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Hey guys, I'm pleased to announce that the official RPGFan Discord server is now live. This is currently a "beta test" for what will hopefully become an important social asset for the site. (No, longer a Beta Test. We're LIVE BABY) We're letting our forum members be the first to come and join us and help us set up an active and inclusive community. As our beta testers, your feedback and ideas are most welcome. Come and hang out with us!


Questions and Answers!:

Q.) What is Discord?
A.) Discord is an easy to use text based chat app with voice capability aimed at the gaming community. You can use it via your browser or by downloading the Discord program (Recommended).

Q.) I just made an account, but I can't access the RPGFan Discord server! Help!
A.) Try waiting for 5 minutes. The RPGFan server is set up to require a user to have a verified email for at least 5 minutes. This is to help combat against possible spammers. If that still doesn't work, email or message me here on the forums and I'll try to fix it for you.

Q.) But I like the forums, I don't want it to go away!
A.) There are no plans at all to retire the forums. Discord is not meant to be a replacement to the forums, but more of a supplement. Forums are still superior than any alternative for things such as the Game Journal, discussions dedicated to certain series and longer essay-type posts.

Q.) Then why bother with Discord?
A.) Well, our more popular threads on the forums may end up being more suited for an environment like a Discord server. Threads such as "Whats the haps?", our TV, movie, book and music threads and general game discussions could benefit from the more live and dynamic atmosphere of a chatroom.

Q. What are the rules?
A.) The Rules are as follows.

1. While swearing and mature conversations are permitted, the following is not:

and Sexist language is not permitted.

2. Be respectful of other users and do not incite flamewars or encourage excessive political soap-boxing.

3. No pornographic links or images. Go take a cold shower.

4. We here at RPGFan do not support piracy in the least.  Please do not request or post about Emulators, ROMs, ISOs, etc, or information relating to anything of the sort.  This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted music, console and PC games, and feature films.  We support these industries both as an outlet and consumers ourselves.  We expect you to do the same.

5. No spam or linking to sites that may harm other users. Anyone who attempts this will be immediately banned, and too much of it will just result in the server banning outside linking all together. Self-promotion is allowed, as long as it is not excessive and you participate in the community in ways other than your own self-promotion. If your first post is you promoting your Kickstarter or youtube channel etc, you'll be banned immediately.

6. Q.) I want to report misuse on the Discord, who do I contact?
A.) If you see someone acting inappropriately on the Discord please make your first point of contact the members of staff in Pink with the title "RPGfan Discord Overlords". If it's an emergency there may be other members of staff in Yellow that can help.

Well, that's all folks. Please come join us on the Discord now. I'm here to answer any and all questions regarding this exciting new feature!

Once again, here is the link:


General Games / Eternal - Online CCG (Actually good)
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:02:56 AM »
Anyone here playing Eternal?


Steam Page:

I downloaded it a couple of days ago on a whim and I'm so in love with it. It's very Magic: The Gathering like, but it does some unique stuff. It's nothing like boring old Hearthstone, so that's good.

What i like the most about it are the game modes. There are 2 modes you can play against the AI for actual, meaningful rewards.

The first is free, you never need to pay to play it. It's called the Gauntlet: Build a deck, and try to beat 7 AI enemies consecutively. The last enemy is a boss with special rules.

The second is The Forge: It's similar to Hearthstones arena, you are presented with 3 cards each time to choose from and build a deck and try and beat a similar sort of scenario as the Guantlet, the rewards here are much better but it costs gold to play (or gems, which is the purchasble currancy). The best part about this is you actually get to keep the cards you pick.

There is also Ranked and Draft mode. Ranked is what you imagine, PvP with your constructed decks. Draft involves being put in a pool of players and packs are opened and you each take turns picking cards until there is none left. You get to keep the cards from this mode too.

I'm kinda addicted to this game.

General Discussions / MOVED: Underrated Classic Games
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:04:19 AM »

General Games / Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 18, 2017, 05:10:35 PM »
Talk about Fire Emblem Heroes and updates here.

I'll let you know if I ever get a 5 Star.

