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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:26:55 AM »
Yeah, anything decent about Book 3 coming out (which really isn't much since this update didn't actually add a lot) is completely canceled out by the bullshit of Mythic Heroes. The one thing you could praise AR for- that is, even FTP players could reach decent tiers (and whales could get steamrolled, as I once did on a very satisfying defense replay)- is now completely gone.

They really should've just added a bunch of new Legendary Heroes, because these are just them, except only limited in their use to one mode in the game. It's already hard enough to build teams to counter all the stupidity you run into in AR without needing to restrict us further with specific Heroes and Blessing tags (and of course, you can't have Mythic Blessings and Legendary Blessings on the same character- this wouldn't be such a big fucking deal if they refunded Blessings when you overwrite them, but it ain't so).

Anyway, didn't need more excuses to not give them more of my money, but hopefully that downward trend on their profits continues so they'll learn to not do this stupid bullshit anymore. It's still up to the whales though. Also they'd probably just shut down the game first.

Well, for what's left of this shitty game I guess we can try to find what's decent. I quite like the new character designs personally. I remember really not liking Kozaki's designs very much when Awakening's first screenshots were coming out, but compared to Shigeki's designs for Book 2 I gotta say I greatly prefer Kozaki's art. He doesn't do things like blatant titmonsters ala Loki or totally-not-orgasmfaces that the Nifl siblings have on their damage art. Plus his style probably fits better with something outlandish like Hel instead of something that was supposed to feel more "grounded" like Awakening. Hel herself is a really cool villain design.

As for refines, it's nice to get so many at once but I really wish they'd stop just making PRF weapons the same weapon as whatever base weapon they have, or at the very least they should not do it when the original weapon so obviously sucks for the character. Of course the one exception they make here is for Ogma's Brave Sword, but the person that gets screwed the hardest here is Palla. Triangle Attack Refine is a heavily offensive option, and it works like complete trash with the TA effect. It has the same problem as Alfonse's refine option, where the weapon is really strong so you want the refine to help improve matches against the same color or the color you're weak to. But at least Alfonse has the choice to ignore the TA- Palla's just screwed forever now.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:33:06 AM »
Pretty cool the franchise is doing well enough to have its own expo I suppose, but I'm more on the side of suspecting this means another delay for Three Houses. Either that, or this will take place just before it's released and they'll simultaneously give us some kind of remake announcement.

Light/Shadow seasons is only half a surprise, it's obvious they would've found some way to continue whalebaiting, and adding another two rows to the Legendary chart is probably one of the less shitty options they could've given us (unless Light/Dark ends up being its own type of unit somehow, and they might announce something entirely separate anyway). Besides, there's a pretty good image that shows that they don't even need to add something like 6 stars anymore- they're already in the game.

As for my progress, even though I like this Forging Bonds a bit better since it isn't just showing off whatever the newest banner units are, as you said it's still a pretty big Summoner wankfest. When it's all said and done we still really don't learn that much about the characters. But like I said, hopefully they'll shift to doing this format for Forging Bonds more often, it's still an improvement, albeit a small one.

Also I haven't gotten a +10 for a while, but that's mostly because the units I'm merging up have not been showing up or have neutral IVs so I've been keeping them at like +6-8. Since Cecilia's been doing so much work in AR though, I thought she was deserving of me dropping my stock of feathers for (also I lost one match where she simply got overwhelmed by too many fucking units, so the extra merges will help):

Also also, I pulled a free Helbendi from the VG banner, but he's -ATK +SPD of course, so I guess I can make one of my Green units an Arena scorestick instead. The obvious choice would be Nino since I have her at +10 anyway, but she has no Prf and I get the feeling she won't have one anytime soon, so I'll hold onto him until that happens or I finish randomly merging up Bartre or something.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:16:00 AM »
Honestly Surtr is pointless for Aether Raids IMO, yeah you gotta make sure you have a really strong Red to wall him off on your squad (or build Lilina to one-shot him), but he's relatively easy to play around like most armors are when you're not forced into using crappy armors yourself. In Grand Conquests he's just the worst though because he's basically invincible on forts, and trying to bait him out results in instant 20-damage.

