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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 15, 2019, 02:47:46 PM »
I mean, I don't have Legendary Lyn yet so I won't mind if I pull her for free, but holy shit that's hilarious that people just picked whatever showed up on the default screen. Halloween Myrrh is honestly kind of a terrible choice, Winter Tharja gives basically the same SI as her except better (especially with the 4-skill SI change coming), but at least Myrrh is a stupidly broken unit herself. Basically the only miss I can pull on the free one is LAzura because I already have her, which pretty much guarantees that who I'll get.

Also New Power free pulls gave me nothing, but I finished off the Anniversary Daily Banner with a bang by pulling a free Close Counter- or he would be that if he didn't come as +SPD -RES. Now I feel obligated to keep him around.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:14:41 AM »
I'll probably repeat a lot of what I said in Discord, but whatever.

The continent actually having a name this time is a good sign for worldbuilding at least.

Aside from that some general thoughts on the story: Some people seem to be reacting negatively to the school life thing, but it seems more military academy than high school bullshittery. I'm sure there will be some cliche high school anime type stuff as side story gags but you should really not be surprised by some animu stuff in FE. Given that it's almost a certainty a war's going to break out at some point, I'm hoping this will be more like if FE4 started its story when Sigurd/Eldigan/Quan were in an academy together rather than starting where it did. If Mila's Turnwheel is going to be a core part of the story somehow I imagine it will be used as a plot device for Byleth to go through all 3 routes so he can understand the perspectives of Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude before getting to do the unified Revelations Happy Tree Friends ending route.

On that note, sort of an interesting reversal that Edelgard's country seems to be the big, strong empire even though she seems to be the main lord if you had to tag one of the three as one (she got to narrate the first trailer after all). Usually it's antagonist factions with the big army (See: Bern, Grado, Begnion, Nohr). Sigurd did come from Grannvale, but he wasn't the Emperor's son or anything, and the conflict there was all over the place.

It might be the vastly different art style, but Dimitri doesn't strike me as a stand-in for typical FE protagonist. I still think Edelgard fills that role more. Dimitri's design makes him look like a stereotypical noble type to me. Given that Edelgard has lost faith in whatever the crests are, I'm guessing Dimitri will take the opposite role.

Still not a fan of self-insert My Units. From a gameplay perspective the My Unit is fun, I just hate what it's done to supports and the writing in general, and it really culminated with Corrin being Lord, MU, and ancient super dragon rolled into one. Though at least they're stepping back from that and those are three (five?) separate characters again. It doesn't look like marriage or children will be in this game (then again, it'd fit just as well as children did in Fates), so fears of Byleth being able to marry his students are probably needless.

More open weapon/skill customization seems like a logical next step for the series, and personally I find this a lot more natural than just shifting into whatever class you want just by using a seal. It simultaneously allows for more flexibility in character growth while actually being more verisimilitudinous than what we had before. Seems cool enough.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:50:02 AM »
Wow, I hadn't even noticed they re-added rank 1~1000 back in AR. Just another point under the list of "shitty manipulative things IS did on the anniversary". I'm actually ending the week in Tier 24 (as a side note, the top score right now is 12960- I'm pretty sure even if this wasn't a shortened season the guy would've just barely made it into Tier 27) and my current rank is 74, though I'm sure it'll drop to somewhere in the 300s once I get my loss for the day. Was hoping I could slack for a few weeks until Tier 21 bloated to 3000+ people, but I guess that's not happening. I even set up a themed defense team and everything (Elibe team with Eliwood, Hector, Ninian, Roy and Lilina. Also Clarine because it's not AR unless I'm annoying you with Dazzling Pain), but I guess I'll keep it for now even though I've not killed a single unit this week. I'm guessing by the time the March Mythic hits I'll be completely squeezed out of topping the rankings so I guess I'll try to grab those extra 2 flowers and 5 cups a week while I can (hell, since I didn't pull Duma I'm guessing whales will be taking up all the top ranks on Astra/Anima weeks).

