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received full box,  soundtrack cd, artbook, and of course the game.  entire set looks like it was never touched.  pics at link below

Single-Player RPGs / Going back and reading old reviews, some great quotes
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:03:36 AM »
first off, this is in no way an attempt to belittle any reviewer.  I no longer use sites like IGN for Jrpg reviews.  They give everything a 7.  Its like they dislike Jrpgs in general and just give them all the same score.

anyway,  was reading some old reviews and found some good quotes.  Its funny to look at how opinions may change over time.

Stephen Harris on Star Ocean Till the End of Times story,

"The story of Fayt is one of the most remarkable adventures ever to grace a console RPG in recent memory. "

that twist at the end didn't do it any favors!
Kyle E. Miller on FFXIII's story
"The developers seem to think FFXIII has a good story, which only shows all the more that the writers at Square Enix are a panel of boobs with no conception of good storytelling."

couldn't agree more.

Ashton Liu on final fantasy 2,
"Perhaps in the course of the nearly 30 hour romp I had through Final Fantasy II, I missed some mystical item that magically makes the game fun and so I was never able to actually appreciate the full worth of the game. But the possibility of anything of the sort is slightly below my chances of winning the lottery"

Esque on Squall lead character in FFVIII
" I've rarely had as strong a connection with a character in a game. His soul is laid bare before us and the game's story takes on a much more personal feel."

we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

Single-Player RPGs / picked up devil summoner 2 (PS2) at gamestop
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:20:45 AM »
and wanted to come on here and get everyone's thoughts on the game.  I briefly played the first game, but i can't even remember the gameplay.  When i was browsing the store i just couldnt pass up a jrpg that i still didn't own on the ps2.  i'll post again once i get into it

General Games / Sleeping Dogs
« on: August 21, 2012, 01:45:52 AM »
This amazing game needs to be discussed!, andI do believe this to be an rpg.  it has both exp and lvls.

Sleeping dogs was just released by Square-enix, and tells the story of wei shen an undercover cop in hong kong.  This is an open world game with an amazing story, and an even more amazing local (hong kong).  Not to mention the best voice acting i've ever seen in a game, it even features emma stone the love interest from the latest spider man movie.

not to mention that this is the closest we are ever getting to shenmue 3.

ADMIN EDIT: The large gifs have been changed to links for the sake of those with slower/less bandwidth.

Single-Player RPGs / the next big Jrpgs on xbox and ps3?
« on: December 12, 2011, 08:48:23 PM »
Looking to save the world turn battle style.  Doesn't seem like there has been a jrpg for the xbox or ps3 in some time.  What is comming out other than ff13 2?  Wish we had wild arms, suikoden, breath of fire, and some new ips to go with it. 

Single-Player RPGs / just picked up infinite undiscovery for 10 bucks
« on: October 10, 2011, 02:17:34 AM »
just played for about an hour, and im liking it.  reminds me alot of the star ocean games.  This quote on the games wikipedia page also got me excited.  According to tri-Ace co-founder and R&D programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda, this game is set to contain 10 years worth of ideas that can finally be realized by the power of the Xbox 360 and that with it, "RPGs will undergo a true evolution."[12] tri-Ace wishes to achieve this by putting the player through "situational battles" that will lead to "unknown discoveries" and cause permanent changes to the world.

i did notice that alot of the dialog is texts with no portrait to show who is talking.  very bad way of doing it.  After searching on the net i see this is because the japanese version is 100% voice acted while the US version is only the cutscene.  This is unforgivable, why not just include the japanese audio.

anyway, i do enjoy picking up cheap rpgs when they go on sale :P

Single-Player RPGs / the otaku is killing japanese rpgs
« on: July 09, 2011, 11:33:26 PM »
That is the anime nerd.  Well known for not having a girlfriend and escaping through anime/rpgs/memorabilia, ect.  I propose that they, and the industry that has begun to cater to them, is the reason why jrpgs are all but dead (in the west).

there was a time when Jrpgs were known for story telling.  Known for providing a deep and interactive story that could not be found in any other game.  Western rpgs were more about developing your character and making your own story through multiple quests, and side quests.   Jrpgs provided something different.  

Starting with the SNES era Jrpgs like FF2(4),FF3(6), and chrono trigger made a name for themselves, and firmly established the genre on consoles.  In fact at the time we didn't say Japanese rpg.  We said console rpg vs PC rpg.   When FF7 hit we see the peak of Jrpgs in the west as square again moves forward story telling on consoles with movie like cg cinematics, and a deep story many remember and sometimes hate, to this day.

As the PS2/xbox/gamecube era hits we begin to see the reason why Jrpgs are failing, more and more the games begin to use generic anime story lines.  How many games have you played with a quite sensitive girl (possibly child hood friend), spunky mischievous girl, and book smart genius with large glasses and equally large breasts?  i pretty much summed up at least 3 of the characters in every single anime and jrpg released today.   The fact is it hasn't always been this way.  Slowly Japanese game companies have started to cater to what they believe (which is true at this point) their core audience is, the otaku.  Japanese companies are in effect removing themselves from the western market as in the same way they would the japanese market if they began to make all call of duty clones.  Simply put anime is dying in america as well, not that it was ever popular, and the ridiculous cookie cutter characters they use will not be accepted here.  

Jrpgs use to represent the best story telling in gaming, which pushed adult themes not seen here on consoles.  That is no longer case.  Western rpgs like mass effect, SWTOR, Fallout 3, and Oblivion all tell better stories than do Jrpgs, and do it with better mechanics.  THe Japanese game companies seem to be in retreat, and instead make games with cute cartoonish characters almost as if they are for children.  No longer able to compete they will release games catered to an audience no one else can reach.  The otaku.

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