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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2018, 11:42:38 PM »
If I had to rank the meta modes, I'd personally put it down as: Arena >>>>> Aether = Arena Assault.

Arena has a ruthless meta, but its all for Feathers and maybe an extra Orb or two. The big task of the mode is to simply find a claim that you can live with and hold onto that.

Arena Assault is still the shitheap that its been since day 1. The only useful thing it provides is an alternative to certain (Re)GHeB quests since you aren't also being forced to deal with PvE bullshit (not that I needed it to allow Julius to beat Julius for his ReGHeB). Its even worse than Arena since the difference in rewards is greater (1 Orb and 1500 Feathers per week versus 15 Coins and Rocks and 2500 Feathers), you're competing with everyone (versus just with whomever's in your tier) and there's just not enough space in the top tiers for most players to realistically reach (why they haven't further expanded tier sizes yet is likely due to AA being abandonware at this point).

Aether so far hasn't been around long enough to become the daily soulless grind that the other two modes are yet, but at the same token its also the most impenetrable of the three due to being so ruthless and powered by successes within the mode. Once the meta has hardened into its final state for the foreseeable future, I doubt I'll even get a chance to look at the unobtainium that are Grails.

And on that note, you're right that Status Staves are absolute bullshit. Just by switching up my defense team to include Elise supported by a Dancer, I've gone from 'can maybe score a single KO' to 'almost consistently scores a KO and even managed a successful rout all while denying full Aether'. Dazzle really is bullshit and it sucks that its taken me so long to cotton onto this. Edit: That was yesterday. Today was full of nothing but watching my Defense team uselessly plink off of the +10 uber Dragons after getting debuffed to hell through Aversa cheeze as the enemy just casually waltzes through me. Not even one foe from today's matches took even meaningful damage from my team. This mode just fucking sucks.

I also had a rather luck based win earlier today as it was almost entirely due to the fact that I had the fortune to keep Drive Spd on Eliwood, which enabled Bonkers to bait the enemy Aversa and not get doubled and killed in the act (the Iote's Shield seal was on the enemy +10 Myrrh; an unmerged 5 star Level 40 Aversa was able to tank a 49 Str + effective damage hit and both hit hard enough and fast enough to double in retaliation to level a unit not completely defenseless in Res). Thanks to this, I was able to eliminate the risk of eating some Wings of Mercy bullshit as I slowly picked off the two Quick Retort + Steady Breath/Fury +10 Dragons (Myrrh and Nowi) and one Quick Retort + Heavy Blade AssTiki with my team of +5 Eliwood, Narcian, Bonkers and +1 Micaiah (Miccy was pretty useless all things considered since she wasn't tanking or dropping nothing on her own).

Without that Seal, I'm very sure that battle would've been doomed to failure as I wouldn't have been able to pick off Aversa before the Wall of Dragons marched down the field, and any attempts at trying to drop a Dragon would've put it below 50% HP and activated Aversa snipa which would've eliminated my Color coverage and any chance of a successful rout.

Having posted the above, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to change my ranking once this mode fully gets underway.

Edit: Here are three easy steps to fixing Aether Raidys. 1) Reduce all Grail values to 1/10th of their current value, 2) Replace all non-Arena Arena Medal rewards with Grails of 50% of listed amounts or more (alternatively Universal Crystals for 5% of listed value or greater), and 3) Allow players who do not wish to participate to fully disengage with this mode (i.e. delete all offensive and defensive stats, builds, investments, etc). And there you have it. A perfect mode for Whales to wallow in while being totally ignoreable at no sizeable cost to those not willing to blow their second mortgage on this shit mobage. And anybody who enacts otherwise should be drug out into the street and shot (as there's no fixing a mode that literally punishes failure with more failure and fewer opportunities to even interact with said mode, while allowing others to profit at your increasingly helpless expense).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:29:56 AM »
If there's an upside to this, its that everybody's got a mark on their record at this point. Nobody's got the full 1700 Lyft anymore. Fake Edit: Apparently the 1680 thing is being caused by Aether cost fuckery and the actually flawless total is 1600. -_-; This mode is ruthless as hell.

I've since scored another Def loss, but at least this time it was close (my team made it to 7/7 and had even dropped an opponent before my final defender was knocked out).