Also apparently the Gacha Gods heard my bellyaching about not pulling anything premium on free 5*s, so they decided to bless me with a free copy of Micaiah on the daily FE10 banner that just passed. She's also +ATK -RES, and I can get rid of the latter part if I want to. So that's kinda nice. Didn't get anything on the daily Awakening banner or Love Abounds rerun, but I think my bad luck from the Mythic Banner has sorta balanced out from 3 free 5* pulls from these daily banners.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 09, 2019, 02:28:46 AM »
I honestly stopped keeping track of how I was doing on the Where's Waldo minigame, but I know once they changed it to Feh it became laughably easy and you could finish it in 15 seconds or less, easy. All my votes went to Nailah, if the pick is going to random at least make it so that all 4 are super premium skill fodder. LAzura's a good unit but her fodder is actually kinda bad unless you really want a Blue Flier in Arena.

Also lots of free pulls today but every single one screwed me. On both the free seasonal 2.0 banner and Ike/Soren BHB Rerun I got no Red orbs to pick from despite the fact that any other time you're constantly flooded with the damn things. Ended up getting Summer Cordelia as my free seasonal pick which is basically the only thing I didn't want from blue because she has basically nothing useful to fodder. At least she came as +ATK/-DEF which is kinda decent I guess. My other 2 free pulls were trashy 3*s as per usual.

February Calendar is out at least, and as it turns out we actually are getting New Heroes this month, as well as a new GHB. Place your bets on who it might be, I'm guessing it's going to be another Fates banner including Selkie, because they probably mistakenly thought the Anniversary gifts was going to actually calm us before continuing their typical cycle.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:30:45 PM »
If I'm not mistaken Goads, Drives, and Blows actually do get factored in for stuff like Heavy Blade, so the refine is still better than you probably think. Generally speaking I think the only things that ignore those are things that occur on the map or things that specifically say they don't- IE Ploys, Chills, Opening, and AoE specials. It's why Tibarn is quickly becoming one of my most hated units to face in Arena- I can't do shit to him with budget armor emblem because I don't have armor march, and I can't bait him because even if I try to debuff him, Sturdy Impact + Hawk King Claw + Chill Attack guarantees that he'll double Wary Fighter Effie with Heavy Blade going off and get instant Galeforce to kill someone. Hopefully he'll be easier to deal with now that he's not a bonus unit though.

You're right that the Heavy Blade seal is heavily contested though, so full Galeforce teams probably still prefer Eliwood to use the Blazing variant.

Nino's refine effect is kinda redundant since people were generally running her with a buffing team anyway, but it's still nice for cases where I've sent her across the map and end the turn with nobody next to her. Honestly the base Prf Bladetome with no cooldown penalty alone would've been good enough, the only reason Odin's Grimoire got to have a crazy useful refine on top of it is because it was being used by one of the worst units in the whole game.

Also lol @ Armored Ike being way faster than normal Ike.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 07, 2019, 03:12:46 AM »
RIP in peace anybody who foddered a Nailah for NullC3 or DC+NullC2, especially the latter.

IMO you're not giving Durandal++ enough credit. Even though I would've liked for them to do something more Enemy Phase centered like Fierce Breath to capitalize on Eliwood's RES (at least I didn't give my Eliwood DC yet) and just do something different in general, the refine Eliwood got is potentially the best of the bunch this time. It might actually be a straight upgrade over Blazing Durandal, and as a bonus a budget build might actually be the best one for it.

Blazing Durandal was always built as more of a Player Phase weapon so Durandal++ is just turning that up to 11. Seal slot is pretty much reserved for Heavy Blade in the case of Durandal++, but they actually haven't really put many strong player phase skills in the seal slot yet. The upcoming Darting Blow would probably be best, so comparing Blazing Durandal + Fury + Darting Blow vs Durandal++ + Fury + Heavy Blade is basically comparing 6ATK/9SPD vs 13ATK/7SPD, and I know which one I'd take. I choose Fury over Swift Sparrow for two reasons: Recoil to get Eliwood into desperation, and extra visible RES so you can ploy. Eliwood+10 with Fury has 39 visible RES, which is probably enough to ploy everything you'd want to.

