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General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« on: September 21, 2018, 12:12:22 AM »
And I'll admit, after learning about some of Frank Miller's militantly prejudiced sociopolitical views, I sold my copy of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  Despite it being an iconic graphic novel, my visceral gut feeling was that I didn't want a book in my house created by someone who would probably not welcome brown people into his. 

I had a similar realization not too long ago with Batman: Year One.  I saw too many things with my adult eyes and adult knowledge that I didn't care for.

Been listening to a lot of early Opeth lately, up to and including "Blackwater Park".  This is strange, as I have never really given two flying fucks about Opeth.

The Soundroom / Re: Good musicians in meh bands
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:18:46 AM »
One band comes to mind immediately.

I've always found Nightwish to be thoroughly mediocre, but Floor Jansen is a fantastic singer and I'm glad she's in a band that actually makes money these days.  Marco Hietala, their male vocalist/bassist is also mightily talented, and I enjoy his work OUTSIDE Nightwish quite a bit.

The Soundroom / Re: Favorite Albums of 2017
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:29:06 PM »
Fucking none.  At least nothing that was RELEASED this year.  The new Paradise Lost album is the closest thing I've got to a favorite, but I only like three or four songs off it.  Cradle of Filth's new one has a few glimpses of greatness here and there too, but nothing warranting the label of favorite.

I've had more luck catching up with stuff I missed out on in previous years.  I think I've already played the Jex Thoth album "Blood Moon Rise" more than I've played the last three Maiden albums combined.

Fields of the Nephilim - The Watchman

Soooooo gooooootttthhhh

Multiplayer RPGs / Re: Guild Wars 2 (Path of Fire comes out 9/22)
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:54:41 PM »
For anyone else that might have gotten off the GW2 train with the hot mess that was Heart of Thorns, let me make it clear just how much better Path of Fire is in comparison.  Mob density has been cut back to a scale comparable to the original (i.e not stuffed with fifty mobs per square inch), the mounts are a great addition that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the game mechanics, the voice acting is incredibly on point (even the PC norn female!), and the zones are well put together and unique from one another instead of being similar tangled, spiraling messes of garbage design.  I approve, and I normally hate everything.  I'm just having trouble deciding if I like it as much as I do because there was nowhere else to go but up or if it's legitimately great.  Get back with me in a month and I'll know for sure.

The third season of the living story is pretty good as well.

Arcturus - The Throne Of Tragedy

One of my favorites from an album full of greatness.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Curse of Milhaven

The whole of the album "Murder Ballads" really, but this one in particular.

Emperor - Ensorcelled By Khaos

The Gathering - Leaves

This video always takes me down memory lane.  Those halcyon days of the early internet, when finding a video of an obscure band was like finding gold.

Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight

Thanks, Trump.

The Soundroom / Re: Favorite albums of 2016 thread
« on: December 23, 2016, 06:09:49 PM »
Oh fuck, I forgot one.  The big one.  My favorite new discovery of 2016...apparently.  I would have sworn it came out late last year. :P

The band is Vektor.  The album is "Terminal Redux".  Very, very good, and very hard to fit into a subgenre, so listen for yourself.

Stillborn - Albino Flogged In Black

Another classic metal love song.

The Soundroom / Re: Favorite albums of 2016 thread
« on: December 21, 2016, 05:36:35 PM »
Normally I struggle to limit it to five, but 2016 was a pretty weak year for new metal in my humble opinion.  Too many breakups (R.I.P. Bolt Thrower and Agalloch) and too many mediocre releases from too many old and tired bands.

All I've got is:

Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake (puts new Megadeth and new Metallica combined to shame)
Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts (but this one took a really long time to grow on me)
Blood Ceremony - Lord of Misrule (good, but each album is more tired sounding that the one before)

Only one of those I would call great.  Eh.  Every year can't be a winner I guess. :P

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say there are a lot of bands I love that have released albums this year that I haven't heard yet.  Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Deathspell Omega, and the Devin Townsend Project all released stuff that I'm sure is great, but my disposable income has generally been somewhat less than disposable this year. :P

RPGFan: Forums / Re: Forum Upgrades and Changes
« on: December 13, 2016, 09:55:01 PM »
I approve of the new Rainbow Club symbol.

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