Also, that's an odd bug (not surprising, just odd) and kinda sucks since I had a pretty strong position in that match from what I could see of turn 2.

Anyways, we've got our calendar now and it basically confirms the Book 3 update won't happen until at least mid December. We've got another Banner and GHeB. What's unusual this month is the lack of an Xmas/Winter Seasonal banner, especially with the lack of time between a possible Winter Seasonal banner and next year's New Year's possible Seasonal banner.

'Re'Edit: *snip* Less angry now. The TL;DR is that Lyft is too goddamn cutthroat and right now I want to disengage with it so that I no longer serve as a free punching bag for all the whales that are now profiting at my expense. The rewards aren't much to write home about anyways, and I'm gaining nothing from the replays either since most cut out at turn 1 with the rest featuring a steamrolling staring the other player's team. Having amended the above, I'm not touching the below.

If Book 3 does not change direction in a more F2P friendly way, I'm dropping this like the toxic waste that it, and all mobage slime, is.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 11, 2018, 05:20:44 PM »
I don't mind the new Aether mode, but the rewards are kind of pointless since they're sort of circular. Winning in Aether mode gives you rewards that allow you to build your keep better so you can... win more at Aether mode. Unless you want more Grand Hero Battle units, of course, though I'm not especially interested in them.

Some of them have the potential of being really good with multiple merges, but were usually hardcapped to whatever you've accumulated up to this point.

But also a bunch of skills are either exclusive or easier to obtain from GHeB/T_T reward characters. Such as:

F!Robin's Blue Tome Breaker and Gronnwolf (Rhajat has Keen Gronnwolf but is also 5 star locked)
Walhart's Chill Def (locked to King Chrom and RyoDancema a 5 star locked and seasonal)
Camus'/Walhart's Granni Shield
Michalis' Iote's Shield
Berkut's Berkut's Lance (also Water Boost, but who gives a fuck)
Gerome's Poleaxe
Ursula's Blarwolf (and by extension Keen Blarwolf)
Canas' Raudrowl (Katarina also has this but is 5 star locked)
M!Kana's Brazen Def/Res and Fortify Dragons (former found on Hardin while the latter is found on Ninian and Dream F!Corn, all 5 star locked)
Linus' Brazen Atk/Spd (only otherwise found on Winter Robin, another seasonal)
Marisa's Infantry Pulse
Joshua's Close Defense and Windsweep (there are 4 other units with Close Defense but are generally 5 star locked or seasonal, while only Alm shares the latter)
Arvis' Def Ploy (Flora and Summer Gaius also have it but one's seasonal and the other's 5 star locked)
Julius' and Olivier's Atk Ploy (otherwise exclusive to 5 star locked or seasonal units)
Saias' Spd Ploy (Dierdre's the only other source and also 5 star locked)
Valter's and Garon's Panic Ploy (otherwise locked to Zelgius and Luke; Garon's also a non 5 star locked/seasonal source of Distant Def)
Ethlyn's Spd/Def Bond (seasonal NYCamilla's the only other source)
Jamke's Heavy Blade (only regular Ike gets this and he's still 5 star locked)
Bride Marth's Ardent Service (also the only non-5 star locked source of Drive Atk)
Evil Takumi's Spd Smoke (see also Sigurd and Air Nino, both 5 star locked)

Unfortunately, Grails look to be the next Divine Dew/Seal Coins, so don't expect to be cashing in on these anytime soon.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 11, 2018, 01:26:45 PM »
So far I've had 4 defense matches in Aether Emblem, and four losses.... At least one of the matches ended with a player ragequitting on me because he walked into a trap which ended with one unit picked off and nobody left to deal with my +5 TA Etrurian Scum (and yet the game lists this as a 'Failure'; kinda bullshit if you ask me), but the other three were complete losses. Turns out I have no way to deal with bullshit like Aversa, Veronica or +10 Reinhardts yet (or the AI being incredibly abusable).

Not terribly sure about this mode to be honest. Its got some great elements to it like managing your base and seeing other peoples' teams and strategies, but on the same token, this mode is pretty fucking ruthless (in both resource consumption and in player objectives; especially with crap like ragequits penalizing the Defender) and heavily favors whales, much like Arena/AA are. That failures themselves add up to further disparities between players who are lucky/wealthy enough to coast through Lyft will end up with stronger bases compared to players who can't keep up, invest poorly or were just born under an unlucky star.

