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Suggestion ... or is it?

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I'm pretty sure this feature isn't available on the site, but if it is .. oops!

Just a quick suggestion that every column in the review/preview pages (especially score/date) should be sortable. If I want to quickly view a list of the top Dreamcast games by score % for example, I can't do that right now.


that sounds like a nifty idea.

As of today, all of our reviews index pages are static.  It's something on our list of 'future things that would be really cool.'

Heres another suggestion:

Some kind of metric or way to give the reader a sense of how long the game is. Is it a 20hr? A 60+ hour game? The issues with that are:

- Is it just finishing the main story line or going all out completist?
- A gamer can complete a game in 20 hours, but another gamer likes to takes his time and completes it in 50 hours.

But if you just generalize it and give people a sense of how much time they need to devote in the game, that would be a pretty useful tool for people.

Honestly, that is difficult though.

When I read reviews from others I tend to be the game in a significantly shorter time than it took them. But then if I get obsessed with something and go off doing every side quest, it's hard to estimate how long it would take to just beat the game. You can do it, but it won't be all that accurate.

That's why I, at least, tend to just mention it somewhere within the body of my review.


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