Author Topic: What starter to you wanna take on Pokemon 2013?

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What starter to you wanna take on Pokemon 2013?
« on: July 23, 2013, 11:53:48 AM »
Hey hello and welcome to my first gaming opinion weblog article, with that one want to share and ask you the question about what starter pokémon you want to take. So the game is almost there and the game release is at the date of 12 october 2013 and there is more pokémons to catch on the newest pokémon game of the year 2013. The new pokémon games called "Pokémon X" and "Pokémon Y" games. So this must be going to some ultimate opinion weblog if you want to work on it, this is just kind of the project that I want to discover how many pokémon trainers are here like me on the newest pokémon game of this year 2013.

Here is the opinion question to you all, what is the game that you want to buy of Pokémon game and what is the reason about the game tell me some little story about your game buying the game. Tell me what is your trainer character the girl or the boy and what is the name of that trainer, tell me then why is that name you have given to your trainer and tell me your storyline about the trainer you have taken on the game. What starter pokémon want to take on her/his adventure and please tell me whole the storyline about your new trainer and why the game want to become your game, so tell me everything to me!

Okay here is my storyline for my pokémon adventure for the new girl trainer Alice: there is some new adventure that trainer awaits on the new pokémon game that she want to buy the game Pokémon X and want to start her pokémon adventure. The trainer is a kind girl that loves pokémons and nature, so her name Alive and her name comes from the fairytale called "Alice in wonderland" and she loves that name and that story. Her starter pokémon will be the fire starter pokémon named Fennekin and that's all about Alice.

So how about you trainer storyline, please tell me the whole story about your trainer!
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Re: What starter to you wanna take on Pokemon 2013?
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2013, 12:38:11 PM »
This discussion took place already here, I believe: