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With the prequels, I blame the directing more than the acting since Portman, MacGregor, and company are skilled actors.  Hayden Christiansen too.  He was very good in Shattered Glass and in the Star Wars prequels, he was at his best when he wasn't talking.  When he was acting purely through facial expressions and not saying a word of insipid dialogue, he was chilling in Ep. 3.

I will be seeing Last Jedi next week.
If there's one thing that lets me know not to take someone's opinion on the movie seriously, it's if they claim the prequels were in any way better. They completely dwarf the sequel trilogy in terms of annoying flaws and just plain failure at basic storytelling and character conception.

^This. There's nothing more impotent than Episode 1's hour and a half adventure just to meet up with a prepubescent kid and turn him into a Jedi. The start of Episode 2 should've been the start of Episode 1 where its Obi-wan and Anakin, roaming Croissant, busting crime before they get sucked into the Clone Wars. The only things that Episode 1 gave us were Jedis Liam Neison and Samuel Jackson, Darth Maul, and that weird as fuck ending sequence that Squeenix basically lifted wholesale for an early game FFXII cutscene (which was itself lifted from Episode IV's ending sequence in spirit).

The rest of the Prequel Trilogy biggest failings were overly long sequences (hi Episode 3 Obi-wan versus Anakin duel), bad acting (caused largely by turning Episode Two into one long greenscreen sequence), the fact that they basically skipped the Clone Wars almost altogether (to eventually turn it into a TV series), and the fact that they had to be shoehorned into two movies with Episode 1's awful plot arcs leading the way.
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« Last post by MonCapitan2002 on Yesterday at 11:09:25 PM »
So I was watching today's Phantasy Star II stream that sparked a realization that nearly broke my heart.  The game is unplayable by modern standards, which just hurts to admit.  I've attempted to play and beat this game as a child and multiple times as an adult and never succeeded. 

What I found so bothersome is that the very way the game is built is now intolerable to me.  The limited inventory, random battles and even random enemies the party members attack would infuriate me.  Moreover, Maxx spent three hours grinding just to be able to become strong enough to complete one of the beginning dungeons.

Such a punishing experience is simply something I'm not willing to put up with anymore.  Having my nostalgia tinted glasses so violently ripped away was jarring.  On the plus side, it won't stop me from watching Maxx muddle through the game, though.
I went back and watched the Phantom Menace to get the taste of Episode 8 out of my mouth.

Won't be watching Episode 9.

lol, what?

that's like drinking paint thinner to get the taste of asphalt out of your mouth...
I'm not a star wars aficionado by any means so maybe I'm not the best person to be commenting on this but like

Spoiler: show

1. I don't really like what they did with Poe. He went from static-but-likable character to this... really mansplainy jerk that, when you get down to it, was basically responsible for getting most of the resistance killed because he was dumb?

2. Why didn't Purple-haired Admiral just tell everyone she was trying to fly everyone to a secret base up front and avoid the entire (pointless) sideplot with breaking into the ship to turn off the tracking device?

3. What was with all the really close up face shots? And super-claustrophobic camera angles in general?

I liked the force awakens a lot but I really don't know how I feel about this one :I
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Kevadu on Yesterday at 02:05:54 PM »
Honestly the first couple of story arcs in Bleach were fine.  Pretty good, even.  It's just that after it got really popular the author started dragging everything out waaaay too long and not really going anywhere with it.
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Tomara on Yesterday at 12:03:59 PM »
End of December at... 47 chapters, IIRC. There are 7 chapters in the first volume, but the first chapter is 60 pages instead of the usual ~26 and I wouldn't be surprised if the last one is a long one as well (or we get some sort of epilogue).

While Bleach and Inu Yasha both have problems, most of those problems come up later in the series (such as Kubo being unable to manage a large cast effectively), whereas Black Clover's biggest problem for me was that the main character was pretty much unlikable from the word go.

I heard Black Clover gets better as the cast grows, though the characters to tend to stay rather archetypical.

Not that'd it help me get into it. Even without the YELLING, Asta is exactly the kind of shonen protagonist I can't stand: one-track mind and too stupid to live. There's so much more they could have done with the premise of a character without magic born in a world were magic is everything. It doesn't have to be as dark as Gustave from Saga Frontier or something like that, but it would have been cool if he had, I don't know, used his wits to overcome what is essentially a disability. Instead of, you know, endless sit-ups, YELLING and a deus-ex-machina sword.

This is probably why I liked Bleach. Ichigo may be impulsive, but he's not an idiot. It was just nice to see that he actually made an effort to do well in school. Sadly, his type isn't too common. Aside from the occassional detective, shonen heroes tend to be not very smart. In fact, many are as dumb as bricks. I wonder if that's meant to make them more relatable? I know the Japanese school system can be very demanding, so maybe characters that don't do well when it comes to intellectual stuff are more relatable?

