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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« Last post by Aeolus on February 14, 2019, 10:44:56 AM »
Following up on what Hathen and I posted yesterday.

The Academy looks to be an excuse to bring Villagers back since everyone seems to be starting as a Noble before having to study to become a Brigand or something (interesting that they have both Mercenary and Thief, but no Myrmidon). Additionally, in regards to skills and skill learning, it looks like certain characters still have specific weapon proficiencies (in the Training Grounds segment, Ferdinand had Lv 1 ranks in Swords, Lances and Axes versus Sylvain's Lances and Axes; considering that other interfaces have Weapon Ranks represented by Letter Grade rather than by Numeric, it could mean either a character's given proficiency or it could refer to Arts or Gambits (especially since Bernadetta had some other kind of skill shown on her UI).

If anything, the Skill Level business reminds me more of Suikoden III's and onward Skill Tutoring system (where characters skill levels capped out at different stages due to that particular character's innate proficiency, with heavy duty fighters like Chris being more proficient at learning skills like Heavy Armor proficiency, Heavy Blow, and Mobility enhancements to simulate getting used to and proficient in moving around in heavy armor but could still take up boosts to Accuracy, Attack Speed and core elemental magic (with her highest proficiency in Water at like B or something) even if she had a low cap due to her lack of aptitude, compared to Hugo who was easier to train in lightweight fighting skills and Fire Magic and harder to train in raw combat and Water Magic, and Geddoe who got better at nuking people with Magic, but wasn't a slouch in hand to hand combat, with Lightning Magic and Magic performance enhancing skills being his specialty due to his True Rune shenanigans).

Of course such a system would mean that unfortunately, I can't raise an army of Punch Mans. It also reminds me of Berwick Saga's skill levels over raw stats approach. With promotions and recruitment requiring building skill levels up to certain thresholds (as well as managing a mercenary company, being in a small neutral country caught between a couple warring world powers, and possibly having to manage your mounts separate from the characters that ride them; especially if characters need to be trained in how to use them).

On a separate note, I lol'd at FemByleth having huge knockers by default. I guess if anything came out of FEH, its that players like 'em big. And on a similar note, I really do not like the character designs in this game. Especially if going forward past 3H, everybody's forevermore locked to their boring ass school uniforms because that's what their default character art has them as.

I would also be really pissed if all we got for recruits this time were students. FE at its core is about cobbling together a ragtag band of animes to fight the evil empire/dragons. Fates was really awful about this as well since the few people who weren't Corrin, Corrin's Retainers, Corrin's Siblings/Relatives, or Corrin's Siblings' Retainers were low level grunts in the service of Corrin's Country of Choice or Prepromotes that pretty much beelined to the bench.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« Last post by Mickeymac92 on February 14, 2019, 08:18:02 AM »
I'll probably repeat a lot of what I said in Discord, but whatever.

Well, as someone who never uses discord, I wouldn't mind it since a lot of what you just posted was interesting, and now it won't be lost into the aether...
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« Last post by Hathen on February 14, 2019, 03:14:41 AM »
I'll probably repeat a lot of what I said in Discord, but whatever.

The continent actually having a name this time is a good sign for worldbuilding at least.

Aside from that some general thoughts on the story: Some people seem to be reacting negatively to the school life thing, but it seems more military academy than high school bullshittery. I'm sure there will be some cliche high school anime type stuff as side story gags but you should really not be surprised by some animu stuff in FE. Given that it's almost a certainty a war's going to break out at some point, I'm hoping this will be more like if FE4 started its story when Sigurd/Eldigan/Quan were in an academy together rather than starting where it did. If Mila's Turnwheel is going to be a core part of the story somehow I imagine it will be used as a plot device for Byleth to go through all 3 routes so he can understand the perspectives of Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude before getting to do the unified Revelations Happy Tree Friends ending route.