Also my Aether costs are already at 60 per match- it's pretty crazy that there will be many days where the only match I'll get is my free one, but unlike a lot of the community I appreciate this mode only takes like 15-20 minutes to do your runs of every day (and that's if I'm going super slow to plan my turns ahead). Apparently a defense victory can protect you for 20 hours, not just a defeat, so it's not quite as dumb as first assumed and a high win/lose ratio will result in you getting bumped down less, but it also means you might get unlucky and get 5 defense wins and just happen to get your loss after that 20 hour mark, so that'll be fun.

Also also this new Legendary banner seems pretty good for me. With Blessed Gardens annoyingly requiring more and more teams, I'm going to try to get Lyoma and Bowcina alongside Hrid. Laevatein and Bector are also great units I wouldn't mind having, so Red and Blue will be my prime targets (watch me pull like 6 Summer Cordelias though). Don't really care much for Green or Colorless though. Getting merges for Gunnthra and Queen Squatter of Colorless is low on my priority list, don't care for the two seasonals (even though Summer Innes has a pretty nice statline and a hilarious weapon), Kana and her greasy hair have already been left in the dust, and Nina sucks and should've been demoted in the first place.

As for Hrid in particular, I have a Eliwood+8 and I was planning on building him with DC due to his solid RES, but I'm expecting Hrid to just completely outdate that idea, because Hrid
1. Comes with DC
2. Can stop all follow-ups with a relatively easy requirement
3. Will probably have low speed and good mixed bulk to capitalize on that
I even had Eliwood S-supported with Gunnthra already. Time for a Durandal refine IS (Hell, even Blazing Durandal is kinda outdated now).

Legendary Edit: Pretty much exactly as I guessed, Hrid not only has low SPD, but in fact has one of the lowest in the entire game, beating Arden out by 1 point at neutral (and losing to him by 3 points when baned). Whatever the case I dropped about 250 orbs on the Legendary banner and I managed to do pretty good. My 5*s were:
Hrid (+SPD -ATK)
Pewpew Lucina (+ATK -SPD)
Hrid (+DEF -ATK)
Flappy Ryoma (+SPD -ATK)
Laevatein (+SPD -HP)
Hrid (+ATK -HP)
Pewpew Lucina (+RES -ATK)
Was getting flooded by terrible IVs at first but the latter ones salvaged it a bit. Only natural I started off by pulling -ATK and -SPD on precisely everyone who doesn't want them. I'll probably end up using that SPD bane Lucina for now anyway, +6 ATK is probably worth the -3 SPD. That last +ATK Hrid is really nice though, he gets a superboon in that stat, though HP is a superbane on him too so that kinda sucks for his intended role. Also nice to have good IVs on Laevatein but I doubt I'll be using her all that much. Would've liked a Bector too, but I think getting all 3 of the Legendaries I was aiming for is already a really good result, so I won't complain too much. Now I gotta decide if I wanna merge the Hrids I got or finally start handing out DC to units.

Did okay on 3/4* pulls too, got a copy or 2 each of Athena/Shigure/Hinata/Soleil/Shanna, but didn't get any of the units I want to finish up merging for (mainly Draug, but +ATK Reinhardt also continues to elude me). Also no Silas- I actually really would like Steady Stance fodder right now.

Also I've played a bit of the new Forging Bonds and so far I'm liking it more than the previous ones. They need to structure more of them like this one. It still has FEH's typical sucking up to the summoner but its not nearly as bad so far. Pretty late to add some much-needed characterization for the Nifl squad, but better than never I suppose. Hopefully Book 3 actually sticks this shit at the beginning.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 25, 2018, 06:03:19 AM »
Some people are guessing Gharnef's PRF might be useful in Aether Raids, but the fact that it only hits non-magic units probably really hurts that because basically everybody is using 2-range units- DC just doesn't solve the problem when dazzling staves are everywhere. Cecilia MVP.

Speaking of which, annoying maps galore have prevented me from getting the bonus aether several matches in a row, leaving me with 42 leftover Aether which could've gotten me another match if I wasn't running into Veronica and one-shot wars in a super cramped map basically every single match. I also failed a match once again this season. It seems the annoyance is putting everything into balance though, because despite me doing a lot worse this week so far my rank is 1017. There's still 12 hours left of course, but I am fairly confident I can get another Golden Throne this week.

Next season has the dumb healing tower as the bonus building though, so I have a choice to make- either I get the healing tower to keep the stat advantage I've been enjoying so far, or I spend my stock to unlock my fifth unit slot. The latter sounds like it'll be a lot more useful, but there's been a ton of matches which just devolve into whoever one-shots the other first so losing 4 in every stat might make that a lot less reliable (plus Aversa will be worse at panic ploying everyone).