I did not expect Nino and Tharja to get to keep their Blade effects, but I'm definitely not going to complain. The only thing is now I have to decide if I want Odd ATK Wave or Even SPD Wave on Nino's C slot. Gonna be a real PitA to get either one of those though.

Hinata's base weapon fits his stat spread so he can tank all the things, but I still kinda hate Fury as an extra effect because it so often knocks you out of stuff like QR range, which is something most tanks want to keep.

Oboro's weapon has basically the same issue as Florina's, where it's a pretty good weapon on its own, but now you have to decide if you want to narrow but improve your matchups.

Niles gets to have an essay on his weapon, and it's pretty cool. Just sucks that now it's probably counterproductive to go for his ATK superboon instead of trying to make sure his Flashing Blade goes off.

Finally, I'm pretty sure IS is trying to troll the shit out of Jagen archetype fans since Seth is now Titania 2.0. Except he's probably way worse in that role than she is because Seth doesn't have the more even DEF/RES Titania has, which goes well with a Gem weapon. I think Seth might actually still get killed by buffed up Green mages which is pretty bad. At least he got the most premium Tactic skill and he'll be decent at killing Surtr I guess?

Also unfortunately my somewhat good luck on free pulls did not register on the daily Hector banner. Fucking FEH, if you're gonna spook me at least do it with someone good for once.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:24:09 PM »
Ike has finally been tainted by seasonal alt fever after 2 years of being the pure husbando. Also surprising how middling these units are in terms of skills, but I actually mean that in a good way. Probably done specifically to reduce the salt coming out of how terrible the anniversary celebration is.

Also I put more orbs into the Mythic banner and didn't even get a pity breaker for my troubles. Sucks to leave my 10% pity rate on the table, but I'm not going to get bamboozled into spending money.

On the other hand, the FE5 daily banner spat out a free 5* Reinhardt (normal version) for me. Of course he's still -ATK, but it's a free merge so I guess I can't complain. Would be nice if my luck wasn't focused into getting me shitty pity breakers on these free pulls instead of on the Mythic banner.

At least Corrin got bonked in the VG finals. Gotta take your victories where you have them.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:36:09 AM »
Holy shit, the fine text of A Hero Rises 2.0 basically says that after the 4 units are voted for, the free one you get is random from the 4 rather than the color you want. On balance this actually makes it worse than last year, because at least everyone who wanted Ike (ie plurality of voters) got to have what they wanted. This new version means a flat 75% of the playerbase won't roll what they want.

Alongside the fact that Dragonflowers decay over time (not insignificantly either, Eir gives like 40 flowers and Alfonse gives like 2 according to the channel, which is laughable when they also showed that it takes like 600 flowers to max out a unit), it's hard to believe IS isn't doing this shit on purpose.

EDIT: RIP in peace Cherche. Don't have a bonus unit anymore but I'll join in Owain because whacking Corrin will never not be fun.

Luck Streak Edit: Another 60 Orbs into the Legendary banner, and I've gotten more crappy fodder, but no 5*s. The Seliph and co. banner decided to flood me with Reds but no Greens- then it decided to give me a second copy of Mia (+ATK -HP). Well, flaw negation is only a few days away, she's another lucky winner alongside that Minerva I pulled a few days back.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:33:49 AM »
A lot going on, but the most important thing is that Feh got to eat cake this year.

CYL: Camilla was gonna win eventually so whatever, but holy crap I did not expect Eliwood to overtake Marth, and it wasn't even a small margin or anything, he was over 10,000 votes ahead. Guess all the FE7 fans really did all go in hard for Eliwood. Makes me think next year Ninian might actually have a pretty decent shot too.

Surprise FEH channel: I'm counting 3 free 5*s being handed out to us alongside a lot of free pulls like last year, which is neat and all, but content-wise I feel like the game is still going to be in something of a drought. I already pulled on the 2017 seasonal banner myself- a Red orb didn't show up for me of course, so I pulled colorless and got a second copy of Halloween Jakob (+DEF -SPD). He's crap for SI but he's a solid unit, and soon I can get rid of flaws so I have a choice of +RES from my first one or +DEF from the new one, so it could be a lot worse. Like another fucking Summer Gaius (yes I'm still slightly butthurt about that). I don't know what I'll pick for the 2018 seasonal banner, but Red or Green looks to be the highest value for me.