On that note, sort of an interesting reversal that Edelgard's country seems to be the big, strong empire even though she seems to be the main lord if you had to tag one of the three as one (she got to narrate the first trailer after all). Usually it's antagonist factions with the big army (See: Bern, Grado, Begnion, Nohr). Sigurd did come from Grannvale, but he wasn't the Emperor's son or anything, and the conflict there was all over the place.

It might be the vastly different art style, but Dimitri doesn't strike me as a stand-in for typical FE protagonist. I still think Edelgard fills that role more. Dimitri's design makes him look like a stereotypical noble type to me. Given that Edelgard has lost faith in whatever the crests are, I'm guessing Dimitri will take the opposite role.

Still not a fan of self-insert My Units. From a gameplay perspective the My Unit is fun, I just hate what it's done to supports and the writing in general, and it really culminated with Corrin being Lord, MU, and ancient super dragon rolled into one. Though at least they're stepping back from that and those are three (five?) separate characters again. It doesn't look like marriage or children will be in this game (then again, it'd fit just as well as children did in Fates), so fears of Byleth being able to marry his students are probably needless.

More open weapon/skill customization seems like a logical next step for the series, and personally I find this a lot more natural than just shifting into whatever class you want just by using a seal. It simultaneously allows for more flexibility in character growth while actually being more verisimilitudinous than what we had before. Seems cool enough.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« Last post by Aeolus on February 13, 2019, 08:40:35 PM »
Well over half a year later, and one dead msg board later and we finally get some follow up.

First release date is now July 26th.
Second Byleth is yet another Avatar, with both male and female genders available.
Third, you're running a classroom ala Trails of Cold Steel 3.
Fourth, punching is now a weapon type (well gauntlets).
Fifth, there will be supports.
and Sixth, there's likely a Mila's Wheel mechanic in here somewhere (and actually relevant to the plot this time).

Now to go through the video step by step.

First the world map is different/more fleshed out/finalized. Various name changes, geographical detail adjustments and the like.

The main countries are now the 1000 yr old Adrestian Empire, the Kingdom of Faerghus, and the League of ordinary affiliates the Leicester Alliance.

The Avatar works under their dad who leads a company of Mercenaries (gee, where did I hear that one before), but then things go pear-shaped, and the Avatar retreats to Firewarts/Hogemblem known as Garreg Mach Monastery.

While things are going pear-shaped, the Avatar looks to contact a Loli Dragon named Sothis, and it appears that s/he might be gain the ability to rewind time ala Mila's Wheel.

The Monastery is located smack dab in the middle of the continent and houses an organization known as the Church of Seiros and their own military (pretend to be surprised) as well as a military academy.

Named characters thus far:
Edelgard (imperial princess and next in line to the throne)
Claude (most likely to inherit a crumbling alliance before getting chewed on by two dragons)
Dimitri (*insert bland FE protagonist here*)
Sothis (dragon loli)
Jeralt (Avatar's Dad, will likely die in a duel with a masked Knight)
Annette (apparently French)
Sylvain Jose Gautier (aka the Red one)
Raphael (wishes to be Draug, will likely be Arden)
Leonie (the butch female)
Kostas (Ch 1 Bandit, will likely die in Ch 1)
Bernadetta (messy Purple Haired Girl in hoodie, early game Archer says "what?")
Petra (Purple haired girl without a coat and mark under eye, most likely to be the designated female sword fighter)
Dorothea (Brown girl in Hat with Tomes, most likely to be the fanservice one with 7 alts in FEH)
Linhardt (greenish bobcut hair, the Green one)
Ferdinand (Orange Haired Dude with Lance, the most likely to be the reliable one)
Caspar (light blue haired Fight man, most likely to not be very friendly as a ghost)
Ashe (silver haired dude in hoodie, needs food badly)
Blonde haired girl with twin tails.
(Seven characters with Edelgard: Petra, Dark Haired Dude, Linhardt, Bernadetta, Dorothea, Caspar, and Ferdinand)