Meanwhile, no sign of the next Calendar yet, but given that we're sneaking up on Book 3, I suspect they're going to be withholding it for awhile. Not that there are many surprises these days given how formulaic the monthly schedule has been (Tap Battles are constant, monthly events come either in ridged order (+_+, GCN, VG) or are date based (Legendaries), and banner specific events are tied to banners (FB, GHeBs, etc)), its mostly just a question of whether we see another Seasonal or Draw Pool Banner and what kind of Bait Banners, Refines and Quest Sets show up.

It amuses me that Boost skills were introduced with the Gaiden Banners (thanks Boey) and only lasted a month before the HP inflating Infernal was introduced to start devaluing them. Even if you were to merge them and 4th tier them (ala Fortress Def/Res 3), they'd still be garbage since only a handful of units can even crack the 60 HP barrier (I guess I could staple Water Boost onto Arden now that he's no longer merged capped; 82 HP with merges, Summoner Support, a blessing, HP+5, a forged replacement to Brave Sword+, and not including anything map specific like Bonus Unit status which could potentially put him at 92 HP; I think I'll wait for an Earth Boost seal before doing all of that so that Arden could have 61 Def (before buffs) instead).

And the big problem with Bartre's refine is that doing anything beyond Fury was going to lead to Axe of Virility powercreeping Basilikos (they're already pretty similar with Basik's -1 Cooldown and L&D 3 versus Prozaxe's Anti-Armor and Fury 3), which wouldn't have sit well with FE 7 fans (not that Basilikos was that good to begin with, but that's neither here nor there). The other problem is that its hard to justify spending big on him when I have Frederick who has a roughly better statline to begin with (+5 HP, +1 Atk and 2 Move to +3 Def, +1 Res and 3 Move; and hell, Axe of Virility would be better on Frederick anyways since the extra Def gives him more room to not die from a love tap after Fury 6 bleeds his HP dry).

Necroing because

End of the road boys. No Aranea, Lunafreya or Noctis for you.

I suspect it has something to do with this:

Between this, The Quiet Man and the running joke that is the FFVII remake, I find myself so glad I washed my hands of Squeenix a long time ago.

Also, I vote the thread title be renamed FINAL FANTASY XV, This is reality based on a fantasy.

Bought a month of Amazon Prime for Halloween-related things, and decided to rewatch a bunch of old sci-fi while I was at it, plus some new stuff:

Battlestar Galactica (Mini-series) - This was a fantastic way to start a dramatic sci-fi series, and it reminds me why I was so excited for it back in the day! Almost jumped straight into the main series, but that'll have to wait until another time. Besides, I fell out of love towards the end of either Season 2 or early season 3. It felt like they dragged it out far too long, made worse by the fact that the humanoid Cylons were just...stupid, IIRC. At least for a machine race. I guess we wouldn't have much of a series if they were actually efficient, ruthless, and logical, though...

Stargate: Atlantis - They didn't have more than 2 seasons of SG1, so I tried to start this instead....but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I'm pretty sure this spin-off actually started in an episode of SG1, so it didn't introduce the characters, and started off with a ton of techno-babble without much context. I don't remember actually enjoying this one much, so I'm not gonna bother with it.

Babylon 5 - WOW! This has not aged well - neither in effects, set design, or acting. Gave up after a couple of minutes. Not really my cup of tea.

Let me guess, you're referring to the Aughts grimdark BSG miniseries and not the made-for-TV movie 70s BSG miniseries (which is also pretty good for what it is and the period it was made for). Unfortunately, I feel that the Aughts BSG aged very poorly over the last decade and change. Once you know all the mysteries in play, all that's left is relentless pessimism and the poor filming techniques that plagued the later Aughts.

As for SG: Atlantis, it was one of those things where all the effort went to the base show and it never got out from under SG-1's shadow. It doesn't help matters that the SG-1 writing model (episodic A plots with a seasonal/series-wide B/meta-plot running in the background) doesn't work quite as well on SG:A as the show wasn't nearly as grounded as SG-1 was (so you can't just pop into an episode and know the gist of what's going on; especially since Atlantis lacked a 95 Stargate movie equivalent to serve as a primer for the meta-plot).