I also pulled on the first daily banner, and instead of getting another copy of Minerva, I got like my 12th copy of Brave Ike. I mean, I'm definitely not gonna complain about free Steady Breath fodder, but I think I'm good on Steady Breath for the next year or so.

So it looks like they took the feedback from A Hero Rises last year, since this new voting thing is basically that, except split by color so more people are likely to get what they want. Unlike last year there's crazy pileup value on basically every color though. Last year LIke, Hector, and WTharja battled it out on top because DC/CC/Breath were really rare and really good A slots, but since then there's been crazy powercreep and tons of new skill classes added to the game, so it's gonna be hard to choose. Another factor is that this year we'll be getting a banner for the chosen heroes on top of getting one of them for free, so how limited a unit is is also going to factor in a lot more (getting a Legendary on a normal banner is pretty useful for sniping purposes). IMO the frontrunners for each color are:

Red: Hrid, Tibarn, Hoshidan Micaiah
Blue: LAzura, Nailah
Green: Lector, Surtr
Colorless: Duma, BVeronica, maybe Halloween Mia

Actually now that I look at it, it's pretty conspicuous that not a single Gen 1 unit would probably warrant a vote. The only units that have kinda aged well SI-wise are Hector and BIke (if you count him as a Gen 1 unit even). BIke gets re-run all the time so there's less urgency to get him, and no reason to vote for Hector over his numerous superior alts.

No clue when the next patch will hit, but given that we have an oddly longer Aether Raids season and the significant changes being made thereof, probably enough reason to assume it's coming on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. From what I can tell the AR changes make it so that it's easier to for most players to advance to Tier 21 eventually, but they also increase the incentive to whale because of the extra Tiers added and how it resets everyone above 21 back down to 21 every single week. That and Dragonflowers are now rewarded from AR which again forces people to play the mode even if they hate it. People who wanted reduced Aether costs got their monkey paw wish.

At least the merge change is upon us so that's nice. I don't know how to feel about Dragonflowers honestly, from what they showed it looks to be really, really grindy, and that was one thing I felt like FEH at least didn't fall victim to as much as a lot of other mobile games did. The extra all-around stats is going to be really nice for those balanced units like Roy or Fjorm, but I can't help but feel that Gen 1 BST units probably deserved another 5 levels on top of that (Mia and Athena both qualify for 10 levels for instance, and Mia is just straight up better than Athena). It's probably still not enough to save trashy units like Matthew or Raigh, but it's something. Refines are probably still bigger game-changers for old units, so I hope this patch isn't going to be lacking those in exchange for this Dragonflower update.

Also Team Ethlyn unfortunately got nuked by a double bonus at the end, so I'm on Team Cherche now since I don't have any of the other units.

Refinery Edit: Count em, eight refines this time. I don't think they'll keep up this rate of adding Refines but I certainly hope they will, I doubt it takes that much dev time. Among them is the long-awaited base Durandal refine for Eliwood (he's been having a pretty good time this past month). The others are Nino, Seth, Amelia, Tharja, Niles, Hinata and Oboro.

Nino getting a Prf is something I've wanted for a while. Yeah she doesn't really need it and it'll probably only be a sidegrade to her standard Bladetome, but since I gave my Nino G Duel Infantry it will be appreciated if only for Arena scoring shenanigans on my part.

Keeping my expectations in check for Seth given what they ended up giving Titania. Honestly a Tactics refine wouldn't even be that bad, it would make him always useful at least, but he probably wouldn't rock a Gem weapon as well as Titania because she has the even statline to make the most of it, while Seth dumps RES for the rest of his statline.