Also despite the odds for Iceloli or Evil Pyro being a lot better than usual, I'll probably wait for them to show up on a Legendary banner nonetheless because pity breakers are awful, and at least Legendary banners always guarantee you something kinda useful.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 19, 2018, 09:09:35 PM »
My final rank was around 1500 so for the moment I get to have some shiny chairs I won't get to display for another 2 months or whatever and a few extra Grails (it's pretty funny that one guy I knew only bothered playing like one match the whole season but still got about half the Grails I did).

For me, the bonus unit choice this season is pretty obvious- since score doesn't matter Dancers are basically a shoe-in on every team so Smolzura can fill my Bonus slot and give me flexibility to choose what I need for the last three. Regardless I still lost 2 units in one of the three matches I played today, though it was a pretty creative team so at least it didn't make me rage like Dazzling cheese strats does. The guy did a Infantry Pulse team with a Micaiah ready to fire off an AoE on turn 1 and I spotted that without much trouble, but what I didn't account for was the fact that he removed assist skills from everyone not his Dancer (Ninian) so I mistakenly thought the AI would move Ninian before all the tomes he was using for the rest of his team. Micaiah proceeded to explode my entire team and took out Reinhardt (and his Soren took out another one), but since I brought Nino along she could push through with Desperation.

I actually have enough Aether stored to do another match, but since my Lift is sitting at 3880 I might only take my free run tomorrow and wait till near reset time on the day after to push into 4000+ Lift. It's still dumb that you lose Lift for failing Defenses at this point since it's basically impossible to have perfect defense records, but I doubt they'll change it anytime soon so I might as well try to game it.

Also I don't know how true this is, but I've heard some people say that destroying everything increases Aether restored, and not just the Aether Fountain/Pots. Might need to look into it more though.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: super robot wars topic
« on: November 19, 2018, 08:22:15 PM »
Yeah, Escaflowne would've been pretty nice to go alongside Rayearth (plus like 5 people owned a Wonderswan so nobody played the one it was in). That being said, they're really continuing their trend of adding some rather odd choices to SRW. I guess once they decided Yamato was in it made sense to start putting in other series only containing ships but no actual robots. Though Saber Marionette J being on that fake list probably should've been a red flag regardless, human-sized units are even rarer in the series (though with this game I suppose we might get to use Cyborg Guy again).

Also it looks like this game will be another one recycling a ton of animations- to be fair after a certain point there's really no point in trying to one-up your Fin Funnel and Breast Fire animations anymore, but it does make me wonder if they're going to start another serialized SRW soon, time seems to be about right for that.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 18, 2018, 03:49:35 AM »
One of the most popular requests in the community is being able to do practice runs and fight your friends, so at least that might get implemented at some point to fix the "you barely get to play this mode" problem. Cutthroat doesn't begin to describe this mode though, a couple days back I was like rank 500 pre-reset, and after the next day where I got 2 units killed (ie balance of -40 points achieved) it instantly dropped me to around rank 3500 pre-reset. We're in the home stretch of this season and I screwed up again today (albeit only 1 unit death total) so my final Lift for the season is 3520. Currently floating around rank 400 but it's anyone's guess how many ranks I'll drop in the next ~15 hours before it closes.

I guess I'm not doing too bad myself which probably contributes to me not hating this mode, and I'm not FTP either, but to be fair, pretty much all the units I used these past 2 weeks were units I pulled whether I spent money or not. The ones that got the most use were Reinhardt, Lilina, Leon, Azura and Aversa, with Cecilia, Camus, and Gunnthra making occasional appearances. I kinda enjoy the amount of focus I'm forced to use since every play matters in this mode, and I like that I don't have to sit there spamming Arena Swords or repeatedly doing Assault runs until I happen to roll the right score.

