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Single-Player RPGs / Not Very Well Known RPGs That Look Great
« on: August 11, 2017, 02:02:34 AM »
Hey there everyone, I stopped by my local games shop and picked up a game that's not very well known. It's called Seige of Avalon, here's a link to the game's page The game came out in 2000 (or 01, can't remember) and looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I've had all sorts of problems trying to get this game running, as it's game engine was quite different from others from the time. If anyone knows how to fix these problems, or knows of other PC RPGs that aren't very well known, or even obscure let me know!

If you want you can message me about it on Youtube -
or Facebook -
I'm far more active on those platforms.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Pillars of Eternity
« on: July 21, 2017, 02:15:21 PM »
I've been thinking for a while about buying this game.. is it worth it? I heard the story was kind of eh. But I do appreciate the revival of old school style rpgs...

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dungeon Hack (and other pc RPG games)
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:44:18 AM »
Thanks! Yeah, I prefer not to be your typical screaming into the mic youtuber, it's just my hobby so I don't take it super seriously. I believe they ought to be related, if not by the same developer, then by universe because I believe Dungeon Hack takes place in the Forgotten Realms as well. Another thing I like about those old FPS games in general, especially Dungeon Hack is the fear factor. It seems like modern fps games don't strike that same fear of the unknown into you like it used to... maybe it's just that you had to use your imagination more back then or something like that.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dungeon Hack (and other pc RPG games)
« on: July 21, 2017, 05:52:56 AM »
Good to see a fan of the game. I've been running into minor problems with the game, the biggest is not being able to open some doors, even after finding all the keys on the floor. That, and the giant centipedes constantly paralysing me XD I'm also puzzled by why the player character randomly coughs violently..

Single-Player RPGs / Dungeon Hack (and other pc RPG games)
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:57:02 PM »
Hello all. This is the first time I've been to this site. I suppose I've opened this topic to talk about old PC RPG games. Recently I've been live streaming Dungeon hack, an old first person Dungeons and Dragons game with randomly generated dungeons (I believe). I was wondering if anyone has ever played it, I'm looking for advice on things to look out for... you know how these old games can be... quite cryptic and difficult. Anyway, I'll leave a link to my channel if you're ever curious about seeing the game in action. I do Live Streams at 12 midnight Brussels time, that's 6 p.m. eastern if you're in the U.S.

My all time favourite old RPG on the pc is Fallout 2, it has the most memorable moments I've ever experienced in such a game, both funny and frusturating.

Link to channel -

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