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Greetings.  I don't know how it was in your musical circles, but I think 2015 has been one of the better musical years in recent history.  I had the pleasure of listening to a ton of good music, so much so that I'm having trouble even coming up with a top ten, much less a top five.  But I will, because I'm not an indecisive little bitch.

Feel free to be as wordy as you like.

5.  Enslaved - In Times:  This is the first Enslaved album that I don't feel like is better than their previous album, hence why it's at the bottom of my list.  Up until now there's always been a sense of progression to their music, but this time around it hits just shy of the mark that "RITTIR" made.  Not that that's a horrible thing, being runner up to one of the best metal releases of the past decade.    There's still some great tracks here (and "One Thousand Of Rain" is one of the best they've ever written), but I can't help but be slightly disappointed.  Still beats the vast majority of 2015's metal albums.

4.  My Dying Bride - Feel The Misery:  I've generally been a lukewarm fan of My Dying Bride over the years.  I like bits and pieces of their discography, but they've never released an album that I thought was excellent from front to back.  Until now, at least.  This is wonderful:  it's wretched as hell, yet it's full of beauty and mystique.  There's some great guitar harmony at work here too.  If you're one of the many who think MDB has gone a bit off the rails lately, you should definitely give it a chance.  It's made a believer out of me.

3.  Lucifer - Lucifer I:  Albums like this are why I've gravitated towards doom metal since I was a kid.  This is damn near perfect.  Heavy riffs, interesting female vocals, slow and low.  If Jefferson Airplane had been a Black Sabbath cover band, it would have sounded just like this.  Good for fans of depressants and distortion.

2.  Ghost - Meliora:  Well, more like "Meli", because I only really dig the first half of it...but that first half blows almost everything else out of the water.  A vast improvement over Ghost's second album in all aspects.  It rides the very fine line between heavy and catchy with ease.  It wavers in the bit towards the middle (especially "Mummy Dust", which has the worst sounding keyboard solo I think I have ever heard), but comes back strong at the end with "Desu In Absentia", which has this Jim Steinman-like sense of pomp that I dig.  The strong stuff is VERY strong, and elevates Ghost above almost all the competition.  The only band that bests them this year in my opinion is:

1.  Paradise Lost - The Plague Within:  Impeccable.  Inspiring.  Lofty words, but well deserved.  Paradise Lost has been one of my favorite bands for years now, and I've always been impressed by the ways they're continually reinventing themselves on a musical level.  Death metal, doom, electronica, rock:  they've done it all.  "The Plague Within" seems like nothing less than a band manifesto, a statement of where they've been and where they're going.  This is what a veteran metal band should sound like.  I can't recommend it enough.

And that's that.  Can't wait to hear more opinions.  Unless you listen to pop or something, then I'll just skip right the fuck over you.

(Bonus:  2015's biggest disappointment goes to Iron fucking Maiden.  I never thought I would type these words.)

RPGFan: Site / A few words about RPGFan's new design!
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:54:46 PM »
It's good.  Good job, Mike.

Hi there.  My name is Daniel.  You might remember me from my years-long stint as the administrator of these boards, when I regularly banned fifteen people a week for crimes like having more numbers than letters in their user names.  I'm here today to talk about MMORPGs, and I have a question to start things off:  what's your favorite MMORPG?  Take your time, I'll wait.

Really?  I had a feeling you'd say that.  What's the thing you like the most about it?

Yeah, that's a pretty good feature, man...or it would be if this was 2007.  But this is 2013.  We've lived longer than the Mayans thought.  It's a brave new world, motherfucker.  And you're playing obsolete garbage.

See, there's a game out there called Rift.  Everything your favorite MMORPG does, it does it better.

Dungeon design?  Better.
World design?  Better.
Class mechanics? Infinitely better.
Casual play?  Better.
Hardcore poopsocking raids?  Better.
Story?  Better.
Visuals?  Better.
Lack of pandas?  Fucking better.
Crafting?  Bett-well, GW2's crafting is probably better, but it's as good as crafting ever gets.