Meanwhile, I too have been going through Babylon 5 recently (and still am). My advice is to skip The Gathering (i.e. the pilot; as the show steadily improves in quality over the first two seasons) and to embrace the 5 mile long 90s Time Capsule drifting all alone in the night (its like being 8 years old again, plus you can almost see the effect it had on things like Starcraft and Beast Wars).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 08, 2018, 03:58:22 AM »
From what people have datamined, the banner is actually supposed to be Kidzura's imaginary entourage (which might explain Camilla, due to her being 'big sis', in exchange of making literally everyone else on the banner more of an asspull). Still would've preferred Scarlet over yet another Camilla (especially for a Mage with poor Spd and not enough Atk to compensate; nevermind the fact that we've just got a really good Flying Red Mage and the means to make her actually really good soon). Also sounds like this banner is going to be our Lead-in/Prologue for Book 3 (in the "I can't believe Summoner is fucking dead!" meme sense).

For other stat news, the Corrins are Trainee Infantry Dragons (not quite 170 BST but close) with Male Corrin powercreeping launch Female Corrin almost entirely (Fae's still holding on against New Female Corrin), Mikoto is almost a straight powercreep on Bride Lyn (Lyn has +2 Spd over Mikoto's +7 Atk, the other stats are generally more comparable to each other), and Kidzura is tied for highest Atk out of our current Dancer roster but is otherwise a slow Green Infantry Mage.

As for the refines, the base upgrade just gives everyone +2 Mt to their previous weapons/refine options. For Dew refine options though, Saber is by far the big winner this go around with +3 across the board and Distant Counter upon starting combat with a fully charged Special (this effectively turns him from a Sigurd prototype/glorified speed bump for Range=2 units into discount Red Fjorm).

The others are sadly far less spectacular with Bartre and Shanna only getting Fury 3 and Hauteclare effects respectfully, while Florina gets +4 across the board against melee units during enemy phase (which might have been significant on somebody other than Florina).

One thing that people haven't really mentioned in regards to Aether Castle is that there are two fixtures that you must place in your castle that can reward opposing players extra Aether stamina if destroyed, so if you thought that there was a chance that this mode wasn't quite as pay2win as Arena Assault is, then prepare to be disappointed.

But most important parts of the update are that Relay Defense seems to have been quietly taken out back (whether it'll be sent to a farm upstate or not remains to be seen, but....), and that Blessed Gardens has finally been shoved into a sub menu (where it belongs, you sub menu mode) in favor of the new hotness.

Edit Blow: They've posted the +_+ rewards and bonus units. Atk/Def Bond is the headliner, Water Boost and Gale Dance are definitely Seals as well, and thank naga that Bonkers is one of the bonus units (as I don't have to spend any orbs on this banner); especially in face of Vanilla Ryoma and Leo being the other two non-banner bonus units.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:47:18 PM »
DQ:XI. Currently doing post game stuffs. Had a moment where against my better judgement, I decided I was going to walk to my next destination instead of simply Zooming there, que a postgame boss fight I had totally forgotten about pushing my shit in, in short order (I might have been able to turn it around, but I didn't feel like trying to recall which pieces of equipment had the best Paralysis resist nor was I willing to waste the Haullelujah I had pre-charged at that point, so I just reloaded to my previous autosave).

Had another postgame boss fight that I went into purposefully, but then I ended up fizzling out on that one too. At least I was actually making some serious headway, but then the boss started taking a third action per turn, I ran out of MP, and thanks to some incredibly bad RNG on my end at the worst moment, started making anti-progress due to all the party wide MP drains, turn locks and Hustle Dances flying around.

Debating ditching Shypox at this point. I've gotten credit for clearing with it on, but I kinda want to see how far I can go with it still on. But at the same token, I don't need for it to act up 20 times in short order while trying to chat up a town, especially since all it otherwise adds is just one more RNG to roll against or situations like the above (ask me how my encounter with a Mega Mimic nearly caused a wipe just because I wanted the entire party alive for the Exp, and I just couldn't get a Kazinger to cast the damn spell before eating a crit to the face; the MC could at least survive a crit to the face plus a follow up Kasizzle, but not a second one because he was too busy giggling to cast that essential revive; thank god for Kerplunk).