General Discussions / The Great RPGfan Cook Off!
« on: August 08, 2015, 01:31:30 PM »
In the past we've had threads dedicated to food, but this time around I want to dedicate it to the foods we make ourselves. I love to cook - it helps me destress, which is something I struggle terribly with. I can't be the only one here who likes to cook. It doesn't have to be fancy, pretension just makes food taste worse. So, let me start it off!

Today, I made Chicken Tikka Masala. It's a super tasty, rich tomato-base sauce with small chunks of marinated, grilled chicken mixed in. You can serve it with rice, or naan bread (or both).

Here is a picture:

Chicken Tikka Masala was invented in the UK, and not in India. It was designed to appeal to British palettes and it really appeals to mine. "Tikka" means "small pieces", so in the case of today, small pieces of chicken. Masala is just a name for a mixture of spices, not a name for a sauce itself. I love how this dish represents the UK's large Indian population within it.

We don't always have to give recipes, but I figured I would if anyone would like to make this at home themselves. I'm going to use mostly metric measurements, but I'll add american cup sizes where I'm able to - it doesn't come naturally to me. I'll also give the American name for ingredients as well as the British ones - if I know them.

Ingredients: (Serves 6)

For Spice Mixture:
Ground Cumin (1-2 Tablespoons)
Ground Tumeric (1-2 Tablespoons)
Garam Masala (1-2 Tablespoons)
Sea Salt (1 Tablespoon)
Garlic (6-8 cloves, depends how much you like garlic really)
Ginger (Equal amount to the garlic)
1 Red Chilli Pepper (Get a variety you're comfortable with, I like spicy so I get hot peppers even if you don't like spicy, at least get a mild chilli)

For The Chicken Tikka:

900g Chicken, boneless and skinless (I use chicken thigh, it is juicier and more flavourful than breast - but breast is fine too)
450g Natural Yogurt (1 1/2 cups) (I don't recommend using greek yogurt, it's so thick you're not going to get much sauce - get the runnier more traditional kind)

For the Curry Sauce:
3 Tablespoon Ghee Butter (A type of clarified butter, which is without the milk solids. It's used a LOT in Indian cooking, if you can't get this, vegetable oil is fine)
2 Tins Plum Tomatoes est. 800g (You can use chopped tomatoes, but your going to get more water content)
2 Tablespoon Tomato Puree (You guys have that right? It's the tomato paste in a tube. Don't get any herb variety's just straight up tomato)
1 Onion (I use a large onion, but if you don't like onion so much just use a small onion - though I'm worried about people who don't like onion.)
1 Chilli Pepper (Same rules as above)
5-6 Cardamom Pods (Cardamom is popular in Indian cooking, both in desserts and in savoury dishes like this, you can omit if you can't find them)
200g Double Cream (This is called Heavy Cream, I believe. If you're on a diet, use yogurt instead - but I think the flavor is worth it.)
Handful of chopped Coriander (This is called Cilantro in America I believe. If you don't like coriander, please omit it isn't essential but using it is more authentic.)


First we are going to make our chicken marinade. As with most marinades, overnight is best but you can survive with only marinating about 3 hours or so.

1) Add all the ingredients I listed for the Spice Mixture in a small bowl. For the Garlic, Ginger and Chilli, chop them finely.
2) In a large bowl combine half of the spice mixture and all of the yogurt and mix well - put aside.
3) Cut our chicken into strips or small chunks. Don't go crazy, bite-sized chunks is good but minced meat isn't.
4) Combine the chicken with the spiced yogurt in the large bowl and mix it together with your hands. We want all the chicken covered.
5) Cover with film or foil and put in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

~An indefinite amount of time later~

Okay, now we are ready to get our curry sauce started.