I could go on and on.  Rift is to WoW what WoW was to Everquest: a refined and perfected version of its predecessors.  If you're playing anything else, you're playing something that's second best.

I can hear some of you already.  "B-but you have to p-p-pay a monthly fee and herp and derp and a bloo bloo bloo fdaiud0ufdjkay894y" Look man, you can play the first 20 levels right the fuck now with Rift Lite.  Twenty levels out of sixty for free ain't bad, bro.

And that won't even matter when the next major patch hits, because it's gonna go free to play.  Zero excuse.  Trion is giving you this game, man.

Read more about Rift at the offical website.  And then play it, because it is great...and you deserve greatness.

General Discussions / It's Bob Ross' birthday, motherfuckers.
« on: October 29, 2012, 10:01:48 AM »
If you don't know who Bob Ross is, I assume that you either live across the pond or were raised in your attic, cut off from all outside contact, and fed through a slit in the door because your parents were ashamed of your horrifying deformity.

I used to watch his show quite a bit when I was a kid.  It always amazed me how fast he could throw together a nice looking landscape painting, and do so while using his oddly soothing, patient voice to explain exactly how to follow along and do it yourself.  When I taught guitar many years ago, I tried to teach in a similar manner...emphasis on tried, because my natural impatience always won out in the end.

Make love to it.  Caress it.

RPGFan: Site / Sexual Deviancy and RPGFan
« on: July 10, 2012, 09:02:24 PM »
Word on the street is that one of RPGFan's longest serving staff members is, in fact, a brony.  Is this true?

General Discussions / The RPGFan Community Grimoire of Social Networking
« on: January 08, 2012, 09:31:15 PM »
I would have sworn up and down that we had a topic like this already, but I went back five pages and didn't see it so....

It has lately come to my attention that there are other websites on the internet besides RPGFan.  Websites where you can "friend" someone you haven't seen or spoken to in fifteen years and then still never bother speak to them.  Websites where you can post a stupid meme-centric picture and have 10,000 people spontaneously "like" it, thereby bringing a faint, momentary glimmer of joy to the bleak sham that is your worthless existence.  Websites where you can theoretically share your thoughts and opinions with the entire world, as long as #yourthoughtshappentolooklikethis @ORLIKETHIS.

People use these websites.  Maybe even some of you.

Let's share links.

Aside from here, my only real internet presence these days is on Facebook and Twitter.  My Facebook account is mostly a way for me to get in touch with family and certain select awesome people, also known as friends.  I think I've got everyone from here added there that I would WANT to add, but I'll put it here in case I accidentally forgot someone.  If you have to stop and ask yourself if you're one of these people, you probably aren't!

On the other hand, I don't give a fuck who looks at my Twitter page!  I'm pretty new to Twitter, but I can already see that shit is pretty much pointless if you don't have a bunch of people looking at it.  If the ramblings of a guitar-slinging chef with a penchant for profanity sound like something you would enjoy reading, then you've come to the right place.  Literally all I talk about there is games, food, music, coffee, stupid people, and all the (literally) crazy bitches I end up getting romantically involved with.  Good times.

This is the part where you add your usernames and links.

(This should probably be pinned :P)

The Soundroom / Your Top Five Albums of 2011
« on: December 13, 2011, 03:25:42 PM »
Barring some late minute surprise that comes out of left field, I think we can call 2011 a wrap as far as new releases go.  Let's look back and talk about our favorites, maybe even shove a Youtube link to our favorite songs off them.  This section of the boards has been dead as fuck lately, and it needs to get back to what it's always been about:  finding some kickass music that you've never heard before and sharing the shit you like.

You can be wordy, or you can be succinct.  Anyone who's been around here for a while should know what I'm gonna be. :P

In no particular order:

Ghost - Opus Eponymous (released in America in January, so it counts :P)

Even though it seems like most of my metalhead brethren don't care for how firmly these guys have their tongues planted in their cheeks, I really dig the atmosphere Ghost maintains throughout this album.  The limited edition has a great cover of "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles, which is by far the best cover of that song I have ever heard.