At least I beat the bosses that gate the last two skill tree branches without much trouble. People bitch about needing to wait for the Pep to recharge or to bring Pep Pips, but hell, all you really need to do is eat a crit on purpose and survive until the next turn (of course the remaining boss will start taking two actions per turn, one of which is a hard hitting AoE attack that's hard to defend against, which in of itself isn't a problem, but it does often mean having to revive my Executioner and trying again).

Edit: I've thwart the Jort by around Level 65. By god what an RNGfest that fight was. The fucker can easily one-shot most of my party with his regular punches (and two shot everyone but my sturdiest tank), has a somewhat inaccurate hind-kick that can basically one-shot anybody, and that's before he self applies Oomphle or gets Pepped Up. Buffs are generally useless because the snowballs he throws purge all buffs, apply Ice Resist Down, and also hits stupidly hard to boot. But the real fucker is Kasnooze which is accurate enough in his hands that anything less than 100% Sleep Resist will be taking a nap before being sent to take an even longer one. Oh and the mofo takes three actions per turn so he'll likely Oomphle, Kasnooze then drop Serena (and then, thanks to the RNG nature will likely go again because he's bookending turns or because everyone's asleep and proceeds to drop pretty much anybody with something resembling Kazing in their reporte). And due to the frequency of turns, most Debuffs will only last one turn if that and he has high resistance to most everything. The main exception to this (and of course, the solution to the battle) is Dazzle, but he's still got a 50% resist to it (which will either feel like a 75% chance or a 5% chance, depending again, on what the RNG dictates) and even if it sticks, he's still got a dodgy chance to hit through it (on those days where the RNG wants you to roll over and die). And as a right bonus, to actually beat the quest tied to this guy, you need to finish him off with a Zap spell (thank god not specifically Kazapple, which would be absolute horse shit, as that requires a Pep'd Up Triple Tech, and against a guy that can just straight up purge your Pep status).

Of course I wonder who here got tricked by the quest description specifically muddying that last point up?

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: November 04, 2018, 06:58:06 AM »
I'd actually say the cheesecake level was about the same, except when you get to Lushiris which is fucking hilarious given her role.

I'd say that Jessica is showing off a whole lot more as well (though not as much as in her Tensei Tensei appearance), which is also utterly hilarious given her own role (pun intended).

Although I will argue that Imelda definitely has more added to her (probably to help hold up all that silicone Nagi injected into her character design).

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:29:53 AM »
When I think of OG FF, I always think of barely making it through Marsh Cave (after a few tries) every time I played. Yeah, it's very early in the game, but that fucker is tough. Basically akin to running a gauntlet.

Marsh Cave is annoying but manageable if you know what you are doing (and depending on your team comp). The most threatening things are Wizards, Zombies and Poison, the second of the latter two you can deal with just by buying a shit load of Pures ahead of time while the first of the latter can get wrecked by a single casting of Dia. Buying Magic is actually somewhat of a trap early on since everything is so fucking broken that there's little value to buying magic beyond Cure & Cur2, Heal & Hel2, Pure, Dia, Fire2, Ice2 and Bolt2 (ignoring anything involving status effects like any true Final Fantasy player should). Another trick is to recall that a short trip across the inner sea can save you a ton of money in the early game (comparatively speaking) if you're willing to risk wiping just a little longer.

Really though, the Marsh Cave gets a shitload easier as soon as you get your hands on a Silver Sword (barring a stupid party comp like 4 Thieves), whereas Guruguru/Ice Cave/Castle of Trials suck no matter your available loadout simply due to cases where 5 Fir2/Ice2 spamming enemies ambush your party and most/all of them proceed to spam Fir2/Ice2, and not even a party of four level appropriate Fighters could survive that level of overkill, not to mention Sorcerers and their penchant towards spamming partywide Paralysis as they proceed to poke you to death.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:00:44 AM »

Bumping this for a more in-depth side by side comparison of the principle cast.

Poor Leon got the worst of the redesigns (he now looks like a kid borrowing his dad's armor), lmao at Urushihara's version of Betty and her armor piercing anatomy (and how its a far cry better than Nagi's verion), and thankfully Nagi looks to have more or less glossed over the bulk of the older male cast (Volkoff seems to have gotten the worst of it there) and Hein.