As for the rewards, even if I'm lucky enough to land in Tier 1 this season that means I made a grand total of 65 Grails this week (counting the 20 you get for the third daily reward). Considering the cast size and how costs for units go up to 500 apiece that's just insanely low. I really, really hope this mode won't be an excuse for them to no longer give us free copies of GHB/TT units anymore, but I suspect it will be. Granted, the ever-growing roster makes distributions a bit more unwieldy but they seriously can't expect that this should be a long-term solution to someone wanting to +10 Navarre or some shit considering the opportunity cost, unless they start handing out Grails left and right in other game modes.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they just removed Grails from Aether Raids entirely (or just put Grails as all the daily rewards so everyone just gets 100 per season or whatever) and replaced all the rewards with lots and lots of feathers. I don't really think a currency like Grails should be walled behind a mode this competitive, especially when you consider TT/GHB units were often used as great starter units for newcomers anyway.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2018, 01:40:21 AM »
Yeah, I felt like Hulk-smashing my phone when I got that bullshit loss from status staves slapping my team around. Everyone keeps saying Bold Fighter is the worst skill they've added to the game, but I honestly think Dazzling Staff takes the crown by a bit (and Veronica's Hildskjafajafajaf doesn't help).

To be honest, I still think I like this mode more than Arena. Yeah whales still likely come out ahead, but at least you still have some control over your ranking, rather than "you didn't whale for armor units hard enough so your score sucks by default". As I understand it there's a few FTP Sun Tzus in the community managing to keep a perfect record, so it's not impossible at least. It's definitely a stressful mode if you pressure yourself to do well though- I've recovered a bit and I'm floating at around rank 2000 right now, but I don't know if it's because my screwups pushed me into that weird Aether zone where I get to play an extra game compared to some people who technically did better than me.

At any rate it's not quite what you wanted, but they expanded the ranges for the rankings. IMO they should also flatten the amount of grails across the ranks a bit so you don't instantly get docked like 10 Grails for the week just because you screw up once or whatever. I also think it's kind of a bad idea to give increasing Aether Stone rewards as your Lift goes up- seems like that'll cause a snowball effect since the better you play, the more resources you'll end up with and you'll have a better fort to win even more with. Then again everyone getting higher scores are going to start getting their Lift docked every single day from defense losses eventually and Lift increases will slow to a crawl (especially with the increases Aether costs per match, unless they add fountain upgrades at some point).

Speaking of which, I've made some attempts at adjusting my defenses via replays (guess I'm lucky because I've only had 1 out of like 12 of them crash) and I've gotten my first shiny defense win. Guy played too defensively and got steamrolled by my Memehardt. Most people seem to still have little issue breaking my defense though- since Arena Score isn't a consideration anymore I think we're back to almost completely relying on strong player phase units. Most of my matches I can beat using Reinhardt/Dancer/Lilina or Leon and Aversa for bonus (who's pretty broken with the stat boost so next season will probably be way harder). Veronica is still the bane of my existence, Cecilia can't do anything to her and getting the mass debuff is going to snowball into a defeat, so your only choice is to player phase her, but since most people know to tuck her away it makes approaching her very difficult.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 11, 2018, 06:41:03 PM »
Yeah, even if you don't want the GHB/TT units, there's some crazy rare skills on some of them- I'd say Linus's Brazen ATK/SPD is probably the biggest one so far, a lot of the other ones like Ploys or Poleaxe are bit more niche in their application.

Also single screwups in this mode are really heavily punished so far. I've lost a single offensive match due to annoying dazzling staff and gravity stalling shenanigans, and at this moment its dropped me from Rank 1 to Rank ~12000 and counting. Means I'll be losing out on like 15+ Grails this cycle. I suppose the good news is that from here on out as long as I don't screw up again my rank can only go up.

I've had no defensive wins myself. I managed to get 1 KO on various defenses but 0 total wins. Like I said, this mode's big issue seems to be that things are so far pretty heavily stacked in the offensive side's favor. I think that's going to change a lot as people invest their resources differently though, because if you spend Dew on your Aether storage it means your base will end up lower level, causing enemy units to get more and more inflated stats. Also I don't think ragequitting results in a loss for you, if you're getting the "unable to replay" message it's very likely you ran into the now-known bug of Summoner/Ally Support screwing with the game's calculations and crashing the replay.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:44:11 AM »
ATK/DEF Bond is great, Gale Dance is niche, and Water Boost is garbage. The boost skills were already niche when they were first released, but powercreeped skills that are nearly as powerful as Boosts and stupidly inflated HP values in PvE content has made them completely useless. They have to change boost skills to at least +8 of a stat to make them worth using again (also lower the HP requirement to just more than opponent's HP rather than having +3 on them).

