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Single-Player RPGs / The Legend of Legacy
« on: September 23, 2014, 09:46:07 PM »
A new game is in development, for the Nintendo 3DS, and it's from former members of Squaresoft; count me in!
Having Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII, SaGa Frontier II) as the composer and Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross) working on the script, will be an instant purchase (as long as it's localized).

Official Site

I'm sure it would've been amazing.

The Soundroom / Live Stream for Symphonic Odysseys
« on: July 09, 2011, 03:40:25 PM »

It's currently Live and I hope you guys can watch this because it's really good :)

EDIT: Here, try this link, and look to the right for whichever preference you like for viewing, it's in German

EDIT: Well, it's over now.  I hope others got to watch it.  It was very good!

The Soundroom / Play for Japan: The Album
« on: June 30, 2011, 02:16:30 PM »
When is the release date for this?  It said on the site that it was scheduled for release in early June.  Today is the last day of June and was wondering if there were any updates on this?  I don't see it on iTunes.

This is happening with so many games now and yet Shenmue didn't make enough money to stay afloat but so many people know about the game and if this were to happen, this collection would make a lot of money and hopefully see that long awaited Shenmue III.  Duke Nukem Forever finally made it so.....

Ok first of all, yes I have a girlfriend, not the imaginary kind or the hand relationship,lol.  I have been dating her since January and she has two kids and we talk about when we get married down the road, she mentions my video game addiction.  Ok, I own about 700+ games.  Yes, I wouldn't call myself an addict but I'm 25 years old, have been gaming since I was about three and I just love top collect and play video games.  I work full time at a hospital and I really never get a chance to play anything.  All I want to do is come home to my apartment and play some games.  I have tons of games on my backlog and the majority are RPG's.  She tells me that when I step into her life with two kids and working all day, coming home, have dinner and spending time with her in the evening, I won't have time to play any games.  I told her what about on the weekends when I'm off? She sighs and says "What's more important, your future wife or a video game?"  She used to be a gamer back in the 90's and she is fine with me having a hobby of playing games.  Yes, I can be a family man and take up responsibilities, but she is trying to be manipulative and she says she's not.  I'm not acting selfish but she won't tell me that I have to give up my video games but yet she is too important to me and I know that with two kids, more attention to them is mandatory.  She tells me that I may not be ready for a family.  It's either, get rid of the love of my life for my love of video games or give up my love of video games for the love of my life.  What do you guys think?

Single-Player RPGs / Tactics Ogre
« on: September 30, 2010, 11:27:12 PM »
The announcement of the Collectors pack on the main page here has got me excited and sad.  If this Collectors pack doesn't make its way to the west, I will be very angry.  It looks SO awesome and I would be THAT much to own this!!!

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