Author Topic: You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you

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You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you
« on: December 25, 2014, 04:17:16 PM »
The analogy I've been using the most this year is the one about dating a girl who's totally your type on paper, but on an actual night out that chemistry, that intangible "spark" just isn't there.  You have to keep justifying and rationalizing all their good points to yourself objectively and it kills you.  You know you should be happy, but you're not and that cognitive dissonance stresses you out.  

Of course, there's the converse situation where you're set up with a girl who's not really the type you usually go for, but that chemistry, that intangible spark, that "oh YEAH!" feeling is there.  You're not questioning your joy, you're just enjoying it.  

I've used this analogy a LOT this year talking about games, books, movies, music all kinds of things both old and new.  For example this year, I eagerly anticipated Bravely Default because it was totally my type of game, but I couldn't get into it.  That "spark" just wasn't there.  On the other hand, I had little interest in Lightning Returns, but I tried it out on an "eh, why not" whim and I enjoyed it more than I thought.  More than Bravely Default, that's for sure.  

So what are some of the games, books, movies, music, etc. that have fallen into these paradigms for you?  The "totally your type and everything you want, but you don't 'want' it."  The "Not really my type but eh, why not?........ hey, I'm really diggin' it!"  

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Re: You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 04:35:44 PM »
With games, I run into the exact opposite problem a lot. I'll love a game to death, but when looking at it objectively I couldn't tell you what I like about it because all the elements are things that I normally wouldn't like.


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Re: You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2014, 06:24:56 PM »
 Given that Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn't the return to Origins I was hoping for, I found myself wanting for a CRPG. This is bloody weird for me, as in the past I've found them to be far to deep for my tastes (Origins was simplified enough for me to enjoy it). Despite fearing for the worse, I picked up Neverwinter Nights on the GoG sale. Finished it yesterday and had a blast. Picked up NWN2, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, pre-ordered Pillars of Eternity and will get Divinity: Original Sin when it goes on the daily steam sale. Probably extremely overkill, especially considering the length of these games, but it's always a pleasant feeling when a genre you thought you disliked turns out to be a goldmine for new experiences.
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Re: You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2014, 09:50:10 PM »
This is such a cool topic, I feel like you made it just for me Din!! LoL

But truly this has been a BIG thematic for me this year. In fact, I was just scribing an entry in the ol' journal (personal journal, not the RPGfan variety) about how I feel as though I really sort have unwittingly shifted my affinities and tastes in terms of media and how that sort of alters or compromises my prior perception of myself/identity.

^^That is venturing into some airy, off topic, talk. I'll keep this post about the media itself.

The sum of 2014 for me was a ton of offerings that were right in line with what I thought was my personal taste for years. Lots a good anime, a new Ar Tonelico game, Fairy Fencer F, and a host of other things surfaced that would have had me all sorts of excited and yet I found myself gravitating toward some of the most unlikely titles.

Somewhere along the line, after playing JRPGs almost exclusively for over 2 decades I guess I just began recently to feel (falsely) that there was nothing left for me to explore. This of course is not true. Only a fool thinks they've seen it all. But when it comes to J-Pop culture, anime and JRPG's I certainly have subject myself to a far greater volume of exposure than anything else.

This awareness left me a desire to explore some other games and media, a desire that creeps in every so often and generally ends quickly with me running back to comfort of NIS titles, old SNES RPG's, and some sailor moon. Something different happened this time. I stumbled on some games I never thought I would adore near as much as I have and the last few months have really been exciting for me exploring western fantasy, shooters and multiplayer games.

See I was sort of off base in terms of my sensibilities in what I deemed quality gaming. I thought I was just into anime and JRPGs for the most part but I now realize they just inherently have qualities I appreciate. I sort of feel like Klutz now in the sense that I don't feel comfortable naming exactly what these elements are that resonate with me. In fact maybe it is more accurate to say the most crucial elements that hook me in terms of media and gaming vary from product to product. Simple as all this sounds it totally eluded me and I stayed "stuck" believing I knew by now, at the age of 30, that I was aware of what I liked and was comfortable with it. Truth be told, I was just too ignorant and set in my ways to really explore anything else.

So now, for those who just survived my wall of irrelevant ramblings to arrive here, without further musing I want to get onto the top 2 games that "Weren't really my type" but I fell in love with.

1. Borderlands 2/ Up until borderlands 2 I would have told you I hated shooters. In fact, I didn't just hate shooters but sci-fi, guns, war, the future, and comedy as well. Borderlands changed all that for me. I realized that my exposure to the aforementioned just left me with some unwarranted prejudice. I still don't like contemporary war, slapstick comedies, star trek and feel a little ill at ease with future-stuff but borderlands made me entirely aware of the fact that with clever writing and solid gameplay all these things I thought I hated could be blended togeather into pure entertainment of the highest caliber for me.

2. Diablo 3/ Western fantasy never did it for me. Yet as a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I always sort of knew the possibility of falling it love with it existed. I rediscovered not only my love of Western Fantasy, but a real affinity for looting and multiplayer here. I could explore this more but I've already made this longwinded enough.

And at that I'm gonna cut this off because if I start talking about other media this post is gonna become more of a novel entry than intended.

Thanks again for the awesome topic Din, this was really cool to think about and briefly explore here. Good stuff.
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Re: You're totally my type... but I'm just not that into you
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2015, 07:30:13 AM »
This pretty much describes the attitude I've had towards Chrono Trigger for the last 20 years (yes I know I have Lucca as an avatar)

I love JRPGs. I loved pretty much every other thing Squaresoft made in the 90s. I think FF6 is one the most important masterpieces in the history of the industry.

I just couldn't get into Chrono Trigger. Don't know why. It seemed to be about 10 different things that were slightly off that would've been irrelevant by themselves but as a team managed to add up to a legitimate reason.