Bernadetta is Lv 2 and 25 HP and three green triangles, class Noble, armed with an Iron Bow (15 Atk, 108 Hit, 6 Crit, AS 3, Def 5, Rsl 2, Avoid 9, Range 2, 50 uses and is Flier effective) and Light Bow 50 uses and no flier effectiveness) Has 10 Mt, 100 Hit and 2 Crit againt Axe Thief with no Combat Arts, Has 11 Mt, 100 Hit and 2 Crit with Curved Shot. She also has Lance and Flame Skill?

Petra (with Iron Sword has 8 Mt, 100 Hit and 100 Crit against a Thief with Iron Sword who in turn has 8 Mt and 86 Hit against her) and ranks in Flag. Defeating her foe gives her Exp for Level, Professor Level, Class Level and Battalion Level (for defeating this one bandit she gains 110 - 62 Swords 80-77 Flags 40-38 Class Lv 40-39 Battalion Lv 100-65) She is also Lv 2 with 25 HP.

Linhardt is a noble with 26 HP and an E+ in Reason and a D in Faith. Faith Spell 1 is Heal which restores 11 HP to Byelth. He is Lv 6

Battle options at the start of the game include Atk, Arts, Gambit, Items, Trade, Wait.

Teaching consists of Tutoring, Auto-Tutor, Group Task and Set Goals before starting class. You have 3 books represented by a green bar (ala Dragon Veins from Fates), Tutor costs 1 and trains someone to improve their skills (for one of their 4 effort segments) and Auto Tutor costs 3.

Tutoring has levels and stats and growth rates. Dorothea has E+ in Swords with a Blue Arrow and a finger pointing up and a D in Reason also with a Blue Arrow. Tomes have a red arrow poniting down, Swords Axes and Flag have Fingers pointing up. Skills at level E require 40 Exp to level up to E+ which costs 60, D costs 80, Tomes has 3 empty stars. Growth goals are set to Sword and Reason. For one session she gains +6 Exp in reason (+4 for the lessson and an +2 for it being her strenght (i.e. Blue arrows)) which multiplies by 1.5 times for 9 Exp and some Support gain.

Linhardt is strong in Faith and Reason and for his Goal List he has Reason and Faith focus and Custom Focus which is set to boost Faith twice.

Fist is Fighting
Flag is Authority
Two Tomes is Reason (i.e. Tome Magic)
White Tome is Faith (i.e. formerly Staves)
And Hvy Armor, Riding and Flying are also lessons apparently.

Training facility has Sylvain using a Training Lance with Lv 1 Skill (with Lv 1 Axe on the side) at Lv 4 with 29 HP 5 Mt and 73 Hit against Ferdinand who is Lv 5 with 30 HP a training Lv 1 Lance (with level 1 axe and sword on the side), 8 mt 100 Hit in a round 2 training match costing 50g and rewarding 300g and an Intermediate Seal (which apparently is needed to promote out of base Noble class).

Caspar is the light blueish haired fisticuffs dude. He uses Iron Gauntlets which hit x2 for 7 mt, 100 hit and 11 crit and has 28 HP against a Western Church Solider who has 29 HP, 9 mt, 79 hit and 0 crit with a Fire tome (indicated as a Dark tome).

Edelgard changes class with a Intermediate Seal, and can turn into a Mercenary, Thief, Knight, Cavalier, Brigand, Archer, Mage Priest. She can change to Brigand with 100% pass rate and requires Axes at C or higher.

Byleth, the one Edelgard ally not named, Ferdinand and Edelgard in different outfits are performing a Gambit boost. Edelgard has 33 HP and with Assault Troop + Coordinated Gambit Skill has 14 Mt, 100 Hit, 11 Crit against a fisticuffs dragon called Black Beast armed with 'Crest Stone of Gannier' 45 HP and cant counter.

