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Title: Skrillex Quest
Post by: Ramza on November 28, 2012, 10:18:17 PM
Ya I know. Sounds dumb. I get that.

But if you're down with some sort of weird derivation of Zelda *and games inspired by Zelda* (3D Dot Game Heroes, Sword&Sworcery), you're gonna dig this.


Edit to correct now broken link: http://www.crazygames.com/game/skrillex-quest
Title: Re: Skrillex Quest
Post by: Fei on December 01, 2012, 10:57:09 PM
So my cousin is a huge Korn fan, and Korn's latest album is a collaboration of sorts with Skrillex (they were fusing metal with dubstep).

My cousin is also in a metal band that is doing music for my almost-done game... a game which happens to be a weird derivation of Zelda and games inspired by Zelda.

I told him "you'll never guess who beat me to the punch... fucking Skrillex." When I showed him Skrillex Quest, even he couldn't help but laugh at the similarities. 

On the bright side, mine is a mobile game, but I seriously felt raped when I saw this.  My project is very different, but the concepts are quite similar.  That's what hurts me (on a personal level) the most, but we'll see how everything plays out.

I'm now writing jokes into the script to account for this, so hopefully it escalates into Tupac/B.I.G proportions :P