BST powercreep on the new banner is stupid, but I guess not unexpected at this point. At least they had the sense to restrict Null Followup to Infantry, which finally gives them something unique and is actually useful (Well, Infantry Pulse/Rush can be good, but they need really specific setups to work well).

Saber's refine is pretty interesting, but I'm kinda disappointed in the Elibe refines (go figure the 5* exclusives keep getting the cool ones). To be fair they're mostly boring-but-practical refines. Shanna's is a tried and true formula, Florina's kinda forces her into melee range so I guess people who gave her DC/Berkut's Lance will be sticking to that, but I think Bartre's is a waste. He's usually only going to get use out of two of the stats on Fury (unless you +SPD him, but even if you stack on it his SPD is average at best), and it cuts into his HP if you use him for Panic Ploy. I guess it'll give him 1 more Atk than the Mt refine so it has that. He would've much preferred an ATK/DEF Bond/Solo effect I think. Killing effect would've worked too, or hell, even Heavy Blade.

But the important news is Aether Raids. So far I like it, although I gotta say I would've preferred they just applied these changes to Arena itself since now the two modes are kinda redundant, but I guess that's about half the game now. Even though you have to go through the annoying task to destroying the two resources on the enemy's side to get maxed out points (via Aether regeneration), it's really not that bad because you get to set up 5 teams in advance and just pick the one you want to attack with. Obvious teams to make would include anti horse-emblem (complete with a Green Raventome to double check LynHardt), Armorslayers and Wing Clippers (though that last one's not so important since buildings really get in the way foe them in this mode). As a side effect it seems like it's nearly impossible to not get losses on your defense at some point, but I guess we'll see.

Most fun part is the defense building though. Naturally, I set out to create the most annoying defense I could possibly muster.

The tome dancer is important, gotta make her go last after all. I just gotta unlock my fifth slot so I can put in Brave Lyn.

Also they need to make it so people can fight their friend lists. How else are we going to out-annoy each other?

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:17:18 PM »
"Don't let your memes be dreams" -Reinhardt, probably. Too bad his victory dance was soon drowned out by the sound of the Fates hategasm.

I'm mostly ambivalent about the Valla banner (Null Follow-up is dumb, but then again you'll be forced to drop Wrath/Desperation/Special Spiral in favor of it so it probably won't be as big a deal as some are making it out to be). To be honest even though the community seems to be freaking out over it, I actually find "what-if" alts like these more interesting than putting a popular character in a santa outfit or whatever. The main problem is that it's taking the place of a "normal" banner- hell even just limiting ourselves to Fates there's still a ton of characters who haven't been added. That and Camilla does not belong on this banner in any way whatsoever, Arete would've made way more sense and she can get them waifubux anyhow.

I'll enjoy seeing what Bartre's Viagraxe brings us, and I guess they wanted to calm any Elibe rage before March comes along by also giving us Shanna and Florina weapons (Raigh still gets to rot though). I only have Florina at 5* right now, but I have Bartre and Shanna with good IVs and I've wanted to promote them for a while, so I'll have a lot of things to play with when the update drops. Saber getting Golden Dagger is pretty funny, I'm pretty sure every single person just stole it back from him after he joins the party.

Big news is the incoming new mode with 2.11 (and not 3.0!) though. Strange that they're adding a new mode now, you'd think they'd just save it and make a huge update when 3.0 drops, but I guess they need to tide people over for the month. I'd say this is that town-building mode they teased a while back, but I think they really missed the point if they think this is what people want. It's not really a problem with the mode itself (basically it's just My Castle from Fates, except I guess the Order of Heroes also possesses Ant Man shrinking technology that lets them take their buildings everywhere), but I think when people think "town-building simulator" in the context of phone games they're thinking of those afk-townbuilding games instead of an Arena 2.0. Letting it have its own separate stamina bar is kinda insane given how busy the game gets when ++s or whatever are running, but at least it's one that resets daily rather than one on a timer so you can spend it at your leisure.