Sizzle reel: Royal brats, Dragon girl, Hand holding and crushing something, Guy with bleached head looks Validar/Gharnef villian, orange haired person with red eyes staring intently, more villain, masked mage with fireball, Blonde lady in white with red sword/light saber, glowy ball with fancy markings all covered in black, green haired lady staring smuggly, evil dragon, Byleth attacked by dragon while he holds Prf sword.

Let me know if I missed anything.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ys IX
« Last post by MonCapitan2002 on February 12, 2019, 03:14:29 PM »
Don't remind me about the controls.  They were a pain in the ass to get used to.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 12, 2019, 09:48:43 AM »
Yeah, restoring that tier basically made the previous adjustment rather backhanded since it means that 10% or above gets better rewards from when the mode first started while anybody below the 10% line gets nothing! You lose! Good day sir! And yeah, raising the ceiling like they did means that instead of the top tier getting less scummy when they have less to aim for, they're only going to get even scummier ala T_T's bonus feather bullshit.

Meanwhile, I've decided that as good/bad of an idea as it is, the Askr trio will be the first infantry to benefit from the D. Bag Flowers. At the very least, it'll help them try to keep up with their continued lack of merges (even if I can no longer apply F2P strategies with them). Not that it will given how a +1 merge now confers 5~6 points to the merged rather than 2. God, there's nothing good about these D.Flowers, is there.

The results of my daily pulls from the ReBHeB banners can be seen above. A picture of my usual pulls (before a painfully out of date year 1 pity breaker shows up at 5% or some such).

Meanwhile, I'm utterly pissed that last week was so short as it had quite a number of regulars I use for bonuses. I'm now in tier 18 in the Arena with the one week I have to use said regulars getting wasted on getting back to tier 19, along with still being in tier 19 in AR sans comfy Eir + Miccy buffs (but the week wasn't short enough that I didn't manage to still get pushed out to the 13 Coin/Pop Rock AA tier).

Also, they changed the rewards for Tap Battles as well. On the one hand, we're now getting more Orbs than before, and we can set about the mode's monthly quests on day 1 rather than 5 days in which used to drag the mode out by one more day than the daily quests covered. On the other, hope that Int Syst has no major plans in regards to Arena Medals any time soon as those went away in favor of yet even more fucking Dueling Crests (and I firmly suspect some other kind of back handed double dealing in regards to the change that has yet to make itself apparent).

If it weren't for RD's banner and this Valentine banner being as good as they have been, and the promise of an actual February banner, I'd be counting the days before BB's banner disappointed me right on out the door because this year's anniversary celebration sucked major ass.

In lighter news though, new NinDir tomorrow. And 3H is the headliner (I swear to god, if that late Feb banner is 3H, so help me....).

Edit: Not related to 3H but our next banner (i.e. the CYH banner) has been announced. And somehow, Wyndis beat the fucking odds and came in 5th for the Green Slot (either everyone who voted for her wants Spd Tactics really really badly, or the fanbase is desperately trying to indicate that Lyn needs more alts to catch up to Camilla's impending 8th alt). You have 4 guesses as to who the remaining three winners are, and 3 of them don't count. As an aside, Ayra managed to rank 34th at just under 10k votes. I'm happy that my votes helped contribute to that. Also that the highest Camilla ranked was 51st with her Vallite alt.

Sub Edit: (I like SF's explanation better, in short, people are fucking idiots)

But yeah, the majority of the top 50 are whale bait to no one's surprise.
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Rook on February 11, 2019, 09:00:48 PM »
Hey The Promised Neverland is really good.
General Discussions / Re: Completion List 2019
« Last post by Arvis on February 11, 2019, 11:43:28 AM »
So far in 2019 I've beaten the Dusk trilogy: Ateliers Ayesha, Escha&Logy, Shallie. All "Plus" versions (Vita).

Not sure what will come next. Probably Octopath.