Otherwise its still the 90% pauldron size reduction, on top of reduced armor/clothing, and rearranged male BMI/female measurements.

Hopefully, Sony's recent policy enforcement policy doesn't kibosh our chances of seeing this outside of Japan.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 01, 2018, 08:47:49 PM »
I deem the original Final Fantasy definitely to be unplayable by modern standards. At least its remakes would make it slightly more so.

The PSX version is still the definitive official release though. All the ones after that change too much and completely neuter whatever challenge the game might have possessed. The PSX version is helped by things like having two different versions of the level curve (one of which being the original), and some of the more obvious bugs fixed/adjusted to be less detrimental, but few other changes (like combining spell level charges into a generic MP pool).

I still won't say that the original is totally unplayable though. Just the Volcano/Ice Cave/Castle of Trials segment.

General Games / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic
« on: November 01, 2018, 11:22:39 AM »
Pardon the double post, but the last of Smash Ultimate's non-DLC roster is finally up. Kinda ended on a mixed note though as the revealed characters themselves ended on a wet fart (Ken and Incineroar; Pirana Plant DLC + at least 4 more unannounced DLCs), with a Single Player mode ala Subspace Emissary + gachafication of Stickers to ease the announcement (RIP Trophies though).

Relevant Link:

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 01, 2018, 10:59:12 AM »
FF1 - Up to Guruguru Volcano. Playing the original NES version, with a party that's not stupid and some patch that fixes all of the known bugs and makes the game quite a lot more interesting in the process. I like the kind of soft openness it has.

Replaying this on the NES Classic reminded me of just how much this part sucks. Nothing like having three dungeons in a row filled with enemy encounters that, should they get a preemptive attack, can immediately end in a party wipe from full before you can even act. It doesn't help that your healing options really suck in this game, and thanks to all the bugs, so to do the rest of your options beyond Attack.

Of course, as soon as you get the Class Changes and/or reach the Underwater Shrine, the whole damn thing turns almost into a cakewalk for most of what remains of the game.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 01, 2018, 04:48:16 AM »
One other possibility is that with Wetrika, we now have 12 Legendary units. I suspect that next month might be nothin' but Leg (it'd make sense if they're spending next month gearing up for 3.0 over making another Abyssal nightmare for us to slog through). Of course that'd mean we'd have 4 Reds, 4 Blues, 3 Greens and 1 Colorless Unit as a focus next month and goddammit, I'm still not getting that damn F!Grima.

But having another color like Yellow for Beasts is an interesting way to approach the current situation (even if it means that somebody's gonna have to eat becoming the 3 star fodder unit for that color; sorry Nealuchi, at least you won't be the least popular character to make it into FEH).

The thing that bothers me about the difficult mode labeling is that there really isn't a whole lot of new content coming out to help bring units up from Level 20 to Level 40 for people playing this game for a long time. Sure there's the Tower, but Stamina costs rise rapidly after a point (generally around the Level 20~25 area) and might not be an option during events that otherwise guzzle Stamina (namely +_+s and Forging Bonds), so you generally want to use other modes, except then you get situations like the aforementioned Aversa bullshit where the content isn't actually appropriate for the advertised levels, so you're stuck with means like burning Crystals which only covers the Exp deficit or waiting for the monthly mission refresh for a place to grind that gap. It kinda discourages building new characters you aren't invested in/are experimenting with.

I can understand being conservative with Stamina during the ++s, but I don't think it's really that necessary for Forging Bonds. Unless you're only ever dumping stamina into it during 1x multipliers it's pretty lax to cap out all 4 characters to 3500 before the event ends (I think last time I had like 4 days to spare after I capped), so there's a decent amount of stamina for you to budget into leveling units.

As for leveling options, the most efficient is definitely the training map rotation. The units are mostly skill-less and easy to kill, but the worst thing about it is that they purposefully set the highest one at Lv. 34 so you can't grind Summoner/Ally Support in there while you're at it. Generally speaking I only really do the Training Tower once a day for the crystals (helps that I have Spring Sharena to up the amount).

Yeah, but the reasons why Forging Bonds are typically hard on my Stamina are A) there's something else going on making even dealing with FB more of a sidechore and/or increases demand for Stamina, or B) there isn't anything else going on, which is rare and affords me a break from the game to do other, non-mobage related activities, aside from the occasional check for a 2x multiplier hour/Stamina dump.