1) Chop your onion and chilli finely, add a few more cloves of chopped garlic if you like (I like).
2) Grab yourself a large stainless steel pot and put it on the stove on a medium heat. Add the Ghee.
3) When the Ghee is hot add your tomato paste, cardamom pods, onion, chilli and garlic and fry until soft. The tomato paste should go nice and dark. (Around 5 minutes)
4) Lower the heat a little, now add the other half of our spice mixture from earlier. Your pot will suddenly lose all its moisture as the mix soaks it up, this is okay. We are cooking the bitter edge out of the powdered spices. We want the bottom of our pot to get a little brown, but try to not let it burn, scrape it off with a spoon spoon or spatula and mix it back in. After 3-5 minutes, we should be good.
5) Add our canned tomatoes. If you're using whole tomatoes like me, mash them down with your wooden spoon/spatula as you add them. Also scrape any spices on the bottom of the pot at this point as it is easy to do straight after you add the liquid from the tomato.
6) Add your chopped Coriander (Cilantro).
7) Add a lid to your pot and leave it to thicken. If your worried about it maybe burning at the bottom, make sure your heat is low and stir it a little.

Now it'll take about 10 minutes for that to start thickening up. While that is doing that, we are going to take our Chicken outta the fridge and start turning it into Tikka. It should look nice and yellow, still covered with yogurt. If there is a little water there, don't worry that'll be the salt drawing out the moisture.

First, pre-heat your oven to 200 (C) or 390 (F).

Line a baking tray (maybe two if you don't have a big one) with foil and spread out the chicken evenly and put it in your warm oven for around 15-20 minutes. What we are doing is trying to replicate a tandoor oven, used in most Indian cooking. Most people don't have a tandoor in their home, I know I don't. :P But we can get mostly the same effect by doing this.

When your chicken is cooked, now put them under a hot broiler until the edges get a little blackened and charred. This is the tandoor effect I was talking about. When that is done, set it aside until you're ready to add it to your curry sauce.

Back to our curry sauce. It should be a little thicker now, give it a stir and mix all the solids from the bottom back to the top. All we have to do now is add the double cream (Heavy Cream), mix well. Your curry should look instantly creamer and a much lighter colour. Put a lid back on the pot and leave that for about an hour, occasionally stirring.

After that time has elapsed turn off the heat on your curry sauce and add the chicken tikka. The chicken doesn't need ANY Cooking, we are just introducing them to the sauce. Mix it all so the Tikka is well covered and it now ready to serve. I like to serve with basmati rice with some garden peas mixed in. Top with chopped coriander if that's your thing.

Tips: Wash your rice! Under a tap, fill your rice pot with water and with your hands brush your rice. The water will turn milky white, pour that away. Fill again and repeat until your rice water is clear. This gets rid of any sticky starch and gives us light, fluffy rice. If you're worried about nutrient loss, don't - rice doesn't lose any by washing.

If you or who you are serving think the curry is too spicy, add a spoonful of yogurt ontop. Or Mint Raita if you wanna get fancy (A side dish of cucumber, coriander, mint and yogurt).

What are you guys favourite things to cook?
Got any recipes to share? :)

Hey guys! Well, I'm pretty pleased to announce that I'm starting my own Let's Play channel on youtube, and I'm kicking it off with one of my favourite games.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance!

It's a bit daunting, putting myself out there and making video content, but I actually had a lot of fun doing it. Though I need to iron out some of the creases, I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. So without further ado, here is the link to the first episode!

My Channel (Shitty Cover art and all, shh it's a placeholder) = (Clicky!)
The Full Playlist (For Marathoning!) (Clicky!)
Episode 1 : Beating Bandits (Clicky!)
Episode 2 : Wizarding Ways  (Clicky!)
Episode 3 : Pesky Pirates Clicky!
Episode 4 : Defying Daein Clicky!
Episode 5 : Princess Problems Clicky!
Episode 6: Burning Bridges Clicky!

So, let's talk Fire Emblem Guis.

Game Journals / Starmongoose Let's Play: Wild Arms 2 BLIND!
« on: December 11, 2014, 06:20:16 PM »
Sup, guys! Well, I'm back from Germany and I'm ready to deliver the promised let's play of Wild Arms 2! First some background info of my knowledge of the Wild Arms series. I have played the first game in its entirety but it's so long ago I've forgotten almost everything about it. I know it had some interesting puzzle/dungeons that reminded me a lot of Lufia 2 and also that it wasn't as Western-themed as I was lead to believe by a bad ass Western style opening. It was decent from what I remember, but I'll doubt I'll ever play it again.