We also get 3 whole new currencies (that's what, like 12 now?), one of which is to buy GHB/TT units. Might seem like a pretty nice deal until you notice that Aether Raids will probably only give you something like 50 Grails a week for the average non-whale (that's assuming Lift is something most people can reasonably max out every week like personal rank in GC, otherwise it's probably more like 30 Grails or something). It takes 3200 Grails to get 10 copies of one unit, so it takes like a full year to get one fully merged unit (also 200000 feathers since they come at 4*). They'll probably give out a couple via other events too, but I'm guessing it'll be like Sacred Coins where they're dripfed pretty strictly.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: November 03, 2018, 12:29:15 PM »
I'd actually say the cheesecake level was about the same, except when you get to Lushiris which is fucking hilarious given her role.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 31, 2018, 02:46:44 PM »
As is so often the case, I tell myself I won't spend too many orbs, but ended up bottoming out my entire stock (~300). Luckily even if they announce beast units coming in 3.0 I won't regret it too much, as they've already said an RD banner won't happen until January, so pretty much all the beast units I would actually want won't be coming soon.

Anyway I sniped Green and luckily didn't get pitybroken by any other colors despite numerous no-green boards, but my haul wasn't that great as I got a below average 5 5*s, none of which were the LLyn I wanted. I did get 3 MGrimas and 2 Bride Snacks though. I suppose this balances out considering that crazy haul I got pulling for Hector a month back, but one of the Grimas did come as +ATK/-HP which is one of the most broken sets you can get on him, and hey, I got the DEF/RES Link fodder I kinda wanted (also got a Legault and a +ATK Bartre which believe it or not I still didn't have yet). Looks like I'll be building Odin.

The two Snacks I got were +ATK/-SPD and +RES/-HP, which leaves me having a hard time deciding which one I want to keep. I'm leaning towards the +RES one right now. The extra ATK would've been nice but this version of Snacky doesn't want to totally dump speed so the tradeoff probably isn't worth it.

The thing that bothers me about the difficult mode labeling is that there really isn't a whole lot of new content coming out to help bring units up from Level 20 to Level 40 for people playing this game for a long time. Sure there's the Tower, but Stamina costs rise rapidly after a point (generally around the Level 20~25 area) and might not be an option during events that otherwise guzzle Stamina (namely +_+s and Forging Bonds), so you generally want to use other modes, except then you get situations like the aforementioned Aversa bullshit where the content isn't actually appropriate for the advertised levels, so you're stuck with means like burning Crystals which only covers the Exp deficit or waiting for the monthly mission refresh for a place to grind that gap. It kinda discourages building new characters you aren't invested in/are experimenting with.

I can understand being conservative with Stamina during the ++s, but I don't think it's really that necessary for Forging Bonds. Unless you're only ever dumping stamina into it during 1x multipliers it's pretty lax to cap out all 4 characters to 3500 before the event ends (I think last time I had like 4 days to spare after I capped), so there's a decent amount of stamina for you to budget into leveling units.

As for leveling options, the most efficient is definitely the training map rotation. The units are mostly skill-less and easy to kill, but the worst thing about it is that they purposefully set the highest one at Lv. 34 so you can't grind Summoner/Ally Support in there while you're at it. Generally speaking I only really do the Training Tower once a day for the crystals (helps that I have Spring Sharena to up the amount).

I also level units in Forging Bonds sometimes. It's a lot harder to set up but since we're all dumping Stamina into it anyway it's a good opportunity to level up some random unit or farm SP on them, it's not like your level affects how many points you get. The big problem is that units have their full level 40 kit in Forging Bonds so if the unit you're training isn't that good, you need to Painchip stuff for them. Thankfully they did that update where you keep your EXP/SP gains even if the unit dies, otherwise it'd be even more hopeless.

It is amusing that Blessed Gardens are continuously increasing the number of Blessings you need to dole out for each stage, but I've backburnered the mode since I only have one Water Legendary in Fjorm and two of the other three types (Gunnthra, Wyndis, Lector, Fire Ephraim, LIke, da Ponch), and am not terribly interested in trying to assemble teams based around the Legendaries I have right now (especially since the rewards aren't terribly impressive for the effort).

I myself only have one Water and Wind Legendary (Fjorm and Gunnthra), but I have three of the other two (LIke/FGrima/Liki and LEphraim/Lector/Larth), so I'm only backed up on Wind/Water. Like I said above I didn't have much luck pulling for Lyn this time, so I'll probably be unfinished with the Water/Wind Gardens for a while yet.