And here I was just thinking that maybe I should TRY Atelier Rorona again.  IDK.  I have a hard time with anime games. '^__^

Octopath is an excellent choice, my man.  Please do so.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on February 11, 2019, 02:50:02 AM »
Wow, I hadn't even noticed they re-added rank 1~1000 back in AR. Just another point under the list of "shitty manipulative things IS did on the anniversary". I'm actually ending the week in Tier 24 (as a side note, the top score right now is 12960- I'm pretty sure even if this wasn't a shortened season the guy would've just barely made it into Tier 27) and my current rank is 74, though I'm sure it'll drop to somewhere in the 300s once I get my loss for the day. Was hoping I could slack for a few weeks until Tier 21 bloated to 3000+ people, but I guess that's not happening. I even set up a themed defense team and everything (Elibe team with Eliwood, Hector, Ninian, Roy and Lilina. Also Clarine because it's not AR unless I'm annoying you with Dazzling Pain), but I guess I'll keep it for now even though I've not killed a single unit this week. I'm guessing by the time the March Mythic hits I'll be completely squeezed out of topping the rankings so I guess I'll try to grab those extra 2 flowers and 5 cups a week while I can (hell, since I didn't pull Duma I'm guessing whales will be taking up all the top ranks on Astra/Anima weeks).

Also apparently the Gacha Gods heard my bellyaching about not pulling anything premium on free 5*s, so they decided to bless me with a free copy of Micaiah on the daily FE10 banner that just passed. She's also +ATK -RES, and I can get rid of the latter part if I want to. So that's kinda nice. Didn't get anything on the daily Awakening banner or Love Abounds rerun, but I think my bad luck from the Mythic Banner has sorta balanced out from 3 free 5* pulls from these daily banners.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 09, 2019, 04:55:34 AM »
At least if we do get Fates beasts, it'll still be an improvement over the last several months (barring Beasts banner 1) since nothing but OCs, Seasonals, the same Fates Royals for the 5th time was garbage. (Fake Edit: Oh god. If we finally get some goddamn info in regards to Three Houses this month, they could be shoved in here. That would almost be too stupid, and couldn't possibly happen though. Right???)

As for my second 5 star pull, at least this time I got one of the colors I wanted to pull from and got a NY Fjorm out of the deal. +Res/-HP which is rather meh, but she's at least 40 DFs for one of my good fliers (plus a second Flying Bow user wouldn't be all that bad, even if she is Green).

And yeah, Feh made the back half of the Where's Askr game incredibly easy. But then, I only had any issues with seeking out Sharena and had the third wallpaper available by the third round. But I'm not going to argue with it since they could've made it so much worse.

D. Bags F. Us Edit: Looks like I spoke too soon in regards to D. Flower distribution. I failed to notice that you get a bunch from your AR ranking as well as your AR tier, and of course there's more to gain from ranking over tier, with wailords getting 44 DFs per session. And just to rub the goddamn salt into the wound, they brought back the 1~1000 ranking tier while further increasing the Grail rewards for whales (35 Grails and 44 DFs per session on rank alone). So yeah, DFs are a lot closer to Mtn. Dew in terms of Whale Privilege than I originally thought. Also, the Lava map still sucks to play against while Grasslands just became a shitload more unpredictable since enemies might or might not break their way through the destructible walls.

Also I am an idiot who lacks in simple pattern recognition in that I blew 60 orbs at the Bath House banner again. Managed to pull a Ryoma at the very end. A Year 1 Ryoma, complete with +Res/-Atk. The Nanna I pulled right after him was worth more than that, nevermind the L'Arachel or Tailtiu I've also walked away with. The upside to this is that barring OG Hinoka, I now have a copy of every Fates Asshole from launch (and in fact, aside from Hinoka, Linde and OG Lyn, I now have a copy of every character from launch; and it's only taken me 2+ years to make it this far).
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