It's very jarring though for older readers. All I could think when I first read Naruto is that they should probably put the boy in some sort of special ed class, because it's obvious he can't keep up and keeps disrupting class.
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« Last post by Dincrest on Yesterday at 11:43:15 AM »
At least you dont get asked if you want to pre-order Madden or Live at the beginning and end of every Gamestop transaction. I'm black in case you couldn't tell.
"Nah fam just gimme my JRPG's and Im out" Are you sure you dont want Live?

My equivalency with that is when people think I'm into yoga and meditation because I'm Indian.  Yeah, I've tried yoga and guided meditation in the past with a legit guru back in the 1990s when it was not even a blip on the radar of American fitness/wellness commodification.  But I didn't like it and I still don't.  The whole "stillness" thing doesn't relax me and actually stresses me out even more.  Stillness causes my ADD addled mind to freak out.  I prefer Tai Chi, because my body is constantly in motion and responds happily to the flowing arc-like movements.  The constant motion and the type of movement are what focus and center my mind. 
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Ranadiel on Yesterday at 07:21:35 AM »
Yep, it's basically a series made for a new generation of readers. My youngest writer entered the scene a couple of years ago, and he's pretty fond of the manga. Meanwhile, all my older writers including myself have absolutely zero patience for Black Clover, because to us it's yet another remix of the tried and true Shonen Jump recipe. We just want to watch series about cyborg grampas and dictionary makers, and yell at kids to get of our lawn.

That said, the writers in my generation also have a shonen series or two they grew up with that's special to them. I have a soft spot for Bleach and Inu Yasha, and I know someone who's really happy right now, because his old favourite is suddenly getting a brand new anime adaptation next season.

Speaking of shonen, I got the first volume of Astra Lost in Space to review and that turned out to be a surprisingly fun read. It starts out with a wellknown premise: kids get stranded in some deserted place and try to get home. But in space. Lots of things about their situation are suspicious, and they need to get along to survive, but one of them might be a mole. There are plenty of clichés (heroine is a ditz, hero yells a lot), but the author makes it work by either turning them upside down (main guy does have actual survival skills and leadership abilities) or having characters outgrow their archetype by means of character development. It's nothing groundbreaking (and the answers to the mysteries could make or break the story), but it's a good start and I want to stick with it to see where it goes. It's 6 or 7 volumes, I think? Once I'm done with them, I could probably hand them over to my younger cousin who's just gotten into reading comics in English.
While Bleach and Inu Yasha both have problems, most of those problems come up later in the series (such as Kubo being unable to manage a large cast effectively), whereas Black Clover's biggest problem for me was that the main character was pretty much unlikable from the word go.

On the topic of Astra, I got Vol. 1 as well. I have heard good things about it and I enjoyed it as well. I don't know how many volumes it is in total, but it was recently announced that the series is wrapping up, so it will be a short series overall.
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Tomara on Yesterday at 06:00:07 AM »
At least you dont get asked if you want to pre-order Madden or Live at the beginning and end of every Gamestop transaction. I'm black in case you couldn't tell.
"Nah fam just gimme my JRPG's and Im out" Are you sure you dont want Live?

I'm glad the whole pushing pre-orders thing is not policy in the chains we have over here. Who thought that was a bright idea anyway a good percentage of your customer base consists of socially awkward people who just want the exchange to end in as few words as possible? Of they started pushing pre-orders on me, I'd just be like 'Nope, nevermind, I'll just order online. Have a nice day!'

Actually, I'm like that in most stores. Two summers ago, I'd spotted a cute tunic on sale and tried it on. I wasn't wearing skinny jeans at the time though, so it wasn't looking entirely right when I stepped outside to take a look in the mirror. Sales girl kept trying to push me to take my pants of, but I really didn't want to because one of my legs was bandaged up and I figured no one, including myself, would be happy to see that. Besides, the tunic was too short to be worn without leggings anyway. So I changed back into my own clothes and left.

Speaking of stores, you know what else bothers me? Toy stores stocking mostly 16+ and 18+ rated games. Makes it really hard for parents to find something suitable for their kids when they own a system that's not made by Nintendo. I know a comic book store that dealt with a similar situation by simply making a spotlight for recommended books for younger readers. They house all their English language editions (which is a lot, because most American and Japanese comics are never translated into Dutch) in the basement, and the guy in charge of that section always gets nervous when children and young teens (and their parents) enter that part of the store, because a lot of the stuff there simply isn't suitable for, say, 12 year olds. Being able to atleast point them in the direction of a central set of shelves with good comics for that demographic is a relief.

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