I fully expect Amelia to get some stupidly busted weapon since she's the 5*-locked pick of the group. How about a Draug/Effie refine next, budget armor emblem could really use it especially since the 2 Adrift Corrins actually will have the same stat total as them after Dragonflower stupidity.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 30, 2019, 04:46:33 AM »
I'm still surprised they picked Duma over someone like Yune-caiah, because the latter would allow them to technically fulfill their promise of the Mythic being a God-like character while still allowing them to create an alt of a very popular character. Although Yune is still a likely choice for one of the future slots regardless, so we'll see. The rest of the your list I don't think would work within the theme, I'd say it's more likely they go with the "more Legendaries" route instead. They should've planned further ahead though, since now FGrima looks really awkward being stuck in the middle of all the Legendaries. Anyway, I think characters like Nagi, Idoun, Athos, Ashera and Anankos are all pretty likely picks. A lot of them did okay-ish on CYL too, at least as far as within their own game. For Jugdral, a cool option would be Forseti-Lewyn. I don't think lore characters like the Twelve Holy Crusaders or the Eight Legends of Elibe (outside Athos obviously) are likely despite being a popular request in online communities, but hey, we can dream.

No Trainee stats on Duma is...I guess a relief? It's still weird that a literal God doesn't have the inflated stats, but whatever, I'll take less powercreep. He's still really good anyway, but I think people are exaggerating how annoying he'll be to play against. I'm sure some people can think of some interesting things to do with him, but honestly he probably won't make dealing with armor emblem any worse than it already is. He has two different weapon weaknesses and he can't cover up the armor one without using up the A slot, which means he needs to run DC in if you don't want him to be easily chipped to death. The C skill can be annoying, but losing a building really isn't that big of a deal (since they're unreliable by nature you generally build your teams assuming they won't work anyway), and 7 HP is easily healed up (or pick a team that would actually benefit from that- Celica, Vantage, and Escape Route strats are all actually helped by Duma if anything). I don't really expect him to become a super annoying threat, especially considering what already exists. Ironically he's going to be very useful as an Arena unit if you decide to merge him up, because it means you can have an inflated BST armor unit to inflate your score every other week due to how Blessings work now. His C slot also facilitates the cheerleader meta.

Also, merge into the +ATK one, no question IMO. He has a superboon there like so many other stupidly inflated armors.

Also also I basically completely wiped out on the banner. 355 orbs later I have emerged with a mere 5 5* pulls, possibly the worst I've ever done on of these. I pulled on every color so I maximized my orb-pull ratio too. Well, hopefully I'll get a comeback as whatever Anniversary orbs come in (or charging my luck battery for the next Legendary I guess). Didn't manage to fill in any of my missing Legendaries, since my haul consisted of:

Kliff (-ATK +SPD)
BEphraim (-DEF +RES)
Laegjarn (+DEF -RES)
Kimono Ryoma (+RES -SPD)
Kliff (+HP -SPD)

I know -ATK on Kliff is kind of a meme choice, but I figure I'll keep that one and fodder the -SPD one to make some super annoying tank. Dunno who works will with it though. Only getting 1 copy of BEphraim kinda depresses me, was hoping I'd have the luck to get 2 of him instead. His IVs are pretty shit though so I might fodder him off regardless to make Draug stop sucking so much in Arena. The CYL units appear decently often on Legendary banners so I'll probably see him again. -SPD on Ryoma sucks too, but I guess I'll eat his dagger if I ever feel like it. Don't have any Red Fliers I'm merging so Laegjarn is for trophy purposes too.

At least I did get 1 4* Reyson along the way, and he's +ATK -HP to boot. Though not like Reyson has anything worth foddering even if he had bad IVs. Also got a 4* Silas which will be kinda useful. Rest of my fodder was actually really bad, I got spammed by 3*s with bad skills a lot this time.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:17:51 AM »
Leo will want to comment on my luck I'm guessing, because I manage to stave off a defensive match in the final 15 hours of this AR season and stepped into sky whale paradise. The funny thing is that this means I paradoxically get to relax this week, because I'm assuming there's less than 3000 people total in T21 so I'll get my grails as long as I don't go into the negative for some reason.

Also yeah, once in a while you have people do that dumb setup where a unit is bodyblocking the pots in the corner of Spring Breeze, so the advice from one of the top AR players was basically just "have a team with Fir with Pass just for that".