On that note, the crazy thing about Colorless is that we've been told Grima is running yet again next month, which means all four colors are accounted for. That means one of 3 things:

1. No new Legendary next month
2. A color will get doubled up on (which seems possible given the schedule also shows LEirika and LIke will both be running in January)
3. We'll be getting a completely new color alongside 3.0 dropping

1 seems very unlikely to me because $$$, so 2 is probably the most likely. With 3 it seems popular to assume beast units will be a completely new color on their own, but I think even if that happens we won't be getting a Legendary of one, because I don't think anybody would really qualify (I mean Tibarn and the other Laguz kings are probably about as relevant to RD as Ryoma is to Birthright, but Legendary Heroes is basically IS jerking off a bunch of alts of the most popular characters for sweet whale cash so I doubt we'll get a Legendary Tibarn or somesuch when we don't even have regular Tibarn and co).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
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Maps getting harder as long-term players get stronger units makes sense (otherwise things would be even more stale than it already is), but has the effect of making newer players confused as all hell because there's no consistency in the difficulty settings. They kinda-sorta addressed that via the daily GHB rotations- one rotation is clearly harder than the other one, but they should probably make things more obvious for newer players. Personally I'd remove the whole daily rotation thing and instead just have "Tier 1 GHB" and "Tier 2 GHB" or whatever, with the seven of each in there every day. It's not like the map being rotated every day actually does anything other than inconvenience people given that the rewards never reset.

As for Eirika...I like Eirika and all but I'm just completely ambivalent about the announcement. For one thing her art's really not that much different from her first two versions (even though the art itself is nice), and her skills just don't fit thematically with her at all. Shouldn't she have the exact opposite effects, with a bond skill in the A slot and a Lector-like weapon rather than the other way around? I guess they have to differentiate her from her infantry version, but then that's exactly why you don't make like 3-5 different versions of the same damn character. Regardless I'll probably have to pull for her eventually given that we're already at 3 Water teams required for the Blessed Gardens, and I'm sure we'll reach 4 teams needed soon enough, so eventually we'll need to have all 16 Legendaries if you don't want to run a bonus-less team (unless they completely screw us over and go to 5+ teams even though it'd make no sense). I don't care much for the other two heroes on Red though so I might just wait for her to get a second run.

Regardless, Green looks pretty nice for me this time. I only have 1 Wind Hero (and I always wanted LLyn anyway despite her probably being the weakest Legendary), Grima is as broken as ever and I wouldn't mind having a DEF/RES Link around in case I decide to build Odin for no reason.

Also, dead horse but Colorless is really stale at this point, 2 slots are pretty much always locked to FGrima and Wrathful/Dazzling Staff. Both are always useful to get more of but I'm looking forward to next month when we'll finally see something new.

Few weeks ago I saw Venom, which I thought was on the bad side of passable. The movie changes genres halfway through, the movie has a lot of clearly unfinished/halfbaked plots in it (but at least it's not the plot tornado of Spiderman 3/TAS 2 so at least Sony didn't make that mistake again), and a lack of Spiderman still makes me think this entire enterprise is a stupid idea from the get-go, but Tom Hardy acting like a crazy person is pretty amusing just by itself.

After that I saw three movies on a plane ride, so they might be pretty heavily censored versions of said movies, but I doubt that'd change much of my opinion on them:

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was a massively stupid movie that really wants you to think it still has something to say. Though to be brutally honest I have my gripes with the original Jurassic Park's themes/ideas too, but I won't go on a huge rant here. Like Venom, this was also a movie that apparently decided it wanted to change genres halfway through. To be fair it's probably entertaining enough on its own, and it does have a few good moments here and there, but it mostly felt tired and pointless to me. It's probably bad when I want to say I'd probably would've liked it more if it was just an up-front stupid action movie without any pretense, which brings me to:

Rampage- also a really stupid movie but doesn't feel the need to pretend it's anything more than what it is. As far as a movie based on Rampage goes, I would first say "please don't", but since they made it I'd say this is probably about as good as it could've been, so take that as you will. Of course your enjoyment of the movie will probably depend on how much you like Dwayne Johnson's unique charm.

Annihilation- another great Sci-fi movie from Alex Garland. Can't talk about it too much without spoiling everything, so probably not much to say aside from that if you like this kind of movie, you'll probably enjoy this one too. Honestly I hear a lot of people talk about how Disney's ruining everything, but even if you hate the mass of superhero genre movies (and other pulpy ones like Star Wars) the past few years I think scifi's been doing pretty good- Since Interstellar we've had Ex Machina, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, The Martian, and this movie. Plus that whole rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy was pretty great too. Obviously Superhero movies and the like are typically going to rake in more cash, but that's been the way it's been for forever now.

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