I also do a tenth tier TT match once a day for the Crystals, but I generally only use one of my four established movement teams for that because tenth tier can also be bullshit depending on what units spawn and/or what other quests are running currently (like our currently running Water Blessing quests). I still at least try to sneak in a weaker units in need of SP or something (even though it often leads to situations where I have a solid trio like Dark Eirika, 5 star 40 Frederick and Fire Ephraim carrying a 4 star, level 30 Oscar who dies to anything that looks at him funny because he's a unit with low defenses to begin with, nevermind at a possible -12 point stat deficit across the board.

That being said though, I generally use my Flier Emblem team for the weekdays, and focus on grinding the tower on Saturdays for the 2x SP bonus (Fridays are generally focused upon clearing Story quests with level appropriate teams if any are available). Helps that Nowitch and Ninjabbit each have one of the respective grind+ skills.

Meanwhile, it seems that the popular method to dealing with our Abyssal friend Horseirika is to unequip a brickwall of a unit, and have them choke while Wrazzle Dazzlers snipe across the walls in a battle of attrition. Kinda lame, but then again, so is the map and the sudden reinforcements shoved right up your ass. At least I didn't have to employ such bullshit for Lunatic, as Flier Emblem was enough for that.

As for the VG, welp. I figured it was going to be a long shot, but Olwen's getting creamed (even Odin and Tailtiu are doing better than her). Somewhat, but not entirely, surprising is that Ophelia's the elephant in the room, followed by Rein then Ishtar. Well either way, I've got fallback positions aplenty.

Edit: Third round of pulls nabbed me both a Summer Towelna (Vanilla Beach traits) and the wrong Grima (at least with vastly superior traits of +Def/-HP versus my current's +Spd/-Atk).

Second Edit: Axe of Virility? Might as well call it Prozaxe. But yes, Shanna, Florina, Bartre and Saber are finally getting on board the refine train (and Saber's on a banner for the first time since July '017).

Edit the Third: Lol, Ishtar got robbed. Under any other circumstance, I'd be pissed right now, but because I don't have her ("The Gacha is to blame!"), I went and backed Olwen instead and cleaned some House Friege for 500 Feathers. Linde also snuck in even though she was pitted against the full force of Fates. And Delthea and Reinhardt weren't Mario Kart'd, so congrats on your +500 feathers Hathen.

The Fourth Edit: Warning! Incoming Channel!

(Which pretty much means the next round of Forges will be out on the 8th.) As for the VG, I'm kinda annoyed that Olwen didn't make it since it meant having to join Mr. Magic Hands and be downwind of the bulk of the multipliers for round three. Though I'm kinda surprised that Linde is putting up as good of a fight as she has been (which of course means this round is going to be lousy for Same Hell when it hits).

Edit V: Rein won, but I was too gun shy towards the possibility of another Same Hell, so I ended up spending too many flags too early and got bumped to the 6k range in the rank in army. In spite of that, I still did really well overall and cleaned up the cumulative rank. Meanwhile, Fates gets yet another goddamn banner with more goddamn alts (including a fifth Camilla and a free Azura, which means I can soon run Azura Emblem), and also Mikoto (I suddenly don't feel so bad about wasting so many Orbs on the Legendary banner again; still wish I had put them towards the H2O banner instead). And on that note, at least I was finally able to beat Eirika Infernal (and did so without too much inheritance waste), but Lyn Abyssal still isn't looking good (maybe I should swap out AssTiki for Ninjabbit).

Edit Six: The Return of Edit. The light died? Moar liek my interest died. Not happy about seeing three more currencies added (one of which they didn't even touch on) and another tedious sounding game mode on top of the time devouring tedium already in the game. This was otherwise a garbage FEH channel to go with yesterday's garbage banner. And I can't even begin to speculate on how having access to more limited quantity heroes is going to play out down the line (especially since they're still piece limited on top of being even more resource intensive). At least I can finally dream of a 5 star +10 Marisa and Ethlyn, but I still would rather have Blue Tome Breaker in the general summoning pool instead (even if Drag-on Corrin has introduced a skill specifically designed to shit on Breaker skills).

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