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Single-Player RPGs / Ys fans- I need your help
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:55:21 AM »
OK, here I am- a complete newbie to the series- never played ANYTHING in the series, but I'm interested in doing so to find out what I have been missing.  My only exposure to it at all, was from my super privileged buddy I had in Junior high whose rich relatives bought him every console at launch (this is a guy who had an actual Neo Geo at launch, and numeorus games) , who showed me Y's book 1 & 2 on his Turbo Graphx CD back around 1990 or so (I was still just a chump with an NES at the time, saving up for an eventual SNES)- I just remember there being amazing music to my young gaming ears (I vaguely recall him showing me a final boss, which had an awesome rock tune, and of course voice acting- which just floored me back in these days.)

So, I want to get into this series, but it seems to be on endless formats, and it appears there are even games being released now now which are remakes of the numbered originals.  

Now this is important- I don't play games on PC at all, so don't recommend anything to play on that- what I have is a Vita (and hence access to PSN PSP games), PS4, PS3, and Wii U (which can play Wii virtual console games).  Also I don't import, or care to play anything that isn't localized and in english.  I have no interest in buying foreign software and having to follow some kind of guide to help things make sense.  

What would you recommend I play, and in what order?  I understand the TG16 Y's book 1 & 2 from my childhood is on Wii virtual console, but I understand a remake is also on psp but that its sort of different.  Probably playing the psp version on vita is more desirable, but I'd be willing to play the TG16 version on Wii U if that version is so much better.  
Also, how about the sequels- which games are worthwhile, which might be avoided, what order should I play them, and which version on what console?

Any adivce is appreciated :)  thanks

Single-Player RPGs / The official waifu thread
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:02:55 PM »
Yes, fake women, pixels, not real, don't be a weirdo, attractive females/fanservice is a blight on the genre, blah blah bah.  Now that we have THAT out of the way...

You know you are game for this.  JRPG waifu's please!  Please keep it respectful and clean!

For me, easily- Rise Kujikawa- hot, fun, flirty, not afraid of a good time, but also brave, suprisingly serious side, and totally devoted. In other words, the perfect (fake) woman.

Single-Player RPGs / What would your ultimate RPG be
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:27:15 PM »
With this thread, design what your perfect game would be.  I'm not talking super specific story things- (though don't let me stop you from being specific if you want), but just the broad strokes of what you like most in the genre. 

For me, I would want:

1.  A very structured, linear story- I very much like a consise narrative- nothing too open and loosey goosey- thats why I prefer FF13 to the more freewheeling FF13-2 which to me was a lot of random nonsense

2.  The party- Ideally 6-8 members- I like being able to cycle people in and out - games with 4 protags throughout the entire game turn me off for some reason.  Variety is nice

3.  Battle- I like an old school turn based traditional system- think Dragon Quest, or some of the Final Fantasys.  Basically your commands are attack, magic/special move, item, or run

4.  I also like straight forward leveling up- you kill stuff, you get exp, you level up- also your character has a relatively set class in battle and progresses and gains abilities appripriate for that class-  I don't like games where each party member is an open book to craft as you please- I like having a dedicated fighter, mage, thief, healer, and these roles are what defines the character.  Look at something like FF10- how can Lulu NOT be a black mage, Auron not a power fighter, etc. 

5.  Romance- I'm a sucker for them- give me options, some conversation choices, and some branching paths depending on who you choose.  Honestly, when I read of virtually any JRPG with this as an element, i'm in. 

6.  Strong central bad buy- Golbez, Sephiroth, Kefka-  These guys (and their games) are the stuff of legend.  I don't want any last minute guys that show up at the end, the enemy is "society", a series of minor villians, or other weirdness- I want an epic bad dude to go up against.  (yes, I know Golbez ends up not being the big bad, but he still was the villian for most of the length of FF4)

7.  Length- I like a 30-40 hour quest- then include some challenging endgame sidequest content that can take up another 30-40 hours if players choose.  I loathe some of these 80 hour quests that have been popping up lately.  Too long. 

Anyway, thats what immediately comes to mind for me.  What is your ideal game?

Single-Player RPGs / Favorite RPG romance
« on: August 02, 2013, 09:50:31 AM »
One thing I have found over the years is that for me, a romance element enhances a game for me almost tenfold.  I'm actually dissapointed now whenever I hear a game will not have one. 

Of course my favorite type of romance is when an element of choice is introduced.   My earliest memory of this sort of thing came with Final Fantasy 7, when the game gave you opportunity to kind of either hit on or reject Tifa and Aerith at times, in which this did sort of pay off later on in the game where you go on a date with one of the ladies (or get stuck with Barret, if you were kind of a jerk to both).  Granted, for plot reasons, Tifa kind of became the canon romance, but some of that early game stuff really drew me in like nothing before it. 

The thing is, I'll take any kind of romance, even if there isn't choice.  I'm a sucker for it- even if its the typical childhood friend that grows "closer" to the protagonist over the course of the game.  However, one pet peeve of mine- the JRPG love connection that NEVER pans out because the protag is oblivious to the fact that his leading lady fancies him.  Grr.

Needless to say, I love Bioware games, as romance choices have kind of become a signature feature with them since Baldur's Gate 2, and they all culminate to a decent payoff for the trouble.  My dedication to Tali over three Mass Effect games is one of those things that will stick with me forever when I think of fond gaming moments.  (even if she wasn't a romance option in Mass Effect 1- I was so hoping for it when 2 came around and wasn't dissapointed!)

So, back to the question at hand, what was your favorite RPG romance?  Also, feel free to discuss your opinion on the subject of romance in RPGS. 

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