I own Wild Arms 3, but I have only played perhaps an hour of that, tops. I think I started playing it and then another game came out (Persona 4 maybe) and I never got back to it. Everything else, including this here Wild Arms 2, is completely unknown to me and thus this will be totally blind. Annnnnnd I wanna keep it that way! No spoiling! I hate spoilers of any kind, but that being said, if I ask a question please feel free to answer it with the LEAST AMOUNT OF SPOILERS POSSIBLE.

If I ask "Is Aerith a good character to use in FF7" I don't want the reply to be "No, cause she dies at the end of Disc 1!" Mmmkay. With that out of the way, let's get on with the show.

                                                              (Electric Boogaloo, yeah I'm ashamed of myself too)

After an opening anime short that was rather par for the course apart from from a frankly awesome song playing during it (mm dat sand), I'm confronted with the choice of who I should start as out of 3 characters. I've come across this a few times in my life, and I've only seen one game do it interestingly and that's Suikoden 3. Most other titles use it as a "And that's how they got into this CRAAAZZZZYYYY predicament", while Suikoden 3 managed to play with perspective.

My choice from what I can see is: The Clear Protagonist (Possibly Ryu from the Breath of Fire series)
                                               ★Magical Anime Girl★ (Possibly says "Nyah!" a lot)
                                               Badass Looking Guy (Probably the Auron of this game, probably fan favorite)

                                       (If your entire existence had to be summed up in one short sentence, what would it say?)
                                                         (Mine would be: "Bored 20-something, at least he tries)
I'm going to pick the blue haired guy, simply because I'm pretty sure he is the Main Protagonist (and pretty fabulous looking to be honest) and as such the game probably expects me to pick him and thus will probably have a kinder learning curve than what I assume the other two have.

                                                         (Only important characters are allowed blue hair, sorry guys.)

Oh my god this font *retrieves reading glasses* who thought this was a good idea. So anyway, I seem to be a member of a SeeD like organization on a mission to save a kidnapped boy being held hostage in a place called "Withering Ruins", which is like Wuthering Heights but with less Victorian romance. I got the option to name this guy at this point, and his default name is "Ashley" which, after I struggled with the temptation to actually name him Ryu, I changed to Star. I'm thinking at this point Dice will be the GURL character (✿╹◡╹) and someone else can be the tough looking guy. Perhaps Yoda if he is nice to me.

According to Commander Stupidface (yeah, that's right, I went there) this is only our 3rd mission. Because the lives of young children don't deserve fully trained professionals I guess. Also I'm constantly confused by the state of "Western" this series has. When I first played Wild Arms I expected Horeback riding, wagons, saloons, Clint Eastwood, and what I have is a typical JRPG with slightly more sand than usual.

Anyway, we reach Withering Ruins and I get control of my character. Usually the first thing I do when this happens is check out the main menu to see if anything interesting sticks out to me.

                                          (Yeah that's right, 52 minutes of stopping and starting to type this as I go folks. Appreciate it.)

A few things stand out to me. My inventory has items called "Heal Berries" which restore 500 hp, meaning that this is the main healing item the entire game, or I'm going to get absurd amounts of HP upon level up. I also have 3 "Gimel Coins" which apparently give you a continue, which I presume means I get to re-fight a battle I lost and not a case of when I run out of these coins it eats my save file and projects a big middle finger on my screen. Also money is called "Gella". Hella Hella get Gella.

I also have a weapon that could be a totally normal shotgun, but the artwork for it makes me think it's a Gunblade rip off. When did this game come out, after or before final fantasy 8? *Googles* The same year but about 7 months later apparently. Lastly what stuck out to me was the Auto command, which seems to be a way to set up auto-battling, but it looks so uncustomizable that I probably won't bother. I've played Persona 3, I don't need this in my life. Also, why has no one bothered to copy Phantasy Star 4's macro system? That shit was genius.

Let's actually play the game now. Oh shit the run command is also the confirm command!! WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? So instead of talking to people I apparently can instead just randomly decide to football tackle them to the floor. Thankfully I was able to change that shit to the L2 command.


Errr, is that a common problem you are having? I'm just going to assume you meant "Don't get yourself killed" and be on my way. Gathering intel from my fellow recruits as netted me the following information.

