly anymore, but because I want to see how other players deal with that all too commonly seen horseshit (which so far have either involved wipes, significant losses, or whales countering with their +10 Armored Dragon Trainee 180 BST steamrollers).

Spoiler: show
And also because I'm totally a scummy rat bastard who's too full of spite for the mode and those who seek to profit at my expense to play fairly anymore (this mode deserves all the shit that can be smeared onto it).

That aside, the one good thing about Surtrs is the fact that most don't bother with Distant Counter or Vantage (although I did eat a loss due to one having Miracle, but that match went down badly anyways and I would've walked away with 40 Lyft at best), so ranged options like Miccy and Cecilia can eat him if I can keep them alive long enough to get at him (and if I can reach him fast enough).
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Quest XI looks glorious
« Last post by MonCapitan2002 on December 16, 2018, 09:01:17 AM »
If I revisit the game, it'll be on PC since I have the plat for the PS 4 version.
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