As for Duma- I don't think anyone expected this one, but for once it's a pleasant one as opposed to "surprise, here's a 5th Azura". Colorless Armored Dragon, probably with like 5 SPD and like 40 in every other stat. Shouldn't even be surprised at this point. Probably gonna need a Dragon Killer on at least one of your teams not to get hardwalled by this guy, the Robins are popular support units after their refines and might do okay against him (doubt anyone will run Cancel Affinity on the guy), but honestly their stats are so bad at this point, even TA'd they'd probably get killed by an Ignis bomb from him before they managed to KO.

That's definitely an annoying C skill too, but not as bad as it might seem considering how useful Eir is in most teams and she takes care of equal HP hits on the team fairly easily (of course, we don't have an Astra Mythic yet, Eir will have a harder time fitting in once that comes along). Basically "bring a healer or get bent". Blowing up your buildings probably isn't as practical as it sounds, because everyone spams Restore staves or dance shenanigans anyway, so Tactics Room and Panic Manor only do so much. Plus I know some people just straight up don't take their buildings for AR because they actually prefer that extra row to move around in.

As for his Blessing, I was really expecting either a Dark or Astra Hero this month instead, the former because Micaiah, and the latter because Light/Astra is generally more valuable than Dark/Anima. I'm still on the fence on the whole value of Dark/Anima Heroes. The formula for them reducing Lift loss is [Mythic hero count (max of 2) x blessed hero count x 4 + mythic hero merge count (max of 20)]. Even if I managed to pull 2 Dumas and made some laughable defense with that plus whatever Legendaries of the week there are, it means I can save 32 points per loss. A single Light/Astra Hero can probably add that much to each of your wins, and that comparison is ignoring the fact that you could just build a cancer defense map and probably save nearly as many points over time from the odd victory you get.

Of course, that doesn't matter as much when he's sharing colorless with Loki, quite possibly the single most powerful unit for Aether Raids (Though Nailah probably matches her for the current meta). Staves are already stupidly good, combine that with being a mobile Tactics Room and she's invaluable. Summer Linde is kinda meh though, I guess Starfish is kinda cool but compared to the daggers Ryoma and Elincia are packing on this banner it's not even close in SI value.

I'm actually super torn for this banner, there's something I want in basically every color, but I don't think any color is especially good for me. I want LEirika at some point from Red (and even after that ATK/SPD solo is one the best A slots in the game), all 3 blue units have some kind of useful SI (plus Liki is broken as shit herself), Green has LLyn who I'm missing and Special Fighter which I actually want to give to a lot of units. Might just open every color and and see what comes out of the box.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 28, 2019, 04:10:27 AM »
Yowch. Just finished my final matches for the week and screwed up royally. I am currently sitting at exactly 11012 lift, but I haven't gone through my daily loss yet. I have to go 14 hours without anyone matching against me which is very unlikely, so unless I'm crazy lucky it's likely I'll lose all my progress this week. Currently at the borderline I'm at around rank 1000, seems there's a sizable number of players in the same predicament as me too, so I'm going to guess when the dust settles there will be ~2000 players in Tier 21 so the top dogs of Tier 20 can still make it into top 3k next week, so maybe I can still aim for those shiny golden chairs if I'm crazy enough. Still really sucks to choke so close to the finish line, but at least next time around I'll probably have better luck because a lot of the super cancerous maps will already have been promoted to Tier 21 and I'll be matched against people near my power level.

Also CYL3 coming to a close, get your predictions in now folks. My ballot is ready:

I still haven't finished The Orville S1 (I think I got through most of it though). It's definitely something I intend to get back to, despite a multitude of problems I have with the show. Just like Discovery I expect them to tweak the show over time though, and hopefully Seth himself takes less writing credits because I just don't think he's a particularly good writer, and Trek type stories pretty much live and die by the script.

