Author Topic: Creating characterization through battle

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Re: Creating characterization through battle
« Reply #15 on: July 11, 2012, 12:04:23 PM »
i love characterization through battle but i dont understand why they keep making final fantasy games where everyone can do everything. thats why i liked FFX everyone had defined roles.

At some point in the game, cant all characters learn the same things, and thus become interchangeable? I may be remembering that wrong though.

And about the Tales discussion earlier, this is what's great about unique characters, the fact that we can even talk about them like this. Even if not done totally right, they at least have enough character to spark conversation.

They can if you're willing to grind for it. In fact that's the reason why Kimari sucks so much (aside from being the series's worst Blue Mage), he has only the dinky middle section to himself at the start then he's forced to take the first available out which requires hard to come by key spheres or warp spheres and due to always requiring at least a level to move around with, Kimari is likely to get stuck in a sphere grid you might not want him in (and once he's in he's stuck there until another out or warp sphere becomes available).
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