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Planetside 2
« on: December 22, 2012, 02:37:29 AM »
So ive been playing this the past week or so, and I gotta say, this is the most fun ive had playing a Online FPS since Battlefield 2142.  I was timid about trying it, since its F2P, but honestly I feel so far that my gear really isnt much of a big disadvantage to the stuff people can buy.  The maps are huge, and I love the constant back and forth, even when your not playing.  Earlier today we  attempted to take some outlying bases until we drew the enemy factions attention, so we gathered up 2 large carrier vtols, 2 gunships, and 3 fighters, and just the feeling of flying in formation with a whole platoon (4 squads in a platoon, 12 in each squad, we had about half full) was an epic feeling.  It can be a bit of a bummer to trek across the landscape at times, but after I got my bearings with the game, I found myself able to jump into hot spots easier. 

Definitely need to be a team player in this game, going solo is just boring and useless.  You will die alot though, just a side effect of the massive combat.  I have never felt to cheaply killed (except one hacker/glitcher, not sure which exactly, but he was the first in over 15 hours of gameplay.)  Anyhow, was curious if anyone else was playing this.  I know that was probably a bit of a disjointed summary, sorry about that.  Cheers!
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