Meanwhile, I saw Episode 2 of Discovery S2. Funny you mention how un-Treklike Discovery is, because if this is an indication of what's to come, it's a confirmation of what episode 1 was suggesting, that they're stepping back into a Trek-style episodic show with a subplot throughline connecting it all. To be honest this to me is both a good and bad thing; I think we've talked about in the past how one of the problems with some of the Trek shows is that they became to complacent in its formula (TNG being new-TOS for its initial seasons and DS9/VOY both being very TNG-like in their early days). Sticking with that can work, but obviously with the same core group of people running the show for like a decade and a half (Berman, Barga, Taylor, and even Piller) the stories eventually got tired or unwatchable. To be fair The Orville did have a handful of episodes that I think did the formula quite well, updated for modern topics (The sex-change baby one was decent, and the social media one was pretty good if you overlook how the entire problem was caused by how idiotic LaMar was acting), so maybe all it takes is some new eyes at the formula.

Anyway this episode was just banal Trek stuff done a million times. It was about a splintered group of humans who are mysteriously in the Beta Quadrant (Discovery can still mushroom-teleport everywhere, angering canon nerds everywhere), and the mystery itself is actually never solved, because that's the subplot of this season. The suggestion by the episode is that there's some kind of God-like space entity doing this, so I guess that's classic Trek stuff, but it does kinda hurt the episode's own standalone mystery. The rest of the episode was basically Prime Directive stuff that's been debated about 12 dozen times throughout Trek, with nothing really new to show for it this time. At least it wasn't at fucking stupid as Enterprise's Prime Directive episode though (Dear Doctor), or even some of Voyager's Prime Directive episodes (like Time and Again) because the Discovery crew isn't a bunch of genocidal maniacs.

Been watching Babylon 5. I've never actually finished this show, but I decided to start from the beginning regardless. The first season of this show is pretty bad, but then this is true for a ton of space opera- a lot of these shows just spend their first ~20 episodes figuring out their identity, so what ends up happening is that you have a lot of episodes that feel either super pulpy or are basically Trek-lite. Farscape got Scorpy, TNG got Michael Piller and Babylon 5 will get its hyper political plot. I will say that out of these shows, Babylon 5 probably has the most interesting S1 in the sense that you can already spot JMS planting seeds of what he wants the show to be within the first few episodes (Garibaldi's reading a newspaper with an article about the Psy Corps influencing politics in one short shot, for instance).

Speaking of finding direction, I watched the season 2 premier of Star Trek Discovery. It looks like the intent is to turn the show more "Trekish" this season, but otherwise there's basically nothing to say about the episode. It's pretty much just them getting all the pieces in place. Will report back once I watch more.

Also watched S3 of Young Justice despite never having watched the other 2. From what I understand of the show, they definitely are enjoying the greater freedom they have from being on a streaming service, because there's some uh...pretty graphic scenes in this show you wouldn't normally see in an animated series.

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« on: January 25, 2019, 02:47:27 AM »
It just goes to show that as much as the online communities like to blast the Fateswakening spam, there's probably plenty of casual players out there who don't post on forums or reddit and will swear by the characters who introduced them to FE (and Smash reps). I'm sure part of it is that recent fans will obviously vote for the characters they know, but people who have played the whole series will scattershot their votes all over the place, which is probably why what happened to Camilla last year did once they announced the midpoint (ie the older fans consolidated their votes into frontrunners just to squeeze out Camilla). With no numbers given out it's still anyone's game I'd say. Honestly though, it's hard for me to get annoyed even if Camilla wins at this point, it'll happen eventually but they already gave us a shiny Legendary Eirika if you really wanted a stupidly OP version of her, so it's not like there's some great urge for me to get Eirika with a spear or whatever her CYL variant will end up being. Said it back when they started spamming us with alts: it just makes CYL feel a lot less special.

And hell, even if it happens consider that CYL offers the chance of getting Kozaki to draw Camilla in badass Garon armor or some shit which would actually be a pleasant change of pace over all the typical titty alts she gets.

I underestimated the power of our American FE7 babbies though, thought maybe a lot of them would split off once Hector and Lyn got their wins, but they're staying loyal to Eliwood. I'm okay with this. Doubt he'll win against a voltron'd Marth but it looks like CYL4 already has an early frontrunner. Seeing Jugdral lords jump back into the top makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside too. Bruno's probably there because he still isn't playable after forever and everyone thirsts for that 8-pack of his. I'm really surprised neither Hrid nor Helbendi broke within the top 20 when Lif did though.

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