Symphony X - Iconoclast

This is by far my favorite Symphony X album, and I've been listening to them since V:  The New Mythology Suite.  Definitely the heaviest they've ever been, from the first second to the last.  I know some fans bemoaned the lack of progressiveness, but I like the turn they took with "Iconoclast".

Blood Ceremony - Living With the Ancients

Tony Iommi-like guitar mixed with a female singer that alternates between crooning about the occult, playing a flute, and banging on a Korg whist headbanging all the while?  I'll take two, please.  Blood Ceremony is definitely my favorite new discovery of 2011, and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising

I suppose it could be said that Amon Amarth is the AC/DC of death metal:  they don't change much between albums, but they consistently deliver.  "Surtur Rising" is no exception.  Quality melodic death metal from start to finish.

Disma - Towards the Megalith

Some music transports you to lands of magic and wonder.  Some music reminds you of that summer night when you kissed your first girl.  Some music runs you over like a steamroller and then jacks off on your corpse.  This sort of metal might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the riffs on this album hit like a fucking mammoth.

Your turn!

RPGFan: Forums / We need new forum descriptions.
« on: November 20, 2011, 03:38:28 PM »
The ones we have now were old back when I was running things.  They don't even make Megaman sequels too often these days, much less endless parades of them.  Freshen this shit up, yo.

I have A Good Feeling about this game.  Of course, the last MMORPG I had A Good Feeling about was Warhammer Online, and you see how that motherfucker turned out.  But that's that, and this is this.

I don't think many people would argue that the average MMORPG formula is stale as fuck.  Talk to an exclamation point, read some shit, go out a kill a dozen wolves/demons/octopi/whatever, take their colons as proof, turn in, repeat forever.  That's why I find it very heartening to see the developers saying things like "Questing?  Too old."  God, I hope that ain't just PR speak.  The best thing about the aforementioned Warhammer Online was its public quest system, and if ArenaNet can pull off making the ENTIRE PvE game in a similar fashion, then I will never stop playing it.  Literally never.  I will have that shit with me in the nursing home and they will pry my keyboard out of my dead hands when the time comes.

Of course, even though a whole zone of players running a train on a boss mob will be a lovely spectacle, you can also get a little more personal.  Storytelling straight out of a single-player RPG, with choices that have actual consequence?  Sign me the fuck up.

It wouldn't be Guild Wars without PvP, and that certainly doesn't appear to have changed any.  While I'm not too big on PvP myself (and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on it at the moment, anyway), I'm sure there will be plenty of meat for PvPers to chew on.

The classes should generally look familiar to you if you've played the first Guild Wars.  They will undoubtedly be a little different from their GW1 counterparts, mainly because the developers have outright said that they don't want anything to do with that "tank/healer/dps" bullshit.  No more channel spam for a healer in order to take care of business?  I'll take that.

I could go on and on.  I've already spent way too much time typing all this on a work day like today. :P  I don't normally get hyped up over shit, but the minds behind Guild Wars 2 are saying exactly the sorts of things I want to hear.  I really hope it delivers.

Greetings, bitches.  I know it's been a fucking age since I made a topic, but if I don't vent somewhere then I might explode.  Whether I explode out of laughter or horror is still up in the air.

Maybe I've just been lucky all this time.  I've been doing this internet socializing thing for damn near ten years now, much of it right here on these boards.  I met some of my favorite people in the world right here at RPGFan, many of whom I still maintain contact with even though I've stopped posting here regularly.  Even talked to a couple of them on the phone, and they were normal, when I was secretly expecting the worse. :P  It built up a lot of faith in me, faith that the internet can be used for something more heartfelt than just shopping or as some sort of information dump.

That faith is all but gone.