1.) There isn't any treasure here because the expodition team "Merc." has already been through it, which is why this place is called Withering Ruins. Which makes me wonder what this place was called before our expodition team got here. The Abundant Ruins?
2.) Our Kidnappers are 3 guys from a place called Meria, who worked as laborers cause they needed cash.
3) This area is completely overwhelmed by monsters. Because RPG.

After exploring around a bit, I find a guy peering into a hole in the floor. He tells me that someone fell in there by accident, by which I can only assume is because the Dash button is set on the confirm button by default and he was just trying to open a sandwich packet or something. Diving down after him he babbles nonsense at me which I'm not sure is a sign of bad translation or that he has a concussion, either way he gives me throwing knives. At least if this all goes tits up I can join the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show and be the new knife thrower. I know about this mechanic from the first game, where each of the three characters has different tools at their disposal to help navigate dungeons and solve puzzles.  It was something I really liked so I'm glad to see back, and I'm also sure this is why it reminds me of Lufia 2 so much.

As a side note Lufia 2 is a pretty good advert for why you should keep guns out of the reach of children. "Oh cool, infinite crossbow bolts! Thanks, old guy!" *repeatedly shoots old guy with crossbow bolts*

After giving me the knives the guy decides to lay back down on the floor and have a little siesta.

                                                           (Oh boy, random encounter!!)

Graphics look a little better than the first game? Maybe? I guess? Sorta. That's the thing about going back to these PS1 polygonal-mess games, at first they look like total shit and you can't tell what the fuck you are looking at, but in an hour or two you can totally see that the enemy is suppsoed to be some sort of evil bunny rabbit and not an old grandma like you first thought it was. Also Lufia 2 style battle selection. I'm going to stop pointing out Lufia 2 similarities or we will be here all day.

I killed the were-rabbit goblin thing with my as suspected, Chinese Gunblade ripoff. Henceforth known as the Gunbrade. I couldn't do much else but attack, but I saw some sort of what I assume is Limit Break gauge fill up as I attacked, either that or it's like the IP system from a game I just can't quite remember the name of.

A little more exploration causes me to come across little coins on the floor, apparently gems that heal the partys HP by getting them. Pretty cool mechanic that I'm not sure was in the first game, as I said its been a long time.

                                                            (Tooting your own horn a bit there, Save Point, aren't we.)

Okay I just walked past a guy who fully healed me and then I came to a room with a save point. I'm pretty sure a boss battle is imminent at this point.


Woah, game not cool. 3 men kidnapping a little boy, taking him to a dark cave, tying him up with rope and then talking about how he is supposed to bring comfort to their lives. Yeesh! Anyway, I found the 3 Pedobears at the end of the cave. They are feeling sorry for themselves that they got rumbled. Also apparently the kid is an orphan, which he tells his kidnappers. Kid, a little self preservation please. You just told them that you aren't any use to them for random money, they don't need you now!

Luckily I'm here, so I throw a knife at the kid to get his attention (???). After a breif bit of chit chat where I ask the kid his name, as if it's in any way important at this moment in time, I seem to get to name him. Why am I naming this kid. Do i get to keep him after this? Is he a summon I can use? His default name is Tony, but I'll go ahead and name him Monsoon.

My advice to Monsoon was to distract the kidnappers so I can sneak up on them, Monsoon acheives this feat of running circles around his kidnappers so well I begin to wonder if this search and rescue operation was even worth it, considering it looks like he could have just left at any time. Anyway, Monsoon ends up stepping on a pedastal releasing this guy.

                                                            (That's right, Groudon from Pokemon Omega Ruby)

I think we found our boss. First though it chases us through the ruins, the 3 Pedobears getting cornered by it at one point until I save them by throwing knives up its bunghole. Meanwhile outside the intellegence team are picking up signals that the monster has been released (It woulda been nice to know there was a sealed monster here in the first place guys) and that apparently its secretions are highly explosive.

The solution? Blow the fuck up outta that ruin using some sort an "ARM" weapon called the Rail Gun!! Good Plan Guys! The commander pops his head into the ruins to tell us of the shitty plan he just though up of on the spot, and I reply with a typical hero speach about how the end doesn't justify the means and I will go back into the ruin and save all the other recruits I came with by kicking that monsters ass BY MY SELF. Look, if I win this boss fight either I'm the most gifted Gunbrade user in the world, or the Commander was severely over estimating the danger this thing faces.