To make a really long story short, I recently decided to dabble in internet dating.  When you work odd hours like I do AND have the misfortune of living way the fuck out in the woods and away from anything remotely resembling a social scene, you don't have as many dating options as someone in an urban setting.  So I went to a popular dating site (which will remain nameless, because I don't want your fuckers seeing my profile. :P) and prostituted myself out like those places tend to make you do.  About a month after I did this, I started getting messages from someone who lived relatively close to me.  We got to sending private messages back and forth to one another about baking of all things, which in turn led to emails, which in turn led to instant messaging sessions which in turn lead to tonight:  the phone call.

My God.

The nice girl I talked about fucking cake consistency with turned out to be a walking litany of craziness, literally the embodiment of all things Drama.  Shot heroin when she was a teenager and gave herself nerve damage from it.  Three kids with two different fathers, one of them being a product of rape.  Dyslexic high school dropout.  Oh, and technically married.  Separated from her ex for a few years...her ex that used black magic to summon evil shadowy spirits to haunt her and her children, which she solved by putting crosses in every room in her trailer and bringing in an exorcist.

It didn't take me long to find an excuse to hang up the phone after that last bit.  Blocked her on my house and cell phones, but couldn't make it to Yahoo Messenger in time.  She sent me a message on there asking what was wrong, and I plainly told her that she had freaked me right the fuck out.  At which point she cussed me out and said she was "tired of games".  What the fuck.

Anyhow, this has pretty much made me leery of all things internet.  I need my faith restored.  Have any of you ever had success with internet dating?  If so, why not share your story?  Surely there has to be SOME good to come out dating via a series of tubes.  And if you have a story that sucks as bad as mine or worse, then please feel free to share it and wallow in misery with the rest of us. :P

The Helper Monkey / Computer speakers, bitches.
« on: May 17, 2011, 12:33:48 PM »
As I was dusting the cobwebs off of my old home stereo system this morning, I couldn't help but realize that I don't ever use the fucking thing anymore.  My music listening takes place either on my iPod or my computer.  If I buy a cd, my first act is to rip the thing and shove the mp3s onto my external hard drive.

That got me to thinking.  Pretty much all the gaming I do these days is done on my computer.  Pretty much all the music listening I do these days is done on my computer.  All my recording is done on my computer.  If I'm gonna spend that much time on my computer doing things involving sound, I should really get something a little better than these scratchy sounding $10 pieces of Hewlett Packard shit.  It's time to upgrade.

I have absolutely no clue what brands I should be looking for.  That's completely outside my sphere of knowledge; I can talk guitar amps and PA systems all fucking day, but not computer speakers or home sound systems in general.  I don't know a decent price is for a decent set of speakers, and I wouldn't know if I were getting ripped off or getting a bargain.

Share a little knowledge, baby.  Let's talk basics:  how much can I expect to spend for a good computer sound system with a decent bass sound and a wattage of, oh, 100 watts or so?  And what brands offer the most bang for their buck?

Thanks. :P

General Games / Max Payne 3!
« on: March 23, 2009, 10:02:56 AM »
God, I hope this doesn't suck.  The first two games are some of my favorite games of the past decade.

Not much info as of yet, but I'm sure that'll change soon enough.

Evening ladies.  This here is the song thread.  Just put the name of the song you're currently digging and who sings it.  That's all there is to it.  Post after post of song titles, with very little discussion.  That's just the way we roll, bitch.

Confused?  Follow this example:

Hawkwind - D-Rider

The band in question is Hawkwind.  The song they perform is "D-Rider".  Fascinating shit.

Alright, let's roll on to page fifty. :P

General Discussions / RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 2007 Edition
« on: January 02, 2007, 12:19:45 PM »
Okay girls, let's get the new year started off right:  by posting photos of your lumpy, misshapen faces.  I'll start!

Here's me on New Year's Day, unable to just look normal when a camera is pointed at me.  As usual. :P

Razor, you say?  I say go fuck yourself.

GO, GO, GO! =^.^=

EDIT:  Pinned, just because. :P

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