                                                             (Let's Dance, Sausage Fingers!)

So, this is interesting. The game tells me I can attack the Main Body and kill it quickly, or I can spend time killing its peripheral appendages and get more EXP and Gella. Naturally I'm going to aim for complete annihilation, because why half-ass a job?

Eventually I succeeded in my plan. He had some pretty strong attacks such has his laser-breath which he enjoyed spamming, but thankfully I had more than enough Heal Berries to spam myself back to full HP whenever I got low. A battle lasted long enough where I could use my special skill, which was firing a bullet from my Gunbrade, but it missed 50% of the time, making me wonder why I ever used it at all. The limit gauge I spoke of earlier lets you use special powers as you level it up, so I could use the level 1 "accelerator" skill by spending 25% of the bar. It let me act first that turn, but considering I was already faster than the boss it didn't actually help any.

After I kicked its ass it ended up exploding, causing the ruin to cave in ANYWAY, but somehow we all lived and got out. Don't ask questions, thats just how it is okay!? Okay.  Afterwards I have a chat with Commander Stupidface, where he puts me under house arrest for managing to think of a better plan than the mass murder of an entire platoon for no reason. Thanks, again Commander Stupidface. Though I'm supposed to see this as a good thing, I guess. Because he wasn't beheaded or something? I dunno. I think a reward is a better way of saying thanks, but that's just me.

And so our first chapter draws to a close. The screen dims, and Star waxes philosophic to himself about the journey of life or some such.

                                                             (Me neither, bub.)

Soooooooo, this seems like a good place to put my thoughts at the end of each play. Let's sort it into the Good, the Bad and the Weird.

Since this is the first chapter, let's keep it to the basics.

The Good:
  • The design of Withering Ruins was interesting. No matter how far you got in the dungeon, you were never more than falling off one ledge from being back at the entrance. It serves as a good tutorial while not spoon-feeding you information.
  • Battles and exploration play like Lufia, this can only be a good thing.
  • I look fuckin fabulous.

The Bad:
  • Battles are really slow and clunky. It's not bothering me yet, but I can see this getting more annoying as I get more characters, face more enemies.
  • Controlling the character is hard, it's difficult to face the right way to throw a knife without falling off one of those ledges.

The Weird:
  • What the fuck was the deal with the 3 pedos?

Closing Questions:
  • Who should I play next?
  • Who is our mystery badass?
  • Do you think Commander Stupidface will get fired?

Single-Player RPGs / Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
« on: October 02, 2014, 06:09:08 PM »
It's coming out and I wrote a thing about it!

Anyone else looking forward to this? Dreading it due to its lack of Persona purity? (snrk).

General Discussions / RPGFan Community Quiz Quiz Show!
« on: May 29, 2013, 06:54:18 PM »
                                                                                                             A name as redundant as the game. - Artwork by, Dice.

Velkom, comrades!

I am pleased to announce the launch of our very own RPGfan Community Quiz (Quiz Show)! Let me drop some deets on you.

What?: This is an RPG trivia competition held by moi with our very own forum members as participants. How well do you really know your favorite RPG, can you prove it? If you can, there is a prize in it for you!

When?: June 1st 2013 at 21:00 BST. To save you the timezone & daylights savings time headache I had to go through to understand when that is, here is a handy dandy Countdown Clock! I will also be sending out reminders on the day of the quiz for those of you who show interest!

The quiz will be held bi-monthly. That's twice a month.

Where?: In an IRC Chatroom! No, wait, come back! It's easier than it looks and I'll be giving out easy to understand instructions for first time users. For most it will be a case of going to The Mibbit Website, hitting the "Sign Up Free" button, creating an account and joining the channel #RPGfanCommunityQuiz!


For more experienced IRC users who have clients: Server: Port: 6667 Channel: #RPGfanCommunityQuiz

How?: The rules of the game are as follows:

1.) You must have at least 30 posts on the forum. It's not a hard target to meet!
2.) You must use the same Nickname/Username you use on the forums. It's just easier on everyone if we know instantly who is who.

Game Information:
1.) Each quiz will center around one game or franchise. A single game in a franchise will be the most common, a quiz about an entire franchise will generally be reserved for simpler or episodic games.
2.) The topic of each quiz will be determined by you guys. Boast about RPGs you are confident about in this thread and if it is popular enough, that will be our subject. In the case of a split, I will decide.
3.) There will be 10 questions in total.
3a.) Questions 1-3 are Easy questions. They are worth 1 point each.
3b.) Questions 4-7 are Medium questions. They are worth 2 points max each.
3c.) Questions 8-10 will be Hard questions. They will be worth 3 points max each.
3d.) There will be ONE Picture and ONE Music round. The Picture round will involve looking at a picture and answering a question about said picture. For the Music round I will host a 30 second audio sample on a nondescript Youtube channel and ask a question relating to the music in question. These rounds yeild points equal to the level of difficulty they are in. eg. If the Picture round is "Question 4" it will be worth 2 points max.
4. The person with the most points is declared the winner! In the case of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question. This will be first-to-answer. If no one answers within the time limit, I will ask another question. Tie-breakers begin on Hard and gradually lower to Easy.

Da Rules:
1.) All answers must be sent to me privately. If you say the answer in the main chat for everyone to see, you will get a 3 point penalty. If you repeatedly do it, I will kick you from the room. The only exception to this is a tie-breaker, where your answer must be said in the main chat.
2.)There is a 45 second time limit to all questions. This is to discourage Googling the answer. The questions themselves will be worded so that an answer isn't easily obtained by copy/paste, but you either know it or you don't. 45 seconds is still plenty of time to have a think and then type an answer.
3.) I am not going to be harsh on spelling/grammar. If you spell it wrongly but it is easy to see what you were trying to say, I will give you full points. The exceptions to this is if you type another POSSIBLE answer. For example if the question is "Who is the pilot of The Invincible before Kuja and the heroes acquire it in Final Fantasy 9?" and you answer Garnet, but meant Garland, I can't give you points because Garnet is the name of a character within the Final Fantasy 9 universe.

Here is the information for the next quiz:

Next Quiz:
Date: 3rd October 2014
Time: 21:00 BST (Countdown Clock Here!)
Subject: Persona 3: FES (Playstation 2)

Prize: Steam game worth up to $20
$20 Nintendo eShop card
$20 PSN card.

(Some prizes may be restricted due to where you live).

General Games / Dota2
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:26:52 AM »
Hey guys,

Steam is handing out Dota2 keys like crazy. A while ago I got some and gave them to my friends from LoL, but now I got some more. If you want a key PM me your email and I'll send you an invite. I can't tell how many of these things I have, so it'll be first come first serve. :)

Brush and Quill / COOL STUFF
« on: June 10, 2011, 05:08:40 PM »
So, this lady had this really cool idea. She gets peoples childhood pictures and then makes them reactant them as their older selves! :D
It's really fascinating and I found it worth sharing.

Link! (Note: some pics are NSFW, although none are really graphic.)

Pictures that I think should get the Back to the Future treatment!

Single-Player RPGs / The Best (and Worst) Female Protagonists
« on: April 29, 2011, 05:14:15 PM »
Saw this on the front page this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Just remembering Alys from Phantasy Star 4 made me want to play it again. She was at least the main character for a little while, so I think that counts enough for her to be on the list :P

What did everyone else think? Any one you think might be missing?

Also, I didn't think Yuzu was THAT bad. Not that I can think of anyone else to replace her at the moment xD

Brush and Quill / Art that can make you sick
« on: April 03, 2011, 11:35:32 AM »

The Helper Monkey / Has anyone seen my whale?
« on: April 02, 2011, 10:16:18 PM »
I've been looking all over for my whale. I just can't seem to find him. I've tried all the usual methods, laying out treats, calling his name (Bubblie) and playing Enya. I'm afraid something bad may have happened to him. The last place I remember seeing him was when I was talking in the Movie thread, but he isn't there any more.

I hear he was upset about some RPG getting cancelled cause of a focus group or something...


Seriously, Hitchcock was a fucking psycho